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     1830 Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY census: has Thomas Foreman with a family of six: 2 (20-49) and four (under 20), with five slaves.

     1870 Upper Town, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Laura A Cotterell 39; James W Cotterell 15; and Josaphina S Cotterell 7.

     1880 Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY)  JA Hollis 34, Policeman; Artie Hollis 30; James E Hollis 8; 
Luther J Hollis 6; and Rosa E Hollis 4.

     1900 Owensboro Ward 1, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Alexander J Hollis 55, Tobacconist; Artie A Hollis 51 (6 children-3 living); James E Hollis 28, Tobacconist; 

Catharine Hollis 27 (2 children-2living) (Daughter-in-law); Luther J Hollis 25, Fireman; Margarite Hollis 6 (Daughter); and Alexander Hollis 3 (Grandson).

     1910 Owensboro Ward 4, Daviess Co, KY census:
has (all b. KY) James W Cottrell 54, Merchant-Lumber; Mary A Cottrell 49, Operator-Telegraph (5 children-five living); James S Cottrel 29; Hale T Cottrell 19; Earl Cottrell 15; Grace Dean Cottrell 13; and Ethel Miller 21, Teacher-Music.

     1910 Owensboro Ward 3, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY)  JA Hallis 65, Tobacconist; Artie Hallis 61 (6 children-3 living); Ernest Hallis 37, Tobacconist; and Luther Hallis 35, Engineer-Tobacco Factory.
     1920 Owensboro Ward 2, Daviess Co, KY census: has Lucy Haynes 62, b. MO; Stanton Cottrell 38, b. KY, Manager-Sawmill (Son-in-Law); Achaah Cottrell 33, b. KY; and Lucy Vaughan Cottrell 8/12, b. KY (Granddaughter).
     1930 Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James S Cottrell 49, Manager-Tobacco Hqds w/ $10,000 RE; Anne W Cottrell 41; and Lucy V Cottrell 10.

     1940 Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James S Cattrell 62, Manager, Ho**sh Factory; Annie Cattrell 50; and Lucy Vaughn Cattrell 20.

05-Martha Patsey Yewell
Birth: 24 Oct 1789, Madison Co, VA

Death: 1864- age 75
Mother: Nancy Ann Shirley

Marriage: 23 Mar 1806, Nelson Co, KY
Spouse: Thomas Foreman
Birth: 20 Oct 1786, Nelson Co, KY

Death: 24 May 1838, Nelson Co, KY- age 52

Father: Joseph Forman (1763-1838)

Mother: Rebecca Frye (1761-1848)

CHILDREN: Martha and Thomas had seven children:
06----NANCY YEWELL FOREMAN [b. 1809, Nelson Co, 
KY; d. 9 Nov 1846, Daviess Co, KY- age 37], m. Reuben Wesley BIRKHEAD[b. 1803; d. 1835- age], son of Jesse Abraham Birkhead (1745-1817) and Mary Crume (1756-1817) on 15 Apr 1822, Nelson Co, KY, had children:

     07----LAURA ANN BIRKHEAD [b. 8 Mar 1832, Daviess Co, KY; d.  4 Jun 1890, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY- age 59, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], m.
John Patmon COTTRELLJ [b. 15 Jan 1827, Daviess Co, KY; d. 12 Sep 1860- age 34, bur.Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery] on 22 Mar 1847, Daviess Co, KY: Bk A/174, had two children:

          08----ARTIMESIA "Artie" COTTRELL [b. 6  Jan 1849, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY; d. 15 Mar 1927, Daviess Co, KY- age 78, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], m.James AlexanderHOLLIS [b. 8 Mar 1844, Daviess Co, KY; d. 15 Apr 1910, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY- age bur Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], had sons:

               09----JAMES ERNEST HOLLIS [b. May 1872, KY];

               09----LUTHER JUDSON HOLLIS [b. 27 Sep 1873, Daviess Co, KY; d. 4 Dec 1952, Daviess Co, KY- age 79, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], Farmer, never married;

          08----JOSEPHINE COTTRELL [b. 20 Nov 1863, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY; d. 31 May 1952, Albemarle Co, KY- age 89, bur. Thornrose Cemetery], m. John Piggot KICE [b. 1852, Lafayette Co, MO; d. 1 Apr 1924, Staunton City, VA- age 71, bur. Thornrose Cemetery];

               09----Infant DAUGHTER KICE [b. & d. 7 Mar 1892, Staunton City, VA]; and

​               09----REBECCA KICE [b. 2 Dec 1905; d. 20 Dec 1986- age 81, bur. Thornrose Cemetery], m. Norman Manro BROOKS [b. 12 oct 1905; d. 10 Apr 1997- age 91, bur. Thornrose Cemetery];

          08----JAMES WILLIAM COTTRELL [b. 20 Jun 1855, Daviess Co, KY; d. 23 May 1940, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY- age 85, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], m. Mary Alice VAUGHN[b. 30 Nov 1859, Daviess Co, KY; d. 25 Jun 1950, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY: Bk Q/82- age 90, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], had five children:
               09----JAMES STANTON COTTRELL [b. 7 Oct 1880, Daviess Co, KY; d. 30 Jul 1943, Davies Co, KY- age 62, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], m. 1st
Achsah T HAYNES[b. 12 Feb 1887, Daviess Co, KY; d. 14 Aug 1923, Daviess Co, KY- age 36], she the daughter of Oliver H Haynes (1851-1915) and Lucy R Miller (1857-1921) in 1912, Daviess Co, KY, had daughter:

               09----BEATRICE COTTRELL [b. 2 Dec 1883, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY; d. 18 Sep 1968, Owensboro, Daviss Co, KY- age 86], m. Gus SLAUGHTER [b. 10 Aug 1880; d. 14 Mar 1953, KY- age 72, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery]. NSDAR; 8 # 234575, 14 Mar 1953, KY- age 72, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery]. NSDAR; # 234575, General Evan Shelby Chapter;
               09----WINNIFRED COTTRELL [b. 10 Feb 1885, Daviess Co, KY; d. 29 Sep 1893, Daviess Co, KY- age 8, bur. Rosehill Cemetery];

               09----HALE TALMAGE COTTRELL [b. 26 Mar 1890, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY; d. 25 Nov 1973, Daviess Co, KY: Vol.2/30510- age 83, bur. Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery], SSN: 407-10-6611/KY, m.
Florence Adell HENDRICKSON<<b44>TON, lived in Germantown, KY. NSDAR 8 237696, General Evan Shelby Chapter, 1927;

NSDAR: Geneva Alice Cottrell was accepted into the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, service derived from James Shirley through his daughter Nancy, National # 361339.

[Nelson Co, KY Bond Book 3/288] Guardian bond was posted with William Foreman as guardian for Joseph Foreman, $1,000. Child of Thomas Foreman, 16 Jul 1821.

1821 ESTATE:
[Jefferson Co, KY Wills/Probate, dated 27 Dec 1820- 14 May 1821] Levy Yewell of Nelson Co, KY. At the Nov 1821 Court, it was ordered that.... Richard Barbour, William Fishback, Jacob Schrader, Lewis Wilhoyte, Phillip E Barbour, James Taylor, and Isaac Owens divide land containing about 170 acres on the Waters of Harrod's Creek into two parts. Half to sister Patsey, wife of Thomas Formon, and her children. Other half equally (divided) between; Benjamin Pope, Martin Ewel (Yewell), Joel Yeager (Yager), Julious Wilhite and Joshua Christly.