06-Eli Garriott
Birth: 15 Dec 1841, Milner's Corner, Hancock Co, IN
Death: 28 Dec 1901, Madison Twp, Greenwood Co, KS- age 60
Burial: Blakely Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Eli Garriott, 25, Farmer of Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN, registered for the draft in Jun 1863
Father: Nicholas Sr Garriott

Marriage: 30 Aug 1860, Hancock Co, IN: Bk 4/205
1st Spouse: Rachel M MURFIN
Birth: about 1842
Death 11 Nov 1863- age 21
Burial: Hays Cemetery
Father: Joseph Laurie Murfin
Mother: Mary Fisher
no issue...

Marriage: 18 Jan 1866, Hancock Co, IN: Bk C5/25
2nd Spouse: Rachel Maneroy BLAKELY
Birth: 28 Apr 1844, IN
Death: Jul 1876, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS- age 32
Burial: Blakely Cemetery
Father: James Blakely (1796-1874)
Mother: Phebe Ann Rogers (1822-1847)

     2ND MARRIAGE: Eli and Rachel Maneroy BLAKELY had the following four children:
07----WILLIAM C GARRIOTT [b. 29 Sep 1862, IN], m. Amanda Elizabeth SWAN [b. 7 Feb 1865, Centerville, Appanoose Co, IA; d. 16 Nov 1942, Sand Springs, Tulsa Co, OK- age 77], daughter of Barney Neil SWAN (1830-1890) and Cynthia Ann WAFORD (1843-1923) on 25 Dec 1882, Greenwood Co, KS: Bk C/31, had three children:
     08----STEWART SYLVESTER McDINILT GARRIOTT [b. 20 Sep 1884, Greenwood Co, KS; d. 27 Aug 1965- age 79], m. Frances Cordelia NELSON [b. 1884; d. 5 Dec 1977- age 93] on 13 Dec 1906;
     08----OSTEIN AMOS "OTIS" GARRIOTT [b. 5 Jan 1885, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS; d. 22 Dec 1975- age 90] , m. Eva Pearl BLACKMAN on 19 Nov 1905;
     08----CHARLES FRANK GARRIOTT [b. 25 Apr 1887, Greenwood Co, KS; d. 4 Sep 1961- age 74], m. Edna Ellen STERLING [b. 1887] on 9 Apr 1929;
      Amanda 2nd married John Wilson on 5 Aug 1888 and had the following children: James Edgar Wilson, Isabella E "Bell" Wilson, Russell Wilson. Muriel Evelyn Wilson, Price Wilson, and Elva A Wilson
07----AMOS M GARRIOTT [b. about 1868, IN], m. Ella QUACKENBUSH [b. 1884] in 1920, had 8 children:
     08----AUDREY GARRIOTT [b. about 1893, KS];
     08----AMOS CHESTER GARRIOTT [b. 18 Dec 1893, KS; d. 14 Nov 1974- age 80, bur. Blakeley Cemetery], Corporal, US Army, WW1, m. Ethel May ___ [b. 9 Nov 1894; d. 14 Oct 1965- age 70, bur. Blakeley Cemetery];
     08----CHARLES L GARRIOTT [b. 14 Dec 1895, KS; d. 24 Jul 1968- age 72, bur. Blakely Cemetery], Farmer, registered for WW1 Draft from Fergus Co, MT, m. Opal Irene McCAULEY [b. 20 Jan 1908, KS; d. 17 Jan 1938- age almost 30, bur. Blakely Cemetery], daughter of Earl McCauley and Celia ___;
     08----ALBERT GARRIOTT [b. 18 Apr 1897, KS; d. 26 Sep 1948- age 51, bur. Blakely Cemetery], Private, KS 70th Infantry, 10th Division, WW1;
     08----ELLA MARY GARRIOTT [b. about 1899, KS];
     08----HATTIE THELMA GARRIOTT [b. about 1902, KS];
     08----ROSE "Rosetta" GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jan 1903, KS; d. 14 Sep 1965- age 62, bur. Blakely Cemetery], m. ___ DAY; and
     08----HARVEY ROY GARRIOTT [b. about 1905, KS];
07----AMOS MONROE GARRIOTT [b. 1868, listed below];
07----MATILDA ANNE GARRIOTT [b. 1872, listed below]; and
07----RACHEL GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jul 1876; d. 2 Aug 1876- age 1 month, bur. Blakeley Cemetery (on stone with mother)].

Marriage: 1 Nov 1876, Lyon Co, KS: Bk C/169
3rd Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" CROWELL
Birth: 16 Sep 1855, Hancock Co, IN
Death: 20 Apr 1906, Hancock Co, IN/recorded Salt Springs, Greenwood Co, KS: Bk 1/4- age 50, of pneumonia
Burial: Blakely Cemetery
Father: Devalts Crowell
Mother: Elizabeth Norwall

    3RD MARRIAGE: Eli and Sarah Elizabeth Crowell had three children:
07----LEOLLA GARRIOTT [b. about 1879. KS] (census);
07----HERBERT TROY GARRIOTT [b. 9 Nov 1883, KS; d. 27 Jul 1907, KS- age 23, bur. Blakely Cemetery] (census), m. Minnie ___; and
07----JAY CROWELL "JACK" GARRIOTT [b. 22 May 1895, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS: Bk A/84; d. 7 Sep 1973, Kern Co, CA- age 76], SSN: 567-18-6463/CA, worked for Dean Oil Tool Company of Compton, CA. He lived in Bakersfield, CA-- the son of Ely Garriott and Mary Elizabeth Crowell. [SSI appl]

     1870 Lyon Co, KS census: has (all b. IN) Eli Garriott 29, Farming w/ $1,200 RE; Rachel Garriott 26, House Keeping; William M Garriott 8; and Edella Emrick 7. (Edella clearly left over from previous family)
     1880 Greenwood Co, KS census: has Ely Garriott 39, b. IN, Farmer; Sarah E Garriott 28, b. IN, Keeping House; William M Garriott 19, b. IN, Farm Hand; Amos M Garriott 12, b. IN, Farm Hand; Matilda A Garriott 8, b. KS; and Leola Garriott 1, b. KS.
     1885 Greenwood Co, KS State census: has Eli Garriott 43, Farmer; SE Garriott 28; AM Garriott 17; MA Garriott 13; Vola Garriott 6; and HT Garriott 2.
     Next door is: Wm M Garriott 23, Farmer; AE Garriott 20; SS Garriott 1; and AO Garriott 2m.
     1900 Greenwood Co, KS census: has Eli Garriott 54, b. IN, Drayman; Sarah E Garriott 45, b. IN; Leola Garriott 21, b. KS; Herbert T Garriott 17, b. KS, Day Laborer; JC Garriott 5, b. KS; Robert J Smith 40, b. Austria/Hungry, Boarder, Salesman-Grocery; and Carrie T Smith 11, b. KS, Boarder.
     1910 Lyon Co, KS census: has (all b. KS except AM) AM Garriott 42, b. IN, Farmer-General; Martha Garriott 36 (8 children-5 living); Audrey Garriott 17; Chester Garriott 16, Labor-Home Farm; Charles L Garriott 14, Labor-Home Farm; Albert Garriott 13; Ella Mary Garriott 11; Thelma Garriott 8; Rosy Garriott 7; and Roy Garriott 5.
     1920 Lyon Co, KS census: has Amos M Garriott 51, b. IN, (married) Farmer-Stock Farm; Albert Garriott 22, b. KS (married), Farmer; Ella M Garriott 21, b. KS (married); Hattie T Garriott 18, b. KS; Rosetta Garriott 17, b. KS; and Harvey R Garriott 15, b. KS. (Amos' wife seems to be missing)
     1920 McKittrick Twp, Kern Co, CA census: has Jack C Garriott 24, b. KS, Oil Worker; and Leona Garriott 25, b. NJ.
     1925 Lyon Co, KS census: has AM Garriott 56, Farmer; Ella Garriott 40, b. KS (wife); Roy Garriott 20, b. KS; and Rosa Garriott 22, b. KS.
     1930 Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS census: has (both b. KS) Charles L Garriott 32, Signal Man-Railroad Co; Opal I Garriott 22.
     1930 Township 3, Kern Co, CA census: has Jack C Garriott 34, b. KS, Oil Rotary?; Leoma L Garriott 34, b. NJ, Sales Lady-Dry Goods; and Jack C Garriott 10, b. CA.
     1940 Topeka, Shawnee Co, KS census: has Charles Garriott 45, b. KS, Signal Maintainer.

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