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     1850 District 2, Ohio Co, KY census: 
has Thomas Bunger 47, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; and George Bunger 18, Farmer.
     1860 Bells, Ohio Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) George W Bunger 25, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Mary J Bunger 22; and Mary E Bunger 3.
     On the same census page
is: (all b. KY) Thos Bunger 56, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; and Samuel P Wilhite 15, Board & Far.
     1870 Bartlett, Ohio Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Geo W Bunger 34, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Mary J Bunger 32; Mary E Bunger 14; and Stephen R Ezell 7.
     On the same census page is: (all b. KY) Thos Bunger 68, Farmer w/ $2,300 RE; Mehala Bunger 45, Housekeeper; Leonard T Bunger 7; and Mary E Bunger 4.
     1880 Hartford, Ohio Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) George W Bunger 43, Deputy Sheriff; Mary J Bunger 41; Mary E Bunger 20; and Stephen Ezell 18.
     1900 Hartford, Ohio Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) George Bunger 68, Wagon Maker; Mary J Bunger 62; and Mary E Bunger 44.
     1910 Hartford, Ohio Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) George W Bunger 77, Own Income; Mary J Bunger 73; and Mary E Bunger 54, Seamstress-at Home.

03-Thomas Garriott
Birth: about 1720 [date based on leases]
Death: after 1784- age 64
Father: Moses Sr Garriott?

Spouse: Mary M ___

     CHILDREN: (from Madison Co, VA & LDS records)
04----BARBARY GARRIOTT [b. 1772, listed below];

04----MARY GARRIOTT [b. 1772, VA-- twin] (LDS records), m.
Phillip BUNGER (brothers?) on 1 Jan 1798, Madison Co, VA: Bk 1/248, min. William Carpenter, Bondsman Samuel Garriott, letter by Thomas Garriott for marriage of his daughter, witnessed by Wm Garriott, had son:
     05----THOMAS BUNGER [b. 27 Oct 1803, KY; d. 3 Apr 1873- age 69, bur. Old Bells Run Baptist Church Cemetery], m. 1st Mary
Martha ___ [b. about 1808; d. 6 Sep 1851- age 43, bur. Old Bells Run Cemetery], had two children:
          06----HENRY BUNGER; and
          06----GEORGE JOHN WINFIELD BUNGER [b. 27 Jun 1832, Hardin Co, KY; d. 13 Jan 1917- age 84, bur. Oakwood Cemetery], m.
Mary Jane WILHITE [b. Sep 1837, Hardin Co, KY; d. 25 Oct 1920- age 83, bur. Oakwood Cemetery] on 1 May 1854, Ohio Co, KY, had daughter:
               07----MARY ELIZABETH  BUNGER [b. 15 Apr 1856, Ohio Co, KY; d. 12 Aug 1918, Ohio Co, KY- age 62, bur. Oakwood Cemetery];
     Thomas 2nd married
Mahala HOOVER [b. 22 Aug 1824, KY; d. 18 Dec 1886, Ohio Co, KY- age 62, bur. Old Bells Run Baptist Church Cemetery], the daughter of Leonard Hoover and Nancy Ann Ward, on 27 Nov 1861, Ohio Co, KY;

04----JOHN LILLARD GARRIOTT [b. 1775, VA] (LDS records); and
04----LEVINA GARRIOTT [b. 1780, VA] (LDS records), m.
Joseph GOOD, son of Casper Good, on 6 Oct 1803, Madison Co, VA: Bk 1/253, min.

     1737 PROPERTY LEASE: [Orange Co, VA Deed Bk 172/268-71, dated 18 May 1744] Richard Mauldin of Caroline County, Gent., to Thomas Garrott of Spotsylvania County, shoemaker. Lease and release; for, "20 pounds current money... 246 acres in the little fork... at a corner of Mr. Joshua Fry's... with Richard Yarbrough's line... in a valey corner to John Wilson's..." On 23 Mar 1737, acknowledged by Richard Mauldin. On motion of Richard Yarbrough admitted to record. Delivered to Thomas Garrett 18 May 1744.  
     1742 PROPERTY LINE: [Orange Co, VA Deed Bk 9/9-12, dated 24 Mar 1742] Thom Garratt's property abutted 100 acres purchased, by Joshua Yarbrough of St Marks Parish, Orange Co, VA, on the south side of the Robinson River, between Joshua Fry's and Ambrose Powell's line. [Orange Co, VA Deed Book 5,6,7,8, pg 186-7] Same property sold in 1743 by Joshua Yarbrough and Sarah, his wife, to Goodrich Lightfoot. Here it was bounded by Thomas Garrott's property. Recorded 24 Nov 1743.
     1744 PROPERTY RELEASE: [Orange Co, VA Deed Bk 9/194-6, dated 3 Aug 1744] Thomas Garriott and Mary M Garriott his wife, of Orange Co, [VA] released lien on 246 acres in the fork of the Robinson River. Recorded 23 Aug 1744.

     1773 ESTATE SALE:
[Culpeper Co, VA Will Bk B&C]  Thomas Garriott was listed as purchaser at the estate sale of Sharper Adkins, dec'd. Recorded 15 Mar 1773.

     1781 LIST OF CLASSES:
[Culpeper Co, VA, January 1781] Thomas Garriett, a draft, was recorded in List of Classes for January 1781, No. 54, "For recruiting this states' [eligible] quota of troops to serve in the Continental Army."

Culpeper Co, VA, list of Henry Hitt, Gent, has a Thomas Garrott.

     1784 APPRENTICE: [Culpeper Co, VA Deed Book M, 1783-1785, page 162] Thomas Garrott, on 13 Jan 1784, signed an indenture with William Holloway in Culpeper Co, VA to bind Holloway's son George as an apprentice to serve Thomas Garrott, "Untill he comes to age of Twenty One years during which time he is to obey his Masters Lawful commands and behave himself."
     Thomas Garrott, "Doth oblidge himself to find said George in good warm & sufficient clothing & Lodging suitable for an Apprentice with Wholesome and Sufficient diet also to teach him to read, write and Cypher at the Expiration of said Term of years at his Freedom, to give him a set of SHOE MAKERS tools and learn him the trade of a SHOEMAKER."

     1785 HORSE SALE:
[Culpeper Co, VA Deed Bk N/113] Thomas Garrott Jr sold to William Lewis one Bay mare about 4 feet, 4 or 5 inches high, not branded about 9 or 10 years old for one pound ten shillings. Recorded 20 May 1785.
     1798 HORSE SOLD: [Madison Co, VA Deed Bk 2, dated 12 Feb 1798] Thomas Garriott sold to Jesse Wilhoite, "For consideration of one Grey Horse valued at 20 pounds immediately delivered to me... sold one Sorrell horse rising four years old about four feet, eleven inches high with a few white hairs in his forehead and branded M on his near four Shoulder and a dark Bay mare rising eight years old with a few white hairs on her left Shoulder."

     1804 MARRIAGE: [Madison Co, VA: Bk 1/254] A Thomas Garriott married Anna Good, daughter of Anna Finch?

     1815 WILL: The will of Jesse Fletcher in Farquier Co, VA, the county adjacent to Culpeper Co, refers to his daughter Mary Fletcher Garrott (or Garrett).

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