05-William A Creamer
Birth: 1826, Kentucky
Home: Boone Co, IN and Barton Co, MO
Death: 7 May 1876, Barton Co, MO- age 50
Burial: Bluff Cemetery
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Private, Company C, 17th KS Cavalry, 16 Dec 1861- 31 Dec 1864
Mother: Mary Garriott

Marriage: 2 May (or Feb) 1846, Boone Co, IN
1st Spouse: Mary Jane BURKE
Birth: about 1829, KY
Death: 1855 on trip from IN to Barton Co, MO (not in 1860 census)

     1ST MARRIAGE: William and Mary Jane had three children:
06----JOHN S CREAMER [b. Feb 1847, IN, Boone Co, IN; d. 18 Mar 1930, Hamilton Co, KS- age 83], m. Mary Catherine GREER [b. 5 Aug 1850, Warwick Co, IN; d. 1 May 1925, Hamilton Co, KS- age 74] on 20 Jan 1870, Barton Co, MO, had daughter:
     07----LELENE SUSAN CREAMER [b. 29 Oct 1883, Barton Co, MO; d. 21 Mar 1966, Coolidge, Hamilton Co, KS (or Pueblo Co, CO)- age 82, bur. Coolidge Cemetery], m. ​Oscar S GLOVER [b. 23 Dec 1877, Osage Co, KS; d. 26 Apr 1916, Coolidge, Hamilton, Co, KS- age 38, bur. Coolidge Cemetery], in 1902, he the son of Joseph Thomas Glover (1843-1898) and Susan Jane Bowen (1850-1926), had 3 children:

          08----ORLIE RAY GLOVER [b. 8 Feb 1903, MO; d. 9 Jan 1979- age 79, bur. Fairview Cemetery], m. Viola MARRS [b. 13 Feb 1908; d. 13 Jan 1970- age 61, bur. Crocketts Bluff Cemetery], the daughter of Joseph Nelson Marrs (1871-1936) and Myrtle Lelana Alcorn (1880-1916), had 11 children:

               09----OSCAR A GLOVER [B. 9 jun 1927; d. 7 Feb 1981- age 53, bur. Riverside National Cemetery], US Air Force, m. Beverly J ___ [b. 16 May 1933; d. 12 May 2001- age 75, bur. Riverside National Cemetery];

               09----ORVILLE RAY GLOVER [b. 4 Feb 1929, AR; d. 11 Jan 2000- age 70]

               09----MYRTLE LALENA GLOVER [b. 26 Apr 1931; d. 19 Dec 2012- age 81, bur. Franks Cemetery], m. Ovel Dean ENDSLEY [b. 11 Dec 1920, Sharp Co, AR; d. 21 Mar 2007, Monroe Co, AR- age 86, bur. Franks Cemetery], US Army, WW2;

               09----RUSSELL ORLIE GLOVER [b. 6 Jul 1933, Arkansas Co, AR; d. 12 Jul 2003, Otero Co, CO- age 70, Cremated];

               09----BETTY JOE GLOVER [b. 7 Jul 1937, Klamath Co, OR; d. 30 Dec 2008, Bent Co, CO- age 71, bur. Union Valley Cemetery];

               09----DELLA MAE GLOVER [b. 27 Oct 1938, Weld Co, CO; d. 25 Jun 1999- age 60];
               09----RUTH YVONNE GLOVER [b. 28 Jan 1941, Arkansas Co, AR; d. 30 Dec 2018, Otero Co, CO- age 77, bur. Manzanola Mountainview Cemetery as Ruth Yvonne Estes];

               09----ARLENE VIOLA GLOVER [b. 29 Mar 1943; d. 6 Apr 2014, Otero Co, CO- age 71, bur. Manzanola Mountainview Cemetery], m. James Jay JERKES [b. 19 Jan 1939, Cambria Co, PA; d. 24 Sep 2011, San Diego Co, CA, bur. Miramar National Cemetery], US Navy-Vietnam, the son of James Joseph Jerkes (1912-1981) and Naomi Ruth Gore (1920-1992],;

               09----NORMA SUE GLOVER [b. 26 Dec 1945, AR; d. 14 May 2002, CA- age 56];

               09----ROBERT LEE GLOVER [b. 1948; d. 12 Aug 1987, Newton Co, AR- age 39, bur. Fairview Cemetery], died when his truck overturned at the bottom of the Harve Pruitt hill on highway 74;

               09----CHARLES LEROY GLOVER [b. 29 Dec 1950; d. 2 Jul 2012, Otero Co, CO- age 61, bur. Manzanola Mountainview Cemetery];

          08----ALVA LeROY GLOVER [b. 12 Nov 1906, McPherson Co, KS; d. 25 Dec 2001, Greeley, Weld Co, CO- age 95, bur. Sunset Memorial Gardens], m. Viva Loraine BROWN [b. 3 Jan 1906; d. 7 Dec 1994- age 88], had son:
               09----ERLIS OSCAR GLOVER [b. 10 Aug 1927, Holly, Prowers Co, CO; d. 25 Sep 1981, Rawlins, Carbon Co, WY- age 54], m. Norma Margarita BROWN [b. 20 Jan 1927, Gatun, Colon, Panama; d. 16 Jun 2005, Greeley, Weld Co, CO- age 78];

          08----EVAMAE GLOVER [b. 5 Aug 1916; d. 5 Jun 1995- age 78, bur. Holly Cemetery];
06----LUCINDA CREAMER [b. 1849, IN; (not in 1860 census) and
06----BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CREAMER [b. Aug 1855, Barton Co, MO; d. 28 Nov 1925, Gravette, Benton Co, AR- age 60, bur. Bethel Cemetary] .

Married: probably about 1853, MO
2nd Spouse: Maria MOORE
Died: about 1856, leaving one unknown child (pension affidavit)

10 Jan 1858, Barton Co, MO, by John A Creamer
3rd Spouse: Phoebe GILMORE Marsh
Birth: 10 Aug 1823
Death: 26 Jan 1911, Barton Co, MO- age 82, obstruction of bowels, at home of AJ Creamer
Burial: Bluff Cemetery
Phoebe 1st married (about 1850) Sampson Lingo (-1852)
Phoebe 2nd married (about 1854) Minor Marsh (-1857)
Phoebe 3rd married William A Creamer

    3RD MARRIAGE: William and Pheba [Phebe?], had two sons:
06----ANDREW JACKON CREAMER [b. 1857, listed below]; and
06----WILLIAM HARRISON CREAMER [b. 14 Mar 1865, Lamar, Barton Co, MO; d. 30 Sep 1936, Anderson, McDonald Co, MO- age 71], m. Lovey Louise BELLAMY [b. 28 Jul 1888, MO; d. 26 Oct 1918, Anderson, McDonald Co, MO- age 30], had 3 children:
     07----GOLDIE VIRGINIA CREAMER [b. 11 Jan 1907, Proctor, Morgan Co, MO; d. 28 Apr 1991, Boonville, Cooper Co, MO- age 84];
     07----HENRY WILLIAM CREAMER [b. 9 Sep 1913; d. Oct 1984, Grenola, Elk Co, KS- age 71], SSN: 500-01-8682/MO, m. Rosie QUALLS [b. 3 (or 9) Jul 1915, OK; d. 30 Jul 2005, Winfield, Cowley Co, KS- age 90], had 5 children; and
     07----LOVEY LOUISE CREAMER [b. 1 Nov 1916; d. 2 Feb 1985, Goodman, McDonald Co, MO- age 68].

     1850 District 7, Boone Co, IN census: has Moses Creamer 74, b. VA, Farmer w/ $500 RE; William Creamer 24, b. KY, Farmer; Mary Creamer 21, b. KY; John S Creamer 3, b. IN; and Lucinda Creamer 1, IN.
     Next page in this census has: Moses Creamer 51; Jane Creamer 49; and their 8 children.
     Also on this census page has: John Creamer 26; Katherine Creamer 23; and their children.
     1860 Lamar Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has William Cramer 32, b. KY, Farmer w/ $960 RE; Phebe Cramer 30, b. TN; Andrew J Cramer 2, b. MO; John S Cramer 13, b. IN; and John P Rose 17, b. MO, Farm Laborer.
     1870 Union Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has William Creamer 45, b. KY, Farmer w/ $400 RE; Pheba Creamer 51, b. TN; Andrew Creamer 11, b. MO; William Creamer 6, b. MO; Benjamin Creamer 15, b. MO.
     The next family on this census page is: John Creamer 48, b. KY; Survey** Farmer, w/ $1,300 RE; Permelia Creamer 36, b. IN, Keeping House; Delania Creamer 8, b. MO; Thomas Creamer 5, b. KS; and Ulysses G Creamer 1, b. MO.
     1880 Barton City Twp, Barton Co, MO census: has Pheba Creamer 57, b. TN, Widow, Keeping House; Andrew J Creamer 21, b. MO, Works on Farm; Wm H Creamer 16, b. KS, Works on Farm; and James Pennington 20, b. MO, Boarder, Farm Laborer.
     1910 Windsor, Henry Co, MO census: has (all b. MO) Henry W Creamer 28, Laborer 'Farm'-Working Out; Louisa Creamer 21; George O Creamer 8; Samuel L Creamer 7; Macie L Creamer 4; and Goldie J Creamer 1.
     1940 Elk Horn, McDonald Co, MO census: has (all but Rosie b. MO) Henry W Creamer 27, Road Work-WPA Common Labor; Rosie Creamer 21, b. OK; Leroy Creamer 7; and Zelta R Creamer 1.

     PENSION: Phoebe Creamer filed for- and received- a pension, on 11 Jul 1890, based on her deceased husband's military service in the Civil War (Company C 17th KS Cavalry) [appl 435.303, cert 292.719 MO] Upon her death, AJ Creamer petitioned for reimbursement of expenses of last illness and burial. Sarah E Creamer, wife; Mrs Henry Stoltz; and Mrs John Baker, who nursed her during her last illness, waived claim of any reimbursement. He was awarded $36.75.
     AFFIDAVIT: Rhoda Gilmore 66, and Nancy L Baker 48, both residents of Sheldon, Vernon Co, MO, on 9 Apr 1891, stated, "That Phebe Creamer was married previous to the marriage to Wm A Creamer, to Sampson Lingo, that they were married at the house of said Rhoda Gilmore in or about the year of 1850. They also testify that since Sampson Lingo died in about the year 1852, that about two years after the death of Lingo she married Minor Marsh, with whom she lived about five years when he died, that about one year after his death she married Wm A Creamer with whom she lived until he died. They had by this marriage two children, Andrew J and William Creamer.
     "They also testify that Wm A Creamer was married twice before he married the said Phebe Creamer. His first wife died on the road from Indiana to Missouri, his second wife was Maria Moore and Mrs Nancy L Baker saw them married. This wife lived about three years when she died, leaving one child, and about two years after her death the said Wm A Creamer married the said Phebe. And we know that the said Phebe Creamer was a widow, and the said William A Creamer was a widower at the  time of this marriage."
     AFFIDAVIT: ZH and JS Baker made a general affidavit stated, "That they are well acquainted with Phebe Creamer and that they have known her for 35 years. That she had been previously married, being a widow when she married the said Wm A Creamer. Also that Wm A Creamer had been previously married and was a widower when he married the said Phebe Creamer. They had by this marriage two children, both of which were under 16 years of age when their father Wm A Creamer died."

     2003 OBITUARY: La Junta, Colorado. Memorial services for Russell Orlie Glover, 70, of La Junta will be held at 2 pm Friday at First Church of the Nazarene. He died on July 12, 2003. He was born on July 6, 1933 in Crocketts Bluff, Arkansas to Orlie Ray and Viola (Marrs) Glover. He married Norma Jean Steir on June 6, 1966. He served in the Army and was retired from Southeast Colorado Power Association. He was preceded in death by his parents; his brothers, Orville Glover, Oscar Glover, and Robert Glover; and his sisters, Della Swan and Norma Sue Deatherage. He is survived by his wife, Norma; his sons, Danny Glover of Pueblo, Larry Ray Glover of Crowley, and Russell Orlie Glover, Jr of Sweet Home, Oregon; his daughters, Carol Brittain and Peggy Maier, both of La Junta, Penny Meier of Phoenix, Arizona, and Sandra Fox of Trinidad; his brother, LeRoy Glover; his sisters, Arlene Jenkins, Betty Jo Munsell, Myrtle Ensley, and Ruth Estes; seventeen grandchildren; and fifteen great-grandchildren. Johnson-Romero Family Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

[courtesy of "La Junta Tribune-Democrat," 16 Jul 2003 & findagrave.com]

     2007 OBITUARY: Ovel Dean Endsley, 86, of Holly Grove, died March 21, 2007, at Lonoke. He was born in Hardy on Dec 11, 1920, to the late Erbin Haskell and Margie Virginia Spurlock Endsley. He lived in Holly Grove 69 years, was a member of the Church of God, a World War II Purple Heart veteran, and a retired farmer.
     Survivors are his wife of 55 years, Myrtle Glover Endsley of Holly Grove; two daughters, Janice Hopper and husband, Joel, of Lonoke, and Virginia Walker and husband, Dan, of Holly Grove; a sister, Cathleen DeVoe of Little Rock; two grandsons, Wesley Hopper and wife, Allison, of Little Rock, and Trenton Gerlach of Holly Grove; two granddaughters, Melissa Mitchell and husband, Greg, of Roe, and Lana Guenther of England; and a great-granddaughter, Allison Guenther of England.
     Graveside services were Friday, March 23, in Franks Cemetery at Holly Grove by Brown Funeral Home of Clarendon.

[courtesy of Monroe County Sun, 29 Mar 2007 & findagrave.com]


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