06-Simeon Garriott
Birth: 15 Apr 1838, Little York, Wash Co, IN
Home: Little York, Wash Co, IN
Death: 12 Jul 1895, Little York, Wash Co, IN: Bk H28/194/294- age 57
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer and Merchant (General Store)
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Sergeant, Company F, 66th Regiment Inf 15
Father: John Vaughn Garriott

Marriage: 29 Apr 1866, her mother's house, Little York, Wash Co, IN: Bk G/506
Spouse: Rosalia Irene HARROD
Birth: 8 Aug 1849, St. Augustine, Knox Co, IL
Death: 27 Feb 1930, Little York, Wash Co, IN- age 80
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Father: Jeptha Revelle Harrod Dr
Mother: Amanda Jane Hawkins (Amanda 2nd married Francis Marion Garriott)

     CHILDREN: Simeon [obituary claims he had 12 children with 10 living] and Rosalia had the following children, all buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery:
07----JEPTHA H GARRIOTT [b. 15 Jan 1867, Gibson, Wash Co, IN: d. 4 Jan 1901- age 33, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery], a Teacher [marr appl], elected Indiana State Senator, m.
Margaret J CLOSE [b. Jan 1865], daughter of James H Close and Mary E Baldwin on 8 Oct 1888, Scott Co, IN: Bk 6/191 [pg 36, small unnumbered book], had four daughters:
     08----MARY A GARRIOTT [b. Aug 1889, IN];
     08----MARGRET [or Magna] B GARRIOTT [b. Sep 1891, IN];
     08----ROSA U GARRIOTT [b. Dec 1893, IN];
     08----HESTER [or Lettie H] GARRIOTT [b. Jun 1897];
07----LETITICA "LETTIE" C GARRIOTT [b. 1 Jan 1869; d. 5 Sep 1892- age 23, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery];
07----LYCURGUS VON GARRIOTT [b. 25 Sep 1871; d. 21 Aug 1896- age 24, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery, m.
Orleta TAYLOR [b. 27 Apr 1873, Clinton Co, IN; d. 22 Jul 1911- age 38, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery], daughter of Clinton R Taylor and Sarah V West, on 4 Jun 1892, Wash Co, IN: Bk K/316, had 2 children: 22
     08----RUTH GARRIOTT [b. Oct 1892, Wash Co, IN], m. ___ DeWHARTON, lived in Detroit, Wayne Co, MI;
     08----HARRY GARRIOTT [b. Jun 1894, Wash Co, IN], lived in Detroit, Wayne Co, MI;
07----DEXTER GARRIOTT [b. 1874, listed below]
07----ARTHUR OTT GARRIOTT [b. 27 Nov 1875; d. 22 Dec 1951- age 76], lived in Little York, Wash Co;11
07----AMANDA J GARRIOTT [b. 8 Nov 1877; d. 27 Jul 1899- age 22];
07----BESSIE GARRIOTT [b. 14 Sep 1879, Wash Co, IN; d. 1952- age 73], m.
Hugh M CATHCART [b. 1875], lived in Jasper, Dubois Co, IN, 11had three daughters:
     08----MADGE CATHCART [b. 1896], m.
___ GERKE, lived in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN;
     08----JEAN CATHCART [b. 1898], m.
___ JUMPER [or Jasper]; and
     08----ROSALIA CATHCART [b. Jul 1908, Wash Co, IN: Bk H22/1];
07----ZELLA GARRIOTT [b. 25 Aug 1882, Wash Co, IN; d. 7 Jan 1885, Wash Co, IN: Bk H28/70- age 2];
07----SIMEON JR GARRIOTT [b. 18 Jul 1885, Wash Co, IN: Bk H1/166; d. 1953- age 67, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], a Land Agent, IN State Highway Commission Right of Ways 22, m.
Edna Mae HAZZARD [b. 16 Apr 1894, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN; d. Mar 1984, Austin, Scott Co, IN- age 89, bur. Scott Co, IN], SSN: 305-70-1773/IN, m. Oliver Hazzard and Margaret McCullough on 30 Aug 1919, Wash Co, IN: Bk Q/109, lived in Little York, Wash Co, IN;
07----LAURA GARRIOTT [b. 3 Jun 1887, Little York, Wash Co, IN; d. 20 Nov 1951, IN- age 64, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m.
Edwin Bluford CARLISLE [b. 22 Jan 1886, Scott Co, IN; d. 1932- age 46, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery] on 25 Sep 1913, Jackson Co, IN: Bk Q/170 or U/170, he, a Teacher, the son of Winifred Carlisle and Flora McCullough, both born Scott Co, IN. They had a son;
     08----JASON BOYD "Bud" CARLISLE [b. 22 Feb 1915; d. 25 Jan 1999, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m.
Lora L "Jeri" ___ [b. 23 Mar 1922; d. 12 Jul 1996- age 74, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], lived in Gary, Lake Co, IN;
07----FRANCIS JASON GARRIOTT [b. 1889, listed below]; and
07----EDNA GARRIOTT [b. 6 Jun 1891; d. 22 Dec 1974- age 83, bur. Mount Hebron Cemetery], SSN: 314-26-0091/IN, lived in Little York, Wash Co, IN.

     1870 Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Rosalis b. IN) Simeon Garriott 31, Merchant w/ $1800 RE; Rosella Garriott 20, b. IL, Keeping House; Jeptha R Garriott 3; Letta C Garriott 1; and Alice Garriott 18.
     Next door was L H Hudson 53, Physician, b. KY; Rebecca E Hudson 58; and Mary E Hudson.
     1880 Wash Co, IN census: has Simion Garriott 42, Merchant; Rosallie J Garriott 31, Keeping House; Jesky H Garriott 13, Attending School; Letie C Garriott 11, Attending School; Licsgus V Garriott 9, Attending School; Dester Garriott 7, Attending School; Author Garriott 5, Attending School; Manda Jane Garriott 8; and Besie Garriott 1.
     Next page, same family, was Simson Garrott 42; William B Garrott 22, brother, Clerk; and Rachell Garrott 19, Servant.
     On same page was James and Jemima Garriott.
     1900 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Rosalia b. IN) Rosalia I Garriott 50, b. IL (12 children-8 living)(Widow); Dexter Garriott 26, Student; Arthur Garriott 24, Salesman; Bessie Garriott 20; Simeon Garriott 14; Laura Garriott 12; Frank J Garriott 10; and Edna Garriott 8.
     1900 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jeptha H Garriott 33, Merchant & Farmer; Margaret J Garriott 35 (4 children-4 living); Mary A Garriott 10; Magna B Garriott 8; Rosa V Garriott 6; Lettie H Garriott 2; Mary E Closr 26 (Sister-in-Law); and George L Close 22 (Brother-in-Law).
     1900 Wash Co, IN census: has Clinton R Taylor 54, b. OH, Farmer; Bertie Taylor 25, b. IN; Edley C Taylor 18, b. IN; Bunny Taylor 9, b. IN; Orileta Garriott 26, b. IN, Daughter (Widow); Ruth Garriott 7, b. IN, (Granddaughter); and Harry Garriott 5, b. IN, (Grandson).
     James M Garriott 40; and Mary R Garriott 36; lived next door with their four children.
     1910 Wash Co, IN census: has Rosalia I Garriott 60, b. IL, a widow, Own Income; Gimson Garriott 24, Teacher; Laura Garriott 21; Iason Garriott 20, Farm Laborer; and Edna Garriott 18.
     Next door was John B Garriott 59, Salesman; and Louisa Williams 73, Own Income.
     1920 Wash Co, IN census: has Simeon Garriott 34, Teacher-Public School; and Mae Garriott 25.
     On the same page is Rosalia I Garriott 70; Arthur Garriott 44, Farmer; Edna Garriott 28.
     Also on the same page is Virginia Garriott 75, a widow; and John Garriott 18, Grandson.
     1930 Wash Co, IN census: has Simeon Garriott 44, Merchant-General Store, $1,600 RE; Edna M Garriott 35, wife.
     On the previous census page is Arthur Garriott 54, Merchant-General Store; and Edna Garriott 35, sister, w/ $1,000 RE.
     On the census page previous to that is John A Garriott 28, b. TX, Laborer-Odd Jobs, w/ $900 RE; and Virginia E Garriott 86, b. IN, grandmother.

     MILITARY:16 Simeon enrolled, along with his cousins Simeon Finley Garriott [son of William Due], William D Garriott [son of James "Uncle Jimmy'], and William H Thompson [son of Amanda Garriott], on the 12th day of August, 1862 in Co F of the 66th Regiment Infantry of Indiana commanded by Alfred Morris and was honorably discharged at Washington DC on the 3rd day of June 1865. He was described as 24 years old, 5'-8" in height, fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes.

     PENSION:16 Simeon Garriott, 48, applied for a pension on 24 Jun 1886 was granted a pension [certificate 379.361] on 2 Jul 1886 [claim  578.812]. That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of duty at Corinth, Mississippi, on or about June, 1863, he contracted "Rheumatism, resulting disease of heart for which he claims pension."  Simeon provided a supporting affidavit on 24 Nov 1886 written by Samuel Nichols, who supported his disability.

     WIDOW'S PENSION:16 Rosalia I Garriott, on 29 Jul 1895, applied for a widow's pension based on her deceased husband's service in the Civil War. Supporting affidavits were provided by Francis Hawn, John F Hudson.  She was granted a pension [certificate 419.118/claim 618.988] based on Simeon's service in the Civil War and his, "Resulting disability attested to by several affidavits in his pension file, including Francis M, 61, & Amanda Garriott, 64; George Scifres, 31; Phillip Munden, 43; and Elisha Weddle, 70, who traded at his general store.
     General Affidavit: Dr Lycurgus H Hudson, 53, (husband of his cousin) on 29 Jul 1895, provided an affidavit supporting Rosalia's pension application as widow of Simeon Garriott. He stated, "He had been a practicing physician for 31 years.... and physician for Simeon and Rosalia Garriott for 28 years. That Simeon died on 12 Jul 1895.... a result of rheumatism contracted while in the service of the US. He was present at the birth of each of five children, vig. Bessie (b. 14 Sep 1879); Simeon (b. 18 Jul 1885); Laura (b. 3 Jun 1887); Francis J (b. 24 Jun 1889); and Edna (b. 6 Jun 1891)."

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