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05-Averilla Isabella "Abby" TURPIN

Birth: 22 Mar 1802, KY

Death: 6 Jan 1880, Jackson Co, IN- age 77

Burial: Vallonia Cemetery

Mother: Phoebe Garriott

Marriage: 15 Feb 1936, Wash Co, IN

Spouse: Zacheus SPURGEON

Birth: 1789, Rowan Co, NC

Death: 1852 Wash Co, IN- age 63

Father: Samuel Spurgeon (1738-1789)

Mother: Sarah Ledford (1747-1829) 

CHILDREN: Averilla and Zach had eight children:
06----JAMES THOMAS "Tom" SPURGEON [b. about 1836, KY; d. 6 May 1876, Wash Co, IN- age 40, bur. Vallonia Cemetery], Union Army, Civil War, 1861, Private, Company A, 50th Regiment, IN Infantry,​ lived in Jackson Co, IN in 1860, m. Julia Ann Humphrey [b. 19 Nov 1842, IN; d. 29 Apr 1909, Little York, Wash Co, IN- age 66], daughter of William Humphrey, on 15 Apr 1877, had son:

     Julia 2nd married Alfred Pringle, son of Elizabeth Garriott and Alfred Pringle, his 2nd marriage.

     07----JOHN S SPURGEON [b. May 1862, IN; d. 31 Jul 1865, IN- age 3, bur. Vallonia Cemetery];
06----SQUIRE SPURGIN [b. 1839, KY; d. 2 Apr 1863, Okolona, Clark Co, AR- age 24], Union Army, Civil War, 1861, Private, Company A, 50th Regiment, IN Infantry;
06----JOHN M SPURGIN [b. 3 Jun 1840, KY; d. 25 Jul 1903, Elnora, Daviess Co, IN- age 63, bur. Dog Island Cemetery/Mt Zion Cemetery], Union Army, Civil War, 8 Oct 1861-5 Jan 1865, Private, Company A, 50th Regiment, IN Infantry, m. Lydia C HARTLEY on 14 Dec 1865, Wash Co, IN, had son: (census) A Lydia Spurgin, a widow (John), resided in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN in 1932 and 1934 with Oscar (Belle) Spurgin. Not listed in 1936;
     07----OSCAR SPURGIN [b. Dec 1866], m. Flora B (Belle?) HARTLEY (Reynolds?) [b. about 1867, IN], had three children, two listed: Oscar Spurgin, condr, resided at 670 Oak, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN in 1918-1929.
          08----ETHEL SPURGIN [b. about 1889]; and
          08----DONNA S SPURGIN [b. 25 Jul 1891, Clay Co, IN; d. 24 Jan 1946, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 54], m. Paul C Moore [b. about 1892] ;
06----MILLY SPURGIN [b. 29 Mar 1843, KY; d. 16 May 1868, Jackson Co, IN- age 25, bur. Vallonia Cemetery], lived in Wash and Jackson Co, IN;
06----DANIEL SPURGIN [b. 1 Nov 1844, Wash Co, IN; d. 26 Mar 1916, Marco, Greene Co, IN- age 71, bur. Dog Island Cemetery/Mt Zion Cemetery], Farmer, m. Cazilla LIDAY (1870-1904), had children:
     07----EVARILLA SPURGEON [b. 11 May 1892, Daviess Co, IN; d. 15 Dec 1968, French Lick, Orange Co, IN- age 76, bur. Acme Cemetery], m. 1st Elzoro McMary on 6 Jan 1910, M. 2nd Alton Lesley WININGER [b. 27 Oct 1904, in; d. Apr 1968, IN- age 63, bur. Acme Cemetery], had son:
          08----ERMAL EDWARD WININGER [b. 9 Feb 1914, Orange Co, IN: Bk H-15/39; d. 14 Mar 1981, Polk Co, FL, IN- age 67, bur. Acme Cemetery], SSN: 314-07-8620/IN, US Army-1945, m. Lorinne (Lorene) ISAAC [b. 7 Nov 1916, Jackson Co, IN; d. 26 Aug 1959, Jackson Co, IN- age 41, bur. Acme Cemetery], on 5 Sep 1936, Columbus, Bartholomew Co, IN, she the daughter of Clarence C Isaac and Ann Coffman had children:​
               09----DARLING WININGER [b. & d. 15 May 1937, Jackson Co, IN, bur. Acme Cemetery];
               09----ROGER DEAN WININGER [b. 20 Dec 1938, Jackson Co, IN];​
     07----FRANCIS MARION "Frank"  SPURGEON [b. 4 Aug 1893, Daviess Co, IN; d. 25 Apr 1952- age 58, bur. Butler Cemetery], m. Christina BUTLER [b. 25 Dec 1904, Shoals, Martin Co, IN; d. 8 Oct 1981, French Lick, Orange Co, IN- age 76, bur. Emmons Ridge Cemetery], daughter of Alfred Garrett Butler (1876-1955) and Anna Jane Gammon (1879-1956), had 6 children: (obituary)

          08----WILLIAM PAUL "Bill" SPURGEON [b. 22 Oct 1922, French Lick, Orange Co, IN; d. 4 Jun 2018, French Lick, Orange Co, IN- age 95, bur. Emmons Ridge Cemetery];

          08----FRANK JR SPURGEON [b. 1931; d. 20 Jan 2007- age 75, bur. Emmons Ridge Cemetery] had 6 children; (obituary);

               09----FRANKIE EDWARD SPURGEON [b. 2 Jan 1952, French Lick, Orange Co, IN; d. 6 Nov 1977- age 25, bur. Emmons Cemetery];

          08----EDWARD LEO SPURGEON [b. Jan 1925; d. 3 Feb 1925- age 1 month, bur. Butler Cemetery];

          08----DOLLY BETH SPURGEON;

          08----JOHNNY SPURGEON; and

          08----JIMMY SPURGEON;
     07----LAURA MELVINA SPURGEON [b. 20 Mar 1896, IN; d. 19 Dec 1911, Columbia, Whitley Co,  IN- age 15, of diptheria];
     07----JOHN ALBERT SPURGEON [​b. 9 Apr 1899, Daviess Co, IN, IN; d. 16 Dec 1911, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN- age 12];​​
06----ELIZABETH "Lizzie" SPURGIN [b. Jan 1846, Wash Co, IN; d. 1929, IN- age 83, bur. Old Elnora Cemetery], m. 1st William MOUNTS [b. 4 Apr 1866, Jackson Co, IN; d. 5 Jan 1961, Knox Co, IN- age 94] in 1869 Jackson Co, in 1869, IN, had son:
     07----ROBERT B MOUNTS [b. 4 Apr 1866 (death cert) 1858 (marriage license), Jackson Co, IN; d. 5 Jan 1961, Vincennes, Knox Co, IN- age 94, bur. Old Elnora Cemetery], m. Mary Elizabeth GOSNELL [b. 23 Sep 1871, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 22 Dec 1943, Brazil, Clay Co, IN- age 72], daughter of AJ Gosnell and Isabelle Edington, on 29 Apr 1911, Vigo Co, IN;
     Elizabeth 2nd m. Ezekiel Milton SMITH (1849-1919);
06----MADISON SPURGIN [b. 19 Jan 1849, Wash Co, IN; d. 27 Jan 1872, Jackson Co, IN- age 23, bur. Vallonia Cemetery]; and
06----JOSIAH SPURGIN [b. 1851]?????


     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has Zachariah Spurgin 60, b. NC, Farmer; Abby Spurgin 40, b. KY; Thomas Spurgin 13, b. KY; Squire Spurgin 11, b. KY; John Spurgin 10, b. KY; Milly Spurgin 8, b. KY; Elizabeth Spurgin 4, b. KY; Phebe Turpin 80, b. VA; and Daniel Spurgin 5, b. IN.
     Two doors down is Asbury Garriott 37; and Sarah Garriott 34; and their 8 children.
     1960 Wash Co, IN census: has Evrilla Spurgin 52, b. KY; Squire Spurgin 21, b. IN, Farmer; John Spurgin 20, b. IN, Farmer; Milly Spurgin 17, b. IN; Daniel Spurgin 15, b. IN, Farmer; Elizabeth Spurgin 13, b. IN; and Madison Spurgin 11, b. IN.
     1870 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John M Spurgin 30, Farmer w/ $600 RE; Lydia Spurgin 22, Keeping House; and Oscar Spurgin 4.
     1880 Clay Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John Spurgeon 39, Constable (Mother b. OH); Lydia Spurgeon 32, Keeping House; Oscar Spurgeon 13; and Telgman Spurgeon 9.
     1900 Clay Co, IN census: 
has (all b. IN) Oscar Spurgin 33, Farmer; Flora B Spurgin 33 (3 children-2 living); Ethel Spurgin 11; and Dona Spurgin 8.
     1900 Daviess Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Daniel Spurgeon 55, Farmer (Father b. NC); Cazilla Spurgeon 30 (6 children-4 living); Eva Rilla Spurgeon 8; Francis M Spurgeon 6; Laura Spurgeon 4; and Albert Spurgeon 2.
     1900 Daviess Co, IN census:
 has [both b. IN] Elizabeth Smith 50; and Robert Mounts 26, Painter.
     1910 Martin Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Daniel Spurgeon 65 (Widow), Farmer-General Farm; Frank M Spurgeon 16; Laura Spurgeon 14; and John A Spurgeon 12.
     1910 Greene Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Oscar Spurgin 43, Brakeman-Railroad; Flora B Spurgin 43; Ethel Spurgin 21 (3 children-2 living); and Dona Spurgin 18.
     1910 Daviess Co, IN census:
 has [both b. IN] Lizzie Smith 53; and Robert Mounts 35, Clerk-Drug Store.
     1920 Vigo Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Oscar Spurgin 54, Conductor-Railroad; Bell Spurgin 54; Ethel McCullough 29 (daughter), Librarian-Rose Poly; Grace Neal 27, Roomer, Secretary-Chamber of Commerce; Beatrice McCullough 21, Roomer, Clerk-Rain Bow Shop; and Lyda Spurgin 72 (Mother).
     1930 Vigo Co, IN census: 
has (all b. IN) Oscar Spurgin 63, Conductor-Railroad; Belle Spurgin 63; William M McCullough 14 (Grandson), Sylvia Rector 28, Roomer, Advertising Manager-Dept Store; and Mildred Mills 20, Roomer, Stenographer-Glass Factory.

     1930 French Lick, Orange Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Alton Wininger 25, Farm Laborer-Odd Jobs; Eva Wininger 32; and  Ermel Allen 16 (Stepson).​
     1930 Los Angeles Co, CA census: has Paul C Moore 38, b. KS, Prescription Clerk-Drug Store w/ $6,000 RE; Donna S Moore 32, b. IN; Office Clerk-Gas Elec Corp; and Mabel W Ricter 22, b. IN, Boarder, Office Clerk- Gas Elec Corp.
     1940 Los Angeles Co, CA census: has Paul C Moore 48, b. KS, Pharmacist-Retail Drug Store; Donna S Moore 42, b. IN, Collection Clerk-Public Utility Office; Oscar Spurgin 73, b. IN (Father-in-Law); and Belle Spurgin 73, b. IN (Mother-in-Law). (In-Laws lived in Vigo Co, IN in 1935).
     1940 Hamilton Twp, Jackson Co, IN census:
 has Ermeal Wininger 24, b. KY, Laborer-Road Improvement; Lorene Wininger 23, b. IN; and Roger Dean Wininger 1, b. IN​.

     1929 OBITUARY: 
Elizabeth Spurgeon married 1st to William Mounts in Jackson Co, IN, 1869; one son Robert B Mounts. Second marriage was to Ezekiel Smith. Lizzie never liked to give her true age; she was actually born in 1846 and as she changed it each census I'm sure her family hadn't a clue. I give her dates from what are on her stone.

     1952 OBITUARY: Francis Marion Spurgeon was born on August 4, 1893 in Daviess County, Indiana, and departed this life on April 25, 1952, being 58 years, 8 months and 18 days of age. He was the son of Daniel and Creselds Spurgeon, deceased. In 1921 he was united in marriage to Christina Butler, who with the following children survive: William, of Shoals; Frank, Jr., Dolly, Johnny and Jimmy. One son, Edward Leo, died in infancy.
     He leaves seven grandchildren, one sister, Mrs Eva Wininger, of French Lick, and a host of other relatives and friends who mourn his passing. One brother, Albert and sister, Laura, are deceased. 
     Frank spent most of his life in Martin County, moving to Orange County about 20 years ago, where he had since resided. He was well liked by everyone who knew him and will be sadly missed by all. Funeral services were held at the Lacy Church, in charge of Rev. Charles Johnson. Burial was made in Butler Cemetery.
[Shoals News, May 9, 1952 & findagrave.com]

     1968 OBITUARY: 
Exposure Causes Wininger Death- The Republican; Paoli, IN; Tuesday Dec 17, 1968. Exposure during the 16 degree temperature Sat night was ruled as cause of death of Mrs Eva Wininger, 76. Mrs Wininger, Rte 2 French Lick, was found dead about 8 am Sun on the Marshall farm about 1-1/2 miles from her home. She had left home about 5:00 pm Sat and apparently went through a wooded area over the hill to the place she was found.
     Final rites are being held Tuesday at Brosmer-Drabing funeral home, conducted by Rev Harry Taylor. Burial is in Acme Cemetery near Brownstown. Surviving with her husband Alton Wininger, is a son Ermal of Seymour, 2 grandchildren & 3 great-grandchildren.

     1977 OBITUARY: Frankie Edward Spurgeon died from wounds received in auto accident while in the army. He had recently enlisted; Tour Start Date was 26 Aug 1977. Rank, Specialist Fourth Class. Information obtained from US Army Personnel & Dependent Casualties, 1961-1981; NARA thru ancestry.com.

[courtesy of findagrave.com]

​     1981 OBITUARY: Rites for Christina (Butler) Spurgeon held Saturday in the Valley. Funeral services were conducted on Saturday, October 10, 1981 at Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home for Christina (Butler) Spurgeon of French Lick. At 76 years old, she died at 12:15 am Thursday, October 8, in the Orange County Hospital in Paoli, Indiana. She had been a patient there for over a month.
     She was born December 25, 1904 in Martin County to Alfred and Anne (Gammon) Butler. On October 22, 1921, she married Frank Marion Spurgeon, who preceded her in death in 1952.
     Christina is survived by daughter, Mrs Dollie Tinkle of Shoals; four sons - William of Shoals and Frank, Johnny and Jimmy all of French Lick; three brothers - Clarence of French Lick, and Samuel and Albert of Shoals; one sister - Mrs Margaret Probasco of Shoals; 22 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.
     Brother George Galloway officiated and burial was to be in the Emmons Ridge Cemetery.
[courtesy of Paoli Republican, Thursday, October 8, 1981 & findagrave.com]

     2007 OBITUARY: SPURGEON, FRANK M JR, 75, died Saturday, January 20, 2007. Funeral: 1 pm Monday, TL Pinnick Mortuary. Visitation: after 10 am Monday. Frank M Spurgeon, Jr, age 75, of French Lick, IN, died Saturday, January 20, 2007, at 5:16 am at his residence in French Lick, IN. Frank was born in Orange County, IN to the late Frank Spurgeon and the late Christina (Butler) Spurgeon. He married Shirley Snider on August 31, 1957 and she survives.
     Spurgeon was retired from the French Lick Springs Hotel in 2002 as a painter after 47 years of employment. Frank loved being outdoors and was an avid golfer and hunter. He is survived by his wife Shirley Spurgeon of French Lick;
     Survived by five daughters, Cindy Spurgeon of French Lick, Becky Kellams of Chrisney, IN, Rose Rominger of West Baden, IN, Angela Spurgeon of French Lick, IN, and Rita Pinnick of French Lick, IN, one son, -Mark Spurgeon of French Lick, IN; and three brothers: Jimmy Spurgeon of French Lick, IN, Johnny Spurgeon of French Lick, IN, William Spurgeon of Shoals, IN; Sixteen grandchildren, and Twelve great-grandchildren. 

     He was preceded in death by his parents, one son, Frankie Edward Spurgeon and one sister, Dolly Beth Tinkle.
     Arrangements are being handled by TL Pinnick Mortuary, 785 South Bears Bend Road, French Lick, IN where friends may call on Monday, January 22, 2007 from 10:00 am until time of service. Funeral service will be held Monday, January 22, 2007 at 1:00 pm with Rev Terry L Pinnick officiating. Burial will be at Emmons Ridge Cemetery near Hillham, IN. Memorial Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society.

[courtesy of findagrave.com]

     2018 OBITUARY: William “Bill” Paul Spurgeon age 95, of Shoals passed away at the Springs Valley Meadows in French Lick on June 4, 2018 at 10:36 pm. He was born October 25, 1922 to Francis Marion and Christina (Butler) Spurgeon in French Lick. He was married to Bonnie Wilcoxen. Bill lived and worked most of his life in Martin County. He loved his work fixing tractors and was a self-taught welder. He loved to squirrel hunt and fish with his good friend, George Street. He attended Orange County Schools.
     Bill is survived by four daughters, Wilma (Andy) Kapcoe of Belleville, Indiana, Naomi Walls of French Lick, Vera Baynes of Fort Wayne, Linda (Cecil) Baker of Loogootee; two sons, Garrett Eugene Spurgeon of Bloomington and Robert Loren Spurgeon of Shoals; one brother Johnny (Mary Alice) Spurgeon of French Lick; two sisters-in-law, Shirley Spurgeon and Rowena Spurgeon. Eleven grandchildren, several great grandchildren and two great-great grandsons also survive.
     He is preceded in death by four brothers, Frank, Jimmy, Paul and Leo Spurgeon, and one sister, Dolly Tinkle.
     Funeral Services will be 1:00 pm Friday, June 8, 2018 at the Queen-Lee Chapel in Shoals with burial in the Emmons Ridge Cemetery.
[courtesy of Queen-Lee Chapel in Shoals online obituary & findagrave.com]

[courtesy of The Courier-Journal on 1/21/2007]