​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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06-William Bruce Garriott
Birth: 1857, Little York, Wash Co, IN [son marr appl]
Death: 22 Nov 1916, Scott Co, IN- age 59
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Occupation: Wash Co, IN Sheriff, clerk [brother Simeon's obituary]
Father: John Vaughn Garriott

Marriage: 5 Apr 1881, Clark Co, IN: Bk 5/193-- (license issued)
Spouse: Alice THOMAS
Birth: 1856, Little Rock, AR [son marr appl]
Death: 3 May 1913- age 57
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery

    CHILDREN: William and Alice had the following children:
07----GOLDIE GARRIOTT [b. 15 Dec 1883, Wash Co, IN: Bk H1/84; d. 19 Aug 1894- age 10, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery];
07----LEE BRUCE GARRIOTT [b. 3 Nov 1884, Wash Co, IN: Bk H1/162 (5 Nov-- marr appl); d. 1951- age 66, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], a Store Clerk (marr appl), m.
Rose Naomi YOUNT [b. 13 Feb 1901, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN, Vienna, IN; (marr appl); d. Dec 1969- age 68, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], a Cashier (marr appl), SSN: 308-14-5129/IN, daughter of Samuel Nelson Yount and Vestina Cox on 21 Dec 1923, Scott Co, IN: Bk 12/254, had a daughter:
     08----NORMA LOUISE GARRIOTT [b. 25 Sep 1925, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN], m.
Rodney Lyle ROBESON [b. 1 Mar 1918, Stanley, Chippewa Co, WI], the son of Lyle Charles Robeson and Elsie Rasmussen on 15 Dec 1950, Marion Co, IN: Bk 190/081;
07----LETTIE VAUGHN GARRIOTT [b. 21 Sep 1887, Wash Co, IN; d. 13 Oct 1965, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN- age 78, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m.
Burney C CARTER [b. 22 May 1888, Scott Co, IN; d. 17 Apr 1959, Scott Co, IN- age 70, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], son of James J Carter (1839-) and Elizabeth Carr (1844-);
07----ANNA MARGARET GARRIOTT [b. 13 Jun 1890, Scott Co, IN; 1966, IN- age 75, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m. in 1918,
John Adam RITTER [b. 1 Jan 1885, Jeffersonville, Clark Co,IN; d. 12 Jun 1943, Scott Co, IN- age 58, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], son of John Adam Ritter (1846-1896) and Margaretha Theresa Kalbfleisch (1848-1910), had son:

     08----GEORGE LEE RITTER [b. 1 Oct 1927, IN; d. 25 Apr 1929Scott Co, IN- age 1, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery];
07----Infant GARRIOTT [b. 6 Mar 1894; d. 13 Mar 1894- age 1 week, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery];
07----Infant GARRIOTT [b. 25 Dec 1896; d. 6 Jan 1897- age 2 weeks, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery].

     1900 Wash Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) William B Garriott 43, Editor; Alice Garriott 43 (6 children-3 living); Bruce L Garriott 15; Lettie Garriott 12; and Anna M Garriott 9.
     1910 Vienna, Scott Co, IN census: has (all but Alice b. IN) Bruice Garriott 53, Salesman-Retail Dry Goods; Alice Garriott 53, b. AR; Lee Garriott 25, Salesman- Retail Dry Goods; Lettie Garriott 22, Clerk-Retail Dry Goods; and Annie Garriott 19, Dressmaker-at Home.
     1920 Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN census: has Burnie Carter 31, Clerk- Dry Goods Store; Lettie Carter 32; and Lee Garriott 35, Clerk-Dry Goods Store (Brother-in-Law).
     1930 Scottsburg, Vienna Twp, Scott Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Lee Garriott 45, Salesman-Clothing Store; Rose Garriott 29; and Norma Garriott 4-6/12.
     1940 Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Lee Garriott 55, Retail Salesman-Men's Clothing Store; Rose Garriott 39; and Norma Garriott 14.