​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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04-Phoebe Garriott
Birth: about 1770, Culpeper Co, VA [1850 Wash Co, IN census]
Death: after 1850, Salem, Wash Co, IN- age 80
Father: Ambrose S Garriott

Marriage: 2 Dec 1788, Mercer Co, KY
1st Spouse: Gardner RICE [Fitzpatrick]
Birth: about 1760
[Phoebe would have been 16 years old if born in 1770]

Marriage: 7 Sep 1798, Garrard Co, KY
2nd Spouse: Thomas Jr TURPIN
Birth: 1778, Madison Co, VA
Death: about 1808, Wash Co, IN- age 30
Father: Thomas Sr Turpin
Mother: Avrilor ___

     CHILDREN: Phoebe and Thomas Jr Turpin, who went insane, (not listed on 1830 census), had daughter:12
05----AVERILLA IBBY "Abby" TURPIN [b. 1802, listed below}

     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has Zachariah Spurgin 60, b. NC, Farmer; Abby Spurgin 40, b. KY; Thomas Spurgin 13, b. KY; Squire Spurgin 11, b. KY; John Spurgin 10, b. KY; Milly Spurgin 8, b. KY; Elizabeth Spurgin 4, b. KY; Phebe Turpin 80, b. VA; and Daniel Spurgin 5, b. IN.
     Two doors down is Asbury Garriott 37; and Sarah Garriott 34; and their 8 children.

     1820 LAND GIFT: [Wash Co, IN Deed Bk __, pg 69?, dated 29 Dec 1820] Ambrose Garriott deeded 25 acres, "for the better maintenance of Phebe Turpin," to her, "during her life."
     1831 LAND PURCHASE: [Government Land Office Doc# 9392, dated 13 Jan 1831, Indianapolis, IN]25 Thomas Spurgin purchased 80 acres from the government, a parcel of land [W2 SE4 Section 4 T12N R8E], from the government, by the President AJ (Jackson?).