07-Henry Clay Garriott
Birth: 1 Jul 1842, Warrington, Hancock Co, IN
Death: 9 Apr 1922, Wilkinson, Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN- age 79, Chronic Interstitial Nephritis [death certificate]
Burial: Glen Cove Cemetery
Home: Warrington, Hancock Co, IN until 1882, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN until 1911, then back to Warrington
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Union Army: Private, Company A, 57th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
Father: William Lair Sr Garriott

Marriage: 15 Dec 1864, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN: Bk C4/491, by Benj McCarty (Henry was still in the military)
Spouse: Eliza Anna NEWMAN
Birth: 22 Feb 1845, Guyandotte, Cobbe Co, WV or Cabell Co, VA
Death: 11 Jun 1909, Hancock Co, IN: Bk N8/22- age 64
Burial: Glen Cove Cemetery
Father: Vincent Newman?? (1807-1862)
Mother: Sarah Elmore (1811-1886)

     CHILDREN: Henry Clay and Eliza had the following 15 children: [most-- but not all-- from pension records]
08----WILLIAM LAIR JR GARRIOTT [b. 22 Oct 1865, Hancock Co, IN], a Clerk [marr appl], Insurance Agent [dau marr appl], m. Fannie Belle ARMSTRONG [b.1867, Porter Co, IN], daughter of William V ARMSTRONG and Sarah LOCKWOOD on 19 Jun 1886, Hancock Co, IN: Bk 7/705, had two children:
     09----ETHEL FAY GARRIOTT [b. 24 Apr 1888, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN], m. Paul Handy NEW [b. 26 Sep 1886, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN], a Farmer, son of Andrew Jackson NEW [1845-1923] and Laura HANDY on 26 Sep 1910, Hancock Co, IN: Bk 4/131; and
     09----LAWRENCE EARL GARRIOTT [b. 13 May 1889, Warrington, Hancock Co, IN; Bk C5/134; d. 17 Dec 2003- age 78, bur. Bay Pines National Cemetery], an Accountant, m. Beulah G MEEK [b. 13 Jan 1887, Dublin, IN; d. May 1968, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN- age 81], SSN: 312-42-1207/IN, daughter of Freeman A MEEK and Luella WALKER on 22 Nov 1913, Hancock Co, IN: Bk 6/134 (or 12/308);
08----MARGARET D GARRIOTT [b. 25 Mar 1867, Hancock Co, IN; d. before Apr 1916- age 48?];
08----CHARLES O GARRIOTT [b. 24 Jul 1868, Hancock Co, IN], m. Adda R "Addie" JAMES on 19 Oct 1889, Hancock Co, IN:  Bk 7/705 [or 8/183], had four children:
     09----Male GARRIOTT [b. 11 Jun 1890, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H4/128];
     09----Male GARRIOTT;
     09----Female GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jan 1895, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H5/379];
     09----RALPH GARRIOTT [b. 18 Nov 1905, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H10/26; d. 4 Jan 1997, Anderson, Madison Co, IN- age 91], SSN: 313-03-0274/IN;
     Charles 2nd married Clara B GEORG on 30 Dec 1920, Henry Co, IN: Bk CC20/180.
08----FRANK EMERY GARRIOTT [b. 18 Jun 1870, Hancock Co, IN; d. 1930- age 59, bur. McCray Cemetery, Section II], m. Evaline Lee "Evie" HALLENBECK [b. about 1873; d. 27 Jun 1911, Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN: Bk F8/40- age 38, daughter of Harvey HALLENBECK (1841-1893) and Mary Margaret GILMORE (1846-1908) on 29 Mar 1890, Hancock Co, IN: Bk C8/226, had five children:
     09----FLOYD ARA GARRIOTT [b. 20 Sep 1890, Warrington, IN; d. 9 Oct 1962, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 82, bur. Los Angeles National Cemetery], SSN: 306-16-5624/IN, lived in Muncie, IN, had son:
          10----FRANK EARL GARRIOTT [b. 22 Mar 1923, Glen Falls, New York; d. 14 Jun 1962, IN- age 39, bur. Garden of Memory Cemetery], m. Pearl L CAMPBELL [b. Sep 1925, Muncie, Delaware Co, IN; d, IN, 1999- age 74, bur. Garden of Memory Cemetery], she the daughter of James Edward Campbell (1890-1939);
     09----EVEA B GARRIOTT [b. 9 Dec 1892, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H5/41 d. 17 Apr 1970, IN- age 77, bur. McCray Cemetery];
     09----EDITH GARRIOTT [b. 25 Feb 1897, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H6/99; d. 1922- age 25, bur. McCray Cemetery];
     09----FLORENCE GARRIOTT [b. 6 Mar 1900, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H8/8; d. 6 Mar 1998, Muncie, Delaware Co, IN- age 98], SSN: 306-16-2720/IN, m. Ralph ARNOLD on 31 Mar 1923, Delaware Co, IN; and
     09----Female GARRIOTT [b. 29 Mar 1905, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H9/21];
08----WALTER S GARRIOTT [b. 17 Mar 1872, Hancock Co, IN; d. 7 Aug 1883, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN- age 11, bur. Harlan Cemetery], (pension records show birth as 25 Mar 1872);
08----HENRY ALLEN GARRIOTT [b. 19 Sep 1873, Hancock Co, IN;  d. 1962- age 89, bur. Glen Cove Cemetery], m. Margaret "Maggie" Pearl OVERMAN [b. 1871; d. 1949- age 78, bur. Glen Cove Cemetery] on 25 Jun 1892, Henry Co, IN: Bk CC9/7;
08----HORACE C GARRIOTT [b. 6 Apr 1875, Hancock Co, IN], lived in Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN, a Merchant [marr appl], m. Effie D DONNAHA/DONAHUE [b. 1870, Indiana], daughter of William Donnaha and ___ Clark on 2 Nov 1895, Hancock Co, IN: Bk C9/166 [or O/317], had two daughters:
     09----HELEN M GARRIOTT [b. 3 Dec 1897, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H6/238 [or C10/285]; d. May 1970, Knightstown, Henry Co, IN- age 72], SSN: 313-18-2286/IN, married Burt Arlando KUHN [b. 15 Jun 1894, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN] on 19 Jun 1920, Hancock Co, IN: Bk10/285. He was the son of George W Kuhn [b. Shirley, IN] and Eliza J Kuhn [b. Charlottesville; dec]: and
     09----Female GARRIOTT [b. 30 Jun 1902, Hancock Co, IN: Bk HB/9];
08----JENNIE L GARRIOTT [b. 8 Jan 1877, Hancock Co, IN; d. 23 Jul 1877, Hancock Co, IN- age 7 mo.];
08----OLIVER N "OLLIE" GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jul 1878, Hancock Co, IN], lived in Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN, Clerk [marr appl], m. Mary M ORR [b. 1877, Maxwell, Hancock Co, IN], daughter of John S ORR and Rachel REEVES on 24 Nov 1898, Hancock Co, IN: Bk C9/455 [or O/565];
08----HOMER CLARENCE GARRIOTT [b. 1880, listed below];
08----JOHN WESLEY GARRIOTT [b. 9 Jul 1882, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H1/84; d. 1957- age 75, bur. McCray Cemetery], a Gen Merchant, Registered for Draft, WW1 and WW2, m. Amy Dell LETT [b. 14 Sep 1876, Jennings Co, IN; d. 1958- age 82, bur. McCray Cemetery], daughter of  Timothy Sampson LETT (1855-1939) and Elizabeth DEPUTY (1857-1940) on 25 Jul 1906, Jennings Co, IN, had two daughters:
     09 ----MARTHA GARRIOTT [b. 12 Jun 1909, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H11/36; d. 13 May 1997, Sharpsville, Tipton Co, IN- age 87, bur. South Mound Cemetery], SSN: 309-38-0767/IN, m. Dennis R ANDERSON [b. 3 Jan 1909, Henry Co, IN; d. 31 Dec 1964- age 55, bur. South Mound Cemetery], had two children:
     09----MARJORIE GARRIOTT [b. 20 Sep 1915, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H15/72; d. 9 Mar 1998, Anderson, Madison Co, IN- age 82, bur. McCray Cemetery], SSN: 310-03-4080/IN, m. Max H CASEY [b. 14 Oct 1912; d. 19 Jun 1997, Anderson, Madison Co, IN- age 84, bur. McCray Cemetery], SSN: 313-03-2536/IN, on 5 Jun 1937, had two children:
08----EFFIE MAY GARRIOTT [b. 26 Jul 1885, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H2/16; d. 27 Sep 1888, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN: Bk PH6/9- age 3];
08----JACK LeROY GARRIOTT [b. 30 Sep 1886, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN; d. 22 Mar 1971, Columbus, Franklin Co, OH- age 84, Cert. 026739/20439], SSN: 302-01-0823/IN, m. Agnus ___, had son: (this person is not listed on pension records)
     09----JACK L GARRIOTT [b. 1930], m. Norma MASCOLA, had son;
08----HERBERT LeROY GARRIOTT [b. 30 Sep 1887, Wilkinson, Hancock Co, IN: Bk H3/290]; and
08----JESSE GARRIOTT [b. 20 Jun 1891, probably Hancock Co, IN; d. 19 May 1960, age: 68], SSN: 307-40-4796/IN?, m. Eva HENDRICKS on 17 Jun 1913, Henry Co, IN: Bk CC15/562.

     1870 Hancock Co, IN census: has Henry C Garriott 26, b. IN, Carpenter w/ $2,000 RE; Eliza A Garriott 24, b. VA, Keeping House; William J Garriott 4; and Franklin E Garriott 2/12, b. IN.
     Charles C Garriott 2, was in the household of Benjamin and Caroline Reeves.
     1880 Hancock Co, IN census: has HC Garriott 37; EA Garriott 35; WL Garriott 14; CO Garriott 12; Frank Garriott 10; Walter Garriott 8; Allen Garriott 6; Cora Garriott 5; CN Garriott 1; and ***.
     1900 Hancock Co, IN census: has Henry Garriott 57, b. IN, Merchant; Eliza A Garriott, 55, b. VA; and Henry L Garriott, 12, b. IN.
     1900 Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) William I Garriott 34, Merchant; Tannie B Garriott 32 (2 children-2 living); Ethel F Garriott 12; and Lawrence E Garriott 11.
     1900 Brown Twp, Brown Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) John W Garriott 17, Salesman-Dry Goods; and Mabel Garriott 17 (no children).
     1910 Greenfield Ward 1, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) William I Garriott 44, Agent-Insurance; Bell Garriott 42 (2 children-2 living); Ethel Garriott 22; and Laurence Garriott 20, Bookkeeper-Light & Heat.
     1920 Hancock Co, IN census: has Henry Garriott 77, b. IN, Carpenter-House; and Eliza Garriott 75, b. WV.
     1920 Greenfield Ward 1, Hancock Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) William I Garriott 54, Insurance; and Fannie B Garriott 51.
     1930 Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) William I Garriott 64, Agent-Insurance; Fannie B Garriott 60; and Mary L Meek 62 (Widow).
     1930 Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) Laurence E Garriott 40, Agent-Insurance; and Beulah M Garriott 43.
     1940 Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) William I Garriet 74, Insurance Salesman-Insurance; Fannie S Garriet 70; and Lena Snodgrass 72 (Sister-in-Law).
     1940 Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Lawrence Garriott 50, Agent-Insurance Company; Beulah Garriott 52; and Mary L Meek 74 (Widow, Mother-in-Law).
     MILITARY:16 Henry Clay Garriott enlisted on 4 Nov 1861 in Company A, 57th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers at Knightstown, Henry Co, IN, led by Captain Robert Allison, for a period of three years. At enlistment he was described as 5'-8" tall, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, a Farmer. He was discharged 1 Mar 1865.

    PENSION:16 Henry Clay Garriott, 70, applied for a pension [application 135.938 or WC 918.579] on 25 Jul 1868 (or 17 Dec 1868) at age 26. He claimed that at Rocky Face, GA, on 9 May 1864, "While marching by the right flank along the top of the mountain they came to a narrow place nearly perpendicular and affiant's position in line was nearest the edge.
     "The 2nd Lieutenant of the Co. immediately in his rear stepped upon a stick which flew up and tripped affiant so that he fell and being so near the edge of the cliff he could not save himself from falling some 10 or 12 feet in the descent he ___ a complete summersalt striking upon some rocks and partially dislocating the left hip.
     "The injured leg is about an inch the longest and the hip joint is constantly sore and ___ which greatly disables affiant wherefore he prays a pension may be granted him.
     In addition, he was vaccinated on 15 May 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN. "Which resulted in abcess on the left upper arm leaving injury. 16 He received a pension [certificate 103.613].

     1922 WIDOW'S PENSION: 16 On 28 Jul 1921, in a General Affidavit, Eliza A Garriott, 76, and Horace Garriott, 46, her son stated that, "We are wife & son of above named soldier and have to state that he had a stroke of paralysis on the 9th day of Jul 1921, since which time he has required constant aid and attendance of other persons." On 1 May 1922, Eliza A Garriott, 77, the widow of Henry Clay Garriott, filed for a widow's pension [certificate 103.613], stating there were no children under sixteen years of age.

     BIOGRAPHY: Henry C Garriott was reared on a farm in Brown township and became a farmer. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted for service on behalf of the Union cause in Company A, Fifty-seventh Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served for more than four years, during which time he received but one serious wound, which, however, did not permanently incapacitate him. Upon the completion of his military service he returned to the farm and was engaged as a farmer, also working at times as a carpenter, until 1874, in which year he traded his farm for a store at Warrington, which he conducted until 1899. He also built a store room at Wilkinson in 1880 and there engaged in the mercantile business until his retirement from active business life about 1906, since which time he and his wife have continued to make their home in that village.
     Mr Garriott is an active member of the Grand Army of the Republic; a Royal Arch Mason and a Knight Templar, a member of the blue lodge and the chapter at Shirley, and of the commandery at Knightstown, and is also a member of the Knights of Pythias and of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
     He and his wife are earnest members of the Christian church and their children were reared in that faith. There were thirteen of these children, four of whom are now deceased, leaving nine sons, of whom the subject of this sketch is the eldest, the others being as follow: Charles O, of Knightstown, this state; Frank E, of Muncie; Henry A, of Indianapolis; Korac C, of Wilkinson; Oliver N of Greenfield; Homer C, of Kenard; John W, of Wilkinson and Herbert L, of Columbus, Ohio.

[transcribed from "History of Hancock County, Indiana, Its People, Industries and Institutions" by George J Richman, BL, Federal Publishing Co, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916, Pages 915-917, submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI, Sep 27, 2001]

     BIOGRAPHY: William I Garriott, former auditor of Hancock county and one of the best-known insurance agents in this part of the state, district agent for two well-known companies, with offices at Greenfield, was born at Warrington, this state October 22, 1865, and has lived in Hancock county, Indiana, all his life. He is a son of Henry C and Eliza A (Newman) Garriott, the former born in Brown township, this county, July 1, 1842, and the latter in Virginia, February 22, 1844, both of whom are still living, having for years made their home in Wilkinson.
     William I Garriott was reared at Warrington, receiving his education in the schools of that village, and when fourteen years of age took his place in his father's store, where he was well grounded in the principles of the mercantile business. When his father moved to Wilkinson in 1880 he became practical manager of the store in the latter place, and in 1889 bought the store at Warrington. There he remained in business until 1901, in which year he sold the store and moved to Greenfield, where he entered the HB Thayer "Spot Cash" department store, with which concern he remained until his nomination by the Democratic party as the candidate for county auditor in the campaign of 1902.
     He was elected in the fall of that year and took office in 1904, serving a full term of four years. Upon retiring from office Mr Garriott opened an insurance office in Greenfield and has ever since been very successfully engaged in that business.  In February, 1913, he bought a one-half interest in the district agency for the Fidelity Phenix Fire Insurance Company, and in November, 1914, bought the remaining interest, since which time he has been district agent for that company for the territory comprising fourteen counties, with supervision over ten agents. He also is district agent for the Standard Live Stock Insurance Company of Indianapolis, and agent for the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York, and is doing a flourishing business in his chosen line.
     On June 19, 1886, William I Garriott was married to Fannie Belle Armstrong, who was born in Franklin county, this state, July 27, 1868, daughter of William V and Sarah (Lockwood) Armstrong, both natives of that same county, prominent farming people there, and to this union two children have been born, Ethel Fay, who married Paul H New, of Greenfield, and Lawrence E, who married Beulah G Meek, and also lives in Greenfield.
     Mr and Mrs Garriott are members of the Christian church and take an active and earnest interest in local good works. Mr Garriott is a Royal Arch Mason, a member of the blue lodge and the chapter at Greenfield, is a charter member and past chancellor of Wilkinson Lodge No 136, of the Knights of Pythias, and is now a member of Eureka Lodge, No 20, at Greenfield; a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and a member of the Greenfield lodge of Improved Order of Red Men, in the affairs of all of which organizations he takes a warm interest.

[transcribed from "History of Hancock County, Indiana, Its People, Industries and Institutions" by George J Richman, BL, Federal Publishing Co, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916, Pages 915-917, submitted by Sylvia (Rose) Duda, Laingsburg, MI, Sep 27, 2001]

     1883 DEATH: Distressing accident. On Tuesday, while Walter, Son of HC Garriott, was playing around a wheat bin, he accidently fell in and was buried and smothered in the grain before help could reach him. His father who was in the first story, heard the cries of the boys playmates, and hurried to the third story, where the accident occurred and could hear the distressing and oppressed cries of his son-- "father father!" Mr Garriott made every possible effort to rescue the child, but life was extinct when the body was reached.
     Our informant, Hugh Conway, states that little Walter was a child of more than ordinary intelligence and vivacity. gentlemanly in his deportment, always kind to and a great favorite to his playmates. Mr Conway relates as incident of his character, that about an hour previous to his death, he was seated at the piano and sang a song entitled, "O'er my Mother's Grave;" turning to his brothers and sisters he said: "Wouldn't that be nice to sing over mother's grave when she is gone?"
[courtesy of Reba vis findagrave.com]

     1962 OBITUARY: Frank E Garriott, 39, Matthews, a former resident of Muncie, died at 12:40 am Thursday at Ball Hospital following a long illness.
     Born in Glen Falls, NY, Mr Garriott lived in Muncie 25 years before moving to Matthews three years ago. He had been employed as a tool maker at Fisher Auto Body in Marion.
     Survivors include his wife, Pearl; two daughters, Mrs Jenny Brady, North Bend, OR., and Miss Vicki Garriott, at home; a son Terry, at home; four brothers, Larry, with the Army, George, with the Air Force, Richard, San Francisco, Calif., and Floyd A Smith, Bayside, NY; four sisters, Mrs Paul Janney and Mrs John C Janney, both of Gaston, Mrs Howard Mellinger, Astoria, NY, and Mrs Ann Cameron, Philadelphia, PA; and his father, Floyd A Garriott, Los Angeles, Calif.
     Funeral services will be at 1:30 pm Saturday in Parson's Mortuary. Rev Stephen Sewell will officiate. Friends may call at the funeral home after 1 pm Friday. Burial will be in Gardens of Memory Cemetery.

     1964 OBITUARY: Dennis R Anderson, 55, an attorney for many years at New Castle, died early Thursday morning after a brief illness, according to word received here. A native of Henry County, he was a son of Mr and Mrs Bernard Anderson.
     Surviving is the widow, Martha, who is a sister to Mrs Max Casey of Anderson; two sons, Dennis Jr. of Indianapolis and John, who is a high school pupil; his mother; and two grandsons. Mr Anderson was a member of the First Methodist Church at New Castle, Knights of Pythias, Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Indianapolis Press Club, Indiana Bar Association, and the Henry County Bar Association.
     Funeral rites will be conducted Saturday at 2 pm at the Couden Funeral Home on South 14th St, in New Castle, and burial will be there in South Mound Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 pm today at the mortuary. 
[Anderson Herald Bulletin, Friday, January 1, 1965, Anderson, Indiana]

     1970 OBITUARY: Evea B Garriott, formerly of 816 Riverside Ave, retired employee of Indiana & Michigan Electric Company, died Friday at the Delaware County Home. She was born in Shirley and moved to Muncie in 1909. Miss Garriott graduated from Muncie High School and was employed in the I&M offices in Muncie and Fort Wayne more than 30 years prior to her retirement. She was a member of Hazelwood Christian Church, the Woman's Organization of the Church, and was a charter member of Delta Theta Tau Sorority.
     Surviving are her daughter, Mrs John Janney, Gaston; two sisters, Mrs Lucille Arnold and Mrs Loka Troxler, both of Muncie; eight grandchildren and three stepchildren.
     Services will be held in Meeks Mortuary at 10 am Monday with Dr Robert G Sulanke, pastor of Hazelwood Christian Church, officiating. Burial will follow in McCray Cemetery at Wilkinson. Friends may call at the mortuary after 3 pm Sunday.

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