04-Judith S Garriott
Birth: 6 Jun 1812, Madison Co, VA

Death: 9 Jun 1899
Home: Madison Co, VA
Father: Moses Jr Garriott

Marriage: 24 Nov 1831, Madison Co, VA, Bk 1/275-Min Robert Garnett, 1 Dec 1831
Spouse: William SHOTWELL
Birth: 4 May 1810, Madison Co, VA
Death: 28 Aug 1891, Madison Co, VA- age 81
Father: James Shotwell (1762-1841), Served in the American Revolution.1
Mother: Mary "Polly" Crane (1770-1828)

      CHILDREN: Judy and William had eleven children:
05----WILLIAM ROBERT SHOTWELL [b.19 Jan 1833, Madison Co, VA; d. 15 Feb 1888, El Paso Co, TX- age 55], m. Elizabeth F HARRISON, had 2 children: [census]
     06----JAMES W SHOTWELL [b. about 1864, MO];
     06----ELIZABETH SHOTWELL [b. about 1868, MO];
05----ETHELBERT LEWIS SHOTWELL [b. 5 Apr 1835,VA; d. 14 Sep 1924, VA- age 89, bur. Prospect Hill Cemetery, m. Judith Frances LILLAR [b. 16 Aug 1839; d. 21 Aug 1914- age 75, bur. Prospect Hill Cemetery];
05----GEORGE COLUMBUS SHOTWELL [b. 16 May 1837], settled in Missouri, never married;
05----JOHN I [HAMILTON?] SHOTWELL [b. 6 Oct 1839, Madison Co, VA; d. 30 Jun 1862- age 23, bur. Old City Cemetery], a farmer. Enlisted in 7th VA Regt Volunteers, Confederate Army @ Culpeper Court House as private, Company C, promoted to Capt. Killed in action @ Frayser's farm @ Battle of Seven Pines, Civil War, never married;
05----MARY ELIZABETH SHOTWELL [b. 8 Oct 1841], m. Augustus UTZ;
05----REUBEN HARRISON SHOTWELL [b. 14 Oct 1843];
05----ALBERT DALLAS SHOTWELL [b. 12 Jan 1846;  d. 12 Sep 1913- age 67, bur. Maury Cemetery], m. Martha "Mamie" F PULLEY [b. 22 Jul 1852; d. 16 Jun 1891, bur. Maury Cemetery], was Privatein VA Warrenton Light Artillery Battery, Civil War: Confederate, lived in Richmond [VA?], had children: (census)
     06----JOHN SHOTWELL [b. Oct 1876, VA];
     06----ANNIE SHOTWELL [b. Apr 1880, VA];
     06----JUDITH S SHOTWELL [b. Aug 1881, VA];
     06----MATTIE SHOTWELL [b. Nov 1882, VA];
     06----FANNIE SHOTWELL [b. Jul 1877, VA], m. Clarence VADEN [b. Sep 1877, VA], had daughter:
          07----JUDITH VADEN [b. May 1899, VA];
     06----ANNIE SHOTWELL [b. Feb 1880, VA];
05----LETITIA E SHOTWELL [b. 22 Oct 1847​, Madison Co, VA; d. 30 May 1927, Madison Co, VA- age 79- Cert  1927011218, bur. Shiloh Cemetery], m. Churchill Blakey BATES on 26 Dec 1866;
05----WILSON LAUCK SHOTWELL [b. 1850, listed below];
05----THOMAS NEWMAN SHOTWELL [b. 1852, listed below]; and
05----SARAH FRANCES SHOTWELL [b. 10 Aug 1852, VA], m. Thomas W ROSSON [b. Jul 1852, VA], had 2 daughters:
     06----ROSA S ROSSON [b. Apr 1890, VA]; and
     06----MAMIE J ROSSON [b. May 1892, VA].

     1850 Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) William Shotwell 40, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Judy S Shotwell 38; William R Shotwell 17, Laborer; Ethelbert L Shotwell 15, Laborer; George C Shotwell 14; John H Shotwell 11; Mary E Shotwell 8; Reuben H Shotwell 6; Albert D Shotwell 4; Lucetta L Shotwell 3; and William L Shotwell 6/12.
     1860 Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) William Shotwell 49, Farmer w/ $2,500 RE; Judith Shotwell 47; George Shotwell 23, Carpenter; John Shotwell 20, Laborer; Reuben H Shotwell 16, Laborer; Albert Shotwell 14; Lucetta E Shotwell 12; Wilson L Shotwell 10; Thos N Shotwell 8; and Sarah F Shotwell 8
     1870 Robertson Magisterial District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) William Shotwell 60, Farmer w/ $1,100 RE; Judith Shotwell 50, Keeps House; Wilson Shotwell 18, Farm Hand; Thomas Shotwell 16, Farm Hand; and Fanny Shotwell 16.
     1870 Kansas City Ward 2, Jackson Co, MO census: has William Shotwell 38, b. VA, Flour Merchant w/ $3,000 RE; Elizabeth F Shotwell 35, b. KY, Keeps House; James W Shotwell 6, b. MO; Elizabeth Shotwell 2, b. MO; Florence Kerr 17, b. VA, Domestic Servant; Polly Taylor 12, b. GA, Nurse; Reuben Shotwell 25, b. VA, Miller; and Maurice Roberts 35, b. NJ, Teamster.
     1880 Robertson Magisterial District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Wm Shotwell 70, Farmer; Judy Shotwell 68, Keeps House; Thomas Shotwell 25; Sarah Shotwell 25; Laura Smith 16, Servant; and Willis Washington 9, Laborer.
     1880 Manchester, Chesterfield, VA census: has A Shotwell 31, Leather Tanner; Mary Shotwell 27, Keeping House; John Shotwell 4; Fanny Shotwell 2; Anna Shotwell 3/12; and Rosa Nash 22, B (Servant).
     1880 Criglersville, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Wm H Rosson 51, Blacksmith; Hariet F Rosson 60; and TW Rosson 27, Laborer.
     1900 Manchester Ward 4, Manchester City, VA census: has (all b. VA) JD Shotwell 54, Merchant (Widow); John Shotwell 23, Bookkeeper; Annie Shotwell 20; Mattie Shotwell 18; Judith Shotwell 19; Clarence Vaden 22, Clerk; Fannie Vaden 22 (1 child-1 living); Judith Vaden 1; Annie Vaden 20; Annie Todd 24, House Keeper (Servant)(2 children-1 living); Bettie Lomas 20, B, Day Laborer (Servant); Lottie Lomas 17, B, Day Laborer (Servant); and Maggie Mason 17, B, Day Laborer (Servant).
     1900 Robertson Magisterial District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Theodo W Rosson 47, Farmer and Cabinet Maker; Sarah F Rosson 48 (2 children-2 living); Rosa F Rosson; Mamie J Rosson 8; Callie Weakly 37, Servant; and Nellie P Weakly 7/12.
     1910 Richmond, Washington Ward, Richmond, VA census: has (all b. VA) Albert D Shotwell 64, Manufacturer-Leather Manufactor; Cora L Shotwell 47; Mattie G Shotwell 25; Judith S Shotwell 23; Virgie Drewry 27 (Servant-Private Family); and Willy Fox 17 (Servant, Butler-Private Family).
     1910 Robertson Magisterial District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Thomas W Rosson 56, Carpenter-Own Shop; Sarah F Rosson 57 (2 children-2 living);Rosa S Rosson 19; Mamie J Rosson 17; and Lillian Smith 10.
     1930 Kansas City, Wyandotte Co, KS census: has Miller Shotwell 35, b. MO, Mail Carrier-US Government; La Rene Shotwell 26, b. KS; Norma L Shotwell 5, b. MO; and Donald M Shotwell 2-7/12, b. KS.
     1930 Robertson District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) Thomas W Rossen 77, Mechanic-Furniture Store; Sarah F Rossen 77; and Rosa S Rossen 34.
     1940 Robertson Magisterial District, Madison Co, VA census: has (all b. VA) T Wm Rosson 87; Sarah F Rosson 87; and Rosa S Rosson 49, Housekeeper-Private Family.​

    "WE Bohannan once related that a foot trail used by the Cherokee Indians in their migrations with the seasons, from north to south, went over the mountain at Shotwell Hollow. The Indians followed the mountain trails to avoid crossing large rivers. 61

[photo courtesy of Vee Cove] 61
     "The home of Turner and Margaret Graves, owned by RS Graves Brothers, dates prior to 1830 and to the family of Colonel Robert Hill. Information on Colonel Robert Hill could not be located. In 1830, Edmund J and Frances R Thompson of Albemarle County conveyed their interest as children of Colonel Robert Hill, deceased, to William H Hill. This was land on which William H Hill lived. Edmund J Thompson married Frances R Hill on November 24, 1824.
     "Then in 1835, William H and Sarah Hill, Robert C and Jane Hill, and Mary B Hill deeded the house and 306 acre tract to Simeon Bates. Robert C Hill, son of Colonel Robert Hill, married Mary Jane Hume, daughter of Elizabeth Hume, on August 23, 1832.
     "An older house, possibly a summer kitchen or a residence, stood in the back yard. It is not known whether the present stone house was the home of the Hill family or whether Simeon Bates built the present stone house.
     "Simeon Bates married Elizabeth BLAKEY on April 5, 1826. There were four children: William N SMITH, son of Fielding and Rhoda Smith, married (1) Elizabeth F Bates on December 20, 1855, and (2) Mary E BERRY, daughter of Elisha Y and Sophia S Berry, on March 19, 1881; Churchill B married Lutitia B SHOTWELL, daughter of William and Judith S Garrett Shotwell, on December 26, 1866; Martha A married BS SMITH; and Robert A married Mary J (maiden name unknown) and lived in Rappahannock County.

     "In 1880, the heirs of Simeon and Elizabeth C Bates deeded the stone house and 306 acres of land to James M Graves. James M Graves (20 Aug 1824- 11 Dec 1895) and his wife, Almira A Wilhoit (8 Jun 1827-1907) lived at Mountain View, the present home of Elvin Graves. They had three children: James Thomas (28 Jan 1855-17 Mar 1864); Robert Alexander (28 Apr 1857-14 Oct 1933) married Laura Belle STRICKLER (15 Oct 1858-9 Dec 1937); and Turner Ashby (19 Nov 1861-?), unmarried.61
     "Robert Alexander (Strickler) and Laura Belle Graves lived in the stone house for a few years after they were married before moving to Mountain View. Five of their nine children were born in the stone house: Robert Strickler (19 Aug 1882-19 Feb 1964) married Annabel DYE; James Irvin (13 Apr 1884- 26 Nov 1921), unmarried; Moser (21 Jul 1886-24 Oct 1886); Lester Eugene (9 Feb 1888-) married Sarah EARLY; Turner Ashby (27 Apr 1890-9 Jul 1975) married Talmah Hastings WEIKEL; Sarah Almira (19 Aug 1893-) married Walter WYATT; Francis Madison (11 Nov 1895-) married Anne FRAY; Elvin (17 Dec 1901-) married Kate CHARLTON; Elizabeth (12 May 1904-30 Jan 1960) married Harry B SMITH.
     "Turner Ashby Graves, Jr and his wife, Margaret LOHR Graves, daughter of Robert Emmet and Mary Virginia Clore Lohr, have lived in the stone house since the late 1940s. They have four children: Harry Franklin (Frank) married Nancy FROST of Pittsburgh, PA; Mary Talmah married William McKnight HODGE; Candace Jane; and William Lohr (Bill).
     "The stone house is built in a style typical of 1840 or 1850 vintage homes with a center hallway and two rooms on each side, first and second floors. Each room has a fireplace and a plain mantel. The stone walls are eighteen inches thick .61
     "Originally the house had a separate stairway to each of the two second floor bedrooms. The stairway in the dining room has been removed and a door cut on the second floor.
     "Additions include the present kitchen and basement, and a family room on the northwest side of the original house. These additions are also of stone."

​     2001 OBITUARY: Mary Alice Shotwell Burry, 82, Kansas City, MO, passed away Friday, April 6, 2001, at Carondelet Manor. Funeral services will be 1 pm Wednesday, April 11, at Red Bridge Christian Church, 108th Terrace and McGee, Kansas City, MO; burial in Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, MO. Friends may call 6-8 pm Tuesday at Park Lawn Funeral Home, 83rd and Hillcrest Road, Kansas City, MO. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to the Red Bridge Christian Church Memorial Fund.
     Mary Alice was born June 20, 1918, in Kansas City, MO, to Miller E and Clara Kahn Shotwell. She had lived all of her life in this area, and was a graduate of Southwest High School. She was a member of Red Bridge Christian Church, and a former member of Hyde Park Christian Church before its closing. She enjoyed painting and was also a member of the Daughters of the Old Westport and the Lea Manor Garden Club. 
     She is survived by her husband, Harold E Burry of the home; daughter, Cheryl Costley and her husband, Larry, St Louis, MO; two granddaughters, Mary Spitzmiller and her husband, Tony, and Jennifer Whiteman and her husband, Scott; three great-grandsons, Jack Whiteman, Will Whiteman, and Max Spitzmiller; stepdaughter, Deborah Mitchell and her husband, Marty, Lee's Summit, MO; and step-granddaughter, Marah Anne Mitchell.


     OBITUARY: Harold E Burry, 87, Lee's Summit, MO, passed away Saturday, April 6, 2002, at home. Services will be 10 am Friday, April 12, at Park Lawn Funeral Home, Kansas City, MO; burial in Memorial Park Cemetery. Friends may call 6-8 pm Thursday at Park Lawn. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be given to Shriners Hospitals for Children, c/o Abdallah Shrine Temple, Overland Park, KS, or Summit Woods Baptist Church Building Fund, Lee's Summit, MO.
     Harold was born on April 10, 1914, in Adrian, MO, to Charles Franklin and Edith Letha (Louderback) Burry. Harold was a member of the Red Bridge Christian Church, the Lee's Summit Masonic Lodge, the York Rite, the Abdallah Shrine Greeters and the Leawood Shrine Club. He was the proud owner of Broadmoor Gardens for the past 37 years. Prior to owning his business, Harold was sales manager for several Kansas City area lumber yards.
     Harold was preceded in death by his first wife, Flo (Morris) Burry, mother of his daughter, his second wife, Mary Alice Burry, and three brothers, Earl, Clarence and Virgil. He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Deborah and Marty Mitchell, granddaughter, Marah Mitchell, brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Helen Burry, four nieces and three nephews. 
(Kansas City Star, Wednesday, April 10, 2002)

[photo above courtesy of Vee Cove] 61
     "Shotwell Hollow is thought to be the oldest parcel of land continuously owned by the same family in Madison County. Surrounded by mountains with Shotwell Run making its way into the valley, the area lies east of Syria at the end of Route 611.
     "John Shotwell (II), a descendant of John Shotwell (I) who came from Warwick, England in 1670 and settled in Middlesex Parish, now Lancaster County, was the first to settle in Shotwell Hollow. He was born in 1703, a son of Reuben Shotwell (I). The deed to his land was dated October 12, 1744.
     "James Shotwell (April, 1760-?) was the son of William Shotwell (I) and Bettie Jurdine Shotwell. He entered the Revolutionary War at age 16, serving seven years. He was present in Yorktown at the surrender of Cornwallis.
     "James Shotwell married Mary Crane in Culpeper County on January 8, 1788, and died at the age of 81 in Madison County, December 1841. Mary Crane Shotwell died September 28, 1828.
     "James and Mary Shotwell had four children: William (May 1810-?); Reuben (1812-?), who settled in Greene County; Jechonias Yancey (1813-?); and James (1815-?) who settled in Culpeper County.
     "At the death of James Shotwell, his land was divided between two of his sons, William and Jechonias. The acreage received by Jechonias is presently owned by Levi and Robbie Shotwell Utz.
     "Land owners to the present day of the Shotwell land were John Shotwell (II); William (I), son of John (II), born in 1735; James, son of William (I), born in 1760; William (II), son of James (I), born in 1810; Thomas N, son of William (II), born in 1852; Aubrey M, son of Thomas N, born in 1893; and the present owner, Lissie L Shotwell, daughter of Thomas N.
     "William Shotwell married Judy Garriott, daughter of Moses and Frances Garriott, and he built this house on his approximate 165 acres of land.
     "There were eleven children born to William and Judy G Shotwell: William Robert (19 Jan 1833-15 Feb 1888) married Elizabeth HARRISON; Ethelbert Lewis (5 Apr 1835-?), married Judith F LILLARD; George Columbus (May 16 1837-?) never married, settled in Missouri; John Hamilton (6 Oct 1839-1865) never married, killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Seven Pines; Mary Elizabeth (8 Oct 1841-?) married Augustus UTZ; Reuben Harrison (14 Oct 1843-?); Albert Dallas (12 Jan 1846-?) married Mamie F PULLEY and lived in Richmond; Lucetta (22 Oct 1847-?) married Churchill Blakey BATES; Wilson Lauck (27 Jun 1850-?) married Kate Lee MILLER; Thomas Newman (10 Aug 1952-?) married Annie Bell MURRAY; and Sarah Frances (10 Aug 1852-?) married Thomas W ROSSON.
     "Thomas Shotwell (10 Aug 1852-- 4 Nov 1929) married Annie Belle Murray. She lived to be 102 years old and died 6 Nov 1966.  There were seven children: Claude (17 Mar 1885-?) married Edith SNELLINGS; Lizzie (15 Oct 1966-?) never married; Ethel (19 Sep 1888-?) married Clyde ROSSER; Lucian (16 Nov 1895) married Mary B SNELLINGS; Aubrey (20 Feb 1893-?) never married; Grace (24 May 1896-?) married Jesse TANNER; Ruth (9 Aug 1910-?) married Herbert JAMES."

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[photo above courtesy of Vee Cove] 61
     "The house now used for the kitchen and dining room connected by a breezeway to the main house, was used as the family residence while the main house was being built. There are two rooms on the first floor and two upstairs. The rock chimney has been torn down. It is believed that there was once an outside kitchen, but the location in relation to this dwelling is unknown.
     "In 1857, William Shotwell built the main house with two rooms on the first floor and two upstairs. The house was constructed of logs on a native rock foundation with two native rock chimneys. Each room has a fireplace.
     "In 1912, Thomas Shotwell added two rooms and a hall, one on each floor, and weatherboarded the log kitchen and dining room and the original house constructed by his father, William Shotwell.
     "A spring near the house, where a modern pumping system has now been installed, still provides water for the Shotwell family as it has since 1743."