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06-Mary Eliza Shirley
Birth: 3 Apr 1832, KY
Death: 27 Sep 1883, Woodford Co, KY- age 51
Father: Lawrence Shirley

Marriage: 27 Jul 1853, Oldham Co, KY
Spouse: Thomas Hawkins HAYDON
Birth: 26 Apr 1819
Death: 19 Oct 1898, Woodford Co, KY- age 79
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Thomas Haydon (1820-)
Mother: Mary E ___ (1833-)

     CHILDREN: Mary Eliza and Thomas had 12 children;
07----MARY ELIZABETH HAYDON [b. 5 Jul 1854, KY], m. Thomas BARRICKMAN; (refer to 06-Elizabeth Pinnell/Elijah Barrickman page)
07----THOMAS SHIRLEY HAYDON [b. 18 May 1857, KY; d. 24 Nov 1913, Jessamine Co, KY- age 56, bur. Maple Grove Cemetery], m. Eliza Williams McCANLEY [b. 23 Jun 1859; d. 5 Feb 1891- age 31] on 27 Apr 1882, Woodford Co, KY;
07----JAMES SAMUEL HAYDON [b. 2 Sep 1858, KY; d. 16 Dec 1947- age 89], m. Mary Etta "Annie" ___ [b. Jun 1876, KY], had daughter:
     08----MARY L HAYDON [b. Feb 1899, KY]; (census)
07----JOSEPH FORKNER HAYDON [b. 3 Mar 1861, Woodford Co, KY; d. 1 Mar 1954, Jessamine Co, KY- age 92, bur. Maple Grove Cemetery], m. Mary GUYN [b. Jul 1876, KY; d. 11 Mar 1851- age 74, bur. Maple Grove Cemetery], had six children:
     08----MAGGIE M HAYDON [b. May 1898, KY];
     08----RENA HAYDON [b. Jan 1901, KY];
     08----LOTTIE HAYDON [b. about 1901, KY];
     08----GUYN HAYDON [b. about 1904, KY; d. Jul 1997- age 93, bur. Crestlawn Cemetery], m. Alma CRAFT [b. about 1914, KY; d. 7 Nov 2012, Vero Beach, Indian River Co, FL- age 98, bur. Crestlawn Cemetery], daughter of Floyd Craft (1878-) and Alice ___ (1885-);
     08----THOMAS H HAYDON [b. 26 Jul 1907, KY; d. 19 Mar 1995, Fayette Co, KY, Vol 13/6234- age 86], SSN: 401-10-1063/KY, US Army (4 May 1944-19 Oct 1945); and
     08----REBECCA HAYDON [b. about 1910, KY];
07----LUCRETIA JANE HAYDON [b. 29 Jun 1862, KY];
07----KATHARINE HAYDON [b. 29 Oct 1865, KY], m. James Edward WHEELER [b. Apr 1864, KY], had seven children: [census]
     08----GUY LAWRENCE WHEELER [b. 11 Jun 1887, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY; d. 3 Feb 1936, Chicago, Cook Co, IL- age 48], registered for draft WW1, m. Frances EMMETT [b. about1892, IA] on 24 Apr 1911, Waukegon, Lake Co, IL, had twin sons:
          09----JOHN "JACK" L WHEELER [b. 28 May 1911, Chicago, Cook Co, IL; d. 4 Jun 1991, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, IA- age 81], m. Lorene Ann HOLETS, had 3 children; and
          09----JAMES EMMETT WHEELER [b. 28 May 1911, Chicago Ward 13, Cook Co, IL; d. Feb 1973, Dundalk, Baltimore Co, MD- age 61], m. Eleanor Frances HOLETS, SSN: 479-01-0379/IA;
     08----JAMES M WHEELER [b. Oct 1888, KY];
     08----HENRY M WHEELER [b. Aug 1890, KY];
     08----LILLIE E WHEELER [b. Oct 1892, KY];
     08----ELIZABETH F WHEELER [b. Mar 1894, KY];
     08----KATHRYN ROSEINA WHEELER [b. Aug 1895, KY], m. Charles J RENARD [b. about 1891] on 22 Apr 1916, Chicago, Cook Co, IL, had daughter:
          09----JANE KATHERINE RENARD [b. about 1919, IL];
     08----EMMET R WHEELER [b. Sep 1898, KY];
07----JOHN (tombstone has James) EDWARD HAYDON [b. 8 Jan 1867, KY; d. 1 Sep 1925, Nonesuch, Woodford Co, KY- age 58, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery], m. Sallie Jane GUYN [b. 24 Sep 1869, KY; d. 10 Jun 1915, Woodford Co, KY- age 45, of Tuberculosis, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery], daughter of J Guyn and Bell Walker on 21 Jan 1892, Woodford Co, KY, has 4 children:
     08----MARY BELLE HAYDON [b. 1896; d. 13 Sep 1919, Woodford Co, KY- age 23, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery];
     08----LIZZIE LONG HAYDON [b. 24 Aug 1899, KY; d. 6 Sep 1921, Woodford Co, KY- age 22, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery];
     08----LENA RIVERS HAYDON [b. 29 Apr 1902, Woodford Co, KY; d. 7 Jun 1917, Woodford Co, KY- age 15, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery];
     08----JOHN E HAYDON [b. Nov 1905, KY; d. 24 Nov 1905, KY- age 2 weeks, bur. Ebenezer Cemetery];
07----MARTHA IRENE HAYDON [b. 27 Mar 1868, KY; d. 17 Sep 1950, Fayette Co, KY- age 82], m. William Alexander BLACK [b. 7 May 1867; d. 15 Nov 1931, Versailles Co, KY- age 64], son of James A Black (1868-) and Elizebeth A ___ (1842-), on 29 Nov 1888, Woodford Co, KY, had son:
     08----JESSE WILLIAM BLACK [b. 14 Jan 1902, KY; d. 11 Sep 1958- age 56], m. Anna I CASE on 1 Oct 1920, Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN, had son:
          09----RAY L BLACK [b. 2 May 1926, Jessamine Co, KY; d. 26 Mar 2005- age 78];
07----LAURA AUGUSTA HAYDON [b. 30 Sep 1870, KY], m. Ritch LOWRY [b. about 1865];
07----MARGARET FIELDS HAYDON [b. 20 Jan 1872, KY];
07----NORA HAYDON [b. 15 May 1873, KY]; and
07----ELLA HAYDON [b. 10 Nov 1875, KY].

     1880 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Thomas Haydon 60, Farmer; Mary E Haydon 47, Keeping House; Thomas S Haydon 23, Farmer; James S Haydon 21, Farmer; Joseph Haydon 19; Lucretia Haydon 17; Catherine Haydon 15; Edward Haydon 12; Irene Haydon 10; Laura Haydon 8; Margaret Haydon 6; Nora Haydon 5; and Ella Haydon 4.
     1900 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James S Haydon 40 (b. Sep 1859), Farmer; Annie Haydon 23 (1 child-1 living); and Mary L Haydon 1.
     1900 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Joseph Haydon 38; Mary Haydon 24 (2 children-2 living); Maggie Haydon 2; and Rena Haydon 1.
     1900 Louisville Ward 1, KY census: has (all b. KY) James E Wheeler 36, Live Stock Broker; Catherine E Wheeler 34 (7 children-7 living); Gay L Wheeler 12; James M Wheeler 11; Henry M Wheeler 9; Lillie E Wheeler 7; Elizabeth F Wheeler 6; Roseina K Wheeler 4; and Emmet R Wheeler 1.
     1910 Wilmore, Jessamine Co, KY census: has Joseph Haydon 45; Mary W Haydon 33; Maggie M Haydon 13; Rena B Haydon 11; Lottie C Haydon 8; Guyn Haydon 6; Thomas H Haydon 2; and Rebecca Haydon 2/12.
     1910 Chicago Ward 32, Cook Co, IL census: has (all b. KY) James B Wheeler 45, Broker- Live Stock; Katherin E Wheeler 43 (7 children-7 living); Guy L Wheeler 22, Broker-Live Stock; James M Wheeler 21, Broker-Live Stock; Henry M Wheeler 19, Broker-Live Stock; Tillie E Wheeler 17; Elizabeth F Wheeler 16; Rosenia K Wheeler 14; and Emmet R Wheeler 11.
     1920 Magistrial District #6, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James E Haydon 61, Farmer-General; Mary E Haydon 42; and Mary L Haydon 20.
     1920 Nicholasville, Jessamine Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Joe Haydon 57, Farmer-General Farm; Mary Haydon 42; Maggie Haydon 22, City Collector; Rena Haydon 19, Sales Lady-Dry Goods Store; Lottie Haydon 17; Guyn Haydon 13; and Thomas Haydon 12.
     1920 Chicago Ward 7, Cook Co, IL census: has Guy F Wheeler 32, b. KY, Commercial Salesman-Live Stock Comp; Francis E Wheeler 32, b. IL; James E Wheeler 8, b. IL; John L Wheeler 8, b. IL; and Marie Boehm 15, b. Hungary, Servant-Private Family.
     1920 Indianapolis Ward 1, Marion Co, IN census: has Charles J Renard 29, b. IL, Buyer-Live Stock; Katherine Renard 24, b. KY; and Jane Katherine Renard 1-1/12, b. IL.
     1920 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) William A Black 52, Farmer-General; Mattie I Black 51; and Jessie W Black 18.
     1930 Nicholasville, Jessamine Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Joseph Haydon 68 w/ $3,000 RE; Mary Haydon 53; Rena Haydon 31, Merchant-Retail Clothing; Lottie Haydon 29, Bookkeeper-Lumber Yard; Guyn Haydon 26 (Son), Com Salesman-Wholesale Elec Co; and Thomas Haydon 23, Com Salesman-Ret Electric Co.
     1930 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) James Haydon 71, Farmer-General Farm; and Mary E Haydon 52.
     1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Guy L Wheeler 42, b. KY, Commissioner-Live Stock; Frances E Wheeler 38, b. IA; Jack L Wheeler 18, b. IL; and J Emmett Wheeler18, b. IL.
     1930 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN census: has Charles J Renard 39, b. IL, Buyer- Stock Yards w/ $15,000 RE; Kathryn R Renard 34, b. KY; Jane K Renard 11, b. IL; and Kathryn Wheeler 64, b. KY (Mother-in-Law).
     1930 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Jesse Black 29, Farmer-General Farm; Anna Black 30; and Ray L Black 3-11/12.
     1940 Woodford Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) James S Haydon 81; and Mary Etta Haydon 60.
     1940 Nicholasville, Jessamine Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Joseph F Haydon 79; Mary WG Haydon 63; and Ethel F Cannon 18, Housekeeper.
     1940 Clover Bottom, Woodford Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) James S Haydon 81; and Mary Etta Haydon 60.
     1940 Hazard, Perry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) EP Phelps 44, Sales Manager-Department House; Martha Phelps 39, Bookkeeper-Stenling? Hardware; Rose B Rose 69, Teacher-Public School; Rena Haydon 41, Secretary (Lodger); Lottie Haydon 38, Bookkeeper-Major Store (Lodger); and Thomas H Haydon 32, Salesman-Private Practice (Lodger).
     1940 Putnan, Linn Co, IA census: has Katherine A Emmett 53, b. IA; Frances E Wheeler 49, b. IA (Sister); and John L Wheeler 28, b. IL, Operator-Farm (Nephew).
     1940 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN census: has Charles J Renard 49, b. IL, Live Stock Broker-Buyer Live Stock w/ $10,000 RE; Kathryn Renard 44, b. KY; and Jane Renard 21, b. IL.

     1917 OBITUARY: Lena Rivers Haydon. Daughter of Ed Haydon and Jennie Guyn (Sallie J). Charlie Haydon of Wilmore, KY was informant. She passed from Tuberculosis.
     Mr and Mrs Joe Haydon were called to Woodford County by the death of their niecem Miss Lena Rivers Haydon, aged 15, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Haydon. She died of Tuberculosis.
[Lexington Herald, June 10, 1917 via findagrave.com]

     1921 OBITUARY: Lizzie Long Haydon. She, along with mother and other siblings, passed fromTuberculosis. At the time of her death she was survived by her father, two sisters and three brothers. Surviving siblings known, Joseph Robert Haydon (Aug 10, 1894-Feb 14, 1982), Charles, Minnie.

     1925 OBITUARY: James Edward "Ed" Haydon. Son of Tom Haydon, Charley Haydon of Nonesuch, Woodford County was informant. He was struck by lightning and killed instantly.
     The Nonesuch neighborhood was visited by a severe electrical storm, Thursday afternoon about 2 o'clock, in which Edward Haydon and a horse were killed, but only a slight shower of rain fell.
[Lexington Herald, Sunday, September 6, 1925 via findagrave.com]

     2012 OBITUARY: Alma Haydon, 97, died Nov 7, 2012 at VNA Hospice House in Vero Beach. She was born in Guage, KY and lived in Vero Beach for 52 years, coming from Fort Knox, KY. She was a secretary for the Department of the Army at Fort Knox for 20 years and worked locally for the Luke Knight Fruit Co until her retirement. She was a member of Indian River Presbyterian Church in Fort Pierce and its Church Circle. She also was a member of the Merry Widows Club and the XYZ Club. She was a graduate of Morgan County High School in West Liberty, KY.
     Survivor include her sister, Ruth C McLin. She was preceded in death by her husband, Guyn Haydon; brothers, Hager Craft, Elmer Craft, SE Craft, Homer Craft and Charles Craft; and sisters, Mary Bays, Martha Baker and Mabel Smith.
     Services: Visitation will be from 1-2 pm Nov 10 at Strunk Funeral Home in Vero Beach, with a service at 2 pm in the funeral home chapel. Interment will follow in Crestlawn Cemetery, Vero Beach.
[Published in the TC Palm, Nov 9, 2012]