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05-John H Sr Garrett
Birth: 20 May 1820, Montgomery Co, KY
Died: 18 Apr 1900, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 79
Occupation: Farmer & Stockgrower
Father: Silas Garrett

Marriage: 12 Jan 1840, Moreville, IN
Spouse: Rachel Ann JONES
Birth: 12 Jan 1840, TN
Death: 26 Feb 1897, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA- age 80
Father: Isiah Jones (1775-1846)
Mother: Martha East (1777-1858) 

     CHILDREN: John and Rachel had ten children:
06----MARTHA E GARRETT [b. 10 Jun 1841, IN;  d. 26 Aug 1846, Keokuk Co, IA- age 5, bur. Springfield Cemetery]; 
06----JAMES H JR GARRETT [b. 9 Oct 1842, Morgan Co, IN;  d. 20 Apr 1861, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 18, bur. Springfield Cemetery]; 
06----ELIZABETH "Eliza" JANE GARRETT [b. 20 Dec 1843, Morgan Co, IN; d. 19 Nov 1882, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 38, bur. Conner Cemetery], m. John Orville TRESSLAR [b. 9 Sep 1841, Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH; d. 27 Nov 1903, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 62, bur. Conner Cemetery] on 29 Aug 1860, Keokuk Co, IA, son of Henry Christian (1814-1882) and Hanna Jane Bird (1814-1890), had 11 children (9 listed):
     07----DANIEL TRESSLAR [b. about 1863, IA];
     07----WILLIAM ALEXANDER TRESSLAR [b. 13 May 1864, Sigourney, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 14 Nov 1922, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 58, bur. Conner Cemetery], m. Julia L. BUCHER [b. 24 Jan 1870, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 10 Jun 1952, Sigourney, Keokuk Co, IA, bur. ​Conner Cemetery] on 6 Sep 1896, Keokuk Co, IA;
     07----EVAN ANDERSON TRESSLAR [b. 22 Oct 1865, Sigourney, Keokuk Co, IA];

     07----JAMES MONROE TRESSLAR [b. about 1868, IA];
     07----MATILDA EMMALINE TRESSLAR [b. about 1870, IA];
     07----SARAH ELLEN TRESSLAR [b. about 1872, IA];

     07----MAUDE TRESSLAR [b. about 1874, IA];

     07----JOHN H TRESSLAR [b. 15 Nov1880,IA; d. 14 May 1905-age 24, bur. Conner Cemetery];​
     07----Infant TRESSLAR [b&d 1882];

06----SILAS EASTMAN GARRETT [b. Jan 1846, IA; d. 25 Jul 1903, Keokuk Co, IA- age 57], m. Sarah Jane McNABB [b. Jul 1847, IA], had 9 children-8 listed:

     07----JOHN GARRETT [b. about 1869, IA];

     07----EVAN GARRETT [b. about 1871, IA], m. Emma L ELLIS [b. about 1870, IA] on 24 Feb 1892, Keokuk Co, IA, had children:

​          08----MABEL J GARRETT [b. about 1893, IA];

          08----ARTHUR GARRETT [b. about 1895, OK];

          08----WILLIAM E GARRETT [b. about 1897, OK];

          08----OLGA M GARRETT [b. about 1904, OK];

          08----VERA M GARRETT [b. about 1909, OK];

          08----ELMER T GARRETT [b. about 1906, OK];

          08----GOLDIE L GARRETT [b. about 1914, OK];

          08----RUBY A GARRETT [b. about 1916, OK];

     07----HIRAM GARRETT [b. about 1876, IA];

     07----LIZZY GARRETT [b. about 1876, IA];

     07----EDWARD GARRETT [b. about 1878, IA];

     07----RACHEL GARRETT [b. about 1879, IA];

     07----LOTTIE GARRETT [b. Feb 1885, IA]; and
     07----SILAS F GARRETT [b. May 1889, IA];
06----RACHEL ANN GARRETT [b. about 1848, IA], m. ___ BLACK;
06----MARY ELLEN GARRETT [b. 18 Dec 1849, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 2 Mar 1931, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 81, bur. Conner Cemetery], m. George Anderson TRESSLAR [b. 19 Mar 1843, Johnson Co, IN; d. 18 May 1938, Keokuk Co, IA- age 95, bur. 
Conner Cemetery] on 22 Sep1868, Delta, IA, the son of ​Henry Christian (1814-1890) and Hannah Jane Bird (1814-1890), had 4 children:    

     07----MATHIAS RUSSELL TRESSLAR [10 Sep 1869, delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 3 Apr 1920, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 50, bur.
Conner Cemetery], m. Nettie BEARD Shaull [b. 11 Aug 1873, Sigourney, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 6 Feb 1947- age 73, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA, bur. Conner Cemetery] in Jan 1889, had 4 sons:

          08----MARVIN TRESSLAR [d. 1918];

          08----GEORGE CLIFTON TRESSLAR [b, 25 Sep 1892; d. 19 Nov 1967- age 75, bur. Conner Cemetery];

          08----EDWARD ROY TRESSLAR [b. 13 Feb 1899; d. 31 Oct 1977- age 78, b. Conner Cemetery];

          08----JAMES M TRESSLAR [b. 1905; d. 1954- age 48, bur. Conner Cemetery];

     07----MARY TRESSLAR [b. Oct 1878, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 23 Apr 1923- age 44, bur. Conner Cemetery], m. Adolf H RISCHMILLER [b. 1 May 1859; d. 14 Mar 1931- age 71, bur. Conner Cemetery], had 4 children:

          08----ANNA ELIZABETH RISCHMILLER [b. 17 Nov 1901, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 5 Feb 1981, Des Moines, Polk Co, IA- age 79, bur. Montpelier Cemetery];

          08----OLGA RISCHMILLER [b. 11 Dec 1897, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 29 Dec 1985, Millerville, Grant County, AR- age 88, bur. Garrett Cemetery];

               09----VERNON DANIEL SLECHTA [b. 30 Apr 1920, Verdel, Knox County, NE; d. 13 Dec 1977- age 57, b. Garrett Cemetery];

               09----JOHN HENRY SLECHTA [b. 30 Apr 1920, Verdel, Knox Co, NE; d. 13 Dec 1977- age 57, bur. Garrett Cemetery];

               09----NORRIS E SLECHTA [b. 17 May 1933, Knox County, NE; d. 16 Dec 2012-age 79, Loveland, Larimer Co, CO- age 79, bur. 
Garrett Cemetery];

          08----AGNES RISCHMILLER

          08----ELNORA RISCHMILLER


     Mary married 2nd, Hoover McNabb, 3rd Buck Arnold, and 4th Simon "Lime" Lundy.


     07----ALVIN TRESSLAR [

06----JOHN WESLEY GARRETT [b. 1852, listed below];
06----WILLIAM ALEXANDER GARRETT [b. 8 Dec 1853; Delta, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 16 May 1920, Delta, Keokuk Co, IA- age 66, bur. Springfield Cemetery];​
06----EVAN SKILLMAN GARRETT [b. 1853, listed below];
06----CHARLOTTE EMALINE GARRETT [b. about 1858, IA], m. William REED, had son:

​     07----HERMAN B REED [b. 21 Jan 1885, Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA], m. on 24 Feb 1909, Delta, Keokuk Co., Mary Ann BRAINARD, daughter of Silas Brainard and Prudence C Nelson, had children:

          08----WILLIAM HOWARD REED [b. 1 Mar 1910, Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 24 Mar 1994, Omaha, Douglas Co, NE- age 84, bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Park], SSN: 481-05-8326/IA, m. Vira Marie WILLIAMS [b. about 1912, Willow Hill, IL] on 12 Mar 1932, the daughter of Chant Williams and Pearl Dillman, had daughter:

               09----CAROLYN O REED [b. 13 Oct 1944, Omaha, Douglas County, NE; d. 22 Feb 2016, Omaha, Douglas Co, NE-age 71, bur.
Forest Lawn Memorial Park], m. Richard Allan Sr BOND [b. 2 Jun 1944, Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA; d. 26 Oct 2004, Omaha, Douglas Co, NE- age 60, bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Park], SN US Navy, SSN: 505-56-0545/IA;

​          08----ANNA BRAINARDA REED [b. 12 May 1911, IA; d. 20 Jun 1996- age 85], SSN: 322-12-7408/IL]; and

          08----MILDRED INA REED [b. 8 Mar 1915, IA; d. 9 Jul 2012- age 97].


     1860 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but John, Rachel, and 2 Day Laborers b. IA) John Garrett 40, b. KY, Farmer; Rachael Garrett 43, b. IN; James H Garrett 17, b. IN; Eliza J Garrett 16; Silas E Garrett 14; Rachael A Garrett 12; Mary E Garrett 10; John W Garrett 9; William A Garrett 6; Evan S Garrett 6; Ematine Garrett 2; David McCune 24, b. PA, Day Laborer; and WH Kaywood 21, b. KY, Day Laborer.

     1870 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Silas E Garrett 24, Farmer; Sarah J Garrett 23, Keeping House; Jno A Garrett 1; Evan A Garrett 2/12; and Amaziah Covey 17.
     1870 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but Jno b. IA) Jno Westler 28, b. OH, Farmer; Eliza Westler 26, Keeping House; David Westler 8; Alex Westler 6; Anderson Westler 4; James Westler 3; and Matilda Westler 1.

     Three following families on same census page:     1870 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has 
     1880 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has John Garrett 60, b. KY, Farmer; Rachael Garrett 63, b. TN; and Alfred White 23, b. IA, Farmer, Nephew.

     1880 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but Sarah b. IA) SE Garrett 34, Farmer; Sarah Garrett 32, b. IN; John Garrett 11; Evan Garrett 9; Hiram Garrett 4; Lizzy Garrett 4; Edward Garrett 2; and Rachael Garrett 8/12.
     1880 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but parents b. IA) Elijah Garrett 39, b. IN, Farmer; Susan Garrett 38, b. IN; Walter Garrett 17, Farmer; Marshall Garrett 15; Louise Garrett 13; Milly Garrett 10; John Garrett 6; Ethern Garrett 3; and Gethel Garrett 3.

     1880 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all but John b. IA) John Tresler 38, b. OH, Farmer; Eliza J Tresler 36, Keeping House; Daniel Tresler 17, Working on Farm; Wm Tresler 16, Working on Farm; Evan A Tresler 14, Working on Farm; Jas Tresler 12, Working on Farm; Matilda Tresler 10; Sarah Tresler 8; and Mauda Tresler 6.

     1900 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (both b. IA) Alexander W Tresslar 36, Farmer; and Julia L Tresslar 30.
     1900 Washington Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) East S Garrett 54, Farmer; Sarah J Garrett 52 (9 children-7 living); Lottie Garrett 15; Silar F Garrett 11; and Willis Mcnabb 40 (Boarder).
​     1900 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (both b. IA) William A Tresslar 45, Salesman-Store; and Julia R Tresslar 40.

     1910 Oskaloosa Ward 3, Mahaska, IA census: has (all b. IA) Clarence Garrett 28, Motorman ; Nellie M Garrett 24 (2 children-2 living); Clifford E Garrett 5; Floyd Garrett 3; ES Garrett 57, Father; and Susan Conklin 72, Grandmother.

     1910 Stillwater Co, OK census: has (all but 2 younger children b. IA) EA Garrett 39, Real Estate-Dealer; Emma L Garrett 40, Roomer-Private House, (8 children-7 living); Mable J Garrett 17; Arthur Garrett 15; William E Garrett 13; Alta M Garrett 11; Olga M Garrett 6; Elmer T Garrett 3, b. OK; and Vera T Garrett 1, b. OK.

     1900 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, IA census: has (both b. IA) William A Tresslar 55, Poultry, Hogs-Home Farm, and Julia L Tresslar 49.
     1930 Washington Twp Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) W Garret 34, Laborer-Clay Factory; Esther Garret 31; Mimie Garret 14; Florence Garret 13; Opal Garret 11; James Garret 6; William Garret 4; and Pearl Garret 1.

     1930 Warren Twp, Keokuk Co, Iowa census: has (all b. IA) Herman B Reed 45, Farmer-General Farm; Mary Reed 45; Howard W Reed 20; and Mildred I Reed 15.    

     1940 Albia, Monroe Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Walter H Ahrens 36; Elsie M Ahrens 29; Beverly J Ahrens 3; and Clarence Garrett 58, Divorced, Father-in-Law. 

     1940 Washington Twp Keokuk Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Willie A Garrett 44 (no occupation listed); Esther F Garrett 41; James Garrett 16; William Garrett 14; Pearl Garrett 11; Gerald Garrett 8; Barbara Garrett 5; Opal Clark 21; and Harold Clark 8/12 (Grandson).

     1940 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Anna Brainarda Reed 28, (Married) b. IA, Clerk-Publishing Co.

     BIOGRAPHY: John was born to Silas and Elizabeth Cheatham Garret in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He married his wife Rachel on January 12, 1840 in Mooreville, Indiana. They had 10 known children; Martha E, James H, Elizabeth Jane, Silas Eastman, Rachel Ann, Mary Ellen, John Wesley, Evan Skillman, William Alexander and Charlotte Emaline. He was a farmer and a member of the Christian Church. 

     1900 OBITUARY: ​An Old Settler Gone. Last Thursday pm occurred the funeral of John Garrett, one of Keokuk County's oldest settlers. He was born in Montgomery county, Kentucky, in 1826 (???). Five years after his marriage to Rachel Jones in 1840 he came to Jefferson county, Iowa, and later removed to Keokuk county. He was the father of ten children- five boys and five girls.

​     The funeral services were conducted by Rev Hanawalt and the writer. The deceased became a member of the Christian Church early in life. He was held in high esteem and respect by the many who were acquainted with him.

​     After a long and useful life he died April 18, 1900, aged 79 years, 10 months and 28 days. WT Fisher

​     Mr Garrett and two brothers and C Reynolds came, with ox teams, to this county in 1846. Uncle John settled on the old homestead, which is now owned by Sylvester Smith, and lived there until the fall of 1807, when he went to make his home with his son, JW Garrett. All of the living children were with him during his last hours. His wife died in February 1897. Uncle John was an honest upright citizen. His motto was, "Live and let live." To him it was a great pleasure to do a kindness for a neighbor and he never failed to do kind deeds when an opportunity occurred.

     1914 OBITUARY: A terrible accident. An accident occurred over by Springfield which caused the death of Ancel Garrett, who was some 30 years old. He was hauling large tile and was standing on the back of the wagon. A couple ladies came along and saw the team with the load of tile standing in the road and one lady got out to lead the team by. She saw a couple of large tile on the ground and the other lady discovered that young Garrett, was under two of the heavy tile dead. It is presumed he fell off back and the tile fell on him killing him. He was a son of Do__ Garrett and highly esteemed. The funeral was held at Springfield Sunday and quite a number of her_ attended.

     On last Thursday evening while helping Matts Biewen thresh, Earl Snodgrasse's team became unmanageable, running away and throwing him across the double-trees. Luckily he escaped without any serious injuries.

     This community was shocked last Friday afternoon to learn of the sudden death of Ancil Garrett near Richland. This was also an accident caused by a team running away. Funeral services were held n the ME Church conducted by Rev Heath. The family have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood in their sad bereavement.

     How the accident occurred is not known. Whether the team ran away, throwing the wagon into the ditch and overturning the tile on Mr Garrett, or whether the wagon got too far to one side, the tile slipped, catching Mr Garrett under their weight, each tile weighing six hundred pounds will never be known. The team stopped a half mile east, and they were not running and had not appeared to have been a runaway. The father of the boy testified the team was usually gentle, but had to be watched very carefully, as they liked to take sudden starts.

​     The county carries liability insurance and the parents of the boy will claim the same from the company. There may be a question as to whether he was working for the county or hauling for a contractor, which may complicate affairs in the settlement, but it is thought that the company is liable for it.

[courtesy of ancestry.com and buck1143]   

     1947 OBITUARY: Mrs. Nettie Shaull of Millersburg, Passes Away FridayHad Made Home With Son At Delta Since Her Recent Illness} Buried Sunday
     Mrs Nettie Shaull, 73, passed away at the home of her son, Marion Tresslar, in Delta, Thursday, February 6, 1947. Funeral Services were held Sunday afternoon at the Reynolds Funeral Chapel in Sigourney, with Rev John Ballensky in charge. Burial was in the Conner Cemetery southwest of Sigourney.
     Mrs Shaull was born in Keokuk county on August 11, 1873. the daughter of Marion and Eliza Beard. In January 1889, she married Mathias Tresslar and four sons were born. In June 1940, she married Willis R Shaull of west of Millersburg where she made her home until her recent illness.
     She is survived by her husband, three sons, Marion and Clifton Tresslar of Delta, Roy Tresslar of Sigourney; ten grandchildren, seven great grandchildren; one brother Jim Beard, of Portland, Oregon. One son, Marvin passed away in 1918.

[The Journal Tribune and Williamsburg Shopper consolidated Feb 13, 1947]