1820 Owen Co, KY census: has Tobias Wilhoit with a family of ten free white persons, including himself.
     1830 Owen Co, KY census: has Tobias Wilhoit with a family of nine free white persons, including himself-- and one slave.


​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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04-Mary "Polly" Shirley
Birth: 1 Apr 1755, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 21 Jan 1844, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co, KY- age 88
Home: 1808 moved to Shakertown, Mercer Co, KY 53
Mother: Judith Garriott

Marriage: 1771, Culpeper/Henrico Co, VA
Spouse: Tobias WILHOIT
Birth: 15 Oct 1750, Orange/Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 7 Feb 1839, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co, KY- age 88
Burial: Shaker Graveyard, Lot 123
Home: 1795 moved to Jefferson Co [now Bullitt Co], KY
Military: Colonial Army, Revolution: Private, VA Regiment, pensioned
Father: Matthias Wilhoit (1708-1762)
Mother: Mary Ballenger, or Catherine Walke (1716-1859).

     CHILDREN: 33 Mary Polly and Tobias had 13 children, some of whom moved to Meade and Nelson Counties in Kentucky:
05----ABRAHAM "ABRAM" WILHOIT [b. 7 Jan 1774, Culpeper Co, VA; d. 10 Jan 1851, Shakerstown, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co, KY- age 77, bur. Shaker Cemetery], m.
Elizabeth ROBEY [b. 6 Jun 1785, Wash Co, MD; d. 6 Jun 1863, Shakerstown, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co, KY- age 78] on 21 Aug 1804, Bullitt Co, KY, had two children:

    06----MARY "Polly" WILHITE [b. 20 Feb 1805, Bullitt Co, KY; d. 20 Sep 1812, Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co, KY- age 7, bur. Shaker Cemetery]; and
    06----OWEN WILHOIT [b. 1805??, Bullitt Co, KY],
     Abraham was named in the lawsuit for property [Gass & Bonta v. Wilhite and others, 1827-28].

05----JUDITH WILHOIT [b. 1776, listed below]; 
05----CATHERINE "CATY" WILHITE [b. 1780, listed below];

05----RHODA ANN WILHOIT [b. 1783, listed below];
05----NANCY WILHOIT [b. 1784, Culpeper Co, VA;  d. after 1843], m.
John RUSH in Bullitt Co, KY;
05----LEWIS B WILHOIT [b. 22 Dec 1785, Bullitt Co, KY; d. 1836- age 40], never married, a Shaker and D.S.P.;

05----WILLIAM MASON WILHOIT [b. 21 May 1788, Bullitt Co, KY; d. 1827- age 45], withdrew from Shaker Society in 1827, m.
___ McGEE [or MaGHEE];
05----MARY "POLLY" WILHOIT [b. 5 Dec 1790], m.
George William BAILEY on 2 Apr 1801, Nelson Co, KY-- and/or Albert SLACK, no issue;

05----NATHANIEL D WILHOIT [b. 28 Aug 1793; d. 17 Oct 1871, Bullitt Co, KY- age 78], never married;
05----MARTHA "PATSEY" WILHOIT [b. 1793, Bullitt Co, KY; d. 22 Mar 1864- age 74], not married;
05----PRESSLEY WILHOIT [b. 1794, listed below];

05----LUCY WILHOIT [b. 1798]; and
05----ELIZABETH "BETSEY" D WILHOIT [b. 12 Dec 1799, Bullitt Co, KY; d. 1865, Shakertown, Mercer Co, KY- age 65], never married

     1800 WILL: [Nelson Co, KY, Small Will Book, Vol 1/405] John Armstrong gave to Mary Wilhite, wife of Tobias Wilhite a tract of land on the Monongahela on Mingo Creek..... and to their daughter Mary his mare... Probated 12 Aug 1800.
     1780 ESTATE SALE: [Culpeper Co, VA Will Book B&C] Tobias Wilhoit, James Shurley, John and Jonathan Garret [sic] were listed as purchasers at the estate sale of Christopher Denkin, dec'd. Recorded 17 Apr 1780
     1781 LIST OF CLASSES: [VA taxpayers, 1784, Fothergill, pg 47] Tobias Wilhoit was recorded in List of Classes of Culpeper Co, VA Minutemen cadets for January 1781, No. 70, "For recruiting this states' [eligible] quota of troops to serve in the Continental Army.'
     1794 LAND SALE: [Madison Co, VA Will Book 1] Tobias Wilhoite and Mary, his wife, sold to Jesse Wilhoite... for 35 pounds... 50 acres... land is joining Turkey Hole Mountain.. Recorded 25 Sep 1794.

     MILITARY:16 Tobias Wilhite [Wilhoite] enlisted 8 Aug 1777, served three months as a private in Captain Ephraim Rucker's company in Colonel Barbour's Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted again in July, 1780 for another four weeks, and again in July 1781 for three months in same company. He was in service at the siege of Yorktown and the surrender of Cornwall.1 His name is listed with Revolutionary Soldiers in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY.
     MILITARY: Nathaniel M Wilhite served as a Private with the Union Army in the Civil War, with the 12th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry. [http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/ via:ancestry.com].

     PENSION:16 Tobias Wilhoit was allowed a pension [R.11542] on his application executed 14 Mar 1833, while a twenty-year resident of Mercer County, KY, age eighty-three.

     FAMILY PENSION: [Mercer Co, KY, 12 Apr 1853, No 7.986] Nathaniel D Wilhite, Patsy Wilhite, and Betsy D Wilhite state that they are the children of Tobias Wilhite (no vow was taken because of their Shaker Denomination) who was a revolutionary pensioner at the rate of $22.33 and who died on 7 Feb 1839, leaving their mother Polly Wilhite. They state that they know of another brother William Mason Wilhite and one other sister, Nancy Rush, who is still living or was living when last heard from. They requested the pension moneys due their mother, which she never sought nor received, during her lifetime.
     [Mercer Co, KY Court, August Term 1863] Nancy Rush, Abram Wilhite, Rhody Carpenter, William Mason Wilhite, Patsy Wilhite, Nathaniel D Wilhite, and Betsy D Wilhite, all living children of Polly Willhite, widow of Tobias Wilhite, also deceased, except for Abram Wilhite and Rhody Carpenter, who have died since the death of their mother, leaving issue.

    GENEALOGY: "Matthias Wilhoit, son of Michael, the emigrant, was not of age when his father made his will but probably became so soon after. On May 28, 1748 he sued William Spicer. On October 21, 1762 Matthias Wilhite and wife Mary sold to Matthias Rouse 60 acres, part of Michael Wilhite's patent for 289 acres, dated Sept 28, 1728.  Matthias Wilhoite sold land to Nicholas Crigler, Sept 13, 1771. No wife signed, Matthias Wilhoite (without wife) sold to Adam Fisher on Sept 30, 1771.
     "Matthias Wilhoite and wife Hanna on May 18 1772 sold land. It thus appears that Matthias was married twice, first to Mary, and next to Hannah. No further record is found of Matthias. On Mch 26, 1783 Lewis Wilhoit made will, probated May 19, 1783. He mentions no wife or children. He divides his estate among brothers Tobias, Jessay (sic), William, and Joel Wilhoit. Leaves legacy to Caty Coak (sic), no relationship stated. These brothers are certainly the sons of either Matthias or Philip Wilhoit, more probably of the former.
     "The above Tobias is probably identical with the Tobias Wilhoit who with wife Mary sold to Jesse Wilhoit, Sept 25, 1794. This Tobias was born Oct 15 1750, died Feb 7 1839. He served in the Revolution. He md Mary Shirley, born April 1, 1755, died Jan 21, 1844. They reared a large family some of whom moved to Meade and Nelson Counties, KY. They were as follows: Nathaniel, born Aug 28, 1773, died Oct 17, 1871; Abram, born Jan 7, 1774, died Jan 10 1851; Judith, born Dec 4, 1776, died Oct 14, 1824; Rhoda Ann, born 1783, died Mch 10, 1849; Nancy; Mary; Catharine; Lewis; Martha; Pressley; Lucy; and Elizabeth."

     DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: 8 The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution [NSDAR] has approved the following descendants derived from Tobias Wilhoit's involvement in the Revolutionary War:
--394280--thru Catherine--May Harned Benoist, 1950, Natchez, MS---Natchez Chapter
--437853--thru Catherine--Betty Harned Gurtner, 1955, Wichita, KS--Eunice Sterling Chapter
--456288--thru Catherine--Shirley Greif Belt, 1958, Elizabethtown, KY--Capt Jacob Van Meter Chapter
--461132--thru Catherine--Doris Harned Kretschmer, 1958, Fort Pierce, FL--Cora Stickney Chapter

     Tobias  Wilhide/Wilhite II, Private, (VA) Militia company raised 8 Aug 1777 for Culpeper Co., Virginia... Submitted by James Edward Mitchell, June 22, 2017, posted 25 Jan 2022:

     Tobias Wilhite /Aka Wilhoit born 15 Oct 1750 at Culpeper County (Co.) VA is a grandson of [(Johann) Michael Wilhide /Aka Wilheit, Wilhoit (1671-1746)] the émigré. He was born in the agricultural village of Schwaigern, with a Lutheran church still found today in the district of Heilbronn, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

     As a father of a young family, during 1717, Michael joined the Royal Provence, Virginia (VA) *Germanna Colony completing a work contract from Germany or an indenture paid by Royal LieutGov (1710-1722) Alexander Spotswood. The German protestant colonists were eventually re-settled upon Spotswood lands at Madison, VA.  Several waves of German colonists between Apr 1714 and 1734 augmented Spotswood and his Royal legislature’s palisaded fort surrounding a pentagonal structure. Tobias II’s grandfather and father’s original 289 acre tract dated 28 Sep 1728 was mapped at Deep Run, now at Madison, VA; source, Journal Article, The German Colony of 1717 (Concluded) Arthur Leslie Keith The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol 26, No. 4 (Apr., 1918) pg 245. Michael proved his importation during 1735; his will was probated 26 Jun 1746 at Court in Orange Co., (Culpeper Co., formed 1749 from Orange).

     The Journal Article, mentioned Michael’s “wife, Mary [/Aka *Anna Maria Hengsteller] and *sons -Tobias, our subject’s father; brothers, John, Adam, Matthias and Philip (youngest); and *daughter Eva md to Nicholas Hold (sic, Holt), a son of *Hans Michael Holt/Aka Holdt.” He divided his 289 acres between sons -Matthias and Philip. A friend, Michael Hold (sic, Holt) and his eldest son, Tobias Willheit (Wilhide) were appointed executors. “Ludowick (sic, Ludwig) Fisher and Lawrence (sic, Lorenz) Garr, a son of Andreas/Aka Andrew Gaar signed a bond of Tobias Willheit as executor (Michael Holt refusing….)

     Background: On 20 Dec 1759 our subject’s father *Tobias Wilhoite [wife, Catherine (Walke)] recorded his will. It was probated 20 May 1762 at Court in Culpeper (Madison Co., formed 1792 from Culpeper). He mentioned his wife, Catherine and sons Michael (1735-1804) [(md Mary__,); Conrad (1737-1809) md Eliz. Broyles a daughter of *Johann Broyles and his wife Ursula Roup; and, Jesse (1736-1823) served in the Revolution and md Mildred __. 

     Other noted, family sons were William (1739-_) md Eliz. Shirley; and, daughter Mary [Maria Catherine Wilhoit (1743-1795)] md Reverend (Pastor) William Carpenter /Aka Zimmerman,the English language equivalent; Joel Wilhite (1743-1825); John Wilhite (1745-1837) Pension File S.14833; and, Lewis Wilhoit (1747-83), md Rosina Blankenbaker, a descendant of *brothers -Balthazar, Nicholas and Matthias. Lewis’ will was proven 19 May 1783 at Court in Culpeper Co., VA, Legatees: Brothers, Tobias Wilhoit (II) (1750-1839) the biographical subject; Jesse, William and Joel Wilhoit. Lewis’ will mentioned also, that his son, William and Caty Cook (Mary Catherine/Aka Catharina Willheit Koch, wife of Michael Koch) have his mare between them. Michael Koch was a descendant of *Johann Michael Cook/Aka Koch.
     Writer Klaus Wust noted (1969) on pg 50, in his book, The Virginia Germans, The University Press of VA, Charlottesville, that many foreign protestant settlers of the Robinson River colony were given Oaths of Naturalization at Orange Co., VA, Court between Jan and Feb 1742/43. Among those busy taking oaths in Oct 1745, at the court in Williamsburg the Capitol, were Conrad Broil /Aka Broyles, Christopher Uhl and Martin Walk(e) all from the “Dukedom of Wirtemberg” and now neighbors on  Robinson River, and a few days later they were followed by Tobias and John Wilhoid (sic) the former, our Rev-War veteran’s father.

“Hebron” church is documented within the source: A Hornbook of VA History, publ. by The Division of History of the VA Dept. of Conservation and Development, compiled and edited by J. R. V. Daniel, Div. Director; see, Some Historic Old VA Churches, pg. 53.  Nearly all of (Johann) Michael Wilhide’s, above, family kinship line appear recorded within the Baptismal Register (1750-1849) of the “Hebron” Church – German Lutheran [(Madison Co., VA): Oldest Lutheran church in the South, possibly in the United States est., 1740]. See: Index, pgs 44-48 for surnames – *(Johann) Broyles/Aka Breil, Brile; *(Johann) Carpenter/Aka Zimmerman; Clore; Cook/Aka Koch; Crigler; Crisler; *(Philip) Fischbach/Aka Fishback; (Andreas) Gaar/Aka Garr, Gahr; *(Philip Joseph) Weaver/Aka Weber; *(Michael) Willheit/Aka Wilhoit and *(Nicholas) Yager, Jäger  transcribed, translated and re-printed (2004, Second Edition) by John Blankenbaker, P.O. Box 120 Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania (PA) 19317. Tobias Wilhite ll’s grandfather, Michael Wilhide the émigré’s 289 acre patent dated 28 Sep 1728 is mapped as, “First Patents of Land in Madison Co., VA as of the year 1740,” compiled and drawn to scale during 1940 by D. R. Carpenter Cert. Engr. VA.346. This map is obtainable from the Madison County Public Library, Main Street, Madison, VA. 
     Tobias Wilhite II,
at age 83 appeared at Court in Mercer Co., Kentucky (KY) on 14 Mar 1833 and gave his oath, and filed a pension declaration that he was born (1750) in the County of Culpeper, VA where he resided, when he was called (VA Militia, Draft Classes) into service on 8 Aug 1777 as a Private in Capt. Ephraim Rucker’s company raised for Culpeper; Col. James Barbour and Maj (John) Robert commanders, VA Militia Rgt.; Gen’l. (Edward) Steven’s Bgde. The rgt was marched to defend Germantown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) but arrived on station after the 4 Oct 1777 battle. While stationed there, Tobias’ three month tour ended. His rgt was marched home to Culpeper Courthouse, and discharged. During Jun, 1780 Tobias was once again, drafted for a 2nd tour in Capt. Ephraim Rucker’s company of Col. Barbour’s Rgt. However, an illness prevented his fulfillment of the entire three months service!  In Jul 1781, Tobias was drafted a 3rd tour in Capt. Rucker’s company, Gen’l. Steven’s Bgde. Tobias performed his tour in the vicinity of Yorktown until discharged, one week before Lord Cornwallis surrendered on 19 Oct at Yorktown.
     Tobias Wilhite’s/Aka Welhite (sic) Pension File R.11542 reflected that although never in any combat, he voluntarily marched three (3) separate tours and was discharged after each tour. Tobias advised that he had long since lost the discharge records and, he never held any commission during the Revolutionary War. His pension declaration stated that he lived in Culpeper Co., VA during the war.
     About 1799, Tobias and his wife, Polly Shirley, who had married during 1771 or 1776 in Henrico or Culpeper Co., VA, with a daughter, Mary “Polly” Wilhite and a son, Abraham, removed to KY. Tobias stated that he had resided with his family at Mercer Co., KY, since 1809 for a duration of 24 years. Tobias Wilhite II, died on 7 Feb 1839 at Mercer Co., KY and his wife, Polly died there on 21 Jan 1844. His pension file reflected the following surviving children: Nancy Rush; Abraham “Abram”; Rody/Aka Rhody Carpenter; William Mason Wilhite; Patsy Wilhite (signature provided); Nathaniel D. (Daniel) Wilhite (signature provided) ; and Elizabeth “Betsy” D. Wilhite (signature provided). Abraham Wilhite and Rhody Carpenter died following the 1844 death of their mother.

[The Germanna Foundation pamphlet, history of the settlement; http://germanna.org/]