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04-John W Sr Garriott   
Birth: 5 Aug 1796, Garrard or Henry Co, KY
Home: Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY
Death: 23 Mar 1878, near Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY- age 81
Burial: Garriott Cemetery
Ambrose S Garriott
[DG photos: This picture-- believed by me to be that of John W Sr Garriott-- was presented to me as Ambrose S Garriott. However, since reliable photography was not available until shortly before the Civil War, this photo could not have been Ambrose S Garriott, who died in 1837. 

Marriage: 21 Mar 1819, Henry Co, KY
1st Spouse: Lydia SCOTT
Birth: 20 May 1799, Henry [or Garrard?] Co, KY
Death: 15 Jun 1831, Henry Co, KY- age 32
Father: Levi Sr Scott (1762-1844)
Mother: Nancy Carter (1775-1833)

     1ST MARRIAGE: John W Lydia Scott had five daughters:
05----MARY GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jan 1820, Garrard Co, KY; d. 8 Aug 1855, Carroll Co, KY- age 35, bur. Owl Hollow Road Cemetery], m.
Franklin BROWN [b. 15 Jun 1814, Garrard Co, KY; d. 11 Dec 1879- age 65, bur. Brown Cemetery], had three children:
     06----ANNIE ISABEL BROWN, m.
Capt Henry Hines ADCOCK [b. 2 Jan 1829, Nelson Co, VA; d. 1909- age 80, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery], on 1 Jan 1866, Carroll Co, KY. He was a Farmer and Stock grower, in the War of 1812 & Confederate Army (see at bottom), son of Lawson ADCOCK (1798-1855) and Nancy GIVINDAN (or Gevadan) (1798-1874), had five children:
          07----LEOTA ADCOCK [b. about 1867, KY];
          07----FOREST ADCOCK [b. about 1868, KY];
          07----FRANK B ADCOCK [b. about 1872, KY];
          07----JOHN ADCOCK [b. about 1879, KY]; and
          07----ANDERSON ADCOCK;
     06----JOHN G BROWN [b. 2 May 1941; d. 25 Feb 1860- age 19, bur. Brown Cemetery]; and
     06----WILLIAM O BROWN [b. 6 Aur 1848; d. 10 Jul 1850, age 2, bur. Brown Cemetery];
05----NANCY CARTER GARRIOTT [b. 1822, listed below];
05----ELIZABETH JANE GARRIOTT [b. 1827, listed below];
05----EMELINE J GARRIOTT [b. 1828, listed below];  and
05----ISABELLE GARRIOTT [b. 10 Jun 1830, Carroll Co, KY; d. 16 Aug 1851- age 21];
[DG photo]
     John Garriott received 100 acres on George's Creek from Levi Scott (Lydia's father?).

Marriage: 16 [or 7] May 1832, Garrard [or Henry] Co, KY
2nd Spouse: Isabella HAWTHORNE
Birth: 19 Jan 1807, Garrard Co, KY
Death: 5 Nov 1844, Carroll Co, KY- age 37
Burial: Garriott Cemetery
Father: David Hawthorne

John and Isabella had three daughters:
05----LYDIA GARRIOTT [b. 1834, listed below];
05----LUCRETIA C GARRIOTT [b. 1836, listed below]; and 
05----MARGARET GARRIOTT [b. 1841, listed below].

Marriage: 16 Dec 1846, in Kentucky
3rd Spouse: Sophia WHITELEY Robbins
Birth: 8 Aug 1814, Henry Co, KY
Death: 28 Jun 1880, Carroll Co, KY- age 66
Burial: Garriott Cemetery
Father: Andrew Whiteley
She was the widow of Joseph Robbins (or maybe widow of Evan Robbins, s/o Abel Robbins and Mary David Watkins).
[DG photo at right-- believed to be Sophia Whiteley Robbins]

John W and Sophia had the following six children:
05----JOHN STROTHER GARRIOTT [b. 1847, listed below];
05----LUCY A GARRIOTT [b. 7 Nov 1848, KY], not in 1850 census;
05----VIRGINIA M GARRIOTT [b. 18 Oct 1849, Carroll Co, KY; d. 2 Oct 1853, Henry Co, KY- age 4, bur. in Garriott Cemetery];
05----EVELEE T GARRIOTT [b. 20 Oct 1851; d. 2 Jun 1852, Carroll Co, KY- age 9 mo, bur. Garriott Cemetery];
[DG photo, right]
05----WILLIAM LOVING GARRIOTT [b. 1853, listed below]; and
05----DANIEL BOONE GARRIOTT  [b. 1858, listed below].

     1850 Carroll Co, KY census: lists (all b. KY) John Garriott 54, Farmer w/ $5,000 RE; Sophia Garriott 37; Isabell Garriott 19; Lucretia Garriott 15; Margaret Garriott 9; Jno S Garriott 2; Virginia Garriott 7/12; and [two, possibly children of Sophia, stepchildren to John?], Mary E Robbins 18; and Melvina Robbins 13.
     Eight families down is: (all b. KY) Franklin Brown 35, Farmer w/ $4,500 RE; Mary Brown 30; John G Brown 9; Ann E Brown 4; and Ballard W Brown 45, Laborer.

     1850 Carroll Co, KY census: lists John Campbell 22; Lydia Campbell 16; Mary A Campbell 2mo.
     1850 Slave Schedules Records, District 2, Carroll Co, KY: lists John Garriott with five slaves: 3 males (age 35B- probably Reuben, 22B, and 19M), two females (age 2B, and 20B).
     1850 District 2, Owen Co, KY census: has William Ransdell 19, b. KY, Laborer; son of Zachariah Ransdell 53, Nancy Ransdell 52, and 6 siblings (all b. KY).
     1860 Carroll Co, KY census: lists (all b. KY) John Garriott Sr 63, Farmer w/ $15,400 RE; Sophia Garriott 45; John Garriott Jr 12; Wm L Garriott 5; Wm B Garriott 4; John R Garriott 13; and Elizabeth Whiteley 19.
     1870 Carroll Co, KY census: lists (all b. KY) John Garriott 74, Farmer w/ $14,500 RE; Sofy Garriott 56, Keeps House; John S Garriott 23, Farm Hand; Wm Lovely Garriott 18, Farm Hand; Dan Boone Garriott 15, *** School; and Mary Coghill 19, House Maid.
     1870 District 1, Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Wm Ransdale 38, Farmer w/ $2,800 RE; Margaret Ransdale 29, Housekeeper; Mary J Ransdale 11; John F Ransdale 10; James R Ransdale 8; William Ransdale 7; Fanny B Ransdale 5; and Sallie Kate Ransdale 1.
     1880 1st Magistrial District, Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Wm Ransdell 47, Farmer; Margaret Ransdell 39 Keeping House; Mary I Ransdell 21; John T Ransdell 20 Farm Hand; Jas R Ransdell 18, Farm Hand; Wm W Ransdell 16 ,Farm Hand; Fannie B Ransdell 15; Lallie K Ransdell 11; Cora E Ransdell 9; Lizzie A Ransdell; Walter P Ransdell 5; Hattie Ransdell 2; and Stella M Ransdell 2 mo.
     1880 Mill Creek, Carroll Co, KY census: lists (all b. KY) Henry H Adcock 51, Farmer; Annie I Adcock 34, Keeping House; Leotie Adcock 13; Forest Adcock 12, Farm Laborer; Frank Adcock 8; and John Adcock 1.
     1900 Bandana Precinct, Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Jack Randell 40; Odia Randell 38, (5 children-1 living); and Ella Randell 14.
     1900 Ingleside, Ballard Co, KY census:
has (all b. KY) William Ransdell 78, Farmer; Marget Ransdell 58 (17 children-13 living); Kattie Ransdell 30; Mollie Ransdell 22, School Teacher; Hollie Ransdell 22, School Teacher; Ernist Ransdell 18, Farm Laborer; and Charlie Ransdell 16, Farm Laborer. (ancestry.com has this surname as Ransgill)

     1827 LAND TRANSFER: [Gallatin Co, KY, dated 12 Jun 1827, pg 138???] John Garriott purchased from Levi Scott 100 acres on the waters of George's Creek for $150.

     1832 LAND TRANSFER: [Gallatin Co, KY, Bk H/154, dated 6 Aug 1832, page 154-155] John Garriott received 104 acres on George's Creek from Levi Scott, Sr of Henry County for $312. (Lydia's father?)
     1935 DEED: Isabella signed deed with John in 1835, Deed book, page 414-415. John alone signed on page 522.
     1845 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 2/458, dated 3 Jun 1845] John Garriott purchased from James Campbell and Susan Campbell his wife 14 acres on the Little Kentucky River for $28. Recorded 3 Apr 1847.
     1854 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 6/164, dated 14 Dec 1854] John Garriott purchased 74 acres on New Castle Road and the waters of Majors Run from Benjamin R Spencer and Nancy Spencer his wife. This land was bordered by Burnett's 25 acres, John Wyatt's 30 acres, and Shepherd. Recorded 14 Dec 1854.
     1858 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Bk 6/196, dated 22 Mar 1858] John Garriott purchased 45 acres on the waters of the Gleets? Branch in Carroll Co, KY from Davis Wright, Margaret Wright his wife, and John Williams for $368. John Garriott purchased 45 acres on the waters of the Gleets? Branch in Carroll Co, KY from Davis Wright, Margaret Wright his wife, and John Williams for $368.
     1876 LAND SOLD: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Bk 13/57, dated 14 Feb 1876] John Garriott Sr and Sophia Garriott, his wife, sold to their sons, John Strother Garriott and William Loving Garriott, 249 acres on Melons Branch for $4,980.
     1867 GUARDIANSHIP: [Carroll Co, KY, Will Bk 4/226, dated 1 Jun 1867] John Garriott was appointed guardian of DB (Daniel Boone), WL (William Loving), and JS (John Strother) Garriott, as heirs of the Whiteley estate in the sum of $247. Each of the boys received $80.70 on 1 Jun 1869.
     1878 ESTATE RELEASE: [Carroll Co, KY, Order Bk 6/261, Regular term of court, 12 Aug 1878] John S Garriott, WL Garriott, and DB Garriott acknowledged receipt of all due them in settlement from their father, John Garriott, their guardian, during his lifetime (ref: court record 30 Jul, and Sep), signed by WM Fisher.

     1879 PROPERTY DISTRIBUTED TO HEIRS: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Bk 14/191, dated 4 March 1879] Daniel B Garriott [21 year-old youngest son] purchased, for $3,600, a parcel of land on the waters of the Little Kentucky River containing approximately 250 acres from the estate of John Garriott, with the widow Sophia releasing her dower to the following heirs:
--Henry Adcock and Anne I Adcock, his wife;
--RJ Vories and Nancy C Vories, his wife;
--Richard Wyatt and Lucretia Wyatt, his wife [signatures notarized Ballard Co, KY];
--William Ransdell and Margaret Ransdell, his wife [signatures notarized Ballard Co, KY];
--John S Garriott and Nannie E Garriott, his wife;
--Wm L Garriott and Emma S Garriott, his wife;
--Franklin P Campbell;
--Mary A Campbell [signature notarized Ballard Co, KY];
--James S Kennedy and Emma E Kennedy, his wife [signatures notarized Weakley Co, TN];
--*William Campbell [note payable four years after date for $100], [signature notarized Ballard Co, KY];
--John N Vories;
--Robert E Vories;
--Fielding Vories Jr, age 21 [signature notarized Butler Co, AL];
--Madison M Dunn and Mary Dunn, his wife;
--JP East and Nannie E East, his wife;
--*Taylor Vories, age 19 [note payable two years after date for $50];
--*Katie Vories, age 18 [note payable four years after date for $50];
--*Wm "Willie" Vories, age 16 [note payable five years after date for $50];
     Four heirs [asterisk*] were to receive notes payable when they arrived at the age of 21.

     Mary E Robbins, dau of E&S Robbins [b. 19 Feb 1832, d. 16 Jan 1856- age 24, bur. Garriott Cemetery].
[DG photo, right]

      Reuben, faithful servant of John Garriott died 15 Nov 1879- age 66, and was buried in the Garriott Cemetery, Carroll Co, KY. [DG photo, left]

     MILITARY: Capt Henry H Adcock, a prominent farmer and stock grower of Carroll Co, KY, was born in Nelson Co, VA, on 2 Jan 1829, and the sixth in the family of nine children born to Lawson Adcock and Nancy Gevandan, natives of VA, who moved to Carroll Co, KY, in 1844. He joined the War of 1812, having previously had charge of home guards. He was commissioned by Gov McGoffin in the 4th KY Calvary, Company E, and served five years in the Confederate War. At his surrender at Mt Sterling with his company, he received an honorable discharge. He was member of the Baptist Church.
     Henry H(ines) Adcock, is written about in a book about the Civil War.  When he surrendered to the North he relinquished his horse. The North's Commander thought so much of Adcock that he gave him his horse "Billie Roan" back. At the reunion of the regiment, the horse is mentioned, the cost for returning the horse was an extravagant amount for the time.

[Diane Adcock Tokar] Don't know the name of the book.