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05-Eliza M Garriott
Birth: 1812, Kentucky
Death: 16 Nov 1838- age 26
Burial: Garriott-Thompson Marker
Father: William G Garriott

Marriage: 2 Dec 1830, Wash Co, IN: Bk B/38
Spouse: Albert NELSON
Birth: 26 Oct 1809, TN
Death: 28 Jul 1891, IN- age 81
Occupation: Farmer
Father: George Washington Nelson (1772-1822)
Mother: Nancy Pritchett

     CHILDREN: Eliza M and Albert had four children:
06----AMANDA NELSON [b. about 1833, IN];
06----GRANDISON NELSON [b. about 1835, b. IN];
06----WILLIAM JACKSON "BILLJACK" NELSON [b. 4 Oct 1836, IN; d. 4 Jan 1904- age 67], m.
Laura SMITH about 1860 [Rick Nichols], lived in Warren Co, IL; and (this family is well researched on ancestry.com)
06----ELIZA ELILINE NELSON (not in 1850 census); [Rick Nichols].

     HIS 2ND MARRIAGE: Albert second married
Eliza (Elizabeth) Ann DENSFORD [b. 1813, KY; d. 5 Nov 1902, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN- age 89], a native of KY, daughter of John Densford and Rhoda Betsy Garriott, on 30 Dec 1838, and had eight more children:
06----NANCY E NELSON [b. Oct 1839, IN; d. after 1920- age 81], m.
___ HALL, had sons; [census]
     07----EDGAR HALL [b. about 1863, IN];
     07----ALBERT E HALL [b. about 1863];
06----JULIA ANN NELSON [b. about 1841, IN];
06----SARAH E NELSON [b. 19 Mar 1843, IN; d. 9 Mar 1921- age 77, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], unmarried;
06----JOHN L NELSON [b. about 1845, IN;
06----JAMES A NELSON [b. 30 May 1847, Wash Co, IN; d. 20 Oct 1922, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN- age 75, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m.
Sarah J DURMENT [b. 23 Oct 1849, IN, or OH; d. 3 Jul 1924- age 74, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], had 8 children: [census & Brian McDonald Family Tree]-
     07----CHARLES E NELSON [b. 14 Dec 1870, IN; d. Jul 1927- age 56, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m.
Nora ___ [b. 1873; d. 1919- age 46, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], had son:
          08----HOMER C NELSON [b. 1891; d. 1905- age 14, bur. Crothersville Cemetery];
     07----IRA G NELSON [b. 8 Jan 1873, IN; d. 28 Oct 1929- age 56];
     07----JOHN ALBERT NELSON [b. 25 May 1875, IN; d. 17 Sep 1956- age 81];
     07----HUBERT ADOLPHOUS NELSON [b. 24 Sep 1877, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN; d. 17 Feb 1937, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN- age 59];
     07----NORA J NELSON [b. 1 Nov 1879, IN; d. 1 Feb 1918- age 38, bur. Crothersville Cemetery];
     07----ALBERT NELSON [b. May 1885, IN];
     07----MEAD E NELSON [b. 8 Nov 1886, IN; d. 14 Apr 1918- age 31, bur. Crothersville Cemetery];
     07----FRANK D NELSON [b. 29 Sep 1889, IN; d. 1 Jul 1958- age 68, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m.
Alice B ___ [b. 1891; d. 1971, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], had son:
          08----KENNETH L NELSON [b. 5 May 1916; d. 9 Oct 1916- age 5 mo, bur. Crothersville Cemetery];
06----MARY E NELSON [b. about 1849, b. IN]; and
06----CHARLES W NELSON [b. 6 Sep 1861, b. IN; d. 16 Dec 1894- age 33, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m.
Sarah I ___ [b. 1861; d. 1933- age 72, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], had son:
     07----EMERY NELSON [b. 1878; d. 1957- age 79, bur. Crothersville Cemetery]. 

     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has William Garriott 63, b. VA, Farmer w/ $2,000 RE; Dica Garriott 49, b. KY; Polly Garriott 28, b. IN; Ruth Garriott 13, b. IN; William W Garriott 11, b. IN; Amanda Nelson 17, b. IN; and Grandison Nelson 15, b. IN, Farmer.
     1850 Jackson Co, IN census: has Albert Nelson 40, b. TN, Farmer w/ $800 RE; Eliza A Nelson 37, b. KY; William J Nelson 13, b. IN; Nancy E Nelson 11, b. IN; Julia A Nelson 9, b. IN; Sarah E Nelson 7, b. IN; John T Nelson 5, b. IN; James A Nelson 3, b. IN; and Mary E Nelson 1, b. IN.
     Next door lived John Densford 27; Jane Densford 20; Martha Densford 1; and Martha Garret 11.
     1860 Jackson Co, Vernon Twp, IN, census: has Albert Nelson 50, Farmer w/ $1500 Real Estate, b. TN; Eliza A Nelson 47, b. KY; Nancy E Nelson 20, Seamstress, b. IN; Julia A Nelson 19, b. IN; Sarah E Nelson 17, b. IN, Seamstress; John L Nelson 15, b. IN; James A Nelson 13, b. IN; Mary E Nelson 11, b. IN; and Chas W Nelson 9, b. IN.
     1870 Jackson Co, IN census: has Albert Nelson 60, b. KY, Farmer w/ $7,000 RE; Eliza Ann Nelson 57, b. IN, Keeping House; Julianna Nelson 28, b. IN; Sarah E Nelson 26, b. IN; and Charles Nelson 19, b. IN, Works on Farm w/ $1,700 RE.
     1870 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) Nancy Hall 30; and Edgar Hall 8.
     1880 Jackson Co, IN census: has Albert Nelson 70, b. TN, Farmer; Eliza A Nelson 67, b. KY, Keeping House; Julia A Nelson 39, b. IN; Sarah E Nelson 37, b. IN; Nancy E Hall 40, b. IN; and Albert E Hall 17, b. IN, (Grandson) Working on Farm.
     On the same page is Daniel Garriott 58; and Barbary Garriott 48; and their five children.
     1880 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all but Sarah b. IN) James A Nelson 33, Farmer; Sarah J Nelson 30, b. OH, Keeping House; Charles E Nelson 8; Ira G Nelson 6; John A Nelson 4; Hubert A Nelson 2; Nora J Nelson 6/12; James T Zarring 17 (Nephew); and William R Hawn 22, Working on Farm (Boarder).
     1900 Jackson Co, IN census: has Sarah E Nelson 57, b. IN, Farmer; Eliza A Nelson 87, b. KY (Mother); and Nancy E Hall 60, b. IN (Widow, Sister).
     On the same page is Ward Garriott 33; and Ida M Garriott 30.
     1900 Vernon, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) James A Nelson 53, Farmer; Sarah J Nelson 50 (8 children-8 living); Albert Nelson 25, School Teacher; Mead A Nelson 13; and Frank D Nelson 10.
     1910, Crothersville Ward 2, Jackson Co, IN census: has Sarah E Nelson 67, b. IN, Own Income (Single); and Nancy E Hall 70, b. IN, Own Income (1 child-1 living)(Widow).
     1920 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) Sarah E Nelson 76 (Single); and Nancy E Hall 80 (Widow, Sister).

    BIOGRAPHY: Albert Nelson is a native of east Tennessee, and was born October 26, 1809. He was the fifth son of George and Nancy (Pritchett) Nelson, both natives of Virginia. His parents came to this State about the year 1812, and settled in Washington County. His father was one of those pioneers who aided in building many of the Indian forts of that county. Mr Nelson's schooling was limited; he managed, however, to gain a knowledge of reading, writing and ciphering. December 2, 1830, he married Eliza Garriott, a native of Washington County. To them were born four children, of whom but one, William J, is now living. This son resides in Warren County, Ill.  His wife died December 5, 1838, and on December 30, 1838, he again married Eliza A Densford, a native of Kentucky. To them have been born eight children, of whom six are living, namely: Nancy E, Julia A, Sarah E, James A, Mary E and Charles W. In politics, Mr Nelson is a Democrat; he has been justice of the peace in his town, and with the exception of three years residing in Illinois, he has been a resident of Vernon Township fifty-four years.

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