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06-Francis M "Frank" Garriott
Birth: 9 Jun 1834, Wash Co, IN
Death: 30 Aug (or 4 Sep) 1902, Scott Co, IN- age 68
Burial: Scott Co, IN
Father: John Vaughn Garriott

Marriage: 2 Jan 1858, Wash Co, IN: Bk G/1
Spouse: Amanda Jane HAWKINS
Birth: 30 (or 14) Dec 1830, Kentucky
Death: 4 Aug 1906, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN- age 75
Burial: Scottsburg Cemetery

     HER 1ST MARRIAGE: Amanda Jane Hawkins 1st married Dr
Jeptha Revelle Harrod [b. 29 Dec 1825, Austin, Scott Co, IN; d. 1 Aug 1856, Little York, Wash Co, IN- age 30], the son of William Harrod and Elizabeth New, on 1 Jun 1848, Scott Co, IN. He was educated in 1856 (question date?) in the Ohio School of Medicine. They had three children: [Janet Hawkins Endris]
07----ROSALIE IRENE HARROD [b. 1849, listed below];
07----EMMA BELLE HARROD [b. 1 Jan 1852, Scott Co, IN; d. 30 May 1856- age 4, bur. Estil Cemetery]; and
07----JEPTHA REVELLE "JR" JR HARROD [b. 25 Apr 1854, Scott Co, IN; d. 4 Sep 1883, Scott Co, IN- age 29, bur. Estil Cemetery]. Jeptha is incorrectly identified as Jeptha Garriott in the 1860 Wash Co, IN census, but correctly identified in the subsequent 1870 census. [Janet Hawkins Endris]

     2ND MARRIAGE: Francis and Amanda had the following five children:
07----ADA DIELIA GARRIOTT [b. 14 Oct 1858​; d. 4 Sep 1907- age 47, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m.
Alfred M CRAVENS [b. 6 Dec 1856; d. 25 Jan 1936- age 90, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery];
07----JOHN V GARRIOTT [b. 1 Dec 1860: d. 29 Nov 1918- age 57, bur. Cravens Cemetery], m.
Laura Alice CRAVENS [b. 11 Jun 1858; d. 20 Mar 1924- age 65, bur. Cravens Cemetery], the daughter of William C Cravens and Mary Adaline Crosby, had 8 children: (3 listed)
     08----VON CRAVENS GARRIOTT [b. 25 Feb 1889, IN; d. 10 Dec 1957, Cook Co, IL- age 68], Registered for Draft, WW2, m.
Charlotte CHARLTON [b. about 1891, KY];
     08----FLORA GARRIOTT [b. Dec 1891, KS; d. 1963- age 72], m.
Leland W HOUGHLAND, had 3 children:

          09----ELIZABETH HOUGHLAND [b. 21 Apr 1916, IN- d. 29 Nov 2013, Plantation, Broward Co, FL- age 97, bur. Greenlawn Cemetery], m. Joseph F FERRARA [b. 1916; d. 2006- age 90, bur. Greenlawn Cemetery], had 3 daughters:

               10----JANE FERRARA;

​               10----SUSAN FERRARA; and

               10----LIBBY FERRARA; 

          09----WILLIAM G HOUGHLAND [b. about 1927, IN]; and

          09----HERMAN R HOUGHLAND [b. about 1928];
     08----MARIE C GARRIOTT [b. 7 Mar 1896, IN; d. 25 Feb 1971- age 74, bur. Cravens], m.
John H MURRAY [b. 28 Jun 1903; d. 4 Aug 1969- age 66, bur. Cravens Cemetery];
07----SADIE GARRIOTT [b. Jul 1867; d. 1943- age 76]; (from 1880 census)
07----FRANCIS MARION JR GARRIOTT [b. 26 Oct 1869, Scott Co, IN; d. 11 Oct 1890- age 20, bur. Estil Cemetery], a Clerk (marr appl) m.
Laura F TERRELL [b. 29 Jan 1871; d. 3 Jan 1905, Scott Co, IN- age 33, bur. Estil Cemetery?] daughter of Thaddeus TERRELL (1807-1894) and Julia A TOWNSEND (1827-1912) on 28 Apr 1889, Scott Co, IN: Bk 6/214 [also pg 38, small unnumbered marriage record book]; and
     Laura second married
Marion TYLER [b. Jul 1870, Lawrence Co, TN; d. 24 Dec 1898, Scott Co, IN- age 28] (story below) on 14 Oct 1897, Marion Co, IN: Bk 29/72.
07----CLARENCE EPSTINE GARRIOTT [b. 18 Sep 1872; d. 1946- age 73, bur. Scottsburg Cemetery], m. I
va May EMORY [b. 1876, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN; d. 1954- age 78], had two children: (1910 census)
     08----KATHLEEN GARRIOTT [b. about 1897]; and
     08----FRANCIS EMERY GARRIOTT [b. 19 Feb 1909, IN; d. 1 Jul 1985, Volusia Co, FL- age 76] SSN: 304-01-0381/IN, m.
Mary Alice OWINGS [b. 21 Sep 1912, IN; d. 30 Sep 1975, Sanford Co, FL-], daughter of Evert W Owings (1887-) and Hattie Marie Ryan (1893-1971).
     Clarence registered for the WW1 draft at the age of 45, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN, blue eyes, brown hair.

     1860 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Francis M Garriott 26, Farmer w/ $600 RE; Amanda J Garriott 29; Rosella Garriott 10; Jeptha R Garriott 6; and Dielia Garriott 2.
     1870 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Amanda b. IN) FM Garriott 36, Merchant w/ $1,800 RE; Amanda J Garriott 39, b. KY, Keeping House; Ada D Garriott 10; John V Garriott 8; Sada Garriott 3; Bonnie Garriott 7/12; and Jeptha R Herrod 17.
     1880 Scottsburgh, Scott Co, IN census: (all but Amanda b. IN) FM Garriott 45, Keeps General Store; Amanda J Garriott 48, b. KY, Keeping House; Ada Garriott 21; John Garriott 19, Clerk in Store; Sadie Garriott 13; Frank M Garriott 11; Clarence E Garriott 8; and JR Harrod 25, Clerk (Stepson).
     1900 Vienna Twp, Scott Co, IN census: has (all but Amanda b. IN) Francis M Garriott 65, Merch-Dry Goods; Amanda J Garriott 69, b. KY (9 children-5 living); Epsteme C Garriott 27, Merch-Dry Goods; Iva M Garriott 23 (Daughter-in-Law)(1 child-1 living); and Kathleen Garriott 3 (Granddaughter).
     1900 Vernon Twp, Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Von b. IN) John V Garriott 39, Merchant-Dry Goods & Grocery; Laura A Garriott 41 (5 children-3 living); Von C Garriott 11, b. KS; Flora Garriott 8; and Marie Garriott 4.
     1910 Vienna Twp, Scott Co, IN census: has (all but Flora b. IN) John V Garriott 49, Retail Merchant-General Merchandise; Laura Garriott 50 (8 children-3 living); Von C Garriott 21, Telegraph Operator-Railroad; Flora Garriott 18, b. KS; and Marie Garriott 14. (this census has Flora- not Von- b. KS)
     1910 Vienna Twp, Scott Co, IN census: Epstine Garriott 37, Retail Merchant; Iva Garriott 33; Kathreen Garriott 13; and Emery Garriott 2/12.

     1930 Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN census: has (all but Flora b. IN) Leland Houghland 38, Canner-Packing Co; Flora Houghland 38, b. KS; Elizabeth Houghland 13; William Houghland 12; and Herman Houghland 11.
     1930 Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN census: CE Garriott 57, Retail Merchant; Iva M Garriott 54; and Emery Garriott 21.
     1940 Davidson Co, TN census: has Von C Garriott 51, b. IN, Secretary-Treas-Printing; and Charlotte Garriott 49, b. KY.

     1940 Franklin Twp, Johnson Co IN census: has (all but Flora b. IN) Leland W Houghland 48, Executive-Packing Mfg; Flora Houghland 48, b. KS; William G Houghland 23; and Herman R Houghland 21.

     BIOGRAPHY: Francis M Garriott (Sr) was Washington County Treasurer. The following story is true, that Laura Terrell was married to Francis M Garriott, Jr in Washington County, Indiana. The small unnumbered Marriage Book in the Scott Co, IN courthouse lists his parents as FM Garriott and Amanda Hawkins (if I read it right) and her parents as Thad Terrell and ___ Harris.

     1897 SCOTTSBURG LYNCHING CASE: 44 Laura Terrell, a native of Washington County, IN, and widow of Francis M Garriott Jr, met Marion Tyler, son of John W Tyler of Martin's Store in Hamilton County, Illinois when Tyler moved to Scott County, Indiana in 1896. Tyler was employed in logging, but soon moved to Indianapolis where that spring he met up with Laura again. They were married that fall. Two years later, in the summer of 1898, Laura left her husband and returned to her family in Scottsburg. She feared for her life as he threatened to torture and kill her and had forced on her isolation from her family and friends."
     Tyler, attempting reconciliation several times that fall, returned to Scottsburg from Indianapolis by rail on 3 Nov 1898 feeling, "He treated his wife the best he knew how and there was no jealousy on his part." 44
     Soon thereafter, Tyler shot his wife with a 32-calibre revolver twice-- in the left cheek where it ranged backward lodging near the butt of the ear, and in the left shoulder. Both wounds were thought not to be fatal. He also shot himself twice-- once near the center of the lower jaw, which ranged upward and came out near the temple, and in the abdomen, lodging just under the skin at the hipbone. Tyler carried a suicide note from Indianapolis, but it did not imply injury to "the perfect lady" he loved with all his heart." 44
     On Christmas eve 1898, between 1 and 2 am, Tyler was taken by a mob from the county jail to a tree in the court house yard. He was placed on an old door held up while a rope was being tightly fastened over a convenient limb of a shade tree. When the door was allowed to fall, Tyler fell to his death from strangulation with his feet about 18 inches from the ground. One of the mob was heard to say, "I'll bet the Devil thinks he's getting a fine Christmas present tonight." 44
     A special grand jury was impaneled in January with John W Montgomery, foreman, assisted by Asbury Thompson, Jas MC Richey, IA Bridgewater, SR Smith, and Wm P Shea. They interviewed 109 witnesses; no indictments were made. Andrew L Blackall, county coroner, heard evidence from 31 witnesses, and reported that death was by hanging by persons unknown." 44
     The Chronicle newspaper reported 29 Dec 1897 [?] "It was thought that the mob was composed of between 75-100 persons who were well drilled in the parts they were to take in the lynching. This is proven by the quiet manner and quickness in which their deed was executed. That the citizens were not aroused before the work was completed seem strange and next to impossible, yet it was so. That such premeditated and carefully planned outrage upon the law and community could be carried out so successfully without the officers and law-abiding citizens having an intimation of what was going to occur seems more strange." 44
     In Marion Tyler's father's suit against Sheriff James Gobin in Indianapolis Federal Court (charging failure to protect his prisoner) the jury found in favor of the plaintiff assessing damages of $5. Court costs of $920 were shared by both parties." 44
     Dr Bogardus later said, "The majority of the people of Scottsburg appear to firmly believe the mob originated outside the borders of Scott County and that its members were mostly all strangers in this community." 44 It was later proved the rope used had been purchased at a store in Crothersville.

     1896 NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Jeffersonville, IN, Oct 26-- Francis M Garriott, Populist candidate for congress in the Third Indiana district, has filed his resignation with the clerk of the Washington County Circuit Court. Aaron B Franz, of Washington County, Populist candidate for senate of Floyd and Washington Counties, has withdrawn from the race

[Elkart (IN) Daily Review, 26 Oct 1896] 44