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04-Barbary Garriott
Birth: 1772, VA, a twin [LDS]
Death: Sep 1859, Meade Co, KY- age 87
Burial: Bunger Cemetery
Father: Thomas Garriott

Marriage: 17 Dec 1798, Madison Co, VA, BK 1/249
[Bondsman Jacob Bungar, letter by Thomas Garriott for marriage of his daughter]
2nd Spouse: Henry Thomas Bunger
Birth: about 1777, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 18 May 1860, Meade Co, KY- age 83, ID MRT197_42927
Burial: Bunger Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Valentine Bunger (1740-1806)
Mother: Elizabeth Lnu? (1745-1810)

     CHILDREN: Elizabeth and Henry had a four children: [Webber Family Tree & Troxel Family Tree]
05----WILLIAM G BUNGER [b. 22 Mar 1802; d. 22 Feb 1877- age 74, bur. Bunger Cemetery] [an Elizabeth Bunger (1807-1865), wife of Wm, is listed as bur. Bunger Cemetery]; and
05----SAMUEL DEAN BUNGER [b. 1805, listed below].

     1800 Mercer Co, KY census: has Henry Bunger on Tax List. (Early KY Census Index)
     1820 Little York, Hardin Co, KY census: has Henry Bunger with a household of 5: three Males: one (10-12); one (16-25); one (45+); and Females: one (10-15); and one (26-44).
,    1830 Hardin Co, KY census: has Henry Bunger with a household of 7: four Males: one (<5); one (15-19); one (20-29); one (50-59); and three Females: one (10-14); one (20-29); and one (50-59).
     1850 Meade Co, KY census:
has Samuel D Bunger 44, b. KY, Farmer; Louisa J Bunger 28, b. KY; Emeline Bunger 9, b. KY; Mary Bunger 8, b. KY; William Bunger 8, b. KY; John Bunger 7, b. KY; Gasaway Bunger 5, b. KY; James H Bunger 3, b. KY; Amanda Bunger 2, b. KY; Barbary Bunger 78, b. VA; Henry Bunger 73, b. VA, Farmer; Barthena Whitely 15, b. IL; Lydia Whitely 12, b. KY; and Thomas Vandegrift 18, b. KY, Laborer.

     1860 Meade Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Saml D Bunger 55, Farmer w/ $2,000 RE; Louisa J Bunger 38; Emeline Bunger 19; William Bunger 18, Farmer; Gasaway Bunger 14; James Bunger 13; Amanda Bunger 10; Samuel Bunger 9; Jane Bunger 8; Geo W Bunger 4; and Jacob M Bunger 1.
     1870 Garnettsville, Meade Co, KY census:
has (all b. VA) Saml D Bunger 64, Farmer w/ $2,000 RE; Louisa J Bunger 48, Keeping House; Gasaway Bunger 24; Amanda Bunger 21; Samuel Bunger 19; George H Bunger 14; Jacob Bunger 11; Florence Bunger 9; Joseph E Bunger 6; Jude Neff 60 (Black), Domestic Servant; and George Neff (Black) 5.