06-Elizabeth Clore
Birth: 20 May 1809, Madison Co, VA
Home: moved to Oldham Co, KY
Death: 28 Apr 1838, Oldham Co, KY- age 29
Burial: Snyder Family Cemetery
Mother: Frances Wilhoite

Marriage: 19 Sep 1819, Oldham Co, KY
Spouse: John SNYDER, Brother of Willis
Birth: 28 Oct 1797, Madison Co, VA
Death: 19 Apr 1853, Oldham Co, KY- age 55
Burial: Snyder Family Cemetery
Father: Adam Snyder (1774-)

     CHILDREN: 33 [pg 151] Elizabeth and John had the following children:
07----LUCY OPHELIA SNYDER [b. 1820, listed below];
07----ROBERT HENRY SNYDER [b. 9 Apr 1822, Oldham Co, KY; d. 29 Oct 1898, Jefferson Co, KY- age 76, bur. Snyder Family Cemetery], m.
Mary Jane "Jennie" MACK [b. 19 Aug 1828, IN], daughter of John Mack (-1844) and Catherine Wilhite (1811-1873) on 20 Dec 1853, Montgomery Co, IN, had children [pg 309]:
     08----JOHN HENRY SNYDER [b. 14 Nov 1854]; 
     08----ROBERT BELL SNYDER [b. 12 Feb 1859];     

     08----LAURELLE SNYDER [b. 1873, KY, d. 1965- age 91, bur. Westminster Memorial Park], m. Preston M WIGGINTON [b. 9 Sep 1874, IN; d. 30 Apr 1934, Clackamas Co, OR- age 59, bur. Westminster Memorial Park], the son of Elijah G Wigginton (1825-19060 and Elizabeth West (1835-1920) on 23 Dec 1893, Floyd Co, IN, had daughter:

          09----ELLABEL WIGGINTON [b. 26 Feb 1896, KY; d. 22 Aug 1968, Orange Co, CA- age 72], SSN: 557-72-5765, m. Gordon Berry FINDLAY [b. 1892, CAN; d. 8 Sep 1974, Orange Co, CA- age 82;

07----NANCY SMITH SNYDER [b. 5 Aug 1825], m.
Benjamin Allen WILHOIT [b. 29 Oct 1821, KY; d. 28 Oct 1868- age 46], son of Zachary [s/o Jesse] Wilhoit (1791-1835) and Judith Clore (1797-1882) on 24 Oct 1844, Oldham Co, KY, had five children [pg 306]:
     08----ELIZABETH ARABELLA WILHOIT [b. 23 Nov 1846];
     08----ROBERT HENRY WILHOIT [b. 31 Dec 1848];
     08----CHARLES WATKINS WILHOIT [b. 14 Mar 1851];
     08----JOHN WILLIS WILHOIT [b. 27 Jun 1855];
     08----HERBERT ALLEN WILHOIT [b. 17 Jul 1859];

07----ELIZABETH ANN SNYDER [b. 15 Jun 1827, d. 25 Mar 1858- age 31][pg 309], m.
William Fields MILLER, MD [b. 24 May 1821; d. 10 Dec 1914, Campbell Co, KY- age 84] on 4 Nov 1847, Oldham Co, KY, had two children:
     08----CLARENCE LINDEN MILLER [b. 6 Dec 1848, d. 10 Jan 1893- age 44]; and
     08----MATTIE BENSON MILLER [b. 27 Aug 1854].
07----JOHN WILLIS SNYDER [b. 30 Sep 1829, KY; d. 30 Oct 1856- age 27, bur. Snyder Family Cemetery];
07----MILDRED FRANCES SNYDER [b. 2 Nov 1832; d. 3 Sep 1858- age 26, bur. Snyder Family Cemetery];

07----PHILIP HENSHAW SNYDER [b. 13 May 1835], m.
Mary Elizabeth YAGER [b. 19 Feb 1838] on 5 Feb 1857, Oldham Co, KY, had nine children [pg 309]:
     08----WILTON SNYDER [b. 11 Jan 1858; d. 20 May 1957, Jefferson Co, KY- age 99];
     08----NANNIE ELIZABETH SNYDER [b. 19 Nov 1859; d. 4 Oct 1890- age 30];
     08----FLORENCE PINK SNYDER [b. 1 Mar __ ];
     08----ZULU MAUD SNYDER [b. 20 Sep __ ];
     08----SILAS OSCAR SNYDER [b. 23 Jun 1866];
     08----LOUISA JOHN SNYDER [b. 21 Sep 1869];
     08----JESSIE DRUCILLA SNYDER [b. 14 Aug 1873];
     08----ROBERT CLIFTON SNYDER [b. 24 Nov 1876];
     08----WILLIAM ELLIS SNYDER [b. 16 Apr 1879; d. 6 Dec 1960, Jefferson Co, KY- age 81];

07----MARY ALICE SNYDER [b. 7 May 1838] [pg 309], m.
William Fields MILLER, MD, widower of her dead sister Elizabeth, on 23 Feb 1860, Daviess Co, KY, had three children:
     08----ANNIE PINKERTON MILLER [b. 20 Aug 1862];
     08----RUTH WALKER MILLER [b. 24 Jun 1866]; and
     08----HARRY STUCKY MILLER [b. 28 Jun 1871].

     HIS 2ND MARRIAGE: John second married
Rosetta SIMCOE [b. 28 Jul 1810; d. 22 May 1892- age 71, bur. Snyder Family Cemetery] on 27 Nov 1839, Jefferson Co, KY, and had daughter:
07----RUTH MARIAH SNYDER [b. 2 May 1842, KY; d. 9 Aug 1866, KY- age 44, bur. Snyder Family Cemetery].

     1898 WILL: I Robert H Snyder, of Louisville Kentucky being in feeble health but of sound mind and disposing memory, make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills made by me,

     First, I direct that my funeral expenses be first paid.

     Second, I will to my beloved wife Jennie Snyder all of my household furniture and silver ware,

     Third, I will that all of the remainder of my property at my death, real, personal and mixed be equally divided between my wife Jennie Snyder and my two sons John H and Robert B Snyder.

     I hereby appoint my son John H Snyder Executor of this my last will and testament, and request the Judge of the Jefferson County Court to allow him to qualify without security. I hereby sign my name to this my last will and testament in the presence of SM Bernard and Thomas H Taylor and they signed their names at my request and in my presence, as witnesses, to my signature this October 8th, 1898.

​[Jefferson Co, KY Wills, Vol 21-23, 1896-1901]

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     1860 Louisville Ward 1, Jefferson Co, KY census:
 has RH Snyder 37, b. KY; Jane Snyder 30, b. IN; John Snyder 5, b. KY; Robert B Snyder 2, b. KY; Catherine Mack 42, b. KY; William Mack 17, b. IN; and Mary Mack 18, b. IN, Servant.
     1870 Louisville Ward 4, Jefferson Co, KY census: 
has (all but Mary J b. KY) Robert H Snyder 47, Coal Dealer w/ $12,000 RE; Mary J Snyder 41, b. IN, Keeps House; John H Snyder 15; Robert B Snyder 11; Catherine Mack 57; William B Mack 29, Clerk in Coal Office; and Ann Brown, Domestic Servant.

     1880 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY census: has (all but Mary b. KY) RH Snyder 58, Contractor; Mary J Snyder 49, b. IN; Robert B. Snyder 21, Express Agt; JH Snyder 24; and Lauriella Snyder 6.

​     1910 Butte Ward 6, Silver Bow Co, MT census: has 

Preston Wigginton 35, b. IN, Agent-Insurance; Lorella Wigginton 34, b. KY; and Ellabel Wigginton 14, b. KY.

​     1930 Lake Grove, Clackamas Co, OR census: has Preston M Wigginton 56, b. IN, Adjuster-Insurance Co; and Laurella S Wigginton 54, b. KY.

     1940 Newport Beach, Orange Co, CA census: has 

Gordon B Findlay 48, b. CAN, Contractor-Builder; Ellabel Findlay 44, b. KY; Bonnie Jean Findlay 8, b. CA ; and Laurella Wigginton 66, b. KY (Mother-in-law).