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     1870 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: 
has (both b. IN) Moses B Thompson 28, Cooper; and Amanda Thompson 17, Keeping House.
     1880 Wash Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Moses B Thompson 38, Farmer; Amanda Thompson 27, Keeping House; Maggie Thompson 8; William Thompson 6; Mary E Thompson 4; and Levis Thompson 2/12.
     Next door is Sarah Thompson 52.
     Two doors down is David Thompson 32, Teacher; and Ophelia Thompson 33.
     1900 Wash Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Moses B Thompson 58, Farmer; Amanda J Thompson 47; Mary E Thompson 24; Lewis H Thompson 20, Teacher; John C Thompson 17; and Noble H Thompson 5.
     Two doors down is Asbury G Collins 43; and Sarah A Collins 34.
     1910 Wash Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Moses B Thompson 68, Farmer-General Farm; Amanda Thompson 57 (8 children- 6 living); Noble H Thompson 15.
     Next door is Emmet Garriott 37; and Lena Garriott 34.
     1910 Ohio Twp, Ellis Co, OK census: has (children b. OK) John W Trueblood 38, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm; Mary Trueblood 34, b. IN (3 children-3 living); Noble Trueblood 4; Etna Trueblood 3; and William A Trueblood 9/12.
     1920 Justice Precinct 4, Lipscomb Co, TX census: has JW Trublood 48, b. IN, Farmer-Stock Farm; Mary Trublood 44, b. IN; Noble Trublood 12, b. OK; Etna Trublood 11, b. OK; Aaron Trublood 10, b. OK; and Lillie Trublood 5, b. TX.
     1930 Precinct 1, Lipscomb Co, TX census: has (all b. OK) Ben Schafer 23, Farmer-Farm; Etna Schafer 22; and Jim Morgan 16, Laborer-Farm (Hired Hand-Lodger).
     1940 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John C Thompson 56, Teacher, Farm-Public School; Virginia Thompson 49, Home Work-Farm; Cecil Thompson 21; Lota J Thompson 10; Alta Fisher 29, Teacher-Public School; Sheldon Fisher 29, Operator-Filling Station (Son-in-Law); and James N Zaring 81 (Father-in-Law).

06-Moses Benton Thompson
Birth: 25 Oct 1841, Wash Co, IN
Death: 3 Oct 1914, RFD, Scottsburg, Wash Co, IN- age 72, of senility and Mitral Insufficiency
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Private, Company H, 66th Regiment IN Volunteer Infantry 16
Mother: Amanda Jane Garriott

Marriage: 15 Jul 1869, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN, by Rev LE John Smith
Spouse: Amanda Jane DILL
Birth: 14 Feb 1853, Flat Rock, Shelby Co, IN
Death: 8 Nov 1938- age 85
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery
Father: Frederick Dill
Mother: Catherine Staver/Stover

    CHILDREN: Moses and Amanda had the following children:
07----Infant son THOMPSON [b.&d. 1870];

07----MAGGIE CELESTINE THOMPSON [b. 2 Jul 1871, Salem, Wash Co, IN; d. 4 Jun 1943, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 71, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery], m.
William Oscar WILLIAMS [b. 25 Jul 1866, IN; d. 9 Mar 1952, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery], had three children:
     08----AMANDA ELLEN WILLIAMS [b. 10 Dec 1892, Scott Co, IN; d. 20 Apr 1991, Wash Co, IN- age 98, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery], m.
     08----CHARLEY AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS [b. 16 Aug 1894, Scott Co, IN; d. 4 Feb 1960, Scott Co, IN- age 65, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery]; and
     08----JOHN ALLEN WILLIAMS [b. 28 Aug 1899, Scott Co, IN; d. 25 Jan 1952, Newport, Campbell Co, KY- age 52, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery], m.
Daisy C CARR [b. 6 Aug 1906, IN; d. 3 Apr 2001], the daughter of Edward A Carr (1874-1956) and Ella Miner (1880-1956);

07----WILLIAM AMBROSE THOMPSON [b. 1874, listed below];

07----MARY ELIZA THOMPSON [b. 9 Nov 1875, IN; d. 9 Apr 1947- age 71, bur. Edith Ford Memorial Cemeteries], m.
John Wesley TRUEBLOOD [b. 12 Mar 1871, Salem, Wash Co, IN; d. 2 Apr 1953, Canadian, Hemp Hills Co, TX- age 81, bur. Edith Ford Memorial Cemeteries], the son of William Alexander Trueblood and Elizabeth Ann Payne, on 14 Feb 1905, had 4 children:
     08----NOBLE TRUEBLOOD [b. 1906, OK; d. 23 Dec 1988- age 82];
     08----ETNA OLGA TRUEBLOOD [b. 1907, OK], m.
Benjamin Franklin SCHAFER [b. 6 Jun 1905, Shattuck, Ellis Co, OK; d. 15 Dec 1984, Monticello, San Juan Co, UT- age 79, bur. Monticello City Cemetery], son of Samuel Schafer and Mary Louise Schneider, on 16 Jul 1927, Lipscomb Co, TX, had 3 children;
     08----AARON FRANK TRUEBLOOD [b. 31 Jul 1909, OK; d. 12 Aug 1992, Potter Co, TX- age 83], m.
Dorothy TERRELL [b. 9 Sep 1908] on 26 Jul 1949;
     08----LILLIE OPAL TRUEBLOOD [b. 25 May 1914, Gage, Ellis Co, OK; d. 17 Jul 1993, Arnett, Ellis Co, OK- age 79], m.
Frank Lafayette HAINES [b. 1909, Buena Vista, Chaffee Co, CO; d. 9 Nov 1975, Arnett, Ellis Co, OK- age 66, bur. Fairmont Cemetery], son of Frank Sawyer Haines (1871-1970) and Cora Wastella Pearce (1873-1935), had 5 children;

07----LEWIS HENRY THOMPSON [b. 18 Jan 1880, Wash Co, IN; d. 19 Aug 1972, Madison, Allen Co, IN- age 92, bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery], SSN: 303-52-7265/IN;

07----JOHN C JR THOMPSON [b. 1 May 1883, Little York, Wash Co, IN; d. 30 Jan 1964, Little York, Wash Co, IN- age 80, bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery], m.
Sarah Virginia ZARING [b. 4 Jan 1891, Ozone, Johnson Co, Arkansas; d. 29 Dec 1967- age 76, bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery], daughter of James ZARING and Malinda J HATFIELD (1866-1939);

07----PERRY AUGUSTUS THOMPSON [b. 27 Jun 1885, Wash Co, IN; d. 8 Dec 1897, Wash Co, IN- age 12, bur. Mount Carmel Cemetery]; and
07----NOBLE HENDRIX THOMPSON [b. 1894, listed below].

    MILITARY:16 Moses was enrolled on 8 Aug 1862 at Fredericksburg, IN. He was in Richmond [KY] in September 1862, and Corinth, MS in March of 1863. He went with regiment to Kingston, GA. He was wounded in Atlanta, GA in May 1864 and mustered out with the unit 3 Jun 1865 in Washington, DC

     PENSION:16 Moses applied for a pension [claim 645.049] 7 June 1912, at 76 years of age, claiming he was disabled by 'Chronic diarrhea, piles and rheumatism, and disease of eyes, at Chattanooga, TN, in May of 1864." He was treated at the Field Hospital in Chattanooga and hospitals in Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY. He received a pension [certificate 455.537]. At his death he was paid at $24.
     In a pension affidavit, Nelson H Cadle, 60, stated that, on 10 Sep 1862, when Thompson was in the service and in the line of duty, he injured his eyes and was blind. In Mar 1863, at Corinth, MS, he incurred Rheumatism and Chronic Diarrhea. Thompson stayed with the company until it reached Kingston, GA, where he became so bad that he was sent to the hospital, May 1864. He was wounded in Atlanta, GA and left the regiment.
     In a pension affidavit, Alexander Frederick, 44, stated that after the Battle of Richmond, KY, Thompson was captured and paroled, that Thompson stayed with the company until the regiment reached Kingston, GA. Thompson rejoined the regiment at Roam, GA, still suffering with Rhermatism and Chronic Diarrhea and could, "Sparcely see to travel on account of his eyes being so sore."
     In a pension affidavit, Thomas J Arbuckle, 38, of Scott Co, IN, stated that he had lived near and worked with Thompson in 1874 and 1884 and that he frequently heard him complain of the above named afflictions.
     Affidavits were also provided by Henry Limon, 65, and Adam C Wilcey, 83.

     WIDOWS PENSION:16 Amanda Jane Thompson, 61, first applied for a pension on 10 Nov 1914.
     In her next application for widow's pension on 26 Jul 1928, Amanda Jane stated that her brothers and sisters names were: Edward, Tildie, Lewis, William, Mariar, Henry, Aaron, Christina, Sarah Catharine, and Adam. Edward Dill and Will Dill were also in the Civil War but she was unable to give information on their records. She received a pension [certificate 786.859].