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05-Nicholas Sr Garriott
Birth: 9 Aug 1809, Bourbon Co, KY
Home: Hancock Co, IN
Death: 3 Aug 1887, Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN- age 77
Burial: Hays Cemetery
Father: Samuel Garrett

Marriage: 8 Mar 1831, Fayette Co, IN: Bk B/239
Spouse: Catherine COLLINS
Birth: 3 Oct 1810, Ohio
Death: 21 Feb 1864, Hancock or Fayette Co, IN- age 53
Burial: Hays Cemetery

Father: Jesse Collins

Mother: Jane "Jannet" Ewing

     CHILDREN: Nicholas and Catherine had five children/or eight children:
06----WILLIAM MADISON GARRIOTT [b. 1831, listed below];
06----JOHN THOMAS GARRIOTT [b. 11 Sep 1834, Hancock Co, IN; d. 15 Feb 1873, Madison, Greenwood Co, KS- age 39, non-Cemetery burial], m.
Lucinda (Lucenday) MURPHIN [b. about 1836, IN; non-Cemetery burial] on 27 Jan 1853, Hancock Co, IN, had 5 children: (from census)
     07----EMILY C GARRIOTT [b. about 1863, KS];
     07----WILLIAM M GARRIOTT [b. Apr 1865, KS], m.
Iadabelle Josephine BRANSTETTER [b. 11 Aug 1871, Fordland, Webster Co, MO; d. 30 Jul 1967, MO- age 95], daughter of Lafayette P Branstetter (1832-1909) and Margery Jane McCuistion(1834-1903), had 10 children:
          08----NELLIE M "NANNIE" GARRET [b. 1889];
          08----MYRTLE J GARRET [b. 1890];
          08----LESTER RAYMOND GARRET [b. 1893; d. 1977];
          08----FE GARRET [b. 1893];
          08----C EMMIT GARRET [b. 1895];
          08----W LEONARD GARRET [b. 1897];
          08----WINFREY R GARRET [b. 1899];
          08----SHELMA GARRET [b. 1902]; and
          08----EARNEST GARRET [b. 1911];
     07----JOHN F GARRIOTT [b. about 1868, KS];
     07----ELI A GARRIOTT [b. about 1871, KS]; and
     07----DAVID A GARRIOTT [ b. about 1872, KS];
06----SARAH GARRIOTT [b. 15 Feb 1835, Hancock Co, IN; d. 15 Dec 1901, Hancock Co, IN- age 66, bur. Hays Cemetery], m.
Hugh JOHNSON [b. 24 Sep 1936, IN, bur. Hays Cemetery], on 6 Feb 1859, Hancock Co, IN, had 3 daughters:
     07----CULLA J JOHNSON [b. 25 Sep 1867, IN; d. 15 Aug 1924- age 56], m.
Monroe VAYHINGER [b. 28 May 1855, Delaware, Ripley Co, IN; d. 31 Oct 1938, Spencer, Roane Co, WV- age 83] on 28 Mar 1889, Dearborn, IN, had 3 children:
          08----HAROLD DALE VAYHINGER [b. Feb 1891, Moore's Hill, Dearborn, IN; d. 3 Feb 1892, Moore's Hill, Dearborn, IN- age 1];
          08----PAUL JOHNSON VAYHINGER [b. 2 May 1894, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN; d. 2 Jan 1966, San Francisco, CA- age 71], m.
Harriette Estelle PALMER [b. 10 Feb 1895, Stroudsburg, Monroe Co, PA; d. 16 May 1995, Colorado Springs, CO- age 100], had 2 sons:
               09----JOHN MONROE VAYHINGER [b. 27 Jan 1916, IN; d. 11 Jun 2006, Colorado Springs, CO- age 90], m.
Ruth Catherine IMLER [b. 30 Jul 1917, Arcadia, Hamilton Co, IN; d. 18 Mar 2009, Colorado Springs, CO- age 92], daughter of Earl DeJernette Imler (1889-1984) and Marie Bradford (1896-), had two children;
               09----HAROLD PALMER VAYHINGER [b. 6 Sep 1920, Upland, Grant Co, IN; d. 29 Nov 1976, Hardin, OH- age 56], m.
Hilda K SCHEVE [b. 30 Oct 1920, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH; d. 12 Nov 2012- age 92], daughter of Joseph Bernard Scheve (1889-) and Irma Matilda Krausse (1893-), had two daughters;
          08----LOIS MIRIAM VAYHINGER [b. 6 Mar 1897, Moore's Hill, Dearborn Co, IN; d. 7 Nov 1989, IN- age 92], m.
Ray Vaughn BROWNING [b. 14 May 1892, Oilville, WV; d. 2 Jun 1993, Franklin, Johnson Co, IN- age 101], had three children;
     07----SARAH J JOHNSON [b. about 1869, IN]; and
     07----ROSA J JOHNSON [b. about 1874, IN];
06----REUBEN MARION GARRIOTT [b. about 1837, listed below]; (from census)
06----IRENE GARRIOTT [b. 20 Mar 1839, Hancock Co, IN; d. 1911- age 52, bur. Hays Cemetery], m. 1st
Stokely HAYS [b. 1828; d. 1883- age 55, bur. Hays Cemetery], had 3 children:
     08----MARGARET HAYS [b. 14 Feb 1963; d. 3 Sep 1875- age 12, bur. Hays Cemetery];
     08----MARTHA HAYS [b. 1865; d. 18 Nov 1870- age 5, bur. Hays Cemetery]; and
     08----CHARLES H HAYS [b. 1869, IN; d. 1938- age 69, bur. Hicks Cemetery], m.
Mary Jane YOUNG [b. 9 Aug 1862 Hendricks Co, IN; d. 14 Mar 1947- age 85, bur. Hicks Cemetery];
     Irene married 2nd (also his 2nd marriage)
John JACKSON [b. 15 May 1831; d. 18 Oct 1902- age 71, bur. Cook Cemetery, Green Twp, Hancock Co, IN];
06----ELI GARRIOTT [b. 1841, listed below];
06----DAVID TAYLOR GARRIOTT [b. Oct 1847, IN; d. 1924, Hancock Co, IN- age 77, bur. Hays Cemetery], m.
Martha Matilda ANDERSON [b. 20 Jun 1846, IN, IN; d. 13 Jan 1915, Hancock Co, IN- age 68, bur. Hays Cemetery], had daughter:

     07----Infant Daughter GARRIOTT [b. 1867; d. 29 Jul 1867- age <1, bur. Hays Cemetery];
06----ARCHIBALD? GARRIOTT [b. 1855, listed below].

     1850 Hancock Co, IN census: has Nicholas Garriott 35, Farmer with $1,000 RE, b. KY; with Catherine Garriott 34, b. OH; William M Garriott 20, Farmer, b. IN; and John Thomas Garriott 16, b. IN, Farmer; Sarah Garriott 14, b. IN; Reuben M Garriott 13, b. IN; Irene Garriott 11, b. IN; Eli Garriott 10, b. IN; and David Taylor 3, b. IN.
     1860 Hancock Co, IN census: has Nicholas Garriott 50, b. KY, Farmer; Katherine Garriott 50, b. OH; Reuben M Garriott 22, b. IN, Farm Laborer; Irena Garriott 21, b. IN, Farm Laborer; Ele Garriott 19, b. IN, Farm Laborer; and David S Garriott 14, b. IN.
     1860 Green Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John T Garrett 25, Farming; Lucinda Garrett 22; Mary K Garrett 6; Samuel M Garrett 3; and Martha E Garrett 1/12.
     1860 Green Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) Hugh Johnson 23, Farm Laborer; and Sarah Johnson 24.
     1870 Madison Twp, Greenwood Co, KS census: has (all b. IN) John T Garrett 36, Farmer w/ $1,300 RE; Lucinda Garrett 33; Mary C Garrett 16; Samuel M Garrett 13; Nickolas Garrett 9; Emily C Garrett 7; William M Garrett 4; and John T Garrett 2.
     1870 Hancock Co, IN census: has Stokley Hays 44, Farmer w/ $3600 RE; Irena Hays 41, Keeping House; Margaret C Hays 8; Martha H Hays 5; Charles HF Hays 1; Nicholas Garrett 58, Farmer w/ $5000 RE; and William Barwig 24, Farm Laborer.
     1875 Madison Twp, Greenwood Co, KS census: has Lucinda Cooper 38; Emily C Garriott 12; William M Garriott 9; John F Garriott 7; Eli A Garriott 4; and David A Garriott 3.
     1880 Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Hugh Johnson 34, Farmer w/ $1,400 RE; Sarah Johnson 35, Keeping House; Carry J Johnson 3; and Sarah J Johnson 1.
     1880 Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Hugh Johnson 44, Teamster; Sarah Johnson 45, House Keeper; CJ Johnson 13; and RJ Johnson 6.
     1880 Hancock Co, IN census: has Stekly Hays 51, Farmer (Widow); Irena Hays 42, Housekeeper; CHF Hays 10, Works on Farm; N Garriott 63 (Father-in-Law); and AD Barwick 36.
     1900 Brown Twp, Hancock Co, IN census: has (both b. IN) Hugh Johnson 64; and Sarah Johnson 65 (5 children-2 living).
     1910 Van Buren Twp, Madison Co, IN census: has ()all b. IN Calvin Craig 35, Farm Laborer-Working Out; Rosa Craig 36 (1 child-1 living); Nellie Craig 5; and Hugh Johnson 76, Farm Laborer-Working Out (Father-in-Law).

     1831 LAND PURCHASE: [Hancock Co, Green Twp, IN, Indianapolis District, receipt #13495, dated 18 Nov 1831] Nicholas Garret, resident of Fayette Co, IN, purchased 160 acres [NE4 Section 23 T17N R7E].

     1875 WILL: [Hancock Co, IN, Brown Twp, Will Book 2/408-10, dated 22 Feb 1875, Recorded 30 Aug 1887] Will of Nicholas Garriott refers to three sons and two daughters and several grandchildren.

     1882 BIOGRAPHY: Mr David Garriott of Hancock County, Indiana, brother of Eli Garriott of North Branch, arrived in Madison last Saturday. He has rented Dr LJ Cunkel's farm and with his family will become permanent residents of Kansas.
[the Madison News, KS - 15 Sep 1882, from the "Garriott Scrapbook" by Kay Sellers, courtesy of Kenneth Blanc Garriott, added by Paul Garriott III, via findagrave.com]

     1889 OBITUARY: (Nicholas Garriott) Died, at his residence in Brown township, of congestion of the bowels, Nicholas Garriott, aged 77 years, 11 months, and 25 days.
     Nicholas Garriott was born August 8,1809, in Bourbon county, Kentucky, near Cynthiana. He moved with his parents of Fayette county, Indiana, about 1820, near Connersville. He was married to Catherine Collins about the year 1830, and moved to Hancock county, near Milner Corner, 1833. His wife died in 1863 or 1864. Since her death he has lived with his children, most of the time with his youngest daughter. He was one of the pioneers of the county, and lived to see Hancock change from a dense forrest into fine farming country.
      He leaves three sons, two daughters, and several grandchildren to mourn his death, which was very unexpected, being sick only about two days. He was buried August 4th in the Hays cemetery by the side of his wife and near a large evergreen that he had planted with own hands. His religious faith was with the Christian Church, but I do not know if he ever obeyed the gospel. He was an exemplary citizen and a staunch Demograt.
     Henry C Garriott.
[The Madison News, Madison Kansas -19 Aug 1887. Hancock County (IN) Democrat. from "Garriott Scrapbook" copyrighted by Kay F Sellers, courtesy of Kenneth Blanc Garriott III, via findagrave.com]