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05-John A Creamer
Birth: 1819, Oldham Co, Kentucky
Home: Boone Co, IN: and Barton Co, MO
Death: 28 Feb 1893, probably Barton Co, MO- age 74
Burial: Bluff Cemetery
Occupation: County Surveyor
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Company C, 6th KS Calvary
Mother: Mary Garriott

Marriage: Boone Co, IN
1st Spouse: Katherine RUTHERFORD
Birth: about 1837, KY
Death: after 1853 (census)

     1ST MARRIAGE: John and Katherine had four children:
06----WILLIAM E CREAMER [b. 1843, IN];
06----ELIZA JANE CREAMER [b. 1848​, listed below];
06----LUCINDA CREAMER [b. 1850, IN], m. George PHILLIPS on 10 Sep 1874, Barton Co, MO;
06----JAMES W CREAMER [b. 1853, IN].

Marriage: 1861, probably Barton Co, MO
2nd Spouse: Permelia Jane WILKERSON
Birth: 1827, Warrick Co, IN
Death: 1893, Lamar, Barton Co, MO- age 66
Burial: Bluff Cemetery
     Permelia Jane Wilkerson 1st married Joseph Warren Greer on 9 Aug 1848, Boonville, Warrick Co, IN, had six children. (census)

     2ND MARRIAGE: John and Permelia had four children: (3 listed)
06----DELANEY ELIZABETH CREAMER [b. 13 Oct 1861, Barton Co, MO; d. 8 Aug 1892, KS- age 30, bur. Bluff Cemetery], m. JM Kennedy;
06----THOMAS FRANK CREAMER [b. Jul 1865, KS; d. 1938, MO, bur. Bluff Cemetery]; and
06----CHARLES ULYSSUS CREAMER [b. 6 Feb 1869, Barton Co, MO; d. 11 May 1952, Nevada, Vernon Co, MO- age 83, bur. Bluff Cemetery], m. Ida Mae LONG [b. Sep 1874, MO; d. Jun 1943, Barton Co, MO- age 69], on 24 Jun 1891??, Barton Co, MO, had children:

     07----LOLIA CREAMER [b. Jul 1892, MO];

     07----CLIFFIE M CREAMER [b. 4 Apr 1895, MO; d. Sep 1971- age 76], SSN: 492-28-8724/MO, m. Eugene Floyd WHITE [b. 9 Mar 1895, Sheldon, Vernon Co, MO; d. 27 Feb 1973, Nevada, Vernon Co, MO- age 77, bur. Sheldon Cemetery], SSN: 702-16-9891/RR, on 20 Dec 1914, Lamar, Barton Co, MO;

​     07----JOHN ARCHIE CREAMER [b. 20 Nov 1899, Barton Co, MO; d. Sep 1976, Vernon Co, MO- age 76, bur. Sheldon Cemetery];

     07----FRED L CREAMER [b. about 1907, MO]; and 

     07----DONALD CREAMER [b. about 1915, MO].

     1850 District 1, Boone Co, IN census: has John A Creamer 26, b. KY, Farmer w/ $300 RE; Katherine Creamer 23, b. KY; William J Creamer 7, b. IN; Eliza J Creamer 2, b. IN; and Mary E Rose 12, b. IN.
     1860 Newton Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has John A Creamer 36, County Surveyor, born KY, living in the household of Permelia J Greer 30, b. IN. w/ $400 RE (apparently a widow): Catharne Greer 9, b. IN; Selia Greer 7, b. IN; Richard Greer 6, b. MO; William Greer 3, b. MO, and Joseph Greer 11/12, b. MO. She was born Permelia Jane Wilkerson.
     1870 Union, Barton Co, MO census: has John Creamer 48, b. KY, Surveyor & Farmer w/ $1,300 RE; Permelia Creamer 36, b. IN, Keeping House; Delania Creamer 8, b. MO; Thomas Creamer 5, b. KS; Ulyssus G Creamer 1, b. MO; Richard Grier 15, b. MO; William C Grier 13, b. MO; and Joseph W Grier 11, b, MO.
     1880 Union Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has John A Creamer 58, Farmer; Permelia Creamer 56, Keeping House; Frank Creamer 15; and Charles Creamer 13. This census lists the four younger Creamer children with James Rutherford in Barton Co, MO. Rutherford is suspected of being the brother of John's first wife Katherine.​

     1900 Ozark Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has (all b. MO) Charles C Creamer 31, Day Laborer; Ida Creamer 25 (4 children-3 living); Lolia Creamer 7; Cliffie Creamer 5; and John Creamer 6/12.
     1910 Lyda Twp, Macon Co, MO census: has (all b. MO) Jessie B Hutchinson 44, Auctioneer-Livestock; Lydia Hutchinson 34; Erma Hutchinson 13; and Johnnie Creamer 4 (Nephew).

     1910 Union Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has (all b. MO) Charley C Creamer 42, Farmer-General Farm; Ida M Creamer 36 (5 children-4 living); Cliffie M Creamer 15; John A Creamer 11; Fred L Creamer 3; and Frank T Creamer 40, Farm Laborer-Home Farm.

​     1920 Union Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has (all but Frank B. MO) Eugene White 24, Farmer; Oliffie White 24; Johnny Cramer 20, Farmer-Gen Farm (Brother-in Law); and Frank Cramer 53, b. KS, Farmer-Gen Farm (Boarder).

     1930 Union Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has (all but Frank b. MO) Charles Creamer 61, Farmer-Grain Farm; Ida Creamer 45; Fred Creamer 23, Laborer-Railroad; Donald Creamer 15; and Frank Creamer 64 (Brother).

     1940 Barton Co, MO census: has (all b. MO) Charles Creamer 71; Ida Creamer 65; and Donald Creamer 26, Laborer-Farm.​

      MILITARY:16 John Creamer enrolled in C (or E) Company, 6th Regiment KS Volunteer Cavalry on 18 Dec 1861 and was discharged 31 Dec 1864.

      PENSION: 16 John reamer was granted a pension [claim 118.795, certificate 91.061] based on chronic diarrhea causing extreme disability, that on 15 Jul 1862, "Near Fort Gibson, OK, John A Creamer, a private in said Co & Regt was attacked with Diarrhea which assumed a chronic form and by reason of which he was discharged from the service." Affidavits refer to his son Charles Creamer, Delana E Creamer the daughter, and Permelia J Creamer the wife, all having to care in dressing him, in nursing and assistance. Pension of $30 per month was paid through 4 Feby 1893 and he was dropped from the rolls of pensioners, Topeka, KS, because of death-- date and place of death unknown.
     AFFIDAVIT: Joseph W and Elizabeth Greer, of Sheldon, MO stated, "That we are well acquainted with John A Creamer and live close neighbors, being no more than fifty years from his residence, and we know that he is almost helpless, and that his son Charles Creamer has had to daily assist him in dressing and undressing, for at least two months." Not dated.
    AFFIDAVIT: Charles Creamer, of Sheldon, Vernon Co, MO, filed an affidavit stating, "That I am John A Creamer's son and live with him- that he is confined to his bed a part of each day, and that he required aid daily in dressing and undressing in which I assist him and have for months." Not dated.
     AFFIDAVIT: John S Creamer 42? and RL Creamer 15, of Sheldon, Vernon Co, MO, stated, on 31 May 1890 stated, "That they live in the same house with John A Creamer and that they help take care of and wait on him, that the said John A Creamer is at times almost entirely helpless being unable to dress or undress himself without help for eighteen months, and that we have, one of us, assisted him in dressing and undressing, and that he is confined to his bed at least 3/4 of the time."