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REFERENCES on this web page are in many forms. Early information is presented without specific reference. General references from a particular government agency are sent to a reference page. Specific references, such as marriage records from a courthouse, are listed on that specific page. Sometimes a single sentence has information from many sources.

COURTHOUSE RECORDS: show Book/Page numbers for courthouses I have been fortunate enough to visit. Military and pension records presented are abstracts of records from (hand-written, difficult to decipher) government sources. The (sometimes fanciful) words can be interpreted many different ways, dependent on the person collecting the information. I have tried not to correct spelling, even when I know better.

CEMETERIES: (reference 2) are presented on a single web page and their reference numbers are being deleted from the text as I wander among the pages.

GENEALOGISTS: Most of these records are built on the work of those genealogists listed in RED below, over the years. You will see their names throughout the text. Genealogy has been revolutionized in this computer age. I salute those who have slaved through limited information sources and provided their own family lines. It is obvious whose work is presented. I apologize if I have used your information and have not given credit.

1. DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition: (Revolutionary War)
----Jacob: b --- d 1-2-1801 KY m (1) x (2) x (3) Hannah Weaver PS VA
----Nicholas: b 10-6-57 GR d 7-17-1849 KY m Fannie Wilhoyt Pvt VA PNSR
----Samuel: b 7-31-1754 VA d a 11-5-1827 KY m Amy Yager Sol VA
----Thomas: b c 1763 VA d 1835 KY m Jemima --- PS VA
----Ambrose, b c 1740 FR d a 7-24-1834 IN m (1) Mary Turpen (2) Elizabeth Blankenbaker Sol VA, page 1128 [SHIRLEY]
----James: b 1739 VA d 1815 KY m Judith Garriott Pvt CL VA
----James: b 1762 VA d c 12-23-1841 VA m Mary (Polly) Crane Pvt VA PNSR
----Tobias: b 10-15-1750 VA d 2-7-1839 KY m Mary Shirley Pvt VA

2. CEMETERIES with GARRIOTT and associated family names

3. RICE, Christine Rogers, "Genesis in Virginia-- Exodus to Illinois," Vol. 1, 1995, Carbondale, IL 62901.
4. COBB, Georgia, "Register of Huguenot Ancestors," The National Huguenot Society, 1975, page 154.
WATERS, "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Indiana," 1949, [with supplement 1954, page 39, 1970]; Genealogical Publishing Co, 1001 North Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21022, Phone: 410-837-8271

6. DESCENDANT references:
----BECKIUS, 10-Eugene Joseph >09-MartinJoseph >08-RosemaryDearth >07-WilliamHenry >06-MarthaEllenGarriott >05-ZachariahGarriott >04-JohnGarriott >03-ThomasGarriott
----GARRIOTT, 08-Chester "Chet" >07-BodleEdgar >06-JohnMilton >05-Jacob >04-ElijahL >03-AmbroseSGarriott -----GARRIOTT, 08-Hattie Mildred >07-AmbroseHarvey >06-AmbroseNewton >05-AmbroseJr >04-ElijahL >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----GARRIOTT, 07-James Roscoe >06-AlbertMonroe >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-AmbroseSGarriott ----GARRIOTT, 09-John "Jack" William, >08-AlbertLeon >07-JohnFrancis >06-AlbertMonroe >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----GARRIOTT, 08-LaVerne >07-JamesRoscoe >06-AlbertMonroe >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----GARRIOTT, 07-PerryElmer >06-AlbertMonroe >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-AmbroseSGarriott ----GARRIOTTE, 09-Dale E Jr >08-Dale E Sr >07-JesseLee >06-JamesKnox >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-Ambrose
----GATREL, 10-Sandra Faye >09-ArnoldLeeGatrel >08-MabelFlorenceGadberry >07-IdaMaeGarriott >06-JohnMilton >05-Jacob >04-ElijahL >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----PECAR, 10-Margaret Rose >09-AllenJosephPecar >08-GilbertAllenPecar >07-GeorgeChristopherPecar >06-LucyEllenAbbott >05-LucyAnneGarriott >04-Loven >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----SMILEY, 09-Cecilia Ann >08-CecilWayneSmiley >07-CoraLeurendaJaneGarriott >06-JohnMilton >05-Jacob >04-ElijahL >03-AmbroseSGarriott
----WALKER, 08-Zanita Jeannette >07-CarrieMayGarriott >06-AlbertMonroe >05-JamesMadison >04-Jacob >03-AmbroseSGarriott

7. "History of Washington County, Indiana 1916-1976." Compiled under the auspices of the Washington County Historical Society, 307 E Market Street, Salem, IN 47167, Unigraphic, Evansville, IN, 1976, Phone: 812-883-6495: (Gibson Township, page 50; William Garriott family, page 278; Garriott family, page 392)
8.  NSDAR: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Memorial Continental Hall, 1776 D Street NW, Washington DC 20006-5392 (military records; state birth, death, marriage records; family lines) Phone: 202-628-1776, www.dar.org
9.  NSSAR: National Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1000 South Fourth Street, Louisville, KY, 40203, [family lineage], Phone: 502-589-1776, www.sar.org
10.  Publick Service Claims, Culpeper Co, VA, Court Booklet 1. Order Number 59-127, 8 Feb 1784, page 3. "Jacob Blankenbaker September 4, 1780 for 9 gallons of Brandy."

11. FITZPATRICK, Julia R, RR2, Box 152, Pekin, IN 47165
12. BURGE, Nancy Hudson

13. Missouri Republican, Tuesday, November 12, 1833, page 3/Col. 1. (Ambrose Jr Garriott), from the Missouri Historical Society, St Louis, 12, MO.
14. Clinton Co, IL Sesquicentennial History, 1984

15. CIVIL WAR soldiers/Garriott descendants:
----BRITTAIN, James Collin >Margaret"Peggy" >2ElijahL >1AmbroseSGarriott (died at Battle of Shiloh)
----GARRIOTT, Ambrose Newton >3AmbroseJr >2ElijahL >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company E, 34th Regiment IA Infantry Volunteers
----GARRIOTT, Jacob Jr. >2JacobSr. >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company K, 140th Regiment, IN Infantry Volunteers
----GARRIOTT, James Knox >3JamesMadison >2Jacob >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company L, 9th Regiment, IN Legion Volunteers
----GARRIOTT, John Milton >3Jacob >2ElijahL 1>AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company B, 18th Regiment, MO Infantry/Battle of Shiloh/Atlanta Campaign
----GARRIOTT, John Washington >3AmbroseJr >2ElijahL >1AmbroseSGarriott Corp, Company G, 18th Regiment, MO Infantry/Battle of Shiloh-- Captured at Pittsburg Landing, TN, paroled Montgomery, AL
----GARRIOTT, Joseph Andrew >3EvanMadison >2Loven >1AmbroseSGarriott 4th Sgt, Company G, 9th Regiment, KY Cavalry (Confederate)-- Captured in Trimble Co, KY, signed "Oath of Allegiance" and imprisoned in Louisville, KY, Mar 1864
----GARRIOTT, Simeon >2Daniel >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company B, 54th Regiment KY, Infantry Volunteers
----GARRIOTT, Simeon >3JohnVaughn >2Simeon >1AmbroseSGarriott Sgt, Company F, 66th Regiment, IN Volunteer Infantry/Atlanta Campaign
----GARRIOTT, Simeon Finley >3WilliamDue >2Simeon >1AmbroseSGarriott> Pvt, Company F, 66th Regiment, IN Volunteer Infantry/Atlanta Campaign
----GARRIOTT, William D >3JamesMilton >2Simeon >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company F, 66th Regiment IN, Volunteer Infantry/Atlanta Campaign
----GARRIOTT, William Washington >3JamesMadison >2Jacob >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company L, 9th Regiment, IN Legion Volunteers
----GARRIOTT, William Woodford >2WilliamG >1AmbroseAGarriott
----McKNIGHT, James R. >3JaneAGarriott >2Jacob >1AmbroseAGarriott Pvt, Company B, 16th Regiment, IN Infantry Volunteers
----McKNIGHT, Elijah >3JaneAGarriott >2Jacob >1AmbroseAGarriott
----McKNIGHT, Jacob >JaneAGarriott >2Jacob >AmbroseAGarriott
----McKNIGHT, Robert Martin >3JaneAGarriott >2Jacob >1AmbroseAGarriott Pvt, Company B, 16th Regiment, IN Infantry Volunteers
----THOMPSON, Moses Benton >3AmandaGarriott >2William >1AmbroseSGarriott Pvt, Company H, 66th Regiment, IN Volunteer Infantry/Atlanta Campaign
----THOMPSON, William Hamilton >3AmandaGarriott >2William >1AmbroseSGarriott Corp, Company H, 66th Regiment, IN Volunteer Infantry/Atlanta Campaign-- Killed in action here, buried at Atlanta, GA
----TRUEBLOOD, Nathan

16. National Archives and Records Administration, Textual Reference Branch [NNR1], 7th & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20408. [military, pension, bounty-land warrant applications, and census records] Phone: 202-501-5400 (for 20 application forms, call 202-501-5652)
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41. WORLD WAR ONE Garriott descendants:
----GARRIOTT, Perry Elmer, 6AlbertMonroeGarriott, 5JamesMadisonGarriott >4JacobGarriott >3AmbroseSGarriott
----THOMPSON, Noble Hendrix, 6MosesBentonThompson >5AmandaGarriott > 4WilliamGGarriott >3AmbroseSGarriott

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