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07-John Taylor Garriott
Birth: about 1869

Place: probably KS
Father: William Madison Garriott

     1875 ENDENTURE: [Lyon Co, KS] In 1875, six-year-old John Taylor Garriott was indentured by his guardian (father?) for a period of 12 years, until his 18th birthday.
     This Indenture witnesseth that John Taylor Garriott, aged six years, by and with the consent of his guardian William M Garriott hath put himself and by these presents doth voluntarily and of his own free will and accord put himself apprentice to John Farren of Lyon County, Kansas to learn the art, trade and Mystery of Farming: and after the manner of an apprentice to serve the said John Farren for and during and to the full end of twelve years next ensuing the date hereof. During all which time the said apprentice doth covenant and promise that he will serve his Master faithfully, keep his secretes and obey his lawful commands that he will do no damage himself, nor see it done by others without giving him notice thereof, that he will not waste his goods nor lend them unlawfully; that he will not contract Matrimony within the Said term, that he will not Play at cards, dice or any other unlawful game whereby his Master may be injured-- that he will neither buy nor Sell with his own goods or the goods of others without license from his Master; and that he will not absent himself day or night from his Master's Service without his leave; nor haunt ale houses, taverns or Play houses; but in all things behave himself as a faithful Apprentice ought to do during the Said term, and the Said Master on his Part doth covenant and agree and Promise that he will to the utmost of his ability endeavor to teach or cause to be taught or instructed; the said apprentice in the Art or trade of, Farming, and will Procure and Provide for him Sufficient Meat, drink, clothing, lodging and washing fitting for an Apprentice during Said turn, that he will give Six months Schooling in Some common School in each year until the Said Apprentice is twelve years of age; and three months Schooling in Said School in each year thereafter during Said term And at the expiration of Said term give Said apprentice One New Bible, two New Suits of Clothes worth Forty Dollars and ten dollars in current funds of the United States.
[Document signed 25 Dec 1875, by William Garriot and John H Ferren, before RM Clark, Lyon County, KS, Justice of the Peace] [Submitted to Greenwood Co, KS by Leda Christlieb]

     1878 NEWSPAPER NOTICE: [Madison Times, dated 9 Feb 1878] Notice: All persons are cautioned under penalty of law for entertaining, harboring, or concealing one John T Garriott, who was enticed away from my premises on last Monday night, Feb 4, 1878. John H Ferren

[from files of Kay Sellers, submitted by Kenneth Blanc Garriott]

     1875 Greenwood Co, KS census: has Lucinda Cooper 38, b. IN, Farmer w/ $1,800 RE; Emily Garriott 12, b. IN; William M Garriott 9, b. KS; John T Garriott 7, b. KS; Eli Garriott 4, b. KS; and David A Garriott 3, b. KS.
     On the next page is: Eli Garriott 34, b. IN, Farmer w/ $1,500 RE; Rachel 30, b. IN; William Garriott 13, b. IN; Amos M Garriott 7, b. IN; and Matilda A Garriott 3, b. KS.
     1880 Lyon Co, KS census: has John H Ferren 35, Farming; Mary R Ferren 35; Florence M Ferren 10; Hester Ferren 7; William Ferren 4; Joseph Ferren 4; Horace M Ferren 2; John T Garriott 13, b. KS, Bound Boy-Farming; and Ira York 24, Laborer.