THE OLD HUTCHERSON HOUSE: 61 Owned by RS Graves Brother (1975)
     Distinguished as one of the oldest houses standing in Madison County, the Hutcherson house stands on the north bank of the Robinson River at Syria. An exact construction date cannot be established; however, this was the home of Thomas Hutcherson who married Polly Willis, daughter of Joshua Willis, on December 17, 1810. The will of Thomas Hutcherson, dated 1832, probated 1834, left to his wife, Polly, the land on which he lived, and named six children: Sarah married Lovell Carpenter on May 11 1829, and later moved to Clark Co, MO; William AJ married Mary E Finks, daughter of Lewis Finks, on November 20, 1839; Lavinia married John M Colvin on February 9, 1847; Robert married Susan Marquis, daughter of Miles Marquis, on March 7, 1843; Elizabeth married Adam G Yowell on December 19 1850; Presley M married Emily F Garriott, daughter of Moses Garriott, on September 4, 1850 61
     Presley M and Emily G Hutcherson bought the property from the other heirs and raised their four children here: Mary E (Missy) married John T BROWN of Rappahannock County, son of RW and Eliza Brown, on October 3, 1883. Esteline married Walter B McALISTER, son of Arthur and Sarah Jones McAlister, on February 13 1872; Charles A (Charlie) married M Annie F SIMMS of Rappahannock County, daughter of A H and Martha A Simms, on February 7 1884; John P (Johnny) married Lydia (Liddie) MAUCK, daughter of Robert F Mauck, on December 28, 1889. 61
     One of the oldest Madison County Homes: The heirs of the late JP Hutcherson deeded the home and forty-three acres (on the north bank of the Robinson River) to Charles J (and Ora W) Ross in 1943. Heirs listed were Ivan G and Mary Pearl Hutcherson; WA and Virginia H McDaniel; JF and Hazel Hutcherson; George A and Annie Hutcherson; and Clyde and Nora C Aylor. 61
     The Hutcherson home has a steep A-line roof extending over a porch which spans the front. Weatherboarding covers the studding which is filled with bricks and mud. Originally there were two rooms on the first floor and two rooms tucked under the steep roof. Windows on the first floor have panes six over nine. There are two brick inside end chimneys, each with one fireplace. The kitchen and one room have been added in the back. On a hill behind the house is located the Hutcherson graveyard. 61

​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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     1850 Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Marcus D Call 27, Taylor, residing with the family of Mann C Strickler 32, Merchant w/ $3,000 RE; Mary J Strickler 26; their four children, and George T Robson 29, Doctor; Elizabeth E Robson 21 (married within the year); and James F Strickler 18, Clerk.
     1860 Madison Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Presley M Hutcherson 32, Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Emily F Hutcherson 26; George A Hutcherson 10; Charles A Hutcherson 5; John W Hutcherson 1; and Sarah E Hutcherson 8.
     Next door on this census page is William Shotwell 49; Judith Shotwell 47; and their 8 children.
     Many Wilhoits and Utz family members on this same census page.
     1860 Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Marcus D Call 38, Farmer w/ $21,500 RE; May F Call 29; Judith A Call 7; Mildred C Call 4; and Rate C Call 1 (children all listed as female).
     1870 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Marcus D Call 51, Farmer w/ $1,300 RE; Emily F Call 41, Keeps House; Judy A Call 17; Millard Call 15, Farm Hand; Clay B Call 9; Matilda F Call 4; Eterlin Hutcherson 17; Charles A Hutcherson 14, Farm Hand; John P Hutcherson 10; Mary B Hutcherson 8; and Susan Brigs (Black) 7.
     1880 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) MD Call 60, Farmer; Emily Call 50, Keeps House; Judith A Call 25; Millard C Call 24, Laborer; Clay B Call 19, Laborer; Fannie Call 13; Jinnie Call 4; John Hutcherson 20 (Stepson), Laborer; and Mary Hutcherson 19 (Stepdaughter).
     1900 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) John P Hutcherson 39, Farm Labor; Lydia C Hutcherson 40 (7 children-6 living); Leva Hutcherson 15; Blanche E Hutcherson 13; Ivan Hutcherson 10; Virginia M Hutcherson 8; John F Hutcherson 6; and George A Hutcherson 2.
     1900 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Clay B Call 38, Farmer; Adsee Call 30 (4 children-2 living); Reed E Call 4; and Cecil R Call 10/12.
     1910 Stanardsville, Greene Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Millard C Call 54, Farmer-General Farm; Mary F Call 47 (9 children- 9 living) ; William D Call 17, Farmer; Linwood L Call 15, Farmer; Edwin T Call 13, Farmer; Mary C Call12; Sallie D Call 11; Marvin M Call 7; Clay B Call 7; Lucy W Call 5; Corene L Call 3.​
     1910 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census
: has (all b. VA) John P Hutcherson 51, Farmer-General Farm; Liddia C Hutcherson 51 (8 children-7 living); Jennie Hutcherson 18; Frank Hutcherson 16, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; George Hutcherson 12, Laborer-Odd Jobs; and Nora Hutcherson 10.
     1910 Taylor, Orange Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Walter B Mcalister 61, Farmer; Sarah E Mcalister 55 (6 children-5 living); Sarah E Mcalister Jr 26; and Odessa W Mcalister 15.
     1910 Robertson, Madison Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Clay B Call 48; Adelle J Call 49 (7 children-4 living); Reede E Call 14; Pauline M Call 8; Otha L Call 6; and James S Call 3.
     1920 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Lydia Hutcherson 61, Farmer-General Farm; Ginnie M Hutcherson 28; George A Hutcherson 21, Farm Laborer-At Home; Nora C Hutcherson 19; and Emma S Tanner 62.    
     1920 Taylor, Orange Co, VA census: 
has (all b. VA) Walter B Mcalister 71, Merchant-Own Store; Sarah E Mcalister 65; Clarie E Mcalister 35; and Allen Hams 11 (Boarder).
     1920 Robertson, Madison Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Clay B Call 58, Farmer-General Farm; Adlee J Call 40; Ried E Call 23, Laborer-Home Farm; Pauline M Call 18; Otha L Call 16; and James Call 13.
     1940 Richmond, Richmond City, VA census: 
has (both b. VA) John F Hutcherson 45, Tree Surgery-Public Works; and Hazel Hutcherson 26.
     1940 Taylor Magistrial District, Orange Co, VA census:
 has (all b. VA) Clyde F Aylor 40, Farmer-Farm; Nora Aylor 39; Clyde F Aylor 14; Odell Aylor 12 (Daughter); Thelma Aylor 5; and Alice Aylor 1.

04-Emily F Garriott
Birth: about 1820
Death: after 1880 (census)
Home: Madison Co, VA
Father: Moses Jr Garriott

Marriage: 4 Sep 1850, Madison Co, VA: Bk 1/291, by Jeremiah McMullan
1st Spouse: Presley M HUTCHERSON
Birth: about 1828, VA
Death: about 1870, Madison Co, VA- age 42
Military: Civil War: Confederate- Private, Company C, 4th Regiment, VA Cavalry, enlisted 24 Apr 1861
Father: Thomas Hutcherson (1798-1834)
Mother: Mary "Polly" Willis (1790-)

     CHILDREN: Emily and Presley had five children: [census]
05----GEORGE A HUTCHERSON [b. about 1850, VA];

05----SARAH ESTELINE HUTCHERSON [b. 1 Jan 1853, Madison Co, VA; d. 29 Mar 1931, Madison Co, VA- age 77], m.
Walter B McALISTER on 13 Feb 1872, Madison Co, VA, he is the son of Arthur McAlister and Sarah Jones had 6 children (2 listed):

     06----SARAH E MCALISTER [b. about 1884, VA], and

     06----ODESSA W MCALISTER [b. about 1895];

05----CHARLES ANGUS "CHARLIE" HUTCHERSON [b. 25 Dec 1855, VA; d. Jul 11 1927, Culpeper Co, VA- age 71], Carpenter,  m.
Annie F SIMMS of Rappahannock Co, VA on 7 Feb 1884, she is the daughter of AH and Martha A Simms;

05----JOHN P "JOHNNIE" HUTCHERSON [b. Feb 1859, VA], m.
Lydia "LIDDIE" MAUCK [b. Jan 1860], daughter of Robert F Mauck, on 28 Dec 1889, had 7 children:
     06----LEVA HUTCHERSON [b. May 1885, VA];
     06----BLANCH E HUTCHERSON [b. May 1887, VA];
     06----IVAN HUTCHERSON [b. Jan 1890, VA];
     06----VIRGINIA M HUTCHERSON [b. 6 Jan 1892, VA; d. 31 Aug 1957, Criglersville, Madison Co, VA- age 65], m.
Wesley Allen McDANIEL [b. 28 Dec 1880, Madison Co, VA], son of Alexander McDaniel (1851-1935) and Lydia Margaret Breeden (1853-1909), had 2 daughters:
          07----ADLEE McDANIEL [b. 11 May 1926, Madison Co, VA; d. 27 Dec 1987, Criglersville, Madison Co, VA- age 61], m.
Homer Borlace WEAKLEY, had 2 children;
          07----SHIRLEY A McDANIEL [b. 28 Jun 1929, Madison Co, VA; d. 29 Nov 1931, Criglersville, Madison Co, VA- age 2, bur. Shiloh Cemetery];
     06----JOHN FRANKLIN HUTCHERSON [b. 6 Jan 1894, VA; d. 23 Feb 1961- age 67, bur. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery], m.
Hazel M ___ [b. 13 Nov 1913; d. 8 Aug 2010- age 96, bur. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery];
     06----GEORGE A HUTCHERSON [b. Mar 1898, VA];
     06----NORA HUTCHERSON [b. 15 Aug 1900, Madison Co, VA; d. 22 Jan 2003, Garland, Dallas Co, TX, bur. Graham Cemetery], m.
Clyde Franklin AYLOR [b. 3 Nov 1899, Madison Co, VA; d. 6 Oct 1948, Orange Co, VA- age 48, bur. Graham Cemetery], had 4 children:
          07----CLYDE FRANKLIN AYLOR JR [b. 7 Sep 1925, Madison Co, VA; d. 28 Apr 1992, Dallas Co, TX- age 87];
          07----ODELL R AYLOR [b. 26 Oct 1927, Madison Co, VA; d. 19 Feb 1953, Orange Co, VA- age 24, bur. Graham Cemetery];
          07----THELMA AYLOR [b. about 1935, VA]; and
          07----ALICE AYLOR [b. about 1939, VA];

05----MARY E "MISSY" HUTCHERSON [b. about 1861, VA], m.
John T BROWN of Rappahannock Co, VA, son of RW and Eliza Brown, on 3 Oct 1883.

Marriage: 10 Aug 1863, Madison Co, VA
2nd Spouse: Marcus Dimerson CALL
Birth: about 1820, King George Co, VA
Death: about 1895, a widower of King George County
Father: Reuben Call [1808-]
Mother: Matilda Blakey [1801-]

     HIS 1ST MARRIAGE: Marcus Call 1st married
May F(annie) M ___ [b. about 1831, VA], had three daughters: [census]
05----Judith Ann Call [b. 17 Sep 1855, VA; d. 13 Oct 1929, Madison Co, VA- age 74, bur. Cedar Hill Cemetery];

05----Millard 00chapman Call [b. 14 Feb 1856, Madison Co, VA; d. 11 Jul 1934- age 78, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], m.
Mary Moreman (Fannie) Twyman [b. 9 Oct 1862, VA; d. 5 Oct 1923- age 61, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], had 9 children:
     06----WILLIAM "WILLIE" DENISON CALL [b. 4 Oct 1894, Madison Co, VA; d. 29 Sep 1918, Nantillos, Departement de la Meuse, Lorraine, France- age 25, bur. France];
     06----Linwood Lee Call [b. 19 May 1896, Madison Co, VA; d. 14 Dec 1972, Stanardsville, Greene Co, VA- age 78, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], Pvt SUP Co, 12 Infantry, WW1, m.
Phoebe Ann Collier [b. 11 Feb 1917, Rockingham Co, VA; d. Dec 1999- age 82];
     06----Edwin Twyman Call [b. 21 Mar 1896, VA; d. 25 Nov 1935- age 39, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], had son:
          07----Edwin Twyman Call [b. 6 Aug 1920, Springfield, Fairfax Co, VA; d. 3 Jul 1983, Springfield, Fairfax Co, VA- age 62, bur. Quantico National Cemetery];
     06----Mary Chapman Call [b. 12 Jan 1896, VA; d. 30 Jun 1987- age 89, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery];
     06----Sallie Dean Call [b. 19 Sep 1899, VA; d. 28 Mar 1985- age 85, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], m.
Yelverton C Blakey [b. 24 Feb 1870; d. 4 May 1947- age 77, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery];
     06----Marvin Millard Call [b. 14 Jan 1902, VA; d. 4 Jan 1990- age 87, bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery], m. Pearl S ___ [b. 17 Oct 1902; d. 3 May 1994- age 91, bur. bur. Stanardsville Public Cemetery];​
     06----Clay Blakey Call [b. 17 Jul 1903; d. 12 May 1984, Madison Co, VA- age 80, bur. Holly Memorial Gardens], m.
Doris "Doshie" Shifflet [b. 1909; d. 1976- age 66, bur. Holly Memorial Gardens], had daughter:

          07----Bernice Virginia Call [b. 9 Jan 1933; d. 27 Dec 2017, Madison Co, VA- age 84, bur. Holly Memorial Gardens], m. Charles Delano "Bootie" Coppedge [b. 5 May 1933; d. 28 Dec 2017- age 84, bur. Holly Memorial Gardens];
     06----Lucy W Call [b. about 1905, VA];
     06----Corene L Ca;; [b. about 1907, VA];

05----Clay Blakey (or Boone) Call [b. 17 Aug 1861; d. 16 Feb 1939, Madison Co, VA- age 77, bur. Etlan Cemetery], m.
J Adlee Rosser [b. 2 Mar 1870; d. 25 Jun 1924- age 54, bur. Etlan Cemetery] on 24 Apr 1893, had son:

     06----Otho Laurence Call [b. 27 Aug 1903, Etlan, Madison Co, VA; d. 25 Oct 1982, Charlottesville City, VA- age 79, bur. Etlan Cemetery], m. Hilda May Simpson Dodson [b. 2 Jun 1913, Syria, Madison Co, VA; d. 17 May 1995, Charlottesville City, VA, bur. Rose Park Cemetery- as Dodson].

     CHILDREN: Emily and Marcus had two children: [census]
05----MATILDA "FANNIE" CALL [b. about 1867, VA]; and
05----JENNIE CALL [b. 12 Sep 1875, VA; d. 24 Jun 1934, Madison Co, VA- age 58].

     1858 DEED: [Madison Co, VA Deed Bk 22/576, dated 21 Jun 1858] Presly M Hutcherson and Emily F Hutcherson his wife inherited part of estate of Kesiah Garriott, along with George Bruce and Sarah A Bruce his wife, Jane Garriott, and Clarissa Garriott.

     1858 ESTATE SETTLEMENT: [Madison Co, VA Deed Bk 22/576, dated 21 Jun 1858] Kesiah Garriott died before the sale of her 88 acres in Madison Co, VA could be transferred to Ephriam Rouse and Louise Grimsley for $300. The estate was settled with the following heirs: George Bruce and Sarah Ann Bruce, his wife; Presly M Hutcherson and Emily Hutcherson, his wife; Jane Garriott and Clarissa Garriott
     Presley's parents, Thomas and Polly (Willis) Hutcherson, were married on 17 Dec 1810, Madison Co, VA, she the daughter of Josh Willis.62

    2ND MARRIAGE: Marcus D Call, Administrator for Elizabeth Garriott, deeded the "Old Garriott House," and four acres to Michael H Utz in 1868. The house on Route 603 west of Madison was acquired by Elizabeth in 1842 from Henry B Jones, William Withrow, James Withrow, and William Gulley.