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     1850 District 2, Scott Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Jordan Peak 49, Farmer w/ $19,000 RE; Eliza A Peak 37; Louisa Peak 17; Sarah Peak 16; M Peak 13; JL Peak 11; MW Peak 9; BB Peak 6; and WH Peak 2.
     1850 District 2, Scott Co, KY Slave Schedule: has Jordan Peak with 13 Slaves: Males: aged 33, 28, 20, 7, 14, 13, and 26; and Females: aged 70, 27, 20, 17, 11, and 11.
     1850 District 2, Scott Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Dudley Peak 30, Farmer w/ $6,500 RE; Anne M Peak 27; SM Peak 7 (Female); and CE Peak 2 (Female).
     1860 District 1, Scott Co, KY census: (all born KY) has Jordan J Peak 60, Farmer w/ $51,000 RE, $21,080 personal estate; Elisa A Peak 46; Madison Peak 22, Farmer; Lou? Peak 25; Benjamin Peak 16; and Wm H Peak 12.
     Next door has Dudley Peak 40, Farmer w/ $14,000 RE & $10,000 personal estate; Susan M Peak 18; CE Peak 12; Lewis M Peak 9; Geo W Peak 7; and Solon D Peak 5.
     1870 Georgetown Precinct, Scott Co, KY census: has JA Peak 69, b. KY, Farmer w/ $20,000 RE; Eliza A Peak 56, b. KY; Lou A Peak 32, b. KY, w/ $4,000 RE; Willie Peak 20, b. KY, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Mary Brown 42 (Black), b. GA, Domestic Servant; Elvira Brown 26 (Black), b. KY, Domestic Servant; Ellennora Brown 14 (Black), b. KY, Domestic Servant; Andrew Brown 42 (Black), b. KY, Farm Laborer; and Sigh Miller 30 (Black), b. KY, Farm Laborer.
     1880 Scott Co, KY census: (all born KY) has Dudley P Peak 61, Farmer; Lewis Peak 29, Farmer; Sallie K Peak 25 (Daughter-in-Law); Nettie Morris 8 (Granddaughter); Mathew Thomas 45 (Servant-farm hand); Patsy Thomas 35, (Servant-cook); Reuben Thomas 22, (Servant-farm hand); Sarah Thomas 20, (Servant-house girl); Joseph Thomas 14 (Servant-house boy); Hanson Thomas 12 (Servant-house boy); James Thomas 2; and Isaaih Herndon 52 (Servant-farm hand).
     1900 McConnell Twp, Chicot Co, AR census: has Jefferson P Peak 60, b. KY, Salesman.

05-Judith Wilhoit
Birth: 4 Dec 1776, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 14 Oct 1824- age 47
Mother: Mary "Polly" Shirley

Marriage: 12 Nov 1797, Scott/Bullitt Co, KY
1st Spouse: Presley B PEAK
Birth: 14 Apr 1770, Prince William Co, VA
Death: 24 Oct 1821, Gallatin Co, KY- age 51

Burial: Old Warsaw Cemetery
Father: John Peak (1731-1806)
Mother: Jemima Neale (1730-1801)

Judith and Presley had the following 10 children:
06----JAMES SHIRLEY PEAK [b. 1798, listed below];
06----JOHN JORDAN PEAK [b. 20 Oct 1800; d. 23 Nov 1873, Scott Co, KY?- age 73], 1st married
Eliza Ann CRAIG [b. about 1814, KY] in Sep 1831, KY, had 10 children:
     07----LOUISANNA PEAK [b. about 1838, KY];
     07----SARAH AMANDA PEAK, m.
Craig LONG;
     07----MADISON ANDERVILLE PEAK [b. about 1837, KY], m.
Mary Alice BRISCOE;
     07----JOHN LELAND PEAK [b. about 1839, KY], m.
     07----MARION WALLACE PEAK [b. about 1841, KY], m.
William LONG;
     07----BENJAMIN BRADLEY PEAK [b. about 1844, KY], m.
     07----WILLIAM HENRY PEAK [b. about 1850, KY]; and
     07----HENRY PEAK, m.

06----POLLY PEAK [b. 15 Jun 1802; d. Jun 1803, Scott Co, KY- age 1];
06----LELAND WILHOIT PEAK [b. 1804, listed below];
06----PAULINA J PEAK [b. 23 Jul 1806; d. 11 Jul 1843- age 36], m.
Silas CRAIG [b. 1783], son of Benjamin CRAIG (1751-1822) and Nancy "Ann" STURMAN (1753-1831) in 1822, owned two plantations (9,000 acres) in Chicot Co, AR and had 211 slaves by 1860, had 13 children, four who lived beyond childhood:
     07----SILAS JR CRAIG [b. about 1824];
     07----MADISON P CRAIG [b. about 1825, KY; d. 10 Oct 1852, Chicot Co, AR- age 27], a Lawyer in 1840 Chicot Co, AR census;
     07----LELAND PEAK CRAIG [b. about 1826; d. 24 Feb 1856], a Planter in Oden, Chicot Co, AR, w/ $85,000 RE in 1850, m.
Lucy Dupuy CRAIG [b. 9 Nov 1833, Lexington, Fayette Co, KY; d. 21 Jul 1845- age 41], daughter of Elijah Craig on 30 Dec 1854, Fayette Co, KY;
     07----LEONIDAS B CRAIG [b. about 1830; d. 13 Oct 1849, Chicot Co, AR- age 19];
     07----JUNIUS WARD CRAIG [b. about 1836; d. 7 Sep 1858, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 22];
     07----EMELINE CRAIG [b. about 1836]; and
     07----LEVI CRAIG [b.&d. about 1836];
06----LAURINDA PEAK [b. 1809, listed below];
06----LOUISIANNA PEAK [b. 11 Nov 1811, KY; d. 12 Apr 1817- age 5];
06----EVALINE M PEAK [b. 1814, listed below];
06----MADISON MANDERVILLE PEAK [b. 15 Apr 1816, KY; d. 26 Jul 1827- age 9]; and
06----DUDLEY PRESSLEY PEAK [b. 15 May 1820, KY; d. 19 Jun 1883, Scott Co, KY- age 63], m.
Anna Maria MARTIN [b. 1823; d. 1859], daughter of William H Martin (1800-1860) and Susanna Hale (1802-1835), had five children:
     07----SUSAN M PEAK [b. about 1842, KY];
     07----CATHERINE EMILY "Emma" PEAK [b. 3 Jun 1846, KY; d. 29 Nov 1878- age 32, bur. Georgetown Cemetery], m.
James Long MORRIS [b. 1843; d. 1870], son of Thomas Williams Morris and Pricilla Bradford ;
     07----LEWIS M PEAK [b. about 1851, KY], m.
Sallie SCONCE;
     07----GEORGE W PEAK [b. about 1853, KY], m.
Priscilla VILEY;  and
     07----SOLOMON D PEAK [b. about 1855, KY], m.
Susie VILEY.​

Presley's father, John Peak [b. 1731, Prince William Co, VA; d. 1806], and John's brothers James and Daniel were members of the Occoquan Baptist Church signing a petition to the Virginia Convention seeking religious freedom. John and Jemima married about 1763. He served in the Revolution with Van Swearingen and the Battle of Blue Licks in 1782. They moved to Scott Co, KY around 1785, buying property at Stamping Ground on Cane Run Pike in 1789 from Tolliver Craig. John built a large brick home there in the 1790's, inherited by Presley and burned in a 1974 renovation.

     1803 INHERITANCE: Presley inherited the "Cane Run" half of the Peak farm in Scott County, living in the house his father built, paying taxes there from 1803. By 1814 his estate included 261 acres and 12 slaves. In 1817 he acquired the property of his unmarried brother Spencer, who emancipated his slaves with a gift of 50 acres. He subsequently acquired more property from other family members in Gallatin Co, KY and Vevay, IN.

[Ann Woodlief]

Jefferson P Peak, Lakeport, Chicot Co, AR, is the subject of the present sketch, and was born in Scott Co, KY, in 1839. He is a son of James and Emeline (Payne) Peak, both of whom came originally from the bluegrass state. The father was a planter by occupation, and emigrated to AR about 1829, locating in Chicot County, engaging for a time in planting and afterward representing his district in the legislature for one term.
     His death occurred in Oct 1873 when he had reached his 72nd year.
     The early life of Jefferson Peak was passed in KY, where he attended excellent schools and graduated at the Georgetown College in 1857, after which he emigrated to AR.
     He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861, Company A, 1st MS Regiment, and was in many of the prominent battles and skirmishes through the entire war. After the war he went to Spanish Honduras, and after prospecting there for about 9 months returned to Chicot Co, AR. He owns a vast amount of valuable farming land, which is excellently well cultivated, and is, in addition to this, interested in mercantile business. He is a polished and learned gentleman, and well calculated to add honor to any community he may at any time choose to select as his home.

[biography courtesy of myoldjed & ancestry.com]

[Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas; The Goodspeed Publishing Co.; Chicago, Nashville, and St Louis, 1890. http://www.sabrahome.net/lzbiog.html]

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