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05-Simeon A Jr Garriott
Birth: 1826, Wash Co, IN
Home: Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY
Death: 1852, Canada, Carrollton, KY- Congestive Typhoid Fever- age 26
Occupation: Merchant, Wagonmaker, Blacksmith?
Father: Simeon F Garriott

Marriage: 1 Jan 1846, Salem, Wash Co, IN: Bk E/59
1st Spouse: Elizabeth Jane GARRIOTT
Birth: 7 Jan 1827, Trimble Co, KY
Death: 15 Nov 1891, Carroll Co, KY- age 64
Burial: Cove Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Father: John W Sr Garriott (1796-1878)
Mother: Lydia Scott (1799-1831)

    CHILDREN: Simeon Jr and Elizabeth had three children:
06----JOHN ROWLAND GARRIOTT [b. about 1847, listed below];
06----LEON MONROE GARRIOTT [b. 1849, listed below];
06----SIMEON A GARRIOTT 3rd [b. before 1853].

Marriage: 3 Dec 1855, Carroll Co, KY: Bk 1/552
Her 2nd Spouse: Steven A TEAGUE
Birth: 17 Jun 1813, Shelby Co, KY
Death: 22 Aug 1876, Providence, Trimble Co, KY- age 63
Burial: Berry Wiggington Farm Cemetery?

     2ND MARRIAGE: Elizabeth Jane and Steven had the following 5 children:
06----LEVEN GOSLIN TEAGUE [b. 1860, listed below];
06----EVAN C TEAGUE [b. 5 Apr 1862, Lacies, Henry Co, KY; d. 7 Nov 1912, Lacies, Henry Co, KY- age 50, bur. Campbellsburg Masonic Cemetery], m.
Caroline "Carrie" TURNER [b. 9 Sep 1868, Lacies, Henry Co, KY; d. 1 Nov 1907, Lacies, Henry Co, KY- age 39, bur. Campbellsburg Masonic Cemetery];
06----SOPHIA EDITH TEAGUE [b. 4 Jan 1864, Trimble Co, KY; d. 29 Oct 1948- age 84, bur. Crown Hill Cemetery], m.
George TAYLOR [1864, Providence, Trimble Co, KY];
06----FRANCES "Fannie" D TEAGUE [b. 7 Nov 1868​; d. 12 Jul 1905, Vincennes, Knox Co, IN: Bk CH-36/6- age 36], m.
George Washington LITER [b. 28 Sep 1867; d. 26 Sep 1938- age 71, bur. Fairview Cemetery], son of William Henry Liter and Eliza Ellen ___, on 16 Oct 1888, Trimble Co, KY (film 000420396), had 2 children:

     07----MARY M LITER [b. 7 May 1905; d. 22 Sep 1975, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN- age 70], never married;

     07----THEODORE FOUNTAIN LITER [b. 25 Feb 1902; d. 24 Mar 1969, Knox Co, IN- age 69, bur. Mount Calvary Cemetery], SSN: 330-01-1825/IL, m. Anita Clara RISCH [b. 12 Aug 1902; d. 10 May 2000- age 97], SSN: 312-32-8201/IN, daughter of Anthony Michael Risch and Eva Cecilia Bayer, on 13 Jul 1925, Hancock Co, IN (film 1940618/278), had 2 children:

          08----THEODORE GEORGE LITER [b. about 1926], Naval Officer,  2nd m. Phyllis BLACK Gaines, daughter of Elmer Black and Mildred Bunn, on 31 Dec 1990, Knox Co, IN: Bk 80/559;

          08----MARY PATRICIA LITER [b. 12 Nov 1927, Knox Co, IN; d. 15 Jul 2011, Knox Co, IN- age 83, bur. Mount Calvary Cemetery], m. ___  SCHMIDT, had daughter:

               09----KAREN SCHMIDT, m. ___ MINDERMAN;
06----SALLIE TEAGUE [b. about 1871].

     1850 District 1, Carroll Co, KY census: has Simeon Garriott 24, b. IN, Waggonmaker w/ $650 RE; Elizabeth Garriott 25, b. KY; John R Garriott 4, b. KY; and Leon M Garriott 8/12, b. KY.
     1860 Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Stephen Tague 46, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Elisabeth J Tague; George W Tague 24, School Teacher; Alonzo Tague 22, Farmer; James L Tague 20, Farmer; Thomas J Tague 16, Farmer; Mary C Tague 12; Stephen Tague 6; John Tague 6; Levi G Tague 5/12; and Simeon Garrett 7.
     1870 Providence, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Stephen Tague 56, Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Elizabeth J Tague 46, Housekeeping; Levin G Tague 8; Even G Tague 6; Sophia Tague 5; and Frances Tague 2.
     1880 Providence, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Elizabeth Tague 56, Farmer (Widow); Leven G Tague 20, Laborer; Even G Tague 18, Laborer; Susan Tague 16; Fannie Tague 12; and Sallie Tague 9.

     1920 Vincennes Ward 5, Knox Co, IN census: has George W Liter 52, b. KY, Carpenter-Distilling; Theodore F Liter 18, b. IN, Manager-Battery Ser Sta; and Mary M Liter 14, b. IN.

     HIS 1ST MARRIAGE: Steven Teague supposedly first married Lodusky Shields, who died two days after giving birth to twins in 1853, two years before marrying Elizabeth Garriott, his first cousin, Elizabeth Jane Garriott, the daughter of his uncle John W Garriott and wife Lydia Scott of Kentucky.

     1849 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 3/167, dated 7 Mar 1849] Simeon A Garriott purchased from Frederick M Geier and Augusta Geier his wife, for $500, part of lot 252, Main Street, Carrollton, KY. Recorded 7 Mar 1849.
     1852 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 4/298, dated 15 May 1852] Simeon A Garriott purchased from Charles Ingles and Polly Ann Ingles, his wife, lots 178 and 179 in the town of Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY, for $50. Recorded 17 Jun 1852.
     1852 LAND SALE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 4/299, dated 15 Mar 1852] Simeon A Garriott and Elizabeth his wife sold to Charles Ingles, for $150, part of lot 252, Main Street, Carrollton, KY. Recorded 17 Jun 1852. 
     1852 LAND PURCHASE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 4/298, dated 15 May 1852]Simeon A Garriott purchased from Charles Ingles and Polly Ann Ingles his wife, for $50, the undivided half of lots 178 and 179, Main and 7th Streets, Carrollton, KY. Recorded 17 Jun 1852.

     1852 DEATH: [Carroll Co, KY Vital Statistics, 1852-60, 1875] A "Simeon Garriott 40, male, wagonmaker, li & d Carrollton, [died] 1852, Congestive Typhoid Fever, parents names not given."
      1852 WILL: [Carroll Co, KY Will Bk 2/120, dated 19 Aug 1852] Simeon A Garriott directed his executor, Roland T Vories, to sell his interest in the partnership with Charles Ingles: Lot # 279, and interest in wagon makers and blacksmiths tools.

     1852 INVENTORY: [Carroll Co, KY Will Bk 2/125, dated 23 Sep 1852]The personal property was inventoried and appraised by RT Vories, "The foregoing articles of personal property at their several values annexed were set apart by us to the widow and infant children of SA Garriott dec. for their maintenance and support for 6 months under the statute, no sufficient provision being left for them by the decedent, amounting to $58." Recorded 5 Oct 1852. 
     1852 INVENTORY: [Carroll Co, KY Will Bk 2/126, dated 23 Sep 1852] A list of the partnership accounts and property of SA Garriott and Charles Ingles was presented to the court by RT Vories, the executor. This property consisted of accounts due, wagon makers tools, blacksmith tools, wagons, carriage beds, plough, horses, hay and coal. Recorded 5 Oct 1852

     1853 LAND TRANSFERED: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 5/41, dated 1 Aug 1853] John B Garriott, Leon M Garriott, and Simeon Garriott infant and only children of SA Garriott, deceased, received the deed to part of lot 351, at Main and 7th Streets, Carrollton, KY as was contracted for by SA Garriott during his lifetime, for $208. Recorded 15 Aug 1853
     1854 PROPERTY TRANSFER: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 6/165, dated 23 Aug 1854] "Elizabeth J Garriott, widow, and John R Garriott, Leon Garriott, and Simeon A Garriott, children and heirs at law of SA Garriott decd," transferred portions of lots 351 and 352 to Franklin Brown, after the executor, RT Vories [husband of Elizabeth's sister] brought suit against the heirs. Vories had previously, through the court, purchased those same parcels from the estate for $150. Recorded 22 Dec 1854.
     1854 PUBLIC AUCTION: [Carroll Co, KY Will Bk 6/178, dated 25 Aug 1854]In a suit forced by the executor of SA Garriott's will, RT Vories, the court sold at public auction the western half of lot 351 in the town of Carrollton. John Garriott [father of Elizabeth], the highest bidder, paid $500 for the property. Recorded 24 Aug 1854.

     1871 GUARDIAN: [Wash Co, IN Order Bk B/374] Simeon "Sim" Garriott, in his estate settlement on 20 Feb 1871, appointed Jas M Garriott as guardian of Simeon A [Jr.?] Garriott, minor heir of Simeon A Garriott, deceased.
     1871 GUARDIAN: [Carroll Co, Ky Will Bk 4/361, dated 4 Mar 1871] RT Vories, guardian of LM Garriott, paid to his ward $200 received from Sim Garriott estate. Recorded 4 Mar 1871.

     1871 LAND PURCHASED: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Bk 11/49, dated 4 Feb 1871] John R[owland] Garriott purchased from Henry S Foree and Sarah J Foree his wife, 53-7/10 acres for $1, 074, bordering land sold to GS Dunn and John Garriott. Recorded 4 Feb 1871.