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03-Judith Garriott
Birth: 1737/1743, Culpeper Co, VA (or England?)
Death: 3 Jan 1831, Madison Co, VA- age 94, or 1804

Father: Moses Sr Garriott

Marriage: about 1758, probably Culpeper Co, VA
Spouse: James SHIRLEY
Birth: 22 Aug 1735, St Stephens Parish, VA, or Orange Co, VA (SAR appl)
Death: 22 Apr 1791 (or 1815), Madison/Culpeper Co, VA- age 52 (or 76), or Oldham Co, KY 
Occupation: Road Surveyor
Military: Colonial Army, Revolutionary War: Ranger, 19th Regiment 2922
Father: Lawrence? Shirley (1739-)????
Mother: Ann Clarges

     CHILDREN: Judith and James had the following children:
04----MARY "POLLY" SHIRLEY [b. 1755, listed below];
04----JAMES JR SHIRLEY [b. 1757, Culpeper Co, VA], was indicated as a chain-bearer on a survey plat dated 2 Jan 1770, comprising 55 acres granted to his father, James, by Thomas Lord Fairfax;
04----JOHN SHIRLEY [b. Madison Co, VA];
04----NANCY ANN SHIRLEY [b. 1759, listed below];
04----ABSOLOM SHIRLEY [b. 1761, listed below];

04----JOSHUA SHIRLEY [b. about 1763], moved to Bullitt Co, KY, m.
Mary BELL, daughter of Henry T BELL on Mar 1801, had eight children:

     05----WILLIAM SHIRLEY, m. Elizabeth ___;
     05----THOMAS SHIRLEY, m. 1st
Elizabeth BRASHEAR in 1841, m. 2nd Mary E CARTMELL;
     05----ABSOLOM SHIRLEY [d. 1863, Nelson Co, KY];
     05----JURIAH SHIRLEY;
     05----HENRY SHIRLEY;
     05----JUDITH SHIRLEY, m.
John J. BAKER; and
     05----MARY SHIRLEY [d. 1845], m.
Squire MURPHY;

04----ELIZABETH SHIRLEY [b. 1763, listed below];

04----JANE SHIRLEY [b. Aug 1764; d. after 1845, Jefferson Co, KY- age ± 80], m.
James McGEHEE [b. 1768, VA; d. after 1850, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 82], a Carpenter, on 27 Aug 1801, Madison Co, VA, by Min William Major, lived in Person Co, NC before moving to Jefferson Co, KY, had son:
     05----HIRAM McGEHEE [b. about 1806, VA; d. after 1860, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 54+], a Carpenter, Mastbuilder, m.
Varinda BARRACKMAN [b. 1825, KY], had son:
          06----JAMES L McGEHEE [b. 1853, KY], m.
Irene PIERCE, had three children;

04----BATHSHEBA "Barsheba" SHIRLEY [b. 1774, Culpeper Co, VA; d. 1838, Louisa Co, VA- age 64], m.
William/Asa McGEHEE [b. VA] on 9 Mar 1808, Louisa Co, VA, no issue; (see census)
04----ZACHARIAH SHIRLEY [b. Oct 1767, d. Jan 1826, Madison Co, VA- age 58], twin, unmarried, lived in Madison Co, VA;
04----THOMAS LEE SHIRLEY [b. Oct 1767, Culpeper Co, VA; d. Jan 1845- age 78, bur. Madison Co, VA], twin, unmarried, witnessed 1795 sale of land to Moses Garriott. He died, a bachelor, intestate owning approximately 100 slaves, with the largest farm [48,933 acres] in Madison County-- valued at $120,000-$130,000, had illegitimate daughter;

04----DELILAH "DELIA?" SHIRLEY [b. 1768, listed below];
04----ROBERT V SHIRLEY [b. 1770, listed below]; and
04----WILLIAM SHIRLEY [b. 1772, listed below].

     1833 LAND GRANT: [KY Land Warrants (1816-1873), Bk E-2, Pg 149] Joshua Shirley was granted 97 acres in Bullit Co, KY on 29 May 1833 on the waters of N Rolling Fork.

     1847 LAWSUIT: [Louisa Co, VA, deposition taken on 22 Oct 1845 by Charles Jones, Commissioner Circuit, Superior Court of Law and Chancery-- heirs of Bathsheba (Shirley) McGehee] Joshua's children brought suit against their uncle Thomas Shirley's estate in 1847 Madison Co, VA as a provision had been made in Zachariah Shirley's will for Thomas Shirley-- his twin brother-- "To sell some of their surplus lands and use proceeds to buy 100 or 150 acres in some of the western counties (meaning Kentucky?) for our brother Joshua to live and raise his family." This suit lasted for years and provides much of the genealogical information about this family.
     1757 WILL: [Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 23] The will of a William Shirley [relationship not known] was registered [x11,302] in 1757.

     1760 DEED WITNESSED: James Shurley, Matthew Rouse, and Cristopher Crigler witnessed the sale of land from Michael Clore sold to his son Peter Clore. Two separate pieces of land containing 446 acres on north side of Robinson River, one tract of which Michael can live and work until his death-- signed as John Michael Clore. In 1761 he further bound himself to allowing his stepmother, Anne Elizabeth Clore, until her death, to live on the land.

     1763 LAND PURCHASE: [Culpeper Co, VA Deed Book D/241-242] James Shurley purchased, from John Jones and Catharine his wife of New Kent County, "100 acres formerly possessed by Frederick Firepach, being part of larger pattent formerly granted to William Duff... on an ivy point on the south side of the Robinson River... down the river... to the mouth of a large run called the Quaker's Run"... Witnessed 16 Jun 1763.

     1780 ESTATE SALE: [Culpeper Co, VA Will Book B&C] James Shurley, Tobias Wilhoit, John and Jonathan Garret [sic] were listed as purchasers at the estate sale of Christopher Denkin, dec'd. Recorded 17 Apr 1780.

    ___ COURT SUIT: James Shirley was sued in Culpeper Co, VA by John Glassell, British Merchantile Claims, for 4.2.10 pounds. "The whole of this debt was paid to Andrew Glassell and by him to William Glassell about four years ago."

     1783 SLAVES: Spotsylvania Co, VA, lists the following as slave owners in 1783: John Shirley [7]; John Shirley, Jr. [3]; and Thomas Shirley [1]. [Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 4] In 1790 there were 5,171 whites, 5,933 blacks, and 148 "denominated" others in Spotsylvania Co, VA.

     1784 BOUNTY LAND WARRANT: The state of Virginia issued a Bounty Land Warrant certificate No. 3046 to James Shirley on 5 May 1784 for 100 acres of land in consideration for his services for three years as a soldier in the Virginia Continental Line.

     1788 WILL: [Spotsylvania Co, VA Deed Bk M, dated 27 Oct 1788] John Shirley deeded to James Crawford, Sr, and John Sherley, Sr, of Spotsylvania County for "the natural love and affection they have for John Crawford (son of James Crawford) and Phebe, his wife (daughter of John Shirley Sr)," of same county. Deed of Gift: 70 acres in Spotsylvania County and two slaves. Recorded: 7 Apr 1789.

     1789 LAND SALE: [Culpeper Co, VA Deeds] James and Judith sold 2-1/3 acres on the Robinson River at the mouth of Quaker Run, to Daniel Mauk of Shenandoah County, for 50 pounds current money.

     1791 WILL: [Spotsylvania Co, VA Deed Bk M, dated 5 Apr 1791] Jno Shirley, Sr, and Jno Shirley, Jr, and Frances, his wife, of Spotsylvania County to James Wilson of same county 45 curr. 60 acres adjacent lands of James Crawford, Waller Lewis, Jonathon Clark, in Spotsylvania County. Recorded: 5 Apr 1791 [axonjaxon]

     1794 WILL: [Spotsylvania Co, VA, Deed Bk O, 13 Sep 1794] John Shirley Sr, of Spotsylvania Co, VA deeded to William Anderson of Cumberland Co, VA one Negro after death of said Shirley. Witnesses: Johnothan Jr Shirley (son), Henry Dodd (married to his daughter Dorothy Shirley), and James Crawford (married to Phoebe/Phebe Shirley). Recorded: 2 Dec 1794. [axonjaxon]

     1795 WILL: [Spotsylvania Co, VA Deed Bk O, dated 12 Jan 1795] Jno Shirley Sr, of Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania Co, VA, deeded to his daughter, Dorothy Dodd, wife of Henry Dodd, a gift of a Negro girl. Witnesses: Thomas Shirley, Morady Morris, James Crawford. Recorded: 1 Sep 1795. [axonjaxon]

     1826 WILL PROBATE: [Culpeper Co, VA Will Book C/438-439/ or B&C/83] Zachariah Shirley's [relationship not known] will was probated 26 Jan 1826, Will Book A (1821-1825) Madison Co, VA. Sons: Zachariah and James. Brothers: Thomas Shirley and Joshua. Friend: Thomas Clore. Witnesses: John Lewis, Thomas Clore, James Hurt.

     1855 WILL PROBATE: [Jefferson Co, (West?) VA, Wills Vol. 13-14, pg 306]

On the 20th da of Aug 1855, the foregoing .... was admitted to record. Thos L Shirley Will: In the name of God. Amen. I Thomas Lee Shirley, the County of Jefferson and State of Virginia at present enjoying usual good health and of a sound mind and disposing memory knows the uncertainty of life and desirous of disposing of my worldly affects which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me with and do publish and ordain this to be my last will and testament hereby making all my other wills by me made in the manner and form as follows.

​     Item. First It is my will and desire that as soon after my death as it can be done that my (executors hereafter named) shall pay off all of my just debts and funeral expenses

​     Item. Second. I give and bequeath all my property (all personal and Misc) unto my Brothers Robert V Shirley and George W Shirley, to them and their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between them.

​     Item. Third. I hereby con*** my brothers Robert V Shirley and George W Shirley my executors of this my last will and testament and desire that no security be required of them in ___ bond.

​     Witness my hand and seal this 28th March 1851, Thomas L Shirley

​     In the County Court. At a Court continued and held for said County on the 21st day of August 1855, the foregoing will of Thomas Lee Shirley Dec'd was proved by the oaths of Joel M Roberts and Henry _ Wimley two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Robert V Shirley one of the executors named in the said will, who made oath according to Law, and entered into & acknowledged a bond in the penalty of four thousand dollars with condition according to law & without security, according to a previous contained in the said will - certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters Testamentary in due form.    

     Teste: A Moore

     MILITARY: The records of the War Department show that James Shirley served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain Thomas Blackwell's Company-- 10th Virginia Regiment-- commanded by Col Edward Stephen. He enlisted December 31, 1776 to serve three years. He was transferred in 1778 to Colonel John Green's Company-- 6th Virginia Regiment-- commanded by Colonel William Russell. His name last appears in a muster roll dated at camp near Morristown, December 1779. He also served in the French and Indian War 1789-1790 [Kentucky Year Book, page 253]

     BIOGRAPHY:52 Thomas Shirley [relationship not known] began accumulating land in 1799. Legend says that Thomas Shirley and his brother Zachariah received their first land as a result of the murder of their father. It seems two young men, seeing Mr Shirley fall down in an alcoholic stupor, tortured him until they realized he was near death. When Thomas and Zachariah found him, he was conscious enough to tell them the name of his torturers before he died.
     The Shirley brothers told the father of the two young men they would call the sheriff and have the boys charged with murder. The father, realizing the outcome of his two sons' actions, offered the Shirley brothers all his possessions and promised to move West if the Shirley's would not notify the sheriff. Since Mr Shirley was dead and the family in financial need, they accepted his offer. The man deeded his land to the Shirleys and was never heard of again.
     Thomas Shirley eventually became the largest landowner ever to live in Madison County, about 50,000 acres. He died about 1850. Chancery suits in settling his estate were not completed until 1906 and are considered among the most famous law suits in Virginia history. He owned many distilleries and marketed his whiskey in Fredericksburg. It took ten days of auctioning to sell his estate after his death.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution [NSDAR] has approved the following descendents derived from James Shirley's involvement in the Revolutionary War:
--153026--thru Nancy--Sally Yager Calhoun, 1920, St Petersburg, FL--Princess Herringlers Chapter
--154513--thru Nancy--Bessie Clyde Yager Thompson, 1920, Owensboro, KY--General Evan Shelby Chapter
--164127--Esther Wilhoit Smoot Dudley [see below]
--234575--thru Nancy--Beatrice Cottrell Slaughter, 1927, Owensboro, KY--General Evan Shelby Chapter
--237696--thru Nancy--Grace Deane Cottrell, 1927, Owensboro, KY--General Evan Shelby Chapter
--306961 A326--thru Elizabeth--Bertram French, 1942, Danville, IL--Governor Bradford Chapter
--361339--thru Nancy--Geneva Alice Cottrell, 1946, Owensboro, KY--General Evan Shelby Chapter
--372478--thru Elizabeth--Rosalie Margaret Skidmore, 1947, Lincoln, NE--Deborah Avery Chapter
--453321--thru Nancy--Elizabeth Shoot Garraway, 1957, Charleston, IL--Sally Lincoln Chapter
--755054 A770
--755054 A772--thru Mary "Polly"--Irma Jean Miller, 1995, Port St. Lucie, FL--Saint Lucie River Chapter

    The DAR record [164127, Esther Wilhoit Smoot Dudley, on James Shirley, Corporal] shows Judith Garriott Shirley's death as 1804 in Oldham Co, KY. The Germana Record does not give a birth date. The descendants of James Shirley of Culpeper Co, VA show she died 3 Jan 1831 from the early records of Robinson River Baptist Church at Criglersville, Madison Co, VA. In her son Zachariah's 1825 Madison Co, VA will, she is shown as living.[Filson Club, Louisville, KY]

--45275--thru Delilah--William Osborne Cofer, 1927, West Virginia Chapter     
--46032--thru Delilah--Thomas Shirley Fleshman, 1928, West Virginia Chapter: Dated 20 Dec 1927, Winston Salem, NC, as follows:

     "Records of the War Dept shows that James Shirley served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Captain Thomas Blackwell's Company 10th VA Regiment commanded by Col Edward Stevens. He enlisted Dec 31st 1776 to serve three years was transferred in Sep 1778 to Col John Green's Company 6th VA Regiment commanded by Col Wm Russell, and his name last appears on a muster roll dated Dec 1799 camp near Morristown (with special marks relative to him) one of the sons of James Shirley and Nancy his wife Yowell changed the name Yowell back to the old form Yewell, which his descendants retain to this day- See Haydens VA Genealogies in introduction to Yewell Family.

     "He also served in the French & Indian War 1789-90. See Kentucky YearBook, page 258, Official records aove searched by Mrs Josiah Shrine, 642 Rock Cxreek Road, Washington DC in 1795. Nancy Shirley Yowel and James Yowell (Yewell) sold their lands in Madison Co VA to Moses Garriott her Grandfather and moved to Kentucky, date of deeds Oct 26 1795, Witnesses Thomas Shirley her brother William Yowell and John Taylor and James & Judidth Shirley her parents went with them to Kentucky."

The Shade of Doubletop: This was the home of twin Shirley brothers, Zachariah and Thomas.   

​[courtesy of Vee Dove, Madison County Homes 61.

 ​     CENSUS:
     1810 Jefferson, VA census: has James Shirley with a household of 13: Males: 1 (10-15), 1 (45+); Females: 1 (10-15), 1 (16-25), 1 (45+); and 8 Slaves. Virginia does not have a Jefferson County now. This possibly refers to a village in Alexandria, VA. Not known if this James Shirley is our James Shirley. There was also a John Shirley on this census page.
     1820 Lee, Jefferson, VA census: has James Shirley, Farmer w/ a household of 21 people: White Males: 0-2 (10-16)-0-0-1 (-45)-1 (45+); White Females: 1 (26), 1 (45+); Slaves: Male: 5 (16), 3 (26), 0, 1 (45+). Females: 3 (14), 1 (26), 2 (45) No Free Colored.
     1820 Lousia Co, VA census: has Barsheba McGehee, w/ a household of 10 people: White Males: 1 (16-25). White Females: 1 (26-44). 8 Slaves: Males: 3 (-14), 1 (26-44). Females: 1 (-14), 1 (14-25), 1 (26-44), 1 (45+).
     1830 Jefferson, VA census: has James Shirley Senior, w/ a household of 18 people: White Males: 1 (-5), 1 (5-9),  1 (60-69). White Females: 1 (20-29), 1 (30-39). 13 Slaves: Male: 2 (-10), 3 (10-23), 1 (24-35), 1 (36-54). Female: 1 (-10), 4 (10-23), 1 (24-35).
     1830 Bullitt Co, KY census: has Joshua Shirley, w/ a household of 7 people: White Males: 2 (10-14), 1 (15-19), 1 (50-59). White Females: 1 (10-14), 1 (20-29), 1 (40-49).
     1830 Louisa Co, VA census: has Barsheba (Shirley) McGehee, with a household of 15 people: White Males: 1 (30-39). White Females: 1 (50-59). 13 Slaves: Male: 3 (10-23), 1 (24-35), 1 (36-54). Female: 5 (-10), 1 (24-35), 2 (36-54).
     1850 Louisville District 2, Jefferson Co, KY census: has James McGehee 82, b. VA, Carpenter w/ $4,000 RE; Jane McGehee 73, b. VA; Hiram McGehee 44, b. VA, Carpenter w/ $3,000 RE; Lorinda McGehee 26, b. KY; James F McGehee 39, b. VA, Carpenter; Elizabeth McGehee 32, b. KY; Jane S McGehee 14, b. KY; George B McGehee 11, b. KY; James Smith 30, b. NY, Clerk; Mary A Smith 28, b. VA; William McGehee 22, b. KY, Carpenter; John ___ 35, b. NY, Laborer; and Betsey ___ 35, b. NY.

     1860 Louisville Ward 4, Jefferson Co, KY census: has Hiram McGehee 53, b. VA, Mast Builder w/ $5,000 RE; Birinda McGehee 35, b. KY, Boarding House; James S McGehee 7, b. KY; Jonathan McGehee 43, b. VA, Builder; Jane McGehee 83, b. VA, w/ $8,000 Personal Wealth; Henry Smith 9, b. KY; Edward Smith 35, b. OH, Engraver; Eliza Smith 30, b. OH; Ednor F Smith 5, b. OH; Mattie Rush 24, b. KY, Seamstress; Edwin Bishop 26, b. CT, Agent; Matilda Elston 35, b. England, School Teacher; Mary Bishop 22, b. CT; Maria L Bishop 9/12, b. NY; Bridget Tracey 35, b. Ireland, Domestic; and Jenny Burton 2, b. KY.