​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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07-Dexter Garriott
Birth: 23 Feb 1874, Little York, Wash Co, IN
Home: Baker, Fallon Co, MT 11
Death: 4 Feb 1949- age 74
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Occupation: Rancher [son's marr appl]
Father: Simeon Garriott

Marriage: 14 Jun 1911, Baker, Custer Co, MT
Spouse: Christa Rosella YOUNG
Birth: 28 Aug 1894, Wells, Faribault Co, MN
Death: 4 Nov 1975, OR- age 81, w/o Robert Skiles
Occupation: SSN: 517-01-9198/MT
Father: William Henry Young (1857-)
Mother: Eliza Ann Hall (1866-)
     Rosezella Young Garriott (40, divorced) 2nd m. Robert Skiles (30) on 21 Nov 1934, Baker, Fallon Co, MT

     CHILDREN: Dexter and Christa Rosezella had 5 children:

08----ZELLA VERA GARRIOTT [b. 20 May 1912, MT; d. 31 Jan 1999, Glendora, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 86], m. Arthur Stanley DOUGLASS [b. 11 Sep 1912, West Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 26 May 1998, Glendora, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 85], son of James Douglass and Henrietta Sweezy, on 14 Oct 1935, Ohio Co, IN, lived in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN;
08----ARTHUR DEXTER GARRIOTT [b. 18 Jan 1914, Little York, Wash Co, IN: Bk H22/7; d. 26 Feb 1975, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN, age: 61], a Tool Grinder [marr appl], SSN: 303-14-2363/IN, m.
Eulalie Burnadette RUST [b. 25 Jun 1921, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN], daughter of Albert Merritt, Sr RUST and Sadie Frances McCUTCHEON on 27 Sep 1941, Marion Co, IN: Bk 158/316, divorced on 24 Jun 1943, lived in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN;
     Arthur 2nd married
Christine ____ [b. 1923].
     Eulalie 2nd married
Robert E WISNKE [b. 25 Sep 1920, Marion Co, IN];
08----VAUGHN NEW GARRIOTT [b. 1 Mar 1915, Baker, Fallon Co, MT; d. 5 Dec 1988, Lewistown, Fergus Co, MT: File.6231- age 73], SSN: 517-03-5508/MT, m.
Lillian PURDUM on 22 Apr 1935, Baker, Fallon Co, MT, daughter of Frank and Leithe Purdum, lived in Baker, Fallon Co, MT;
08----CLARENCE BRICE GARRIOTT [b. 23 Dec 1920, Baker, Fallon Co, MT], a  Barber, m.
Patricia Ann ADAMS [b. 1943, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN], daughter of Marford Leonard Adams and W Jeannette G__, lived in Baker, Fallon Co, MT, had a 2 children:
     09----GARY LEE GARRIOTT; and
Wayne Michael CLARIDGE [b. 23 May 1967, England] on 10 Aug 1991, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN. Wayne the son of Michael A Claridge and Shirley Homer, both born in England, on 1 Jan 1968, Marion Co, IN: Bk 243/337, divorced on 11 Jul 1988;
   Patricia 2nd married
Orval Lee BURGESS [b. 1942] on 20 Jul 1988, Marion Co, IN: Bk 326/451; and
08----RENE GARRIOTT [b. about 1921, MT], lived in California.

     1910 Baker, Custer Co, MT census: has Dexter Garriott 36, b. IN, Farm-Owner.
     1920 Baker, Fallon Co, MT census: has Dixter Garriott 45, b. IN, Farmer-Gen Farm; R Christa Garriott 25, b. MN; V Zella Garriott 7, b. MT; D Arthur Garriott 6, b. IN; Von New Garriott 4, b. MT; and R Irene Garriott 1, b. MT.
     1930 Baker, Fallon Co, MT census: has Rosezella Garriott 35, b. MN, Chambermaid-Hotel; Irene Garriott 11, b. MT; and Clarence Garriott 9, b. MT; all as Lodgers in the household of George and Golden Rawie.
     1940 Baker, Fallon Co, MT census: has Harry Harton 69, b. IA, Laborer-Farming; Sella Mae Harton 59, b. IA, Superviser-NYA; Hara Elizabeth Harton 19, b. MT, Housekeeper-Private Home; Dexter Garriott 66, b. IN, Lodger (Divorced); and Clarence Garriott 19, b. MT, Clerk-Drug Store, Lodger.

     1914 LAND PURCHASE: [Bureau of Land Management, Doc# 429093, dated 3 Sep 1914]  Dexter Garriott purchased 320 acre [Section 12 T7N R60E] homestead in Fallon Co, MT from the government.

    1916 LAND PURCHASE: [Bureau of Land Management, Doc# 525865, dated 24 Apr 1916] Arthur Garriott [then two years of age] purchased 320 acre [Section 22 T8N R60E] homestead in Fallon Co, MT, from the government.