05-Daniel Boone Garriott
Birth: 18 Jan 1856, Carroll Co, KY
Death: 19 Nov 1938, Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK- age 82
Burial: Stroud Cemetery
Home: Lincoln Co, OK- 1910
Father: John W Sr Garriott

Marriage: 15 Mar 1882, Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY: Bk 4/132
Spouse: Alice A DONALDSON
Birth: 29 Apr 1853
Death: 8 May 1916, Stroud, OK- age 63
Burial: Stroud Cemetery

     CHILDREN: Daniel and Alice had three children: [census]
06----CARRIE B GARRIOTT [b. 8 Feb 1883, Carroll Co, KY; d. 9 Oct 1968, Hopkins Co, KY- age 85], SSN: 400-64-0879/KY, m. James Highter RATLIFF [b. 30 May 1859, Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY; d. 24 Nov 1938, Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY- age 79], son of Jacob C Ratliff (1837-) and Anna F Torian (1843-), 
on 28 Nov 1911, Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY, had two children:
     07----JAMES GARRIOTT RATLIFF [b. 14 Oct 1914, OK; d. 25 Jan 1985, Jefferson Co, KY- age 70]; and
     07----ADELAIDE (MARY) RATLIFF [b. about 1922, KY];
06----ADDIE GARRIOTT [b. 29 Oct 1885, Carroll Co, KY; d. 28 Feb 1963, Mokane, Callaway Co, MO- age 77, bur. Stroud Cemetery], m. John Jacob DAVIS [b. 31 Aug 1875, MS; d. 29 Aug 1934, Creek Co, OK- age 58, bur. South Heights Cemetery] on 25 Jan 1911, Lincoln Co, OK; and
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06----JOHN ALLEN GARRIOTT [b. 2 Feb 1891, KY; d. 24 Oct 1946- age 55, bur. Augusta Memorial Park], registered for WW1 Draft, a resident of Woodruff, AR, m. Dixie JETT [b. 1893, AR; d. 1965- age 72, bur. Augusta Memorial Park].
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     1880 Mill Creek, Carroll Cy, KY census: has Daniel B Garriott 24, b. KY, Farmer; Sophia Garriott 66, b. KY, Keeping House (Mother); William Taylor 20, b. IN, Farm Laborer (Boarder); and Maggie Taylor 19, b. IN, Housekeeper (Boarder).
     Next door has William L Garriott27; Emily S Garriott 21; and their 2 children.
     1900 Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) DB Garriott 44, Stock Dealer; Mrs DB Garriott 42; Carrie Garriott 17; Addie Garriott 14; Allen Garriott 9; and Visla (or Verla) Adcock 27, (Boarder).
     1910 North Keokuk, Lincoln Co, OK census: has (all b. KY) Daniel B Garriott 55, Farmer-General Farm; Alice Garriott 56 (3 children-3 living); Carrie B Garriott 26; Addie S Garriott 23; and John A Garriott 19, Salesman-Produce House.
     1920 North Keokuk, Lincoln Co, OK census:
has (both b. KY) DB Garriott 63, Farmer-General Farm; and Emma B Garriott 47.
     1920 Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY census: has James H Rarliff 59, b. KY; Carrie B Ratliff, b. KY; and James G Ratliff 5, b. OK.
     1920 Sapulpa, Creek Co, OK census: has John J Davis 44, b. MS, Attorney-Law; and Addie D Davis 34, b. KY.
     1920 Justice Pricinct 8, Eastland Co, TX census: has John A Garrett 29,b. KY, Driller-Oil Well; and Dixie Garrett 26, b. AR.
     1930 North Keokuk Lincoln Co, OK census:
has (both b. KY) Danial B Garrett 74, Farmer-General; and Emer B Garrett 57.
     1930 Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY census: has James H Ratliff 70, b. KY, w/ $7,000 RE; Carrie B Ratliff 47, b. KY; James G Ratliff 15, b. OK; and Mary A Ratliff 9, b. KY.
    1930 Sapulpa, Creek Co, OK census: has John J Davis 54, b. MS, Lawyer-General Practice w/ $6,000 RE; Addie G Davis 43, b. KY; and Pat Stinson 15, b. OK (Adopted Son).
     1930 Point, Woodruff Co, AR census: has JA Garriott 39, b. KY, Farming-Farm; and Dixie Garriott 36, b. AR.
     1940 Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY census: has Carrie B Ratliff 57, b. KY (Widow); James G Ratliff 25, b. OK, Attorney-Private Practice; and Adelaide Ratliff 18, b. KY.
     1940 Rural, Creek Co, OK census: has Addie G Davis 52, b. KY, Operator-Farm (Widow); and Pat Stinson 25, b. OK, Soldier-Army.
     1940 Point, Woodruff Co, AR census: has Allen Garriott 49, b. KY, Farmer-Farm; and Dixie Garriott 46, b. AR.

     1883 LAND PURCHASED: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 16/191, dated 26 Mar 1883] Daniel B Garriott purchased from John S Meek and Katy Meek (formerly Vories) his wife, and William Campbell, a tract of land on the Little Kentucky River of about 250 acres, it being the same land owned and occupied by John Garriott, deceased, purchased by John Garriott [Carroll Co, KY Deed Book 14/191 & 192, dated 4 Mar 1879]. Daniel paid off the notes from John Garriott's estate to Katy Meek and William Campbell. Recorded 30 Mar 1883. 27

     1916 OBITUARY: Alice D Garriott, deceased was born at Carrollton, Carroll County, KY, April 29, 1854. She was married to DB Garriott March 15th, 1882. To this union three children were born, viz: Mrs Carrie Ratliff, of Stroud, Oklahoma, Mrs Addie Davis, of Chandler, Oklahoma, and John Allen Garriott of Stroud, Oklahoma. Deceased came to Stroud with her husband March 6th, 1906, where they lived, until her gentle spirit went home to be with God, on the evening of May 8th, 1916. She leaves a husband, three children, two sisters, two brothers and a host of friends who long for the touch of her vanished hand, for the voice that is hushed and still.
     Deceased professed faith in Christ and united with the Methodist Church while a young girl, and her love for the church knew no bounds. Like Enoch of old, she walked with God, and today is not, for God took her. Like Paul, she was ready to be offered when the time of her departure was at hand. She fought a good fight; she finished her course, she kept the faith. Henceforth, there was laid up for her a crown of righteousness, which the Lord the righteous judge gave her at that day.
     ‘Servant of God, well done, Thy glorious war fare is past; The battle's fought, the race is won, And thou art crowned at last.' 
     The funeral services were conducted by the writer, from the home. May 10th, 2:30 pm. We laid her body to await the resurrection morning in the Stroud cemetery. May the God of all comfort be a companion to the husband, a mother to the children the stay and guide of all who mourn.
     Let us be prepared to meet her in that city, ‘trimmed about with blue mountains from whose moss covered peaks a thousand glassy streams spread out in midair, like a thousand bridal veils kissing a thousand rainbows beneath Heaven's setless sun.' Where its streets are paved with gold, and its gates are of pearl. A city where the living never die; where eternal sunshine reigns. AM Dupree."

[The Stroud Democrat, Stroud, Oklahoma. No. 34, Vol. 6, May 12, 1916]

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