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06-William Madison Garriott
Birth: 22 Dec 1831, Fayette Co, IN
Death: 24 Feb 1877, Greenwood Co, KS- age 44
Burial: Blakely Cemetery
Home: Madison, Greenwood Co, KS
Father: Nicholas Sr Garriott

Marriage: 23 Oct 1851, Hancock Co, IN: Bk 3/65
1st Spouse: Ellender Jane BLAKELY
Birth: 17 Jan 1831, TN
Home: Indiana, to Madison, Greenwood Co, KS in 1854
Death: 14 Oct 1872, Greenwood Co, KS- age 41
Burial: Blakely Cemetery
Father: Samuel Blakely (1806-1878)
Mother: Martha Black (1808-1883)

     1ST MARRIAGE: William and Ellender had seven children:
07----GEORGE W GARRIOTT [b. Apr 1853; d. 8 Oct 1854- age 1-1/2 years, bur. Hayes Cemetery];
07----SAMUEL GARRIOTT [b. 27 Jul 1855, Hancock Co, IN; d. 7 Jan 1920, Eagle City, Blaine Co, OK- age 64, bur. Eagle City Cemetery], m. Euphemia (Melvina) CARPENTER????? [b. 8 Jan 1851; d. 19 Apr 1913, Hitchcock, Galveston Co, OK- age 62] on 30 Oct 1880, Lyon Co, KS: Bk C/458, had children: (1900 census)
     08----MARY M GARRIOTT [b. about 1883, KS];
     08----ROSA L GARRIOTT [b. about 1885, KS], m. Murl HENSLEY [b. about 1883, MO], had 3 children: [census]
          09----THELMA P HENSLEY [b. about 1910, MO];
          09----LEOTA E HENSLEY [b. about 1914, OK]; and
          09----ZELPHA E HENSLEY [b. about 1917, OK];
     08----WILLIAM IRA THOMAS GARRIOTT [b. 9 May 1889, Butler Co, KS; d. 17 Jun 1959, Dewey Co, OK- age 70, bur. Brumfield Cemetery], m. Sophia BECKLOFF [b. 1 Mar 1892, Newton, KS; d. ], SSN: 443-50-4007/??, daughter of John Beckloff and Caroline Jantz, had children:

          09----WILLIAM ALLAN GARRIOTT [b. 19 Dec 1914, Hitchcock, Galveston Co, OK; d. 6 Dec 2000- age 85, bur. Dunlap Cemetery], SSN: 447-05-1859/OK, m. Mary Ellen CLOVIS [b. 10 Feb 1923, Woodward, OK; d. 1 Dec 2003- age 77], SSN; 447-24-9083/OK, on 16 May 1942, Woodward, OK;

          09----ROSA GARRIOTT [b. 17 Nov 1922, OK];

          09----HAROLD SAMUEL GARRIOTT [b. 17 Nov 1922, Eagle City, OK; d. 25 Jan 2001- age 78, bur. Dunlap Cemetery], Cpl, US Army WW2, SSN: 446-32-5443/OK?, m. Nellie Clariece CLOVIS [b. 23 Oct 1926, Buffalo, OK; d. 21 Jul 2016- age 89], daughter of Frank J Clovis and Effie Mendenhall, on 25 Jul 1945, Dewey Co, OK;

          09----GLADYS IRENE GARRIOTT [b. 3 Feb 1927, Hitchcock Co, OK; d. 29 Dec 1996, OK- age 69, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], SSN: 444-28-4404/OK, m. Glen ROYAL GILLHAM [b. 3 May 1919, Oakwood, Dewey Co, OK; d. 29 Jun 1999- age 80, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], US Army 1941-1943, son of Claude R Gillham and Susie A Liston, on 5 Mar 1948, Dewey, OK, SSN: 432-16-8360/AR;

          09----WANDA E GARRIOTT [b. about 1929, OK];
07----MARTHA C GARRIOTT [b. 1858; d. 15 Feb 1859- age 1];
07----NICHOLAS JR GARRIOTT [b. 1862, listed below];
07----ELI DANIEL GARRIOTT [b. 1865; listed below];
07----WILLIAM HAYES THOMAS GARRIOTT [b. 1867, listed below]; and
07----JOHN TAYLOR GARRIOTT [b. 1869, listed below]. (Cherie Garriott Lau does not have John Taylor as a member of this family-- nor does findagrave.com)

Marriage: 17 Aug 1873, Lyon Co, KS: Bk C/021 by RM Clark, JP--
(or 12 Oct 1873, Madison Co, KS, re: Cherie Garriott Lau)
2nd Spouse: Mary Ann TUTTLE
Birth: 7 Feb 1836, Noble Co, OH
Death: 26 Jan 1897, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS- age 60, of pneumonia
Burial: Blakely Cemetery

     2ND MARRIAGE: William and Mary Ann TUTTLE had 2 children:
07----OLE W GARRIOTT [b. 12 Sep 1874, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS; d. 15 Oct 1875, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS- age 1, bur. Blakely Cemetery];
07----JASPER MADISON GARRIOTT [b. 27 Jul 1876; d. 24 Mar 1939- age 62, bur. Mountain View Cemetery], m. Nelle Lorene HARRIS [b. 3 Jun 1883; d. 19 Aug 1948- age 85, bur. Mountain View Cemetery], had children:
     08----RALPH RAY GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jun 1901, KS; d. 30 Jan 1985, WY- age 84, bur. Mountain View Cemetery], m. Elsie May McMANUS [b. 15 Dec 1907, Durant, Bryan Co, OK; d. 25 Apr 1985, Morgan Co, CO- age 77, bur. Mountain View Cemetery];
     08----ETHEL D GARRIOTT [b. 1 Mar 1903; d. 14 Dec 1999], SSN: 520-28-9871/WY, m. LeVerne Howard PRESTON [b. 24 Sep 1901, Casper, Natrona Co, WY d. Feb 1976- age 75], SSN: 520-09-6761/WY, son of James Preston (1874-1966) and Florence Gertrude Smith (1890-1961), had children:

          09----GALE KEITH PRESTON [b. 21 Jan 1926, WY; d. Apr 1974- age 48, bur. Roosevelt City Cemetery], SSN: 520-24-1098/WY, US Military 1944-1945, WW2;

          09----MARGARET MAE PRESTON [b. 2 Sep 1928, WY; d. 23 Mar 2009- age 80], m. Emil GUMS [b. 12 Sep 1925, Streeter, Stutsman Co, ND; d. 19 Jan 1980, WY- age 54, bur. Natrona Memorial Gardens], son of Gottlieb Gums (1889-1957) and Katherine Becker (1893-1925), had 3 children;

          09----PAUL L PRESTON [b. 3 Mar 1931, WY]; and

​          09----CAROL N PRESTON [b. about 1937, WY];​
     08----WILLIAM FLOYD GARRIOTT [b. 1905; d. 1925- age 20, bur. Mountain View Cemetery];
     08----ELSIE MAY GARRIOTT [b. 1907; d. 1985- age 78, bur. Mountain View Cemetery]; and
     08----CLAIR OTIS "Lefty" GARRIOTT [b. 1 Aug 1911, Eagle City, OK; d. 10 Oct 1987, San Joaquin Co, CA- age 76, bur. Cherokee Memorial Park], worked at Person Construction Co, Parco, WY, SSN: 520-01-2745/WY, m. Maude Inez AVERY [b. 5 Aug 1918, Meeteetse, Park Co, WY; d. 24 May 2006, Carlotta, Humboldt Co,CA- age 87, bur. Cherokee Memorial Park], had son:
          09-----DENNIS O GARRIOTT, m. Diana ___; 

     08----DALLAS DEBBS GARRIOTT [b. 3 Nov 1913, Eagle City, Blaine Co, OK; d. 4 Aug 1944- age 30, bur. North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, Tunisia], was Gunners Mate 3, WW2, reported missing in action, m. Grace Evelyn McQUISTON [b. about 1916] on 18 Nov 1940, Pinellas Co, FL, Vol 584/28679- divorced 1942, Pinallas Co, FL #3673.

     1870 Greenwood Co, KS census: lists William Garriott 39, b. IN, Farmer w/ $3,520 RE; Eleanor J Garriott 39, b. TN, Keeping House; Samuel Garriott 14, b. IN, Works on Farm; Nicholas Garriott 8, b. KS; Eli D Garriott 5, b. KS; and William HT Garriott 2, b. KS.
     Samuel and Martha Blakely lived next door.
     1875 Greenwood Co, KS census: lists William M Garriott 44, b. IN, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Mary A Garriott 40, b. OH; Samuel Garriott 19, b. IN, Farmer; Nicholas Garriott 13, b. KS; Eli D Garriott 11, b. KS; William HT Garriott 7, b. KS; and Oly? W Garriott 4/12?, b. KS.
     On the previous page is Samuel Blakely 68, and Marthy Blakely 66.
     1880 Greenwood Co, KS census: lists Sarah Garriott 26, Housekeeping; Wm HT Garriott 12 (Stepson); and Jasper M Garriott 3 (Son).
     1900 Wells Twp, Blaine Co, OK census: has Samuel Garriot 44, b. IN, Farmer; Uphema Garriot 49, b. IL (7 children-4 living); Mary M Garriot 17, b. KS; Rosa L Garriot 15, b. KS; and William Garriot 11, b. KS.
     1910 Blaine Co, OK census: lists (all b. KS) Jasper M Garriott 33, Farmer-General Farm; Nettie L Garriott 27; Ralph R Garriott 8; Ethel D Garriott 7; and William F Garriott 4.
     1910 Mound City Ward 1, Holt Co, MO census: has Merrel Hensly 28, b. MO; Rosa Hensly 24, b. KS (1 child-1 living); and Thelma Hensly 6/12, b. MO, Farm Laborer-Working Out???.
     1920 Liberty Twp, Blaine Co, OK census: has Ira Garriott 30, b. KS, Farmer-General Farm; Sophia Garriott 27, b. KS; William A Garriott 5, b. OK; John L Garriott 2-11/12, b. OK; and Sam Garriott 65, b. IN (Father).
     1920 Liberty Twp, Blaine Co, OK census: has Murl Hensley 37, b. MO, Laborer-General Farm; Rosa LA Hensley 34, b. KS, Laundress-At Home; Thelma P Hensley 10, b. MO; Leota E Hensley 6, b. OK; and Zelpha E Hensley 2-10/12, b. OK.

     1920 Liberty Twp, Blaine Co, OK census: has Ira Garriott 30, b. KS, Farmer-General Farm; Sophie Garriott 27, b. KS; William A Garriott 5, b. OK; John L Garriott 2-11/12, b. OK; and Sam Garriott 65, b. IN.
     1920 Goshen Co, WY census: lists Jasper M Garriott 43, b. KS; Nelle L Garriott 37, b. KS; Ralph R Garriott 18, b. KS; Ethel D Garriott 16, b. KS; W Floyd Garriott 14, b. KS; Otus O Garriott 8, b. KS; and Dallin D Garriott 5, b. OK.
     1930 Riverton, Fremont Co, WY census: lists Jasper M Gariott 52, b. KS, Laborer-General w/ $1,500 RE; Nelle L Gariott 47, b. KS; R Ray Gariott 28, b. KS, Mechanic-Tie Treating Plant; Claire O Gariott 18, b. OK; and Dallas T Gariott 15, b. OK.

     1930 Wells Twp, Blaine Co, OK census: has (all but parents b. OK) Ira W Garreatt 40, b. KS, Farmer-Wheat Farm; Sophia Garreatt 37, b. KS; Allan Garreatt 15; Rosa Garreatt 9; Harold Garreatt 7; Gladys Garreatt 3; and Wanda Garreatt 7/12. (spelling clearly looks to me like Garriott)

     1930 Riverton, Fremont Co, WY census: has Leverne H Preston 28, b. NE, Driver-Trucking; Ethel D Preston 26, b. KS; Gale K Preston 4, b. WY; and Margaret F Preston 1, b. WY. Next door to Jasper, Nelle, and 3 children.

     1940 Marion Twp, Dewey Co, OK census: has (all but parents b. OK) Ira W Garriott 51, b. KS, WPA-***; Sophia Garriott 48, b. KS; Harold S Garriott 17, Farm Laborer-Farm; Llody I Garriott 13; and Wanda E Garriott 10.​

     1940 Fremont Co, WY census: has LH Preston 38, b. NE, Farmer-General Farming; Ethel D Preston 37, b. KS; Dayle K Preston 14, b. WY; Margaret F Preston 12, b. WY; Paul L Preston 9, b. WY; Carol N Preston 3, b. WY; Ludwick Pfenning 24, b. NE (Hired Hand-General Farming)​.

     1897 OBITUARY: Mary Ann Tuttle Garriott married R(obert) C Carey [(b. 9 Feb 1825, Miami Co, OH) d. 8 Jul 1894, (Madison, Greenwood Co, KS- age 69)] in 1882. She was a Christian and well respected. She had a dau. b. and d. and a son Jasper Garriott and of course Amos Monroe (Roe).

[Cherie Garriott Lau]

     1944 OBITUARY: (Dallas D Garriott) Son of Mrs Nellie Garriott who resided in Riverton, Wyoming. Dallas served as a Gunner's Mate Third Class, US Navy during World War II. He resided in St Petersburg, Florida prior to the war. Dallas was declared "Missing In Action" during the war. He was awarded the Purple Heart.

[Russell S "Russ" Pickett]

     1987 OBITUARY: Garriott, Clair "Lefty," in Stockton on 19 Oct 1987. Clair "Lefty" Garriott, beloved husband of Maude Garriott of Stockton. Loving father of Dennis O Garriott of Vavaville. Dear father-in-law of Diana Garriott. Brother of Ethel Preston of Casper, WY. Grandfather of Marcia Averett of Ellison Air Force Base, AK, Dennis O Garriott II of Stockton, Timothy Clark and Christina Clark, both of Vacaville. Great Grandfather of Alexis Averett, Verle Averett, and Johnathan Averett. Uncle of numerous nieces and nephews. A member of the San Joaquin Lodge #19 F&AM, the Stockton Lapidary and Mineral Club, Ye Old Timers Mineral Club, and the Riverton Chapter #21 OES. A native of Eagle City, OK, aged 76 years.
     Friends are invited to attend funeral services Thursday, 22 Oct 1987 at 1:30 pm in the chapel of BC Wallace & son, 520 N Sutter St, Stockton. Visitation will be Tuesday 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Wednesday 9:am to 8:00 pm. Committal at Cherokee Memorial Park.

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     1987 OBITUARY: Clair "Lefty" Garriott, 76, of Stockton, died Monday in a Stockton Hospital. A Native of Eagle City, OK, Mr Garriott had lived in Stockton for 11 years and was the co-owner of Maude's Shoe Repair for nine years. He was a member of the San Joaquin Lodge No 19 F&AM, the Stockton Lapidary and Mineral Society, Lodi Gem and Mineral Society, Ye Old Timers Mineral Club, and the Riverton Chapter No 21 Order of Eastern Star.  Survivors include his wife, Maude Garriott; a son Dennis O Garriott of Vacaville; a sister, Ethel Preston, of Casper, WY; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.  Services will be held at 1:30 pm Thursday in BC Wallace & Son, 520 N Sutter St. Visitation will be from 9 am to 8 pm today. Burial will be at Cherokee Memorial Park in Lodi. Memorials may be made to the Amyotropic Lateral Sclirosis Association, 15300 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

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