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06-Mary Catherine Garriott
Birth: 7 Mar 1828, Culpeper Co, VA
Home: 1850 Muskingham Co, OH; 1860 Vinton Co, OH; 1870 near Maroa, Tunbridge/Texas Twp, Dewitt Co, IL
Death: 11 Jun 1900, near Kenny, Texas Twp, DeWitt Co, IL- age 72
Burial: Texas Church Cemetery
Father: Zachariah King Garriott

Marriage: 6 Mar 1848, Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH
Spouse: Thomas William JENKINS
Birth: 22 Oct 1822, Virginia (age 56, 1880 DeWitt Co Census)
Death: 5 May 1905, at son Marion's home, Texas Twp, Dewitt Co, IL- age 82
Burial: 7 May 1905, Texas Church Cemetery
Occupation: Mining, a Reverend, Farmer
Father: Jonas Jenkins

    CHILDREN: Mary and Thomas had the following seven children:
07----SELENA ELIZABETH JENKINS [b. 4 Jul 1849, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH (1850 census), or Vinton Co, OH; d. 3 Oct 1928, Cass Co, MO- age 79], (not mentioned in brother Sylvester's obit), m. George Washington GARRETT [b. 15 Dec 1845, Macoupin Co, IL; d. 2 Feb 1934, Cass Co, MO- age 89], son of Peter Garrett (1812-1899) and Lucinda Roberts (1812-1847) on 7 Nov 1867, DeWitt Co, IL: Bk C/103, by Geo Clifton, MG, had thirteen children: [ancestry.com] [seven from 1880 DeWitt Co, IL census]:
     08----EDWARD FRANKLIN GARRETT [b. 8 Jul 1868, Clinton Co, IL; d. 23 Jan 1944, Cass Co, MO- age 75], m. 1st Jessie Adelle GIBSON [b. 18 Apr 1872; d. 22 Jan 1908- age 35, bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery], daughter of Douglas S Gibson (1849-1906) and Amanda M Harp (1852-1904), had four children: [census]
[photo courtesy of findagrave.com & Sharon Wallen]
          09----GLADYS A GARRETT [b. Dec 1886, MO]; and
          09----ARTHUR E GARRETT [b. May 1899, MO];
Edward 2nd m. Dora J ___ [b. 1870, MO; d. 1941, bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery], had three children:
          09----CARRIE B GARRETT [b. about 1902, MO];
          09----WALTER G GARRETT [b. about 1904, MO];
          09----MILDRED A GARRETT [b. about 1907, MO];
     08----LAURA E GARRETT [b. 20 Dec 1869, Clinton Co. IL; 16 Dec 1961- age 91];
     08----ALFRED GARRETT [b. 23 Jul 1871, Clinton Co, IL; d. 22 Aug 1922, Clinton Co, IL- age 51];
     08----PETER THOMAS GARRETT [b. 7 Feb 1873, Clinton Co, IL; d. 22 May 1958, Calhoun Co, IA- age 85];
     08----GEORGE TATMAN GARRETT [b. 23 Nov 1874, Clinton Co, IL; d. 3 Aug 1958, Calhoun Co, IA- age 85];
     08----JAMES B GARRETT [b. 3 Sep 1876, d. 23 Sep 1956, Webster Co, IA- age 80];
     08----FRANCIS EDWARD GARRETT [b. 10 Apr 1878, IL; 23 Feb 1966, Benton Co, IA- age 87];
     08----ARTHUR E GARRETT [b. 28 Mar 1880, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 18 Feb 1975- age 94];
     08----EVA GARRETT [b. 26 Feb 1882; d. 17 Nov 1961- age 78];
     08----CORA GARRETT [b. 16 May 1884; d. 15 Apr 1970- age 83];
     08----ELMER GARRETT [b. 2 Sep 1886, IL; d. 18 Mar 1976, Calhoun Co, IA- age 89];
     08----CLARENCE GARRETT [b.& d. 15 Sep 1888]; and
     08----HARRY GARRETT [b. 22 Feb 1890, IL; d. 15 Aug 1978, Douglas Co, KS- age 88];
07----SYLVESTER CURTIS JENKINS [b. 7 Apr 1852, Allensville, Vinton Co, OH; d. 17 Jan 1940, DeWitt Co, IL- age 87, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], lived in Texas Twp, DeWitt Co, IL, m. Martha J "Janie" HOPPER [b. 1866; d. 1926- age 60, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery] on 16 Feb 1885, DeWitt Co, IL: Bk D/91,  had five children:
     08----IONA FLORENCE JENKINS [b. 9 Sep 1886, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 7 Jun 1972, Decatur, Macon Co, IL- age 85], m. 1st George E ROBINSON about 1907, m. 2nd Archie Virgil COX on 5 Jun 1919, Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL;
     08----GLADYS JENKINS [b. 17 Jun 1888, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 2 Aug 1888, DeWitt Co, IL- age 6 weeks];
     08----ELLEN JENKINS [b. about 1890; d. after Jan 1926], m. ___ ANDREWS before Jan 1926 [obit of Mrs Sylvester Jenkins];
     08----JEFFERSON LLOYD JENKINS [b. 16 Dec 1894, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 2 Apr 1965, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL- age 70], m. Stella GREGO on 27 Jun 1924, Lincoln, Logan Co, IL;  and
     08----MURIEL JENKINS [b. 21 Feb 1897, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 16 Nov 1897, DeWitt Co, IL- age 9 mo];
07----WILLIAM WASHINGTON JENKINS [b. 23 Oct 1854, Muskingum Co, OH; d. 16 Mar 1938, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL- age 84, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], m. Nancy BECK on 19 Dec 1875, DeWitt Co, IL, lived near Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL, had two children: [1880 DeWitt Co, IL census];
     08----SARAH JENKINS [b. about 1877]
     08----WALTER JENKINS [b. about 1879];
07----HENRIETTA "RETTA" JENKINS [b. 1856, OH; d. 1932, DeWitt Co, IL- age 76], m. James BLASINGAME on 20 Jan 1876, DeWitt Co, IL by Austin J Richey, lived near Weldon?, IL, had daughter:
     08----ALLA MAY BLASINGAME [b. about 1879];
07----MARY ALICE JENKINS [b. 23 Sep 1858, Vinton Co, OH;  d. 8 Mar 1951, West Des Moines, Dallas Co, IA- age 92], lived near Waukee, Dallas Co, IA, m. Tylee WOOLLEY, son of Elihu WOOLLEY and Mary ELLSWORTH on 5 Sep 1876, Texas Tsp, DeWitt Co, IL by Joseph Wooley JP, had two children:
     08----CLARENCE WOOLLEY [b. 14 Jul 1877, DeWitt Co, IL; d. 10 Dec 1952, Des Moines, Polk Co, IA], m. 1st Laura Mabel SMITH on 28 Jun 1899, Waukee, Dallas Co, IA; m. 2nd Anna ___ about 1903, probably Iowa; m. 3rd Mary Beatrice KAIL on 9 Jan 1918, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA;  and
     08----EFFIE WOOLLEY [b. 24 Sep 1878, Peck, Wichita Co, KS; 13 May 1960, Panora, Guthrie Co, IA], m. Frank DAUGHERTY on 13 May 1896, Nevada, Story Co, IA;
07----SAMANTHA MARGARET JENKINS [b. about 1862, DeWitt Co, IL; d. after 1886/before Jan 1940], m. Thomas Jefferson CRAMER on 28 Jan 1886, Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL by Rev Geo Clifton, lived in Maroa, IL;
07----MARGARET JENKINS [b. 1863, IL] (1880 DeWitt Co, IL census);  and
07----MARION BELFORD JENKINS [b. 15 Aug 1864, Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL14; d. 18 Nov 1937, Texas Twp, DeWitt Co, IL-- after fall from corncrib- age 7314], a Farmer, Warner Public Library caretaker, lived in DeWitt and Clinton Co, IL, m. Laura McKINNEY [d. Oct 1959], daughter of Archibald T McKINNEY and Susan Amanda COX on 20 Nov 1888, Clinton, DeWitt Co, IL, had four children:14 51
     08----MABEL JENKINS [b. 24 Apr 1889], m. Earl POTTER on 17 Apr 1917;
     08----LUCY JENKINS [b. 30 May 1891], m. Frank TAYLOR on 15 Feb 1922, had daughter;
          09----DOROTHY TAYLOR [b. 30 Jan 1930], m. Deon WANTLAND on 7 Sep 1975, lived in Clinton Co, IL;
      08----BERLE L JENKINS [b. 10 May 1900;  d. 6 Aug 1969, Maroa, Macon Co, IL- age 69, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], SSN:  333-16-4903/IL, m. Louise Ryf? CROCKER on 26 Jan 1946; and
      08----MERLE JENKINS [born and died 1910, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery].

     1850 Muskingum Co, OH census: has Thomas Jenkins 27, b. VA, Laborer; May Jenkins 22; Halina Jenkins 12; and Henry Garrett 20.
     1870 DeWitt Co, Il census: has Thomas Jenkins 48, Farmer, w/ $3200 RE; Mary C Jenkins 42, Keeping Home; Sylvester C Jenkins 18, Work in Farm; Wm W Jenkins 15; Henrietta C Jenkins; Mary A Jenkins 11; Samantha Jenkins 8; and Marion B Jenkins 5.
     1880 DeWitt Co, IL census: has Thomas W Jenkins 56, Farmer; Mary C Jenkins 51, Keeping House; Margaret Jenkins 17; and Marion B Jenkins 15, Work on Farm.
     1880 Tunbridge Twp, DeWitt Co, IL census: has (all but Arlena b. IL) George W Garrett 34, Farmer; Arlena E Garrett 30, b. OH; Edward F Garrett 11, Farm Hand; Laura E Garrett 10; Thos Peter Garrett 7; George Tatman Garrett 5; James Garrett 3; Francis Garrett 2; and Arthur Garrett 2/12.
     1900 DeWitt Co, IL census: has Thomas W Jenkins 77, Landlord; and Mary G Jenkins 72, had 7 children all living.
     1900 Cass Co, MO census: has George W Garrett 55, Farmer; Lena Garrett 51; Frank Garrett 22, Farmer; Arthur Garrett 20, Farmer; Eva Garrett 18; Cora Garrett 16; Nora Garrett 16; Elmer Garrett 13, Farmer; and Harry Garrett 10. (14 children 12 living)
     1900 Grand River Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has Edward Garrett 31, b. IL, Farmer; Jessie A Garrett 28, b. IA (4 children-2 living); Gladys A Garrett 3, b. MO; and Arthur Garrett 1, b. MO.
     1910 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has George W Garrett 64, b. IL; and Lena Garrett 62, b. OH (Father b. VA).
     1910 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has (all but Edward b. MO) Edward F Garrett 41, Farmer-General Farm; Gladys Garrett 13; Arthur E Garrett 10; Carie B Garrett 9; Gibson W Garrett 7; and Mildred Garrett 4.
     1920 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has George W Garrett 74, b. IL; and Lena E Garrett 71, b. OH (Father b. VA).
     1920 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has (all but Edward b. MO) Edward F Garrett 51, Farmer-General Farm; Dora J Garrett 49; Carrie B Garrett 18, Teacher-Public School; Walter G Garrett 16, Farmer-Home Farm; and Mildred A Garrett 13.
     1930 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has Edward F Garrett 61, b. IL, Farmer-Gen Farm; Dora J Garrett 59, b. MO; and George W Garrett 84, b. IL (Widow).
     1940 Camp Branch Twp, Cass Co, MO census: has Edward L Garrett 71, b. IL; and Dora Garrett 69, b. MO.

     MOVE TO ILLINOIS: Mary Catherine and Thomas moved to DeWitt Co, IL from Ohio around 1860. They lived near Maroa, in Tunbridge and Texas Townships.

     1867 LAND PURCHASE: [DeWitt Co, IL Deed Bk H/476, dated 26 Mar 1867]  T W Jenkins paid $1,800 for 80 acres [N2 NW4 Section 33 T19 R1E].

     1892 WILL: [DeWitt Co, IL Will Book, dated 17 Sep 1892] Thomas W Jenkins left a will [amended 2 Dec 1893, and 19 Nov 190-] in which he gives his personal property, after paying funeral expenses and debts, to his wife. He also gives her the property [N2 NE4 Section 28 T19 R2E] provided she remain his widow. If she remarries the property goes to his son Marion B Jenkins. 
      After Mary's death, Marion was to have the property, provided he pays $250 to each of his siblings: Helena, Sylvester, William, Henrietta, and Alice. He was to pay sister Samantha an extra $25 for the sale of a cow. If William or Sylvester die, their share is to go to their children. If Mary's medical bills become excessive for Marion, then a portion of each sibling's money is to be deducted to care for this. William and Sylvester's legacy is, "upon the express condition that they each do not become habitual drinkards and drinkers of strong drinks to excess."  
      The children are not to sell their shares. If anyone is dissatisfied with the division of property, then their share shall be null and void. Marion was executor. 
      In 1893, Thomas adds $100 to Marion's legacy in order to make his legacy equal with that of the others, they having..... a horse. If Marion dies, his money goes to his children. 
     Finally, after Thomas' wife died [between 1900 and 1904], Thomas withdrew the $100 from Marion's legacy because it appears he already advanced Marion $1,000 on his farm.     
     The personal property, with all hay, oats, and corn, and all money that is left after the funeral to be equally divided. Also, the household and kitchen furniture divided, if the siblings can agree. If not, arbitrate or sell it and divide the money. If Marion does not charge the rest of the heirs anything for Thomas' board, then he is to have the place as his own forever. This is void if Marion charges for Thomas' food. [DeWitt Co, IL Genealogical Quarterlies] 

    1900 OBITUARY: Two of the good women of Texas Township were taken from loved ones the first of this week...
     All day Monday Mrs Mary Jenkins, wife of Rev JW Jenkins, was busy with her work, a good part of the day being devoted to canning cherries, assisted by her husband. She felt as well as usual the whole day. About 8 o'clock in the evening she went to look after some young chickens, and when she returned she asked for the camphor bottle. Her husband saw she was dangerously ill, and hastened to ring the dinner bell that neighbors might know that help was needed. Wm Persinger, who lived about a quarter of a mile away was first to respond.  He and Mr Jenkins removed her from the couch to a chair, and she died in a few minutes. Other friends soon came and the relatives were notified.  Some of them live in other states and did not arrive until Wednesday morning, a short time before the hour of the funeral. 
     Mary C Garriott was born in Culpeper County, VA, March 7, 1828. In 1847 her parents moved to Ohio. March 6, 1848, at Zanesville, Ohio, she was married to Thomas W Jenkins. They moved to Vinton County, Ohio, where they united with the Methodist Protestant church, and were members of that church for over nine years. They came to this county in 1861 and lived on a farm near where Kenney now is. 
     While living there they united with the Separate Baptist church and continued faithful Christians in that church.  About 25 years ago they moved to a farm near the Texas schoolhouse, which has since been their home. 
      Eight children were born to them, one dying in infancy: Mrs George [Helena] Garrett lives near East Lynn, MO;  Mrs James [Henrietta] Blasingame near Weldon; Mrs Tyles [Mary Alice] Wooley, near Waukee, IA; Sylvester and Marian in Texas Township. All attended the funeral. 
      Two sisters and two brothers also survive her. They are Mrs Felix [Sarah] Owens near Clinton, Mrs John [Julia Ann] Shumaker, Richard and Henry Garriott, near Clinton. 
     Deceased was one of the good mothers who are missed when the final summons comes. She was devoted to her children who loved her with true filial devotion. Funeral services were held in the Texas church Wednesday at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev EA Gilland, of Clinton, a large number of friends being present. Interment was in Texas cemetery. [Clinton Register, 15 Jun 1900]

     BIOGRAPHY: Marion B Jenkins was born August 15, 1864 in Tunbridge Township, one of several children of Thomas W and Mary Garriott Jenkins. On November 20, 1888 he married Laura McKinney in Clinton. Laura was the seventh of ten children of Archibald T and Susan Amanda Cox McKinney. Marion and Laura lived on a farm in Texas Township about one half mile west of Route 51 on Little Galliee road. To this union were born four children.  Mabel was born April 24, 1889 and married Earl W Potter April 17, 1917. Lucy was born May 30 1891 and married Frank Taylor February 15, 1922. They were the parents of one daughter, Dorothy, born January 30, 1930. Berle Jenkins was born May 10, 1900 and was married to Louise Ryf Crocker on January 26, 1946. Another son, Merle, died in infancy.
     Dorothy Taylor is the only grandchild of Marion and Laura Jenkins and the only living heir. She married Deon Wantland, September 7, 1975 and they live on a farm east of Clinton. Marion Jenkins was caretaker of the Warner Public Library for a number of years after they moved to Clinton from the farm. They were members of the First Christian Church of Clinton where Marion served on the board and both were active in the church affairs. Marion died November 18, 1937 as the results of injuries received in a fall in the corn crib on the Texas Township farm.  Laura lived with her daughter Mabel and son-in-law, Earl Potter, on the home place until her death October 1959.  Submitted by Dorothy Wantland14