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06-William F Garriott
Birth: Dec 1830, Ohio
Home: Muskingum Co, OH
Death: 4 Dec 1904- age 74
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Union Army: Company A, 114th Infantry Regiment OH Volunteers15
Father: James Wesley Garriott

Spouse: Elizabeth P ___
Birth: Oct 1840 (census)

     1850 Vinton Co, OH census: has William Garriott 20 with his father, James, in Vinton Co, OH.
     1860 Vinton Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) William Garriott 28, Day Laborer; Barbary A Garriott 25; and Charles M Garriott 5.
     Next door is Abraham Garriott 65 and Letitia Garriott 63.
     1870 Vinton Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) William Garrett 40, Farm Laborer; Eliza Garrett 30, Keeps House; Charles M Garrett 16; Allie A Garrett 9; Thomas L Garrett 4; Grant U Garrett 3; and Mandna Garrett 1.
     1900 Vinton Co, OH census: has William Garrett 69, b. OH, Farmer; Elizabeth P Garrett 59, b. OH (2 children-2 living); and Bert Garrett 23, b. KS, Farm Laborer (grandson).

     MILITARY:16 William Garriott enrolled on 21 Aug 1862 at Raysville for three years and is reported, "On the rolls from enrollment to 30 Jun 1863 present. July and August 1863 absent at home on sick furlough since 14 Aug 1863. Sep and Oct 1863 reports him under head of Deserted with remand. 'Sick furloughed from 14 Aug for 30 days still absent.' Name dropped from subsequent Rolls to 29 Feby 1864. Mar and Apr 1864 present with remand. Returned from desertion 26 Mar 1864 and restored to duty without loss of pay or allowances by Brig Gen Warren.
     "On subsequent Rolls to 31 Oct 1864 present. On Roll of Co "A" same Regt (to which transferred by consolidation) for Nov and Dec 1864 he is reported absent on furlough for 30 days since 20 Dec 1864. Similarly reported to 28 Feb 1865. Mar and Apr 1865 absent sick at Barrancas, FL since 6 Mar 1865." He mustered out on individual muster-out Roll 12 Jun 1865 and was honorably discharged at New Orleans, (LA) on 12 Jun 1865.
     "This Regt was in action at Chickasaw Bayou, MS 27-28 Dec 1862 and at Chickasaw Bluffs, MS 29 Dec 1862.
     "Regimental hospital register shows him admitted 3 May 1863 with internal fever and was returned to duty 4 May 1863; again 10 Jul 1863 with Mal. debility, 4 Aug 1863 on furlough. Again 24 May 1864 with acute diarrhea and 26 May 1864 returned to duty. 4 Jun 1864 acute diarrhea, 8 Jun 1864 returned to duty, 10 Jun 1864 sprained ankle, 18 Jun 1864 returned to duty, 18 Oct 1864 Hemorrhoids, 1 Dec 1864 on furlough. Record 19 Corps show him furloughed to commence 5 Dec 1864 and expire 4 Jan 1865. Cause. Intense pain from old injury. Date returned to company subsequent to furlough of Dec 1864 and nature of sickness Mar 1865 not shown. No medical certificates for sick furloughs 1863 & 1864 on file. Records fail to show disability and injury Dec 1862 as alleged." Signed by (M Bayler???, Assistant Adjuntant General)

     1883 DECLARATION FOR INVALID PENSION: William Garriott, age 54, a Carpenter and resident of Hawks, Vinton Co, OH, filed for a veteran's pension, stating, "While in the service as aforesaid, and in the line of my duty at Chickasaw Bluffs, MS on or about the 26th day of Dec 1862 I incurred Chronic Diarrhoea and Injury of the spine caused by concussion of a shell which struck my knapsack and I now suffer from weakness of the Lumbar regions and along the whole spinal column and claim pension thereon."

     1890 DECLARATION FOR INVALID PENSION: William Garriott, age 62, a resident of Hawks, Vinton Co, OH, described as 5'-7", fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes filed for a veteran's pension, stating, "That he is now suffering from Badly affect and low in the back, Piles and nearly lost the use of his right arm where in the service, left ankle *** *** which prevents him from walking."

     1896 DECLARATION FOR INVALID PENSION: William Garriott, 66, a resident of Philo, Muskingum Co, OH filed for a veteran's pension, stating, "That he is 3/4 unable to earn a support by manual labor by reason of injury to back from *** of shell at Vicksburg MS while in line of duty on about December 1862, broken arm, also Rheumatism and *** *****." [application 498.891]
     On 23 Dec 1897, a John W Burley, age 62, a Farmer of Crooksville, Perry Co, OH, stated that, "The said William Garrett (it was spelled Garriott at top of page) was a member of Co F 114 Reg, the same regiment in which I served and that on the 20th day of Dec 1862 and the said Reg was ordered in behind a battery and that several of the members of Reg had their Knapsack shot off but I was unable to state whether the said William Garrett was one of them or not."

     1897 GENERAL AFFIDAVIT: Ella A Bush, age 37, a housekeeper living in Marion Co, OH made the following affidavit with regard to William A Gariott, age 68, a Farmer, from Philo, Muskingum Co, OH, signed an affidavit on 4 May 1898. "Affiant has been acquainted with William A Gariott the claimant about 14 or 15 years, and about the middle of Oct 1886, he got his arm broken while driving a team of horses to a waggon, the waggon turned over with him throwing him out causing the fracture to the right arm. His arm has never got well since it was broken, supposed to not be set right, there is still a know or lump at the place where it was broken. I know this to be correct for he lived with us at the time of the occurrence, and I have know him ever since."

     PENSION:16 [claim 498.891; cert. 964.601]. In 1883, William Garriott was 54, a resident of Hawks, Vinton Co, OH. In 1897/98, William was 67/68, a farmer and resident of Philo, Muskingum Co, OH. In 1902, William was 72, a resident of Willston, Jackson Co, OH. In affidavits, it was claimed that William Garriott was driving a coal wagon in Jackson Co, OH, which overturned, breaking his left arm above the wrist. He claimed that, at Chickasaw Bluffs, MS, he was injured in the spine when the concussion of a shell hit his knapsack. He never married.