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05-Ruth Emeline Garriott
Birth: 13 Oct 1836, Wash Co, IN
Death: 19 Jun 1911, Wash Co, IN- age 74
Father: William G Garriott

Marriage: 14 Dec 1855, Wash Co, IN: Bk F/352 (or 11 Dec 1854) 39
Spouse: William Washington THOMAS
Birth: 30 Sep 1834, Wash Co, IN
Death: 15 Jan 1911, Wash Co, IN- age 76
Father: Andrew Thomas

    CHILDREN: Ruth and William had 12 children-10 living: [census]
06----ALBERT THOMAS [b. about 1856, IN];
06----ELIZA HA THOMAS [b. about 1858, IN];
06----DICY JANE THOMAS [b. about 1859, listed below];
06----DAVID A THOMAS [b. about 1863, IN];
06----JAMES L THOMAS [b. 12 Feb 1864, IN; d. 12 Feb? 1929- age 65, bur. Fairview Cemetery]; m. Kate May FAHRINGER [b. 23 Sep 1872, PA; d. 17 Apr 1936- age 63, bur. Fairview Cemetery], daughter of Victor Fahringer and Mary J ___, had 5 children: [census]
     07----RUTH THOMAS [b. about 1883, MO];
     07----VICTOR THOMAS [b. about 1885, MO];
     07----EFFIE THOMAS [b. about 1890, MO];
     07----LETHA THOMAS [b. about 1893, MO];
     07----EVA THOMAS [b. about 1896, MO];
06----JOHN THOMAS [b. about 1866, IN];
06----LUCINDA THOMAS [b. about 1868, IN];
06----WILLIAM G THOMAS [b. about 1870, IN];
06----AMANDA THOMAS [b. 2 Feb 1873, IN; d. 27 Jun 1931, Newton Co, MO- age 58, bur. Burkhart Cemetery], m. Andrew Marion HATFIELD [d. 1906, Galena, Cherokee Co, KS], had two children:
     07----LLOYD RAYMOND HATFIELD [b. about 1901, KS], m. Verda CRAVEN [b. 17 Oct 1909, MO; d. 21 Sep 1986, Riverside Co, CA- age 77], daughter of Joeph Craven (about 1876) and Artie HANSON (about 1885-), had 4 children:
          08----BEVERLY JUNE HATFIELD [b. about 1929, OK];
          08----RAYMOND HATFIELD [b. about 1931, MO];
          08----NATALIE HATFIELD [b. about 1933, MO];
          08----MARILYN HATFIELD [b. about 1938, OK];
     07----ETHEL G HATFIELD [b. about 1904, KS];
06----ALACE THOMAS [b. about 1885].

     1860 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) William W Thomas 25, Farm Laborer; Ruth E Thomas 23; Albert Thomas 4; Eliza HA Thomas 6; and Dicey Thomas 6/12.
     1870 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Disa b. IN) William Thomas 35, Farmer w/ $1,250 RE; Ruth Thomas 34, Keeping House; Albert Thomas 14, Farm Laborer; Eliza Thomas 12; Disa J Thomas 10; David A Thomas 7; James L Thomas 6; John Thomas 4; Lucinda Thomas 2; William G Thomas 3/12; and Disa Garriott 69, b. KY.
     1880 Center Twp, Wilson Co, KS census: has (all b. IN) William W Thomas 46, Farmer; Ruth Thomas 44, Keeping House; Eliza Thomas 22; Dicy J Thomas 20; David Thomas 18, Works on Farm; James Thomas 16; Lucinda Thomas 14; John Thomas 12; William Thomas 10; Manda Thomas 7; and Alace Thomas 5.
     1900 Shoal Creek, Newton Co, MO census: has James L Thomas 47, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm; Kate Thomas 37, b. PA (5 children-5 living); Ruth Thomas 17, b. MO; Victor Thomas 15, b. MO, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; Effie Thomas 10, b. MO; Letha Thomas 7, b. MO; Eva Thomas 4, b. MO; and Ruth Thomas 73, b. IN (Mother)(12 children-10 living).
     1910 Joplin, Jasper Co, MO census: has James L Thomas 55, b. IN, Miner-Lead Mine; Kate M Thomas 48, b. PA; Letha E Thomas 17, b. MO, Cigar Maker-Cigar Factory; and Eva M Thomas 14, b. MO--- next door to....
     1910 Shoal Creek, Newton Co, MO census: has William G Thomas 40, b. IN, Farm Labor-Working Out; Amanda Hatfield 37, b. IN (Sister)(2 children-2 living); Loys Hatfield 9, b. KS (Nephew); Ethel Hatfield 6, b. KS (Niece); and William W Thomas 76, b. KY (Father).
     1920 Neosho Twp, Newton Co, MO census: has Wm G Thomas 49, b. IN; Amanda Hatfield 46, b. IN (Widow); Loys R Hatfield 19, b. KS; and Ethel G Hatfield 16, b. KS.
     1930 Dayton, Newton Co, MO census: has WG Thomas 60, b. IN, Miner-Federal M&S; Amanda M Hatfield 57, b. IN, Retired (Widow); L Raymond Hatfield 29, b. KS, Miner-Federal M&S (Nephew); Verda D Hatfield 20, b. MO (Niece); and Beverly June Hatfield 1-2/12, b. OK, (Niece?).
    1940 Neosho Twp, Newton Co, MO census: has William Thomas 70, b. IN, Miner-Lead Jine Mines (Widow).
    1940 Neosho Twp, Newton Co, MO census: has Loyd R Hatfield 39, b. KS, Laborer WPA-Strut Repair; Verda Hatfield 31, b. MO; Beverly June Hatfield 11, b. OK; Raymond Hatfield 9, b. MO; Natalie Hatfield 7, b. MO; and Marilyn Hatfield 2, b. OK.