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05-Zachariah King Garrett/Garriott
Birth: 18 Sep 1804, Culpeper Co, VA
Home: 1830/1840 Madison Co, VA, 1847 Muskingum Co, OH, & 1861 to Dewitt Co, IL
Death: 6 May 1887, Tunbridge Twp, near Kenney, Dewitt Co, IL- age 82
Burial: Tunbridge Cemetery
Father: John Lillard Garriott

Marriage: 7 Apr 1828, Lutheran Church, Madison Co, VA: Bk 1/ 273
Spouse: Rhoda Anne BLANKENBAKER
Birth: 8 Dec 1804, Madison/Culpeper Co, VA [or 26 Nov 1804]
Death: 16 Sep 1882, @ home in Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL- age 77
Burial: Tunbridge Cemetery
Father: Samuel Blankenbaker (1767-1813)
Mother: Charlotte Leathers (1770-1850)...... Jemima??????

[photo of Rhoda source unknown]

     CHILDREN: Zachariah and Rhoda had seven children [1850 Muskingum Co, OH census*]
06----MARY CATHERINE GARRIOTT [b. 1828, listed below];
06----HENRY ALLEN GARRIOTT [b. 1829, listed below];
06----JULIA (Juliet A on census) ANN GARRIOTT [b. 1831, Vinton Co, OH (father from VA); d. after Jun 1900], m. John Jackson SHOEMAKER on 7 Sep 1854, OH (probably Vinton Co), he resided in MO in 1847 and Clinton, IL about 1900;
06----FRANKLIN BROADDUS GARRIOTT [b. 1833, listed below];
06----MARTHA ELLEN GARRIOTT [b. 1838, listed below];
06----JOHN MARCUS GARRIOTT (MARTIN on census) (or Richard) [b. 1839, listed below];
06----SARAH ELIZABETH (female on census) GARRIOTT [b. 1 Mar 1847, Culpeper Co, VA; d. Aug 1901, Decater, IL- age 54, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], m. Felix M OWENS [b. Nov 1845, IN], son of James H Owens and Elizabeth ___, on 13 Feb 1867, Clinton, Dewitt Co, IL: Bk C/19 by Wm Cronwell JP (she was called Garrett on marriage records), had 2 sons: (mentioned in obituary)

     07----CLEMENT L OWENS [b. 16 Jul 1871, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 20 Jul 1946, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL- age 75, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery, a Boiler Maker, m. Fannie CHOAT Kemp, daughter of Braxton Choat and Parthena Holt, in 1911, DeWitt Co, IL; and
     07----FRED R OWENS [b. 7 Sep 1873, Rowell, IL; d. 19 Nov 1935, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL- age 62, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], m. Lulu Bell RANDALL IN 1893, DeWitt Co, IL- (Film 001312956).

     1810 Culpeper Co, VA census: lists James Garriott with 4 males: three [<10], one [45+]; five females: two [<10], one [16-25], two [26-44]; one other free person, one slave. (Zachariah would be 5, James would be 45+, Robert is 26-44, Moses is about 60. [Blne4@aol.com]
     On another page is Reuben Garriott, male [45+], Robert Garriott, two males: one [<10], one [26-44]; females: one [<10], one [26-44]. [Blne4@aol.com]
     1820 Madison Co, VA census: lists Moses Garriott with five males: one [<10]; one [16-18]; one 16-25]; two [45+]; four females: three [<10], one [45+].  (Zachariah would be 15, Moses 70) [Blne4@aol.com]
     Two doors down is Benjamin Garriott [26-44]. [Blne4@aol.com]
     1830 Madison Co, VA census: (page 11) lists a Zachery Garriott [20-29] with wife [20-29] and 1 male [<5] and 1 female [<5], and one male slave.
     He lives next door to Moses Garriott [70-80] with one male [5-9]; 8 Females: one [<5], two [5-10], two [10-14], one [15-19], one [40-49], and one [50-59].
     1840 Madison Co, VA census: (page 312 or 9) lists a ZJ Garriot [40-50] with wife and four children: three males: one [<5]; one [5-9]; one [40-49]; and three females: one [<5]
     On an adjacent page (page 8) in this census is Moses Garriott [90-99] with 7 Females: one [10-14], two [15-19], two [20-29], one [50-60], and one [70-79].
     1850 Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH census: (page 125) lists Zachariah Garriott 45, b. VA, Laborer; Rhoda Garriott 45, b. VA; Henry Garriott 20, b. VA, Laborer; Juliet A Garriott 19, b. VA; Franklin Garriott 17, b. VA, Laborer; Martha E Garriott 12, b. VA; Marcus Garriott 10, b. VA; and Sarah Garriott 6, b. VA.
     Henry Garrett 20 lived nearby with Thomas and Mary Jenkins.
     1860 Richland Twp, Vinton Co, OH census: (page 2) lists Zachary Garriott 55, b. VA, Farming, $550 RE, $90 PP; Roda Garriott 55, b. VA (cannot read or write); and Sarah E Garriott, b. VA, in School.
     1865 Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: lists Zachariah Garrett [60-70]; one female [60-70]; one male [20-30]; one female [10-20]; one male [<10], $600 in livestock, $760 in grain. [Blne4@aol.com]
     Next entry is Henry Garrett [30-40], one female [30-40]; three males [<10]; and two females [<10]. [Blne4@aol.com]     
     1870 Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: (page 154) lists Zachariah Garret 66, b. VA, Laborer (cannot read or write); Roda Garret 60, b. VA (cannot write); Martha Dash (Dearth?) 30, b. VA (at home, cannot read, write); William Garret 10, b. OH; John C Garret 6, b. OH.
     (note: William Dearth, Martha's husband, died in 1867, Vinton Co, OH, at the age of 33) [Blne4@aol.com]

     1870 Austin, Macon Co, IL census: has Felix Owens 24, b. IN, Farmer; Sarah E Owens 23, b. VA; Amos Nesbit 20. b. IL, Works on Farm; and Martha E Dearth 28, b. VA, Domestic Servant.
     1880 Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: (page 23) lists Zachariah Garriott 75, b. VA, parents b. VA, Gardener (has rheumatism); and Rhoda 75, b. VA, parents b. VA.

     1880 Texas Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: has Felix M. Owens 34, b. IN; Sarah E. Owens 33, b. VA; Clement L Owens 9, b. IL; Frede R Owens 6, b. IL; and William Darth 31, b. OH, Farm Laborer.

     Mary Garriett 22, b. OH, is on the following page, a Servant in the household of George Hartsock.

     1900 Barnett Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: has Felix Owins 54, b. IN, Landlord; and Sarah E Owins 54, b. VA (2 children-2 living).

     1910 Barnett, DeWitt Co, IL census: has (all b. IL) Fred Owens 36, Farmer-General Farm; L* Owens 33 (1 child-1 living); Hubert Owens 15; and Cary Owens 30, Clerk-Dry Goods (Cousin).

     1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has (all b. IL) Fred R Owens 56 Lulu B Owens 53 Carrie M Owens 50, File Supervistor-Maps Globes (Cousin).

     1940 Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL census: has Clem Owens 69, b. IL, Pressing; Fannie Owens 64, b. KY; and Jodie Buntin 17, b. IL.

     1842 PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX: [Madison Co, VA] Zack Garriett, 1 white male, illegal silver?, tax 25 cents
     1843 PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX: [Madison Co, VA] Zach Garrett, 1 white male, illegal corn or clock?, tax 25 cents 
[Madison Co, VA] Zackery Garriott, 1 white male, illegal corn or clock?, tax 25 cents
     1845 PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX: [Madison Co, VA] Zachery K Garriott, 1 white male, one non-metallic clock, tax 22-1/2 cents
     1846 PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX:  [Madison Co, VA] 1 Zachery K Garnett, 1 white male, one non-metallic clock, tax 12-1/2 cents
     Zachariah Garriott was never assessed Personal Property taxes in Culpeper Co, VA, or land tax in Culpeper or Madison Co, VA.  Apparently he owned no property in Virginia. [Blne4@aol.com]

     1843-1846: PURCHASE OF SUPPLIES: Zachariah Garriott purchased on credit the following items: indigo, cotton, sugar, coffee, shawl, buttons, fur hat, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, muslin, chestnuts, bowl, candlestick, milk pots, molasses, calfskin, and a shoe knife, among other things, from Weaver & Strickler. The total cost with interest was $57.75. John Weaver's account shows Zachariah purchasing on credit: corn, hay, flour, and bran. Total cost was $23.49. [Blne4@aol.com]

     1847 LOSES HOUSEHOLD GOODS: [Culpeper Co, VA, Bk 8/251, dated 20 Mar 1847] Zachariah Garriott was indebted to JM Hunt for $75 and Chas E Hume for $25. In consideration of the premises and one dollar Zachariah Garriott relinquished all his household and kitchen furniture, two cows, one horse, one small wagon, one set of g--, one rifle, shoemaker's tools of every sort.

     1847 SUIT FOR BAD DEBT: [Madison Co, VA] John Weaver and Manuel C Strickler filed suit to collect debt of Zachariah Garriott in the amount of $68.32, that he has left the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that he is the husband of Rhoda Blankenbaker, daughter of the late Samuel Blankenbaker, who left her heir to a portion of his estate. They asked that part of this inheritance be taken to pay the aforementioned bill. The following people were also listed as heirs of Samuel Blankenbaker: Jemima Blankenbaker (Samuel's widow), Julia Wayman, Frances Wayman (wife of Kentley Wayman), Isaac Blankenbaker, Abraham Blankenbaker, Charity Blankenbaker, and Elizabeth Rouse, all children of Samuel and Jemima. Hiram Yager was appointed executor of the estate.

     1848 DEFENDANT NOTICE: [Madison Co, VA, dated 3 Jul 1848] John Waver (Weaver) vs. Zachariah Garriott and heirs of Samuel Blankenbaker: The defendants did not appear in court or give security, and are not inhabitants of the state. The court ordered their appearance, ordered notice to be printed in Fredericksburg newspaper and on courthouse door, for defendants to appear on 4th Thursday September next.
     Hiram Yager was appointed executor of the estate. "As your orators are without remedy at Law, they are constrained to come into this court of Equity to enforce their rights in the promises, they therefore pray that all the right title and interests which the said Zachariah and wife are entitled to in the aforesaid estate of the said Samuel Blankenbaker may be attached in the hands of the said Hiram Yager, exr. as aforesaid and Jemima Blankenbaker widow of the said Samuel and of such others of the above named partners as may hold the same in their **** or under their control, that the said Zachariah Garriott and Rhoda his wife may be restrained from disposing of their said interest and that the other defendants may be restrained from permitting such interest or so much thereof as may be in their (possession?) *** or control from *** them from: that the aforesaid interest of the said Zachariah Garriott and Rhoda his wife in the estate real and personal of the said Samuel Blankenbaker may be appropriated to the payment of the said debt *** by the said Zachariah Garriot to your orators as far as may be *** that the said Hiram Yager exec. as aforesaid, Jemima Blankenbaker, Julia Wayman, Kirtley Wayman and Frances his wife, Isaac Blankenbaker, Abraham Blankenbaker, Charity Blankenbaker, Elizabeth Rouse, and Zachariah Garriott and Rhoda his wife may be made part *** to this Bill and true full and perfect answers make to the same and each part thereof and that your Honors would grant such a true further General whif as may appear right in the *** and as is in only bound they will *** pray and Let a subpoena ***." Signed AR Blakey, July 13 1848 [Blne4@aol.com]

     1849 EXECUTOR RESPONSE: [Madison Co, VA, dated 14 Jan 1849] Hiram Yager, Samuel Blankenbaker's executor, explained terms of will to court. [refer to Rhoda]

     1849 DEFENDANT RESPONSE: [Muskingum Co, OH, dated 10 Aug 1849] Zachariah Garriott appeared before a Justice of the Peace and denied the truth of the allegations of the plaintiffs Weaver and Strickler, and argued against recovery, "Said act limits the recovery of store accounts to two years."

     1856 SETTLEMENT: [Madison County Chancery Court, dated 20 Dec 1856] Proceeds of the settlement of the estate of Samuel Blankenbaker were distributed. Part of the inheritance due Rhoda was paid to Mann C Strickler, surviving partner of Strickler and Weaver, to settle the debt.
     Zachariah Garriott was the husband of Rhoda Blankenbaker, daughter of the late Samuel Blankenbaker, who left her heir to a portion of his estate. Asked that part of this inheritance be taken to pay the aforementioned bill. Mentioned that, besides Rhoda, the following people were listed as Samuel Blankenbaker's heirs: Jemima Blankenbaker, Samuel's widow; Julia Wayman; Frances Wayman, wife of Kentley Wayman; Isaac Blankenbaker; Abraham Blankenbaker; Charity Blankenbaker; and Elizabeth Rouse, all children of Samuel and Jemima.


     1875 DELINQUENT TAX: [DeWitt Co, IL-- Tunbridge Twp, dated 23 Apr 1875] Z Garriott, 3.35 acres Section 11 [DeWitt Co, IL Genealogical Quarterlies]

     1887 OBITUARY: Tunbridge May 20, 1887: Died, Zachariah Garriott at the home of his son, John M Garriott on Friday, the sixthe inst. at 3:20 pm, at age 82 yrs, 7 mo, and 18 days. Father Garriott was born in Virginia Sept. 18, 1804, married Rhody Blankenbicker, who was born Dec. 8, 1804, in same state.
     In 1847, he emigrated to Muskingum Co, Ohio. From there he removed to Vinton Co, same state. By this time Mr and Mrs Garriott were the parents of seven children, three sons and four daughters, the eldest daughter had previously married TW Jenkins now residing in Texas Twsp. of this county. While here his next four eldest married. Henry A now living in Clinton this county. Franklin B who died May 1877 in Tunbridge, Julia A wife of John Showmaker now in Missouri, Martha E near Dewitt, this county know as Mrs Nesbitt....In 1861 Mr and Mrs Garriott accompanied their children to this state and stopped in Tunbridge Twsp. Mrs Garriott died on the seventteenth day of Sept.1882. [Charlene Boice] 6
     Rhoda's father, Samuel Blankenbaker, 1st married Amy Yager. Samuel and Rhoda were descendants of the 2nd Germanna Colony that settled Spotsylvania County under Virginia's Governor Spotswood in 1717. The Blankenbaker family made its way to Culpeper Co, and, later, to Madison Co, VA.

     1882 OBITUARY: Mrs Rhoda Garriott died on Sat. the 16th inst. at her home in Tunbridge near her 80th birthday was buried Sunday in Howard Cem. (Tunbridge Cemetery). Mrs Zachariah Garriott is mother of Mrs TW Jenkins.

[DeWitt Co, IL Genealogical Quarterlies] via [Charlene Boice] 6

     1901 OBITUARY: Mrs Sarah Owens, widow of Felix, who died a few months ago died at the hospital in Decatur Saturday. The Remains were brought to Clinton and taken to the home of John Ellis from where the funeral was held Sunday. Sarah E Garriott was born in Virginia March 1, 1847 and her parents came to Illinois in 1861. In 1865 she married Felix Owens two children survive her: Fred and Clem, who live near Rowell, where she made her home. Two brothers Henry and Richard Garriott live in Clinton. 

[courtesy of Jon Stallard & ancestry.com]