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04-Lewis W Blankenship
Birth: about 1803, Pittsylvania Co, VA [1850 & 1860 census]
Death: Nov 1891, Franklin Co, VA- age 88?
Occupation: Farmer/Planter
Father: Robert Hezekiah Blankenship (1757-1816)?
Mother: Rhoda Meador (1770-1862)?

Marriage: 14 Jan 1832, Franklin Co, VA
1st Spouse: Elizabeth Mitchell
Birth: about 1814 [1850 census]
Father: William Mitchell

     CHILDREN: Lewis and Elizabeth had four children:
05----MARY BLANKENSHIP [b. 1833, VA];
05----MOSES BLANKENSHIP [b. about 1836, Allegany Co, VA];
05----FRANCES BLANKENSHIP [b. about 1838, Allegany Co, VA], m. Bailey HODGES on 26 Feb 1861, Franklin Co, VA; and
05----THOMAS MONTAGUE BLANKENSHIP [b. 1840, listed below].

Marriage: 2 Oct 1856, Franklin Co, VA: Bk 1/14, a widow? Paisley? with two daughters.....
2nd Spouse: Lucy SHOEMAKER
Birth: about 1822
Father: Isaac Shumaker
Mother: Nancy Lonney

     CHILDREN: Lewis and Lucy had three daughters born and died in Franklin Co, VA, in 1862:
05----LL [ELIZABETH] BLANKENSHIP [b. Jan 1856; d. 18 Aug 1862- age 6, of diphtheria], birth date listed is prior to parent's marriage;
05----LYDIA BLANKENSHIP [b. about 1858; d. 28 Aug 1862- age 4, of diphtheria]; and
05----NANCY J BLANKENSHIP [b. Mar 1861; d. 7 Sep 1862- age 1-1/2, of croup].

     1850 Allegany Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) one Lewis Blankenship 47, Farmer, head of household; Moses Blankenship 14; Thomas Blankenship 11; and Frances Blankenship 12. (ages of younger two children suspect?)
     In the next residence of Wright B Thomas 78 is Mary Blankenship 17. These are the only Blankenships in the county, and it is presumed that Mary is Lewis' daughter and is helping out an elderly neighbor whose wife has died.
     1850 Franklin Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Lewis W Blankinship 49, Farmer w/ $448 RE; Elizabeth Blankinship 36; William W Blankinship 19; Mary E Blankinship 16; and Sarah J Blankinship 14. (this info provided for comparison)
     1860 North Eastern Division, Franklin Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Lewis Blankenship 55, Farm Laborer w/ $40 RE; Lucy Blankenship 38 (2nd wife); Nancy J Shoemaker 14; Frances Shoemaker 12, Elizabeth Blankenship 5; and Lydia Blankenship 3, (all stepdaughters). 
     In the residence of Richard Fisher, a Blacksmith, is a Thomas Blankenship 20, Shop "Strkr."
     1860 North District, Pittsylvania Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Lewis W Blankinship 57; Elizabeth Blankinship 45; William W Blankinship 26; Charlotte T Blankinship 25; and Charlotte W Blankinship 8.
     1870 Franklin Co, VA census index Series M593 lists the following Blankenships:
CHRISTINA BLANKENSHIP 49, Gills Creek Twp [roll 1647/page 362];
ELIZA BLANKENSHIP 60 Union Hall Twp [roll 1647/484];
JANE BLANKENSHIP 15, Blackwater Twp [roll 1647/270];
LEE BLANKENSHIP 23, Union Hall Twp [roll 1647/481];
OBADIAH BLANKENSHIP 49, Bonbrook Twp [roll 1647/303];
POLLY BLANKENSHIP 80, Gills Creek Twp [roll 1647/355];
TENA BLANKENSHIP 20, Union Hall Twp [roll 1647/488];
THOMAS BLANKENSHIP 34, Gills Creek Twp [roll 1647/351];
WM BLANKENSHIP 21, Maggodee Twp [roll 1647/ 391];
and two BlanKINships:
GEORGE BLANKINSHIP 42, Rocky Mt Twp [roll 1647/417]; and
MARTHA BLANKINSHIP 21, Rocky Mt Twp [roll 1647/429].
     1880 Pigg River, Pittsylvania Co, VA census: has Lewis W Blankenship 78, b. VA, Farming; and Elizabeth Blankenship 66, b. VA, Keeping House. (Pigg River, about 50 miles east of Rocky Mount, VA, now part of a lake)

     1871 DEATH: The Gills Creek Township, Franklin Co, VA Register of Deaths for Nov 1871 lists a Lewis Blankenship 85, married white male farmer, wife Lucy Blankenship reported. Parents names not listed.

     A Lewis Blankenship 88, a native of VA and resident of Gogginsville, Franklin Co, VA applied for a confederate pension on 1 May 1900, claiming Capt W**dis' Company, 57th VA Infantry. Records for the 57th VA Infantry list a Lewis Blankenship, "enl. 5 Aug 1861 in Sydnorsville in Co G.  Present thru Apr 1862. Deserted 8 Jun 1863, rejointe 26 Sep 1863. Present thru Apr 1864; absent in arrest thru Oct 1864."
     A Thomas M Blankenship, who died and was buried in Lynchburg in Mar 1864, was also a member of this same company.
     Jesse Blankenship, 44 enlisted on 14 Apr 1864 in Franklin Co, VA in this company.
     A Louis Blankinship 98, of Franklin Co, VA applied for a confederate pension on 9 Aug 1902, certified by William Hambrick and Walter St Clair.