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06-Abraham Garrett
Birth: 12 Aug 1824, Muskingum Co, OH
Death: 26 Oct 1910- age 86
Home: Muskingum Co, OH (1864-1884); What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA (1884-1893); Roseville, Perry Co, OH (1893-1907) [pension]
Burial: Roseville Cemetery
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Company E, 159th Regiment, OH National Guard Volunteers
Father: James Wesley Garriott

Marriage: 20 Aug 1848, Philo, Muskingum Co, OH by Squire John Whissen [pension records]
Spouse: Lucinda ZIGLER

Birth: about 1828
Death: 10 Feb 1910, Perry Co, OH- age 82
Burial: Roseville Cemetery

        CHILDREN: Abraham and Lucinda had the following nine children: [pension records]
07----ELIZABETH JANE GARRETT [b. 8 Feb 1848, OH; d. 10 May 1928- age 80, bur. Roseville Cemetery];
07----JAMES WILLIAM GARRETT [b. 21 Nov 1849, OH; d. 2 Apr 1927- age 77, bur. Monument Cemetery], m. Annetta "Anna" WAINWRIGHT [b. ENG], on 5 Dec 1869, Muskingum, OH, had son:

     08----CARL EDWARD GARRETT [b. 19 Mar 1885, Keokuk Co, IA];
07----GEORGE W GARRETT [b. 24 Oct 1851, OH];
07----BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GARRETT [b. 29 Nov 1853, OH];
07----HENRY CALVIN GARRETT [b. 25 May 1856, OH];
07----MARY ELLEN GARRETT [b. 15 Feb 1859, OH];
07----ROSANNA GARRETT [b. 2 Jun 1863, OH]; and
07----CHARLES M GARRETT [b. 30 Nov 1869, OH]; and
07----ROYAL EDWIN GARRETT [b. 24 Jul 1874, OH; d. 29 Aug 1956- age 82, bur. Roseville Cemetery], m. Cora SAGLE.
     1860 Muskingum Co, OH census:
has (all b. OH) Abraham Garrett 34, Coal Miner w/ $300 RE; Lucinda Garrett 30; James Garrett 12; Elizabeth Garrett 10; George Garrett 8; Franklin Garrett 6; Henry Garrett 4; and Mary Garrett 1.
     1870 Muskingum Co, OH census:
has (all b. OH) Abraham Garrett 45, Coal Digger; Lucinda Garrett 47, Keeping House; George Garrett 18, Coal Digger; Franklin Garrett 16, Attending School; Henry Garrett 13, Attending School; Ellen Garrett 11, Attending School; Rosy Garrett 7, Attending School; and Charles Garrett 7/12.
     1880 Muskingum Co, OH census:
(all b. OH) has Abraham Garret 54, Coal Digger; Lucinda Garret 50; Rosa Garret 15; Edwin Garret 5; and Franklin Garret 6.
     1900 Perry Co, OH census:
has Abraham Garret 75; Lucinda Garret 70; Henry H Guy 40, Coal Operator (Son-in-Law); Carrie Guy 21 (Daughter); and Lawrence E Guy 6 (Grandson).

16 Abraham enrolled as a private in Company E, 159th Regiment, Ohio National Guard Volunteers on 2 May 1864 at Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH, commanded by Capt Charlie Fox. He was honorably discharged at Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH on 22 Aug 1864 by reason of, "expiration of term of service, and described as 65 years old, 5'-10" in height, dark complexion, gray hair and gray eyes." His company saw action in Harper's Ferry, VA (now West VA). He served a term of about four months.

16 Abraham first applied for a pension [claim 700.914; cert. 546.952] on 26 Jun 1889, and 11 Jul 1890. In his pension application-- as a resident of What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA-- he was described as 67 years old, 5'-10" in height, dark complexion, gray hair, grey eyes, by occupation a Coal Miner, that he was, "Suffering from blindness in right eye and partial blindness of left eye, kidney and bladder disease and rheumatism of left shoulder."
     His examination found the following conditions, "We have a mature cataract, with total blindness of right eye, and incipient cataract of the left.  Can read *** type, to no 40, with left eye at ten feet distance. Suffers from many troubles, incontinance of urine, and frequent micturition?. Muscular system relaxed and flabby."
     "That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of his duty near Harper's Ferry, in the State of VA, on or about May 1864, his eyes were affected by overheat and exposure."

Abraham Garrett, 82, a resident of Roseville, OH, applied to the Pension Office on 19 Feb 1907 for an increase from $12 per month, "By reason of disability from loss of sight of right eye impaired vision of left (eye), disease of --- Urinary organs and debility." He believes that he in entitled to an increase on account of, "Being unable to do any manual labor, on account of his pensioned disabilities, and that he is justly and honestly entitled to a rating of $30 per month." The Pension Office denied his request. He was awarded $20 per month commencing 16 Feb 1907 and last paid $20 on 4 Sep 1910, prior to his death.