04-Elizabeth Shirley
Birth: Oct 1763, Culpeper Co, VA, or 1756, Orange Co, VA
Home: moved to Jefferson/Oldham Co, KY in 1806
Death: before 1818, Oldham Co, KY- age 54, or Jefferson Co, KY
Mother: Judith Garriott

Marriage: 19 May 1780
Spouse: William WILHOITE
Birth: 5 Oct 1750, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 7 Feb 1839, Pleasant Hill, Jefferson Co, KY- age 88
Father: Tobias Wilhoit (1708-1762)
Mother: Catherine Walk (1712-1759)

     CHILDREN: Elizabeth and William had 11 children:
05----FRANCES WILHOITE [b. 1782, listed below];
05----LUCY WILHOYTE [b. 1783, listed below];
05----BATHSHEBA WILHOITE [b. 1785], m.
Asa McGEHEE [b. 1781] on 21 Aug 1806, Madison Co, VA;
05----ELEANOR "NELLIE" WILHOITE [b. 1787, listed below];
05----ANN MARGARET WILHOITE [b. 1791, listed below];

05----DICY "DESSA" ELLENDER WILHOITE [b. 1792, d. 20 Aug 1852- age 60], m.
Jeremiah YEWELL [b. 1790], son of Nancy Shirley and James Yewell, in 1819, had four children:
     06----JOHN YEWELL;

05----THOMAS WILHOIT [b. 1795, listed below];

05----ZACHARIAH SHIRLEY WILHOITE [b. 4 Jul 1797; d. 26 Jul 1855- age 58, bur. Wilhite Cemetery], m.
Orsnanden HARBOLD [b.. 8 Nov 1807; d. 21 Dec 1888- age 81, bur. Willhite Cemetery] on Nov 1826, Jefferson Co, KY, sister of John Harbold who married Zachariah's sister, had children: (census & cemetery records)

     06----WILLIAM HARBOLD WILHITE [b. 24 Dec 1827, Oldham Co, KY; d. 14 Apr 1844, Oldham Co, KY- age 16, bur. Wilhite Cemetery];

     06----ELIZABETH WILHITE [b. 14 Nov 1830; d. 6 Apr 1844- age 13, bur. Wilhite Cemetery];
     06----GEORGE T WILHITE [b. 23 Dec 1832, Jefferson Co, KY; d. 16 Feb 1870, Oldham Co, KY- age 37, bur. Wilhite Cemetery];
     06----LOUISA WILHITE [b. about 1834, KY];
     06----JANE WILHITE [b. about 1836, KY];
     06----JNO K WILHITE [b. about 1838, KY];

     06----LUCY E WILHOITE [b. 17 May 1838; d. 11 Jul 1838- age 2 mo, bur. Wilhite Cemetery];
     06----ANDREW J WILHITE [b. 9 Oct 1841, Oldham Co, KY; d. 22 Apr 1858, Union Co, KY- age 16, bur. Wilhite Cemetery]; 
     06----JAMES W WILHITE [b. 10 Mar 1844, KY; d. Feb 1913, Oldham Co, KY- age 68], m.
Nannie GARRETT [b. 25 Apr 1848, KY; d. 9 Sep 1923, Jefferson Co, KY- age 75], daughter of James Garrett and Nannie Callis, had 5 children: (4 listed-from census)
          07----JOHN A WILHOITE [b. about 1875, KY];
          07----MARY L WILHOITE [b. May 1874, KY], m.
Joe S Eblin [b. about 1870, KY];
          07----MAMIE J WILHOYTE [b. Dec 1881, KY]; and
          07----KATIE A WILHOYTE [b. Nov 1885, KY];

     06----ANGELINA E WILHOITE [b. 10 Apr 1846; d. 14 Aug 1847- age 1, bur. Wilhite Cemetery];

05----WILLIAM T JR WILHOITE [b. 1798], not listed by Keith;
05----JUDITH "JUDAH" S WILHOITE [b. 1799, d. 1880- age 81], m.
John HARBOLD [b. 1796], brother of Orsnanden, on 7 Nov 1818;
05----JANE WILHOITE [b. 1801], m.
William KENNEDY [b. 1798] on Nov 1820.

     1806 MOVE TO KENTUCKY: William immigrated to Jefferson Co, KY about 1806. In 1820, the city of Florence was laid out by William Wilhoite, Henry Crisler and Jacob Conner.

     CHILDREN: Tobias Wilhoit, the son of Michael, and Catherine had five children:
----WILLIAM WILHOIT, m. Elizabeth Shirley; and
----MARY WILHOIT, who married Adam Broile.

     1850 Division 1, Oldham Co, KY census:
 has (all but Zach b. KY) Zach S Wilhite 55, b. VA Farmer w/ $8,400 RE; Orsa Wilhite 43; George Wilhite 18, Farmer; Louisa Wilhite 16; Jane Wilhite 14; Jno K Wilhite 12; Aud J Wilhite 9; and Jas M Wilhite 7.
     1860 Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY, all Farmers) O Wilhite 52 (Female), w/ $15,000 RE; George Wilhite 28; John Wilhite 21; and Jas Wilhite 16.
     1870 Brownsboro, Oldham Co, KY census: 
has Oscowen Wilhoite 62, Keeping House; and James W Wilhoite 26, Farmer w/ $2,000 RE.
     1880 Brownsboro, Oldham Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) JW Wilhoite 37, Farmer; Nannie Wilhoite 32, Keeping House; John A Wilhoite 5; Mary L Wilhoite 3; Mary A Garriot 24 (Sister-in-Law), and Scott Thompson 28 (M), Works on Farm, (Servant).
     1900 Brownsboro, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James W Wilhoyte 56; Nannie J Wilhoyte 53 (5 children-4 living); Mary L Wilhoyte 22; Mamie J Wilhoyte 18; and Katie A Wilhoyte 14.
     1920 Louisville Ward 5, Jefferson Co, KY census:
 has (all but Lillian, Ben, and Milton b. KY) Joe S Eblin 50, Collector-Loan Co; Mary L Eblin 42; Lillian Wilhoyte 15, b. IL (Niece); Lewis R Wilhoyte 14 (Nephew); Milton D Van Pelt 42, Paper Hanger-Retail? Store, (Roomer); Nannie J Van Pelt 38, Telephone Operator- Telephone Office, (Roomer); Ben C Calvin 26, b. IN, Asst Superintendant-Government ??, (Roomer); Katherine Calvin 33 (Roomer); Edna L Calvin 7 (Roomer); Landon R Calvin 6 (Roomer); Milton A Calvin 2-2/12, b. IN (Roomer); Pryor G Calvin 0/12 (Roomer); and Nannie Wilhoyte 70 (Mother-in-Law, Widow).

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