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06-Elizabeth (or Eliza Ann) Pinnell
Birth: 7 Sep 1819, KY [1850 Oldham Co, KY census]
Death: 14 Jun 1911, Oldham, KY- age 91
Mother: Eleanor "Nellie" Wilhoite

Marriage: 1837, probably Oldham Co, KY
Spouse: Elijah BARRACKMAN
Birth: 1814, KY [1850 Oldham Co, KY census]
Death: 1895- age 81
Father: Jonathan Barrackman (1782-1848)
Mother: Ann Margaret Wilhoit (1791->1848)

    CHILDREN: Elijah and Elizabeth had the following 10 children:
07----ANDREW BARRICKMAN [b. about 1838, Oldham Co, KY; d. 1864- age 26], a Confederate soldier in Company G, Kentucky Cavalry, was killed in battle and buried in Atlanta, GA;
07----LORINDA BARRICKMAN [b. about 1843, KY]- a male; [1850 census]
07----JOHN WILLIAM BARRICKMAN [b. 1845, listed below];
07----JUDITH ANN BARRICKMAN [b. 2 Feb 1846, KY, Oldham Co.KY; d. 22 Jan 1922, Oldham Co, KY-age 75, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], m. W Henry  PRICE [b. 1858; d. 1938- age 80, bur. Shiloh Cemetery, had daughter:
     08----LOTTIE J PRICE [b. 9 Apr 1889; d. 28 Feb 1973- age 83, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], m. Norris Beverly GUYTON [b. 16 Jan 1883; d. Jan 1968- age 84, bur. Shiloh Cemetery];
07----THOMAS W BARRICKMAN [b. 28 Aug 1848, Oldham Co, KY; d. 30 Aug 1920, KY- age 72, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], m. Mary Elizabeth HAYDON [b. 5 Jul 1851; d. 21 Oct 1941- age 90, bur. Shiloh Cemetery] on 13 Jan 1876, Woodford Co, KY, had seven children: (taught by uncle Wilhoite Barrickman in log school house)
     08----SAMUEL LC BARRICKMAN [b. 16 Oct 1876; d. 15 Nov 1956, Oldham Co, KY- age 80, bur. Valley of Rest Cemetery], m. Nellie WILLIAMS;
     08----LOUANNA BARRICKMAN [b. 9 Sep 1879, Jefferson Co, KY], m. Galt CLAXON;
     08----ELIJAH THOMAS BARRICKMAN [b. 22 Jul 1882; d. 9 Jul 1964, Carroll Co, KY- age 81], m. Eva L BRAY;
     08----WILLIAM CLEVELAND BARRICKMAN [b. 27 Aug 1884; d. 1966, Oldham Co, KY- age 82, bur. Shiloh Cemetery];
     08----EDGAR WILHITE BARRICKMAN [b. 3 Dec 1886, Oldham Co, KY; d. 26 Nov 1951, Oldham Co, KY- age 64, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], a Farmer, m. Stella TAGUE [b. 29 Dec 1890, Henry Co, KY; d. 29 Nov 1951, Oldham Co, KY- age 60, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], had four children;
     08----JOSEPH ERNEST BARRICKMAN [b. 26 Mar 1890; d. 1966, Oldham Co, KY- age 76, bur. Shiloh Cemetery];
     08----LEE ROSS BARRICKMAN [b. 10 Feb 1893; d. 23 Nov 1971, Oldham Co, KY- age 78, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], m. Katherine HENRY [b. 17 Jun 1908; d. 23 Jul 1971, Oldham Co, KY- age 63, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], had son:
          09----GARNET ARNOLD BARRICKMAN [b. & d. 23 Sep 1920, Oldham Co, KY, bur. LaGrange Cemetery];
07----SARAH JANE BARRICKMAN [b. about 1851, Oldham Co, KY; d. 10 Jul 1852, Oldham Co, KY- age 1];
07----ELIJAH EDWARD BARRICKMAN [b. about 1854, Oldham Co, KY];
07----JAMES WILLIS BARRICKMAN [b. 27 Feb 1856, Oldham Co, KY; d. 29 Jan 1933, Barebone, Trimble Co, KY- age 76], m. Artemiss ADWIRE in KY, had two children:
     08----BERTHA BARRICKMAN [b. KY]; and
     08----RAY BARRICKMAN, had son:
          09----WHEL O BARRICKMAN, an attorney in Glasgow, KY;
07----ZACHARIAH COLE BARRICKMAN [b. 29 Jun 1858, Oldham Co, KY; d. 1946, Trimble Co, KY- age 88], m. 1st Pearl ELLIS in KY, m. 2nd Nettie ABBOTT in KY; and
07----RICHARD LEWIS BARRICKMAN [b. 12 Mar 1861, KY; d. 22 Aug 1952, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI- age 91, bur Greenwood Cemetery], m. Sallie Dupee THOMASSON [b. 1862, KY; d. 18 Mar 1930, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN- age 68, bur. Greenwood, Cemetery] on 13 Jan 1886, Kentucky, had five children:
     08----UNA BEULAH BARRICKMAN [b. 14 Feb 1887, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN; d. 12 Dec 1940- age 53], m. Kent A BREWER on 28 Aug 1908, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN, had four children:
          09----HARVEY BREWER, lived in Indiana;
          09----RICHARD BREWER, lived in Louisiana;
          09----ELIZABETH BREWER, m. ___ PRIGG, lived in Portland, OR;
          09----JOSEPHINE BREWER, m. ___ SULLIVAN, lived in Maryland;
     08----LAURA ELEANOR BARRICKMAN [b. 8 Oct 1889, KY; d. 12 Nov 1894, Trimble Co, KY- age 5, bur. Trimble Co, KY];
     08----WILLIAM "WILLIE" COLE BARRICKMAN [b. 11 Feb 1891, Trimble Co, KY; d. 12 Jun 1900, Trimble Co, KY- age 9, bur. Trimble Co, KY];
     08----CECIL B BARRICKMAN [b. 7 Nov 1895, Trimble Co, KY; d. 1973- age 88, bur. Greenwood Cemetery], SSN: 363-07-2410/MI, m. Wilma Dean BEAVER on 31 Jan 1922, lived in Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, no issue;
     08----PAUL VIVIAN BARRICKMAN [b. 19 Oct 1902, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN; d. 21 Jul 1904, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN- age nearly 2, bur. Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN].

     1840 Oldham Co, KY census: has Elijah Barracksman with a family of 4, including one Slave.
     1850 Division 1, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Elijah Barrickman 37, Farmer w/ $2,580 RE; Eliza Barrickman 31; Andrew Barrickman 10, Lorinda Barrickman 7 (male); Jno Barrickman 5; Judith Barrickman 3; and Thomas Barrickman 1.
     1860 Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Elij Barrickman 44, Farmer w/ $4,700 RE; Eliza Barrickman 41; Andrew Barrickman 21, Farmer; John Barrickman 16; Judith Barrickman 14; Thos Barrickman 12; Elijah Barrickman 6; James Barrickman 4; and Zach Barrickman 2.
     1870 Saltillo, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Elijah Barrickman 56, Farmer w/ $8,000 RE; Eliza Barrickman 51, Keeping House; Ann Barrickman 24; Thomas Barrickman 21; Edward Barrickman 16; James Barrickman 14; Cole Barrickman 12; and Lewis Barrickman 10
     1880 Louisville Ward 11, Jefferson Co, KY census: (all but 1 b. KY) has Cole Barrickman 41, Laborer-Wap***; Nettie Barrickman 23 (2 children-2 living); Raymond Barrickman 5; Henry Barrickman 2; Alonzo Maxfield 30, Motorman-Streetcar (Boarder); Hebra Williams 26, Yard Man-Lumber (Boarder); Delmar Witt 23, Pants Presser-Tailer (Boarder); Jesse W Moore 50, Carpenter-House (Boarder); Henry M Head 24, Huckster- Country Produce (Widow)(Boarder); and Nancy Doyle, Cook (Black & Widow) Servant.
     1900 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Richard L Barrickman 39, Farmer; Sallie D Barrickman 37 (4 children-3 living); Una B Barrickman 13; William C Barrickman 9; Cecil B Barrickman 4; Sallie McIntosh 50 (Aunt); and Frederick Fisher 22, (Boarder).
     1910 Greenwood Ward 4, Johnson Co, IN census: has (all b. KY) Richard L Barrickman 49, Proprietor-Retail Grocery; Sarah D Barrickman 47 (5 children-2 living); Cecil B Barrickman 14; and Sarah McIntosh 64 (Aunt).
     1910 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Cole Barrickman 51; Hettie M Barrickman 32; Raymond Barrickman 15; Henry Barrickman 12; and Viola Barrickman 6.
     1920 Pleasant, Johnson Co, IN census: has (all b. KY) Richard L Barrickman 58, Postman-Town; Sallie D Barrickman 57; Cecil B Barrickman 28, Contractor-Roofing Co; Sallie McIntosh 69 (Aunt); and Harry C Wood 55, Operator-Telegraph (Boarder).
     1930 Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN census: has Richard L Barrickman 69, b. KY (Widow); Margaet J Lyons 74, b. IN (Mother-in-Law); and William Parkhurst 64, b. VA, Carpenter-Houses (Boarder).
     1940 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI census: has Cecil B Barrickman 44, b. KY; Wilma D Barrickman 43, b. IN; Richard R Barrickman 79, b. KY (Father, Widow); and Mary B Connette 65, b. IN (Mother-in-Law). No occupations for anyone.​​​