05-Lucinda "Lucy" Yewell
Birth: 28 Jul 1794, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 1 Apr 1869, Edgar Co, IL- age 74

Burial: Wilhoit Cemetery
Mother: Nancy Ann Shirley

Marriage: 6 Feb 1816, Oldham Co, KY (his 2nd marriage)
Spouse: Julius WILHOIT
Birth: 13 Dec 1787, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 30 Aug 1833, Edgar Co, IL- age 45
Burial: Fairview /Wilhoit Cemetery
Father: John Wilhoit [1742-1815]
Mother: Elizabeth Blankenbaker [1753-1815]

     CHILDREN: 33 [pg 91] Lucinda and Julius had the following children:
06----ORVILLE WILHOIT [b. 9 Feb 1816, Oldham Co, KY; d. 26 Aug 1883, near Westfield?, Clark Co, IL- age 67, bur. Otterbein Cemetery], m.
Elizabeth EVINGER (Winger?) [b. 10 Aug 1819, Jefferson Co, KY; d. 10 Jan 1893, Westfield, Clark Co, IL- age 73, bur. Otterbein Cemetery] on 7 Jan 1836, Coles Co, IL, had five children:
     07----JAMES MILTON WILHOIT [b. 1 Jul 1837];

     07----MATILDA M WILHOIT [b. 21 Apr 1839; d. 22 Jul 1846- age 7, bur. Otterbein Cemetery];
     07----JOHN ORVILLE WILHOIT [b. 26 Jul 1846; d. 1921- age 76, bur. Oakland Cemetery], m.
Ardella Eugenia MOORE Hilburn [b. 6 Nov 1862, Clark Co, IL; d. 5 Dec 1946, Jackson Co, IL- age 80, bur. Oakland Cemetery], daughter of Isaac Newton Moore [1836-1908] and Effa Connelly [1840-1873], had children:

          08----MORTON DOW WILHOIT [b. 2 Sep 1887, IL; d. 22 Aug 1975, Galveston Co, TX- age 87, bur. Oakland Cemetery], m. Nealie Agnes COFFMAN [b. 1885; d. 1972- age 87, bur. Oakland cemetery], had children:

               09----CRETA LORRAINE WILHOIT [b. 4 Oct 1916, Jackson Co, IL; d. 31 Jan 1990,  St Louis Co, MO- age 83, bur. IOOF Cemetery], m. George Hiley HUNTER [b. 11 Aug 1914, Perry Co, IL; d. 4 Apr 1982, Lee Co, FL- age 67, bur. IOOF Cemetery], son of Samuel Nase Hunter [1888-1958] and Ruby Corydon McElvain [1889-1960];

               09----MORTON EDWIN WILHOIT [b. 10 Sep 1912, Union Co, IL; d. 12 Feb 1977, Harris Co, TX- age 64, bur. Forest Park East Cemetery], m. Wanda Virginia BRYANT [b. 8 Mar 1915; d. 10 Mar 2002- age 87, bur. Forest Park East Cemetery];

​          08----GRACE ANN WILHOIT [b. 1893, IL; d. 17 Oct 1946, Cook Co, IL- age 53, bur. Oakland Cemetery];​
     07----LUCY ANN WILHOIT [b. 16 Jan 1848, Clark Co, IL; d. 29 Dec 1918 Westfield, Clark Co, IL- age 70, bur. Maple Hill Cemetery], m.
Davis SWICKARD [b. 14 Apr 1842, Logan Co, OH; d. 15 Jan 1933, Clark Co, IL- age 90, bur. Maple Hill Cemetery], son of George Swickard [1811-1900] and Phebe Baughman [1812-1881], Union Army- Civil War: Pvt Co C, 99th Inf/OH, imprisoned 20 Sep 1863, Chickamauga, GA;
     07----MARY ELIZABETH WILHOIT [b. 11 Feb 1851, near Westfield, Clark Co, IL;  d. 3 Jan 1933, Charleston, IL- age 81], m. Tilford Taylor SHOOT [b. 14 Sep 1848, Coles Co, IL;  d. 13 Aug 1905, Charleston, IL- age 56] on 15 Jun 1870, had a daughter:
          08----ELIZABETH SHOOT [b. 16 Dec 1882, Charleston, IL, who married
John William GARRAWAY [b. 25 Sep 1878] on 10 Jan 1906 at Charleston, IL by Rev. Brandon;
     07----ROBERT CORNELIUS WILHOIT [b. 6 Aug 1855]; 
06----LOVELL WILHOIT [b. 30 Aug 1817, d. 19 Oct 1865- age 48], m.
Glawvina SHAW [b. 19 Feb 1835], on 1 Mar 1855, Edgar Co, IL, had two children;
     07----NELLIE WILHOIT [b. 23 Apr 1857];
     07----POPE WILHOIT [b. 3 Jun 1862];
06----JOHN RUFUS WILHOIT [b. 18 Apr 1821; d. 1913], m.
Angeline CORNWELL [b. 29 Sep 1823; d. 1904], on 18 Mar 1847, Edgar Co, IL, had seven children:
     07----SARAH ELIZABETH WILHOIT [b. 29 Dec 1847];
     07----CORNELIA FRANCES WILHOIT [b. 7 Nov 1849];
     07----OWEN EARLY WILHOIT [b. 6 Oct 1851];
     07----MILDRED ANN WILHOIT [b. 28 Nov 1853], m.
     07----ROLEY OSCAR WILHOIT [b. 25 Sep 1858; d. 1930] m. Mary Ida DAVIS [b. 1857; d. 1892] in 1882, had son:

          08----ALBERT DAVIS WILHOIT [b. 26 Dec 1883, Kansas Co, IL] and applied for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution as a desdendant of John Wilhoit, Private in the Continental Line, Virginia, m. Elizabeth Ethel HANNA, had sons:

               09----RICHARD OSCAR WILHOIT [b. 8 Aug 1913, Hennepin Co, MN]; and

               09----ROBERT WILHOIT [b. 30 Apr 1923, St Paul, Ramsey Co, MN];
     07----LOUISE EMMA WILHOIT [b. 15 Aug 1860];
     07----JULIUS YEWELL WILHOIT [b. 9 May 1863, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL; d. 18 Jan 1941, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL- age 78, bur. Fairview Cemetery], m. Tina SISK [b. 26 Sep 1962, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL; d. 11 Jun 1942, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL- age 80, bur. Fairview Cemetery], had son:
           08----ARTHUR Y WILHOIT [b. 21 Oct 1898, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL; d. 13 Apr 1962, Kansas, Edgar Co, IL- age 63], m.
Loretta ___ [b. 9 May 1900; d. 7 Jan 1968- age 67, bur. Fairview Cemetery];
06----NANCY WILHOIT [b. 23 Nov 1822, d. 6 Jan 1894- age 73], m.
Jacob STONEBURNER [b. 10 Dec 1818, d. 20 Apr 1875- age 56], on 9 Dec 1838, Edgar Co, IL, had four children;
     07----EMILY ANNA STONEBURNER [b. 16 Dec 1845];
     07----LUCY EVALINE STONEBURNER [b. 4 Jan 1851], m.
___ BOYER;
     07----RICHARD OSCAR STONEBURNER [b. 19 Jul 1857];
     07----PROSPER LOVEL STONEBURNER [b. 19 Feb 1860];

06----JULIUS YEWELL JR WILHOIT [b. 4 Oct 1824, Edgar Co, IL; d. 11 Mar 1864, VA- age 39, bur. Danville National Cemetery], m. Elizabeth Jane Ray BUNNELL [b. 1833, Mercer Co, KY; d. 18 Feb 1888, Coles Co, IL- age 55, bur. Mound Cemetery], daughter of William Bunnell and Nancy ___ on 11 Mar 1854, Edgar Co, IL, had daughters:

     07----ELLA WILHOIT [b. 16 May 1856; d. 22 Mar 1887- age 30, bur. Mound Cemetery], m. John VAN METER [b. 26 May 1858, Coles Co, IL; d. 17 Mar 1943, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 84, bur. Mound Cemetery], son of Samuel Van Meter and Fances Elizabeth Hutchason; 

     07----FRANCES WILHOIT [b. 4 Aug 1858, Edgar Co, IL; d. 3 Jan 1943, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 84, bur. Calvary Cemetery], m. William E HAMPTON [b. 18 Aug 1852, Crawford Co, IL; d. 24 Dec 1928, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 72, bur. Calvery Cemetery], son of William Edward Hampton (1818-1857) and Matilda M Eastin (1824-1911);
06----ELIZABETH JANE WILHOIT [b. 4 Jan 1826, d. 17 Nov 1858- age 32], m. Prosper Frances Zavier LeSEURE [b. 26 May 1820] on 5 May 1845, Edgar Co, IL, had two children:
     07----HELEN LeSEURE [b. 28 Feb 1846]; and
     07----OSCAR LeSEURE [b. 27 Jan 1851];
06----ROLEY EARLEY WILHOIT [b. 1 Mar 1831], m.
Delia Emma DWELLY [b. 22 May 1842, d. 14 Jan 1872- age 30] on 10 Oct 1861, San Joaquin Co, CA, had four children:
     07----GEORGE EWELL WILHOIT [b. 17 Mar 1863], m.
___ WOODS;
     07----EUGENE LOVEL WILHOIT [b. 8 Dec 1865], m.
     07----ARTHUR WILHOIT [b. 28 Sep 1868], twin;
     07----ALICE WILHOIT [b. 28 Sep 1868], twin.
     Roley second married
Janet French TILTON [b. 10 Dec 1849] on 11 Dec 1873 in San Joaquin Co, CA, and had two children:
     07----MARY LUCY WILHOIT [b. 8 Apr 1875]; and
     07----ELSIE GRAHAM WILHOIT [b. 29 Mar 1877].

    NSDAR: 8 Mary Elizabeth Wilhoit was accepted into the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, service derived from James Shirley through his daughter Nancy, National # 453321.

     1913 WHO"S WHO: Hampton, William E, Manufacturer: born, IL, Aug 18, 1852; son, William Edward and Matilda M (Eastin) H Married, Frances Wilhoit, at Charleston, IL. Employed by Wrigt-Minton Co, Charleston, IL, at age of 15; Trav. Agt. and Cashier, CP Troy & Co, NY until 1876. Est. dry goods house of Ray & Hampton, 1876. Moved to San Francisco, 1888. Built factory, manufacturing patent non-shrinking wooden tanks, San Francisco, 1890-92. Pres. Pacific Tank Co (forerly WE Hampton), 1892-1903. Built factory and moved to LA 1898. Built factory, Olylmpia, WA 1904; Portland, 1909. Purchased controlling interest, Cal Redwood Pipe Co (now Natl Wood Pipe Co), 1900. Organized Pac Coast Planning Mill Co 901; purchased and reorganized Mercantile Box Co, San Francisco, 1906; Pres and Gen Mgr Pac Tank & Pipe Co (formerly Pac Tank Co), National Wood Pipe Co; Dir. LA Trust & Savings Bank, Olympia Natl Bank. Associated Jobbers of LA Municipal League of LA, Columbus Cub of LA; Pres Industrial Realty Co, LA; Pres Factory Site Co; Vice-pres, Tidings Pub Co Member, Special Harbor Comm of Chamber of Commerce; Past Grand Knight, Knight of Columbus of LA. Clubs: Newman, California, jonathan, Gamut, Columbus, lA Country. Res: 2515 S Wilshire Vlve, Office: Equitable Savings Bank building, Los Angeles, CA.

    1941 OBITUARY: Julius Y Wilhoit, 77 years of age, son of Rufus and Angeline Wilhoit, passed away at his home in this city Saturday noon after suffering a heart attack. He leaves his wife, Tina, and two children, Mrs KP Comstock of Chicago and Arthur Wilhoit of Kansas, and one grandson Wilhoit Smock of Chicago. Mr Wilhoit was the last of a family of seven children. He united with the Christian church of Kansas in 1908. The funeral was held at the home at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon with the Rev BSM Edwards in charge of the service. Interment was made in Fairview cemetery.

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     1860 Kansas, Edgar Co, IL census: has (all but Elvie b. KY) Julius Y Wilhoit 26, Farmer; Elizabeth Wilhoit 29; Elvie Wilhoit 4; and Fannie B Wilhoit 2.

     1880 Charleston, Coles Co, IL census: has (all b. IL) John Van Meter 22, Farmer' Ella N. Van Meter 24; and Lewis Van Meter 6/12.

     1880 Greenup, Cumberland Co, IL census: has Davis Swickard 37, b. OH, Stock Trader; Lou A. Swickard 32, b. IL; 

Mamie E. Swickard 8, b. IL; and Raymon Swickard 4, b. IL.

     1900 Westfield, Clark Co, IL census: has (all but Davis b. IL) Davis Swiepard 57, b. OH, Stock Buyer; Lou A Swiepard 52, Landlord (2 children-2 living); Raymond Swiepard 24, Farmer; Mayme McElforsh 28 (Daughter)(2 children-2 living); Edward A McElforsh 3 (Grandson); Paul C McElforsh 4/12 (Grandson).