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04-Lucinda Garriott
Birth: 22 Oct 1794, Garrard [or Mercer] Co, KY
Death: 23 Sep 1878, Wash Co, IN- age 81
Burial: Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery
Father: Ambrose S Garriott

Marriage: 28 May 1817, Wash Co, IN: Bk A/9, by James Harbison
Spouse: James S WILSON
Birth: 18 Dec 1795, Hampshire Co, VA [census]3
Death: 29 Mar 1883, Wash Co, IN- age 87
Father: James Smallwood Wilson (~1757->1833)
Mother: Susannah Decker

      CHILDREN: Lucinda and James had the following 6 children:
05----JESSE G WILSON [b. about 1820], Registered for Civil War draft on 1 Jul 1863 at age 43, lived on adjoining land, married and had issue;
05----JOHN S WILSON [b. about 1822, Wash Co, IN]-- 1850 census he is at parent's home- age 28;
05----MARGARET MALINDA WILSON [b. about 1824, listed below];
05----LUCINDA JR WILSON [b. about 1826, listed below];
05----UnNamed WILSON, m.
___ ALVIS, had child that was born in 1862, lived with Aunt Julia and Grandfather in 1880];
05----WILLIAM D WILSON [b. 1831, Wash Co, IN; d. 5 Oct 1850- age 19, bur. Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery]-- 1850 census he is at parent's home-- age 19; and
05----JULIA ANN WILSON [b. about 1833, Wash Co, IN]-- 1850 census she is 17.

     1850 Franklin Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has James Wilson 55; Lucinda Wilson 53, b. KY; John S Wilson 28; William D Wilson 19; and Julia A Wilson 17.
     1860 Wash Co, IN census: has James Wils** 64, b. VA, Farmer w/ $2,900 RE; Lucinda Wils** 65, b. KY; Juley D Wils** 26, b. IN (Spinster); Robert O Bosley 16, b. IN, Laborer.
     1870 Polk Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has James Wilson 74, b. VA, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Lucinda Wilson 76, b. KY, Keeping House; Julia Ann Wilson 34, b. IN, Keeping House; Alice Bozly 16, b. IN; Alma B Bozly 15, b. IN; and Benjamin F Meek 13, b. IN.
     1880 Polk Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has Julia Wilson 47, b. IN, Keeping House-Farming; James Wilson 84, b. VA, Retired Farmer (Father, Widower); and George Alvis 18, b. IN, Laborer (Nephew).

     1834 PROPERTY DEEDED: [Wash Co, IN Deed Bk R/228, dated 28 Jul 1877] James and Lucinda deeded property in Harristown, Wash Co, IN, to Josiah Spurgeon as legatee representatives of Ambrose Garriott's estate. James and Lucinda sold their property to their spinster daughter, Julia A Wilson, who kept house for her elderly parents.

     MILITARY:16 James S Wilson was enrolled on 13 Aug 1862, Co T, 23 Reg, IN Vol as a private.  He was honorably discharged on 6 Jun 1865 at Madison, IN. He was married once to Elizabeth Nancee????? [1836-1900], who predeceased him. (military information may fit with this family, however, so far, I have found no connection)

     1876 PENSION:16 A James S Wilson, of Salem, Wash Co, IN, was listed as a pensioner on the roll, cause for which pensioned, "g.s.w.r. thigh (gunshot wound right thigh)." He received $4 per month beginning Sep 1876 [certificate 141.557]. Wounded in action on 30 Jun 1862, Raymond, MS. On 12 May 1863 was in hospital BB MO. Prisoner of war records show him captured at Raymond, MS on 24 May 1863.
     On 2 Apr 1900 James S Wilson, age 71, of Brownstown, Jackson Co, IN, [certificate 141.557] applied for an increase of pension.
     On 12 May 1904 [pension stamp] James S Wilson, age 75, a resident of Salem, Washington Co, IN, asked for an increase in pension benefits, claiming to be, to a certain extent, disqualified from earning a support by manual labor, by reason of, "Gunshot would in right thigh, loss of left eye, almost total deafness in right ear, Blood poison from vaccination in the service, Rheumatism, Grave organic heart lesions, nocturnal injuries, loss of memory, and Dropsy of lower extremities."
     On 6 Mar 1907 [pension stamp] He was described a 5'-9-1/2", fair complexion, blue eyes, black hair, a Farmer, having lived in Johnson Co, IN from 1865-1871, from then to Washington Co, IN.
     AFFIDAVIT: 1897 General Affidavit: John Mead, 56, a resident of Mitchell, Lawrence Co, IN, presented an affidavit on 25 Feb 1897 to the Pension Board to wit: "I, John Mead, this affiant will state that I have no doubt that James S Wilson was blood poisoned by vaxination??? sometime in Feb or Mar 1864 between Vicksburg and Jackson MS. My reason for making this statement is he relates circumstances that took place and I myself was blood poisoned at the same time and place.
     "I do not remember James S Wilson, but the roster shows him to have been in my Co and I know a squad of us were sent to Marine Hospital at Vicksburg for treatment and James S Wilson relates circumstances which makes me believe he was in the squad."
     Application for Reimbursement: Sarah Spurgeon, daughter of James S Wilson applied for reimbursement for his burial. She claimed he had no property, no real estate, no death benefits, no insurance, that she and Wiley Spurgeon [1848-1960] cared for him in their home during his last days. She claimed $195 "for the expenses of his last sickness and burial of the deceased pensioner." His doctor, Cornelius Spurgeon, claimed, "Heart failure as a cause of death. He was also demented for some time before death." He was buried at Peughs Cemetery, Wash Co, IN.