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05-Amanda Jane Vaughn Garriott
Birth: 19 Jul 1809, Kentucky
Home: Wash Co, IN
Death: 22 Dec 1853, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN- age 44
Burial: Garriott-Thompson marker
Father: William G Garriott

Marriage: 19 Jun 1827, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN: Bk A/200
Spouse: John C THOMPSON
Birth:11 Mar 1806, Mercer Co, KY
Death: 20 Aug 1876, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN- age 70
Burial: Garriott-Thompson marker
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Moses Sr Thompson (1781-1852)
Mother: Margaret Fleming (1785-1851)

    CHILDREN: Amanda and John had seventeen children [including 5 who died in infancy]:
06----VIRGINIA LAFAYETTE THOMPSON [b. 1827, listed below];
06----Infant son THOMPSON [b. & d. 1828, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker];
06----WILLIAM HAMILTON THOMPSON [b. 1829, listed below];
06----CYRUS ASBURY THOMPSON [b. 1 Oct 1831; d. 1858- age 27, bur. Lexington, Lafayette Co, MO];
06----CALVIN HENRY THOMPSON [b. 24 Feb 1833; d. 1902-03, Indian Territory- age 69], m.
Elizabeth MORGAN on 1 Oct 1854;
06----JAMES HARVEY THOMPSON [b. 1836, listed below];
06----JOHN NEWTON THOMPSON [b. 7 Jul 1838; d. 6 Sep 1860, bur. Fredericksburg Cemetery- age 22], m.
Rhoda M GRAVES on 5 May 1859, Wash Co, IN- were listed in 1860 Wash Co, IN census;
06----LEANDERS JASPER THOMPSON [b. 8 Apr 1840; d. 1844- age 4, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker];
06----MOSES BENTON THOMPSON [b. 1841, listed below];
06----AMANDA ELIZABETH THOMPSON [b. 3 Jun 1843, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN; d. 1873- age 30, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker], m. 1st
William PRICE on 27 Jun 1861, m. 2nd William WEDDLE;
06----MARY ELIZA THOMPSON [b. 11 Mar 1845, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN, m.
John L FISHER on 11 Sep 1873;
06----DAVID HENDERSON THOMPSON [b. 15 Nov 1847, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN], teacher, m.
Ophelia SMITH [b. 1846, KY] on 12 Nov 1876, had two children:
    07----FRANKLIN THOMPSON [b. Aug 1877, IN]; and
    07----JESSIE V THOMPSON [b. Jun 1884];
06----MARGARET MATILDA THOMPSON [b. 5 Sep 1848, New Philadelphia, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN; d. 9 Apr 1924, Portland, Multnomah Co, OR- age 75], m.
John ELLIOTT [d. Feb 1908, Downers Grove, Cook Co, IL] on 11 Sep 1877, Utica?, IN, had several other children who died in infancy, had daughter:
    07----STACY ELLIOTT [b. 12 Sep 1878, Corydon, Harrison Co, IN; d. 26 Nov 1958, Portland, Multnomah Co, OR- age 80], m.
Thomas VERDENIUS [b. 27 Feb 1877, the Netherlands] on 1 Oct 1901, Sycamore, DeKalb Co, IL, had daughter:
        08----DELIGHT VERDENIUS [b. 8 Jul 1902, Chicago, Cook Co, IL], m.
Edward J KOLAR [b. 11 Mar 1902, Chicago, Cook Co, IL; d. Dec 1969, Portland, Multnomah Co, OR- age 67], SSN: 543-14-0411/OR on 27 Oct 1925, Portland, OR;
06----Infant son THOMPSON [b. & d. 1850, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker];
06----SARAH REBECCA (VAUGHN) THOMPSON [b. 16 Jun 1852, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN], m.
Henry Wilson TRUEBLOOD [b. 4 Jul 1850, Wash Co, IN; d. 5 Mar 1924, Decatur, Macon Co, IL- age73] on 31 Jul 1870;
and twins
06----CORA THOMPSON [b. & d. 22 Dec 1853, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker, with mother]; and
06----ALICE THOMPSON [b. & d. 22 Dec 1853, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker, with mother];
    John C Thompson and Amanda had five children who died as infants. Twin girls, Cora and Alice, died at birth along with their mother, Amanda, who was buried with the girls in her arms on Christmas Day, 1853.

    HIS 2ND MARRIAGE: John C Thompson second married Isabel Jane GRAHAM [b. Dec 1819; d. 16 Sep 1855- age 35, bur. Garriott-Thompson Marker]. Isabel, the daughter of William and Rachel Graham, died in childbirth. 40

    HIS 3RD MARRIAGE: John third married Sarah SMITH; divorced on 30 Mar 1859-- had a daughter born after parents separated: 40
06----Eliza Emaline Thompson[b. 1 Oct 1857, Wash Co, IN];

    HIS 4TH MARRIAGE: John fourth married Sarah Farrell HOSEA Wilson [b. 20 Sep 1826, Greensboro, Guilford Co, NC; d. 9 Jul 1904, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN, bur Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelby Co, IN], daughter of William F Hosea [b. NC] and Rebecca [Farrell?] [b. VA], had three children: 40
06----Florence Pamelia Thompson [b. 14 Nov 1861, Wash Co, IN; d.13 Jan 1934, bur. Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH- age 72], m. William Alfred COOMBS on 11 Dec 1880;
06----Samuel Augustus Thompson [b. 12 Feb 1865, Wash Co, IN; d. 14 Oct 1964, bur. Lockney, Floyd Co, TX- age 99], m. Minnie Lenora LILE on 26 Jan 1893;
06----Louse Isabel Thompson [b. 24 Sep 1868, Wash Co, IN; d. 9 Apr 1943, bur. Sunnyside Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA- age 74], m. Charles H HALSTEAD on 12 Jan 1888.
Sarah Farrell Hosea was previously married to William T Wilson, a marriage that bore 3 children: 40

     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has John C Thompson 44, b. KY, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Amanda Thompson 40, b. KY; Virginia Thompson 23, b. IN; William Thompson 20, b. IN, Farmer; Cyrus A Thompson 19, b. IN, Farmer; Calvin H Thompson 17, b. IN, Farmer; James H Thompson 15, b. IN, Farmer; John N Thompson 12, b. IN; Moses B Thompson 8, b. IN; Amanda E Thompson 7, b. IN; Mary E Thompson 5, b. IN; David H Thompson 3, b. IN; Margaret Thompson 2, b. IN; Hannah Combs 19, b. IN; and William H Combs 16, b. IN, Farmer.
     1860 Wash Co, IN census: has John C Thompson 54, b. KY, Cooper and Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Moses B Thompson 18, b. IN, Farm Helper; Amanda E Thompson 16, b. IN; Mary E Thompson 14, b. IN; David H Thompson 13, b. IN; Margaret Thompson 11, b. IN; and Sarah W Thompson 9, b. IN.
     1870 Wash Co, IN census: has John C Thompson 64, b. KY, Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Sarah F Thompson 23, b. NC, Keeping House; David H Thompson 23, b. IN, Day Laborer; Mary E Thompson 25, b. IN, School Teacher; Florence P Thompson 8, b. IN; Samuel A Thompson 5, b. IN; Louisa Thompson 1, b. IN, Levi Wilson 20, b. IN, Farm Laborer; and Eldridge D Wilson 17, b. IN, Farm Laborer.
    Next door was Moses B Thompson 28, b. IN, Cooper; and Amanda J Thompson 17, b. IN, Keeping House.
     1900 Shelby Co, IN census: has David Thompson 53, b. IN, Reporter-Newspaper; Ophelia Thompson 54, b. KY; Frank H Thompson 22, b. IN, Grocer; Jessie V Thompson 15, b. IN; and Hellen E Smith 37, b. KY (Sister-in-Law).
     1910 Marion Co, IN census: has Joseph J Nyswander 29, b. IN, Grocery; Jessie V Nyswander 25, b. IN; David H Thompson 63, b. IN (Father-in-Law), Salesman-Grocery Retail; and Ophelia M Thompson 63, b. KY (Mother-in-Law).
     1920 Marion Co, IN census: has David Thompson 70, b. IN, Clerk-Grocery; and Ophelia Thompson 70, b. KY.

     1818 ROAD CONSTRUCTION: [Wash Co, IN Board of County Commissioners 1817-1823] Wednesday morning May 13, 1918.
     John McKnight and John Robinson two of the persons appointed to view the way for a road from the half mile stake on the north line of Section 26 town three north range 5 east to the road from Salem to New Lexington do report as follows: beginning at the half mile stake, thence south on the line between Murphy D Still and Mr Mounts, thence past will Garrets, leaving Garret on the north, thence by the marks to the top of the knobs, thence to Moses Thompson's, thence to William Garret's corner, thence westwardly to David Fouth's, thence to Solomon Bower's, thence westwardly to Robert Green's corner.

    1840 CUSTODY: [Wash Co, IN Probate Court, Minute Bk C/220, dated Tuesday, February 11, 1840] "On motions and petitions filed, John Thompson, is appointed Guardian of the persons and property of Elijah L, Zerilda A, John W and Ambrose N Garrett (sic), heirs of Ambrose Garrett, decd. Whereupon the said John Thompson, together with William Garrett as his security, executes bond, in the penal sum of Six Hundred Dollars, and makes oath for the faithful discharge of his duties as such Guardian according to law. And is approved by the Court." This appointment was made after the children's father, Ambrose (son of Elijah), was killed in the boat explosion. Witnessed by Ernest Etzler, Clerk Washington Circuit Court.

    NAME CLARIFICATION: Stacy Elliott Verdenius, in a 1957 letter to (Connie Golden's) grandmother, Beulah Thompson Golden, states that, "Sarah Rebecca Thompson (daughter of Amanda Garriott and John C Thompson) had a second middle name: Vaughn, named for her grandmother, Rebecca Vaughn. She referenced her in the letter as 'Aunt Vaughn.' "
     "She wrote:... This churchyard surrounded the BLUE RIVER MEETING HOUSE: (headstone reads:) 'R (Rebecca) Vaughn Trueblood, wife of Rev HW Trueblood, born June 16, 1851, died May 27, 1888." [Connie Golden].... refer to Guestbook.

    1840 REMARRIAGE OF WIDOW: The children's mother, Lucinda, married Eli Weddle on 4 Sep 1836. In 1840 she was living next door to William Garriott, uncle of her deceased husband.

    1843 GUARDIAN SUIT TO SELL LAND: [Clark Co, IN, Probate Book C/533, 26 Apr 1843] John Thompson, guardian of children, filed suit to sell 1/8 part of 60 acres of Elijah's land grant 59 & 60 located in the NE part of Clark County across the river from Oldham and Trimble Counties in Kentucky, where many Garriott relatives lived.

     1809 MOVE TO WASHINGTON COUNTY:24 "In the fall of 1809 Moses Thompson came to Washington County, from Kentucky, on a tour of inspection and liking the country build a log cabin on the north half of section 32, on top of the Knobs. This was the first white man's habitation erected within the bounds of Gibson township. Thompson did much of the work himself, getting some assistance from William McKnight and son, who had located a few miles distant the previous spring. This cabin was made of round poles, puncheon floor and regulation stick chimney. The following April Thompson brought over his family."

     BIOGRAPHY STATEMENT:24 John C Thompson said, "My father came here in 1809, and built the first log house in Gibson township. My mother was very much dissatisfied with the location. Our nearest neighbors were three miles away. We saw Indians much oftener than we did white people. They were continually on the trail from Royse's Lick to a village they had over on Elk Creek."
    "All the country down east of the knobs was swampy and no one thought white people would ever be able to live there. With the Indians who stopped over in the northeast part of the county was a white man named McColough. He had been a trapper and through exposure had contracted rheumatism and was confined to the wigwam for a year and half, during which time an Indian squaw cared for him. They became very much attached to each other and were married. McColough remained with the Indians, and when they finally moved farther west he accompanied them."
    "My father cleared up a piece of ground, some three or four acres, and we raised there our first crop of corn, tending it with a hoe, regular Indian fashion, digging out small holes where each hill of corn was planted. It made a fair crop, enough for bread and feed for a cow and team of horses through the winter. We only had to feed when snow was on the ground."