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04-Silas Garrett
Birth: 30 Sep 1790, Buckingham Co, VA
Home: Culpeper Co, VA; KY; Morgan Co, IN; Keokuk Co, IA
Death: 9 Oct 1882, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA- age 92
Burial: Garrett Cemetery
Occupation: Waggoner
Military: US Army, Civil War: Company H, 27th Infantry, enlisted 14 May 1862
Moses Sr Garriott

Marriage: 3 Dec 1817, Kentucky
Spouse: Elizabeth D CHEATHAM
Birth: 1 Mar 1801, Montgomery Co, KY
Death: 1 May 1880, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA- age 79, of Dropsy
Burial: Garrett Cemetery
     CHILDREN: Silas and Elizabeth had the following 11 children:
05----JEREMIAH VARDEMAN GARRETT [b. 14 Sep 1818, Montgomery Co, KY; d. 7 May 1902, Wash Co, KS- age 83, bur. Garrett Cemetery], m. Martha REYNOLDS on 28 Aug 1836, Martinsville, Morgan Co, IN; (see biography below)
JOHN H SR GARRETT [b. 1820, listed below];
05----MILTON DENVER GARRETT [b. 1822, listed below];
05----ELIZA JANE GARRETT [b. 18 Dec 1824, KY], m. Caleb REYNOLDS of Delta, on 20 Dec 1840;
05----ROBERT GARRETT [b. 12 May 1827, IN; d. before 1903], m. Nancy PENCE in Nov 1847;
05----MARY ANN "POLLY" GARRETT [b. 18 Oct 1829, IN], m. Samuel WHITE [d. before 1903] on 13 Apr 1847;
05----JAMES HENRY GARRETT [b. 16 Mar 1832, IN; d. 15 Mar 1921, Keokuk Co, IA- age 88, of Senility, bur. Highland Cemetery], 
m. Susan CROCKER on 23 Nov 1852, had children:

     06----WILLIAM L GARRETT [about 1855, IA];

     06----ALICE GARRETT [about 1857, IA];

     06----EMMA FRANCES GARRETT [b. 23 Sep 1858, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 5 Jan 1940, Keokuk Co, IA- age 81], m. 1st ___ SANDERS, m. 2nd Wm E LAWRENCE;

     06----OLIVE GARRETT [b. about 1860, IA];

     06----CLARA ADELL GARRETT [b. 27 Jan 1863, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 26 May 1960, Lucas Co, IA- age 97, bur. Goshen Baptist Cemetery], m. Thomas Penrose LEE, had children:

          07----BELVA BERYL LEE [b. 30 Aug 1895, Calhoun Co, IA; d. 9 May 1976, Des Moines, Polk Co, IA- age 80, bur. Goshen Baptist Cemetery],  m. George Washington JONES on 3 Mar 1917, Clarke Co, IA, had 2 sons:

               08----LAWRENCE LEE JONES [b. about 1926, IA]; and

               08----RICHARD L JONES [b. about 1929, IA];

          07----JESSE ELROY LEE [b. 4 May 1882, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 2 Aug 1955, Lucas Co, IA- age 73, bur. Allerton Cemetery], m. Minnie Frances SCHOOLEY [b. 20 Oct 1882, Allerton, Wayne Co, IA], daughter of  John Henry Schooley and Tanara Frances Bragg; and

          07----GOLDIE MAUDE LEE [b. 1 May 1887, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 3 Sep 1987, Sacramento, Sacramento Co, CA- age 100, bur. Inglewood Park Cemetery], SSN: 478-05-2775/IA, m. 1st Harold WILLIAMS​ [b. 7 Apr 1888, Wayne Co, IA; d. 11 Dec 1957, Wayne Co, IA- age 69, bur. Kirby Cemetery], had two children:

               08----HELEN MARIE WILLIAMS [b. about 1915, IA], m. ___ BERKEY; and

               08----BERT WILLIAMS [b. about 1918, IA];   

          Goldie 2nd m. ___ SUTHERLAND.

     06----IRA SHEA GARRETT [b. about 1865, IA];    
05----ANDREW PRATER GARRETT [b. 22 Mar 1835, Morgan Co, IN], farmer, m. Hester CROCKER, of PA, on 23 Nov 1856;
05----LAUREL GARRETT [b. 26 May 1838, IN; d. before 1903], m. Susan SIMPSON on 5 Dec 1858;
05----ELIJAH E GARRETT [b. 21 May 1840, Mooresville, Morgan Co, IN; d. 18 Aug 1903, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 63, bur. Garrett Cemetery], m. Susan Elizabeth HASTY [b. 12 Jun 1842, Morgan Co, IN; d. 25 Feb 1925, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN- age 83, bur. Garrett Cemetery], daughter of John Hasty (1809-1892) and Maria Hicklin (1807-1871) on 31 Oct 1861, had 4 children:
     06----LOUISE ELNORA "Lovie" GARRETT [b. 24 Jan 1968, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 29 May 1958, Aitkin Co, MN- age 90, bur. Lakeview Cemetery], m. Philelander F "Phile" SHISLER [b. 25 Jun 1867, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 4 Jan 1944, Aitkin Co, MN- age 76, bur. Lakeview Cemetery], had son:
          07----ILIFF EUGENE SHISLER [b. 9 Mar 1891, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 14 Jun 1957, Aitkin Co, MN- age 66], m. Myrtle Viola CLINE [b. 16 Sep 1891, IA; d. 1 Feb 1963, Aitkin Co, MN- age 71, bur. Lakeview Cemetery];
05----WILLIAM FLETCHER GARRETT [b. 1842, listed below].

     1850 Lockridge, Jefferson Co, IA census: has Jno Brown 33, b. IA, Farmer; Susana Brown 30, b. IA; Jane Brown 1/12, b. IA; Silas Garret 59, b. VA, Farmer w/ $1,200 RE; Elizabeth Garret 50, b. KY; Hanry Garret 18, b. IA; Andrew Garret 15, b. IA; Lorel Garret 12, b. IA; Elijah Garret, b. IA, Farmer; and Wm Garret 8, b. IA.
     1870 Washington, Keokuk Co, IA census: (page 35) has Silas Garrett 78, b. VA; and Elizth Garret 69, b. KY, Keeping House.
     In the house next door (page 35) is Elijah Garrett 30, b. IN, Farmer; and Susan E Garrett 28, b. IN, with three children.
     On the previous page (34) is Robert Garrett 43, b. KY, Farmer; and Elizch? Garrett 37, b. KY, and five children. 
     Also on that page (34) is L Garrett 31, b. IN, Farmer w/ $1,500 RE; Elizch? Garrett 33, b. VA; and three children, all b. IA.
     This page and the previous page (33 and 34) is Andrew Garrett 32, b. IN, Farmer w/$3,500 RE; Hester Garrett 29, b. PA; and six children, all b. IA.
     Next door (page 33) to Andrew is Jos H Garrett 37, b. IN, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Susan Garrett 35, b. PA, with six children, all b. IA.
     Previous (page 33) has Silas E Garrett 24, b. IA; and Sarah J Garrett 23, b, IN, and two children, b. IA.

     1870 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but parents b. IA) Jos H Garrett 37, b. IN, Farmer; Susan Garrett 35, b. PA, Housekeeping; Wm L Garrett 15; Alice Garrett 13; Emma Garrett 11; Olive Garrett 10; Cary Garrett 8; and Ira Shea Garrett 5.​
     1880 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has Silas Garrett 91, b. VA.
     1880 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has Elijah Garrett 39, b. IN, Farmer; Susan Garrett 38, b. IN, Housekeeper; Walter Garrett 17, b. IA, Farmer; Marshall Garrett 15, b. IA; Louise Garrett 13, b. IA; Milly Garrett 10, b. IA; John Garrett 6, b. IA; Ethern Garrett 3, b. IA; Gethel Garrett 3, b. IA; and Silas Garrett 91, b. VA.
     1900 Garfield Twp, Smith Co, KS census: has (all but parents b. KS) Jurtin Garrett 31, b. IA, Farmer; Clarah V Garrett 27, b. IA (5 children-5 living); Jay V Garrett 7; Roe V Garrett 5; Gladdis H Garrett 4; Lester J Garrett 2; and Giles W Garrett 3/12.
     1900 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) William S Garrett 29, Farmer; Clara E Garrett 27 (1 child-1 living); and Eva O Garrett 5.

     1910 Lawrence Twp, Osborne Co, KS census: has (all but parents b. KS) William J Garrett 41, b. IA, Farmer-Farm; Clara V Garrett 37, b. IA (8 children-8 living), Housekeeper-Farm; Jay V Garrett 17; Roe Q Garrett 15; Gladys H Garrett 13; Lester J Garrett 12; Giles W Garrett 12; Mae L Garrett 6; Pansy P Garrett 3; and Donald S Garrett 2.
     1920 English River Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all children b. KS) William J Garrett 50, b. IA, Farmer-General; Clara V Garrett 47, b. IA; Roe I Garrett 25, Laborer-Farm; Lester J Garrett 21, Carpenter-House; Giles W Garrett 19; Mae L Garrett 16; Pansy P Garrett 13; Donald Garrett 11; Lewis F Garrett 6; and Charles L Dillon 67, b. IN, Miller-Feed (Father-in-Law).

     1920 Richmond, Wayne Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Harold Williams 32, Farm-Rented Farm; Goldie M Williams 32; Helen M Williams 5; and Bert Williams 2.
     1930 English River Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has William J Garrett 61, b. IA, Mechanic-Own Garage; Clara V Garrett 57, b. IA; Donald S Garrett 22, b. KS, Farm Laborer-General Farm; and Lewis F Garrett 17, b. KS.

     1940 English River Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has William J Garrett 71, b. IA, Farmer-Farm; Clara V Garrett 67, b. IA; and Lewis F Garrett 27, b. KS, Farm Laborer-Farm.

     1940 Benton Twp, Lucas Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) George Jones 54, Farming; Belva B Jones 44; Lawrence L Jones 14; and Richard L Jones 11.

     1846 LAND PURCHASE: 25 [Government Land Office Doc# 10766, pg 120, dated 1 Jan 1846, Fairfield Land Office], Silas Garrett of Jefferson Co, Iowa Territory, purchased 80 acres [E2 SE4 Section 10 T72N R9W] in Jefferson Co. IA from the government.

     BIOGRAPHY: Silas was a native of, and spent his early childhood, in Virginia. For a time he lived in Indiana, but moved his family to Iowa and lived in Fairfield, Jefferson Co, for nine years. He later moved to Keokuk County and bought two farms in Washington Township.21

     BIOGRAPHY: Jeremiah married first Mary Elizabeth Reynolds on August 28, 1836 in Martinsville, Indiana. They were the parents of 5 children I am aware of; James, John R, Mary Ellen, Alfred W and Henry. After Mary's death in 1844, He married Elizabeth Poole (1830-1893) on March 19, 1845 in Fairfield, Iowa. They were the parents of 14 children I am aware of; William Silas, Robert T, Martha Jane, Thomas Bentley, Delila E, Sarah Ann, Charlotte E, Jeremiah Vardeman Jr, Susan Sierra Nevada, Andrew Peter, Elijah Sherman, Amanda O, Ulysses Grant, Ernest and Laurel. At various times in his life, Jeremiah was a farmer, a blacksmith and a merchant. He was anti-slavery and for years helped runaway slaves escape north and to Canada.

[biography courtesy of findagrave.com & Don Stout & Judy Mayfield]