​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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03-James Sr Garriott
Home: Culpeper Co, VA
Father: Moses Sr Garriott

Marriage:1782, Culpeper Co, VA
Spouse: ___ FLETCHER

     CHILDREN: James and wife had two children:
04----JAMES JR GARRIOTT [b. 1781], m.
Mary T ___ [b. 1782], had four children: [1850 Culpeper Co, VA census]
     05----JOHN N GARRIOTT [b. 1821], m.
Margret J ___ [b. 1822], had three children:
          06----MARY A GARRIOTT [b. 1846];
          06----ANN E GARRIOTT [b. 1848];
          06----EDWARD P GARRIOTT [b. 1850];
     05----ROBERT E GARRIOTT [b. 1825], m.
Helen M ___, had four children:;
          06----EMILY N GARRIOTT [b. 1840];
          06----CHARLES V GARRIOTT [b. 1844];
          06----J MUSCAO GARRIOTT [b. 1848];
          06----SUSAN A GARRIOTT [b. 1850];
     05----JOSEPH GARRIOTT [b. 1832];
     05----ANN GARRIOTT [b. 1834]; and
04----SILAS GARRIOTT [b. 1790, listed below].

     1800 Culpeper Co, VA Tax List: lists James Garriott, one white male tithable, 3 horses owned, no slaves [12-16], and one slave [>16].
     1810 Culpeper Co, VA census: [page 93] lists Jas [James?] Garriott with 4 Males, three [<10], one [45+]; 5 Females, two [<10], one [16-25], two [26-45]. Next door is Reuben Garriott [45+] by himself.
     1810 Culpeper Co, VA census; lists James Gariott, 300-1201-2011

     1810 Culpeper Co, VA census: [page 93] lists Jas [James?] Garriott with 4 Males, three [<10], one [45+];5 Females, two [<10], one [16-25], two [26-45]. Next door is Reuben Garriott [45+] by himself.
     1820 Culpeper Co, VA census: lists James Garrott, or Garrett, James, Jr; and William Garrett-- all on page 76.
     1840 Culpeper Co, VA census: [page 250] lists James Garrett, Jr.
     1850 Culpeper Co, VA census: [page 234] lists James Garriett, Jr. 69, Farmer with $18,000 of real estate; Mary T Garriett 68; Joseph Garriett 18, Farmer; Robert E Garriett 25, Farmer; Helen M Garriett 26; Emily N Garriett 10; Charles V Garriett 6; Ann Garriett 16; J Muscao? Garriett 2; and Susan A Garriett 3/12.
     1850 Culpeper Co, VA census: [page 233] lists John N Garriett 29, physician; Margaret J Garriett 28; Mary A Garriett 4; Ann E Garriett 2; Edward P Garriett 3/12; and Robert Huffman 28, farmer. 

     1774 JURY: James Garriott was a member of the jury trying British Merchantile Claims 50 case, John Glassell agt. Benjamin Cave, claiming, "Breach of promise...." Judgement was obtained for the plaintiff.

     1774 COURT SUIT: John Glassell, British Merchantile Claims 50 against James Garriot, Jona Garriot, and Phillip Gains. In debt. The defendants failing to appear, judgement by default for 22.11 pounds and 17.8 pounds current money.

     1775-1803 COURT SUIT: [p. 66] James Garriott, Culpeper, was sued by John Glassell, British Merchantile Claims 50 and [said], "He was considered insolvent before the war."

    ____ COURT SUIT: Claims of John Glassell [pp. 95-99], British Merchantile Claims 50 "He ran away from Culpeper before the peace and left his wife and children not worth a penny. Andrew Glassell contributed to their support to keep them from starving."

     1781 LIST OF CLASSES: James Garriott was recorded in the List of Classes for January 1781, No. 62, "For recruiting this states' [eligible] quota of troops to serve in the Continental Army."