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05-John Vaughn Garriott
Birth: 6 Sep 1813, Jefferson Co, KY [1860 census]
Death: 14 Jan 1881, Wash Co, IN- age 67
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Occupation: Wagon maker, Farmer
Father: Simeon F "Sim" Garriott

Marriage: 1 Aug 1833, Wash Co, IN: Bk C/6
1st Spouse: Nancy Luticia CATHCART
Birth: Apr 1816, SC [1860 census]
Death: 31 Mar 1863- age 47
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery

    1ST MARRIAGE: John Vaughn and Nancy Letitia had the following twelve children:
06----FRANCIS MARION "FRANK" GARRIOTT [b. 1834, listed below];
06----NANCY GARRIOTT [b. 18 Mar 1836, Wash Co, IN], m.
06----LETITIA GARRIOTT [b. 1837-- twin?, listed below];
06----SIMEON GARRIOTT [b. 1838, listed below];
06----JOHN VAUGHN JR GARRIOTT [b. 1842; d. 24 May 1850- age 7, buried Mt Hebron Cemetery];
06----ZACHARIAS S GARRIOTT [b. May 1845; d. 3 Jun 1845- age 18 days, buried at Crown Hill Cemetery]; 
06----DANIEL GARRIOTT [b. 3 Jan 1846; d. 12 Jan 1846- age 9 days, buried at Mt Hebron Cemetery];
06----MARY ELIZABETH GARRIOTT [b. 14 Aug 1847; d. 10 Dec 1892, Little York, Wash Co, IN - age 45, non-cemetery burial];
06----ELIZA JANE "JENNIE" GARRIOTT [b. 1850, Wash Co, IN];
06----ALICE A GARRIOTT [b. 1853; d. 1921- age 68], m.
06----WILLIAM BRUCE GARRIOTT [b. 1857, listed below]; and
06----AMANDA ELIZABETH "Lizzie" GARRIOTT [b. 22 Dec 1857, IN; d. 28 Dec 1920- age 63, bur. Crown Hill Cemetery], m.
Francis Marion STALKER [b. 31 Jul 1833, Harristown, Wash Co, IN; d. 8 Sep 1911, Harristown, Wash Co, IN- age 78, bur. Crown Hill Cemetery], son of Eli Stalker (1798-1881) and Parthenia Caress (1807-1894), his 2nd marriage.

Marriage: about 1869, IN
2nd Spouse: Louisa (or Lannis) RHINEHART
Birth: 1840, Germany
Death: before 1900, Wash Co, IN

     CHILDREN: John Vaughn Garriott and Louisa had the following five children:
06----OLLIE GARRIOTT [b. 1868, IN], (not in 1880 census);

06----CHARLES FREDERICK GARRIOTT [b. 1870, listed below];
06----HUGH ARMSTRONG GARRIOTT [b. 1872, listed below];
06----JAMES MILTON GARRIOTT [b. 1875, listed below]; and
06----CLIFTON HENRY GARRIOTT [b. 28 Feb 1879, Wash Co, IN; d. 10 Jun 1948, Wash Co, AR- age 69, bur. Farmington Cemetery], a Farmer, registered for draft, WW1 (w/ middle name of Clifton), a resident of Healing Springs, Benton Co, AR, m.
Retta "Rettie" JONES [b. 19 May 1886, AR; d. 12 Jun 1964- age 78, bur. Farmington Cemetery] on 11 Feb 1903, Wash Co, AR, MF# 1034253, had the following children: [census]
     07----EARL EVERETTE GARRIOTT [b. 28 Jul 1904, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN; d. 21 Jun 1967, AR- age 62, bur. Farmington Cemetery], SSN: 430-09-3844/AR, m.
Myrtle Rose BOGAN [b. 1 Dec 1909; d, 12 Mar 2004- age 94, bur. Farmington Cemetery] on 14 Aug 1926, Wash Co, AR, had daughter:

          08----DOROTHA ALDINE "Dot" GARRIOTT [b. 27 Sep 1927, d. 5 May 2009- age 81, bur. Farmington Cemetery],  m. Thomas Henry BRIDENTHAL [b. 29 Jun 1924; d. 7 Sep 1965- age 41, bur. Farmington Cemetery];
     07----LUCILLE GARRIOTT [b. 1907]; and
     07----VERNON MELVIN GARRIOTT [b. 10 Jan 1908; d. 15 Jun 1996, Springdale, Wash Co, AR- age 88, bur. Farmingdale Cemetery w/
Ora E], SSN: 430-09-3840/AR, m. Ora E ANDRE [b. 14 Apr 1907, AR; d. 16 Oct 2001, Washington Co, AR- age 94, bur. Farmington Cemetery], had  children:

          08----KENNETH L GARRIOTT [b. 9 May 1932; d. 15 Sep 1989- age 57, bur. Fayetteville National Cemetery], US Army , m. Joann FAULKNER [b. 16 Apr 1934, Washington Co, AR; d. 6 Apr 1998, Fayetteville, AR- age 63, bur. Fayetteville, AR], had 3 children:

               09----RANDY GARRIOTT;

               09----JUDY LYNN GARRIOTT, m. ___ BIBLE

               09----POLLY ANN GARRIONN, m. ___ DISON;

               09----SYTHA GARRIOTT JONES

          08----DORIS JOAN GARRIOTT (Schmale?) [b. 19 Apr 1935, Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR; d. 9 Dec 1978- age 43, bur. Resthaven Gardens of Memory], m. Wilburn Roland SHACKELFORD [b. 26 Apr 1932, Washington Co, AR; d. 20 Aug 1980 Sedgwick Co, KS- age 48, bur. Resthaven Gardens of Memory], son of Thirlo Shackelford and Martha Ann Gabbard;

          08----THELMA LOREE GARRIOTT [b. 21 Jun 1927, Washington Co, AR; d. 7 Mar 2018, AR- age 90, bur. Fayetteville National Cemetery], m. Thomas Wallace BOYD [b. 8 Apr 1916, Tulsa Co, OK; d. 23 Oct 2008, Washington Co, AR- age 92, bur. Fayetteville National Cemetery], son of Sarah Lenora Calico [1881-1963];

          08----JAMES CLIFFORD GARRIOTT [b. 27 Mar 1929, Washington Co, AR; d. 25 Oct 2018- age 89, bur. Fayetteville National Cemetery], m. Theda V NEAL [b. 22 Sep 1930, AR; d. 9 Nov 2011, Tulsa Co, OK- age 81, bur. Fayetteville National Cemetery], daughter of Hugh T Neal [1888-1951] and Gertie E ___ [1892-1972].

     1850 Gibson Twp, Gibson Co, IN census: has John V Garriott 36, b. KY, Farmer w/ $600 RE; Lucretia Garriott 34, b. NC; Francis M Garriott 16, b. IN; Nancy Garriott 13, b. IN; Luman Garriott 12, b. IN; Luticia Garriott 10, b. IN; Elizabeth Garriott 5, b. IN; and Jane Garriott 2/12, b. IN.
     1860 Gibson Twp, Gibson Co, IN census: has (all but John & Letitia b. IN) John V Garriott 47, b. KY, Farmer; Letitia Garriott 45, b. SC; Simeon Garriott 22, Farm Laborer; Elizabeth Garriott 12; Eliza J Garriott 10; Alice A Garriott 9; Amanda A Garriott 5; William B Garriott 23, Farm Laborer; and James M Garriott 8.
     1870 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has John V Garriott 56, b. KY, Carriage-Wagon Maker w/ $500 RE; Lauris Garriott 30, b. ?, Keeping House; Jane Garriott 20, b. IN; William B Garriott 13, b. IN; Ollie Garriott 2, b. IN; Charles H Garriott 6/12, b. IN; and Simeon Garriott 18, b. KY, Farm Laborer.
     1880 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has John V Garriott 67, b. KY, Waggon Maker; Louies Garriott 40, b. Germany, Keeping House; Charles H Garriott 10, b. IN; Hugh Garriott 8, b. IN; Milton H Garriott 6, b. IN; and Henry C Garriott, b. IN.
     1900 Pierce Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Frank M Stalker 25, Farmer; Amanda Stalker 46 (Wife)(0 children-0 living); and Francis M Stalker 66 (Father). -- the details are clear.....
     1910 Wager Twp, Benton Co, AR census: has (all but Clifton b. AR) Clifton H Garrett 30, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm; Rettie Garrett 22 (3 children-3 living); Earl L Garrett 5; Lucile Garrett 3; and Vernon M Garrett 2.
     1920 Elm Springs Twp, Wash Co, AR census; has (all but Cliff b. AR) Cliff Garret 41, b. IN, Farming-General Farm; Rettie Garret 33; Earl Garret 16; Lucile Garret 13; and Vearne Garret 11.
     1930 Prairie Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has Cliff Garriott 49, b. IN, Merchant-Retail Grocer; and Rellie Garriott 42, b. AR, Sails Lady-Retail Grocer.

     1832 FIGHT: John Vaughn Garriott, at "a muster" about 1832, got into a "pitched fight" with Madison Still over some old grudge.24

    1838 LAND PURCHASE: [Government Land Office Doc# 30792, pg 439, dated 10 Sep 1838, Crawfordsville, IN] John Garriott of Clark Co, IN purchased 80 acres [W2 SE4 Section 8 T14N R5W] in Putnam Co, IN from the government.
      1843 LAND PURCHASE: [Government Land Office Doc# 17736, pg 183, dated 10 Apr 1843, Jeffersonville, IN] John V Garriott of Wash Co, IN purchased 63.45 [E2 NW4 Section 19 T3N R6E] acres in Wash Co, IN from the government, by John Tyler, President.

     1895 SON'S OBITUARY: Obituary of Simeon [son of John Vaughn] Garriott claims he was the 2nd son of John Vaughn Garriott; mother was Letitia Cathcart, with brothers Francis M. [the oldest], and William B [the youngest]. William B Garriott was the county sheriff. Simeon married Rosella Harrod and had 12 children.