05-Margaret Garriott
Birth: 22 Jun 1841, Carroll Co, KY
Death: 28 Jul 1906- age 65
Father: John W Sr Garriott

Marriage: 8 Jan 1857 [Carroll Co, KY: Bk 2/1].
Spouse: William P RANSDELL
Birth: Nov 1832, Henry Co, KY
Death: 1900-1910, Ballard Co, KY- age 68-78
Father: Wharton M Ransdell (1810-1841)
Mother: Matilda F Watkins (1808-1842) of Carroll Co, KY

     CHILDREN: Margaret and William had 17 children (13 living in 1900 census):
06----MARY INEZ RANSDELL [b. 8 Aug 1858, Ballard Co, KY; d. 18 May 1944, Ballard Co, KY- age 85], m. GB UNDERWOOD [b. about 1857, TN], had two children: [census]
     07----GARNER KIMBALL UNDERWOOD [b. 5 Dec 1897, KY; d. 1 Oct 1973, McCracken Co, KY- age 75], Telegraph Operator, Registered for draft for WW1, SSN: 709-07-2563/RR; and
     07----BELL UNDERWOOD [b. about 1892, KY];
06----JOHN F RANSDELL [b. 25 Apr 1860, KY; d. 24 Jun 1937, Ballard Co, KY- age 77];
06----JAMES R RANSDELL [b. about 1862, KY];
06----WILLIAM W RANSDELL [b. about 1863, Ballard Co, KY];
06----FANNIE B RANSDELL [b. about 1865, KY];
06----SALLIE KATE RANSDELL [b. about 1870, KY], m. ___ MITCHELL;
06----WALTER P RANSDELL [b. about 1875, KY];
06----MOLLIE RANSDELL [b. about 1878, KY];
06----HOLLIE (or HATTIE) RANSDELL [b. about 1878, KY];
06----STELLA M RANSDELL [b. about 1880, KY];
06----ERNEST CLINTON RANSDELL [b. 5 Jan 1882, Ballard Co, KY; d. 21 Dec 1944, bur. Spring Valley Baptist Church Cemetery], a Rural Carrier and Farmer, m. Gladys (or Lannie) F KNOTT [b. 3 Jul 1881, KY; d. 28 Jun 1963- age 81, bur. Spring Valley Baptist Church Cemetery], Registered for draft WW1, from Ballard Co, KY, adopted daughter:
     07----FRANCES FAUGHN [b. 4 Mar 1908; died 10 Jan 1990, McCracken Co, KY- age 79], SSN: 403-42-2626/KY, m. ___ WOODRUFF; and
06----CHARLES M RANSDELL [b. 14 May 1884, KY; d. 8 Jan 1857, age 73], SSN: 407-48-0106, m. Pearl ___ [b. about 1890, KY].

     1930 District 2, Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Charles M Ransdell 45, Farmer-General Farm; Pearl Ransdell 40; Kate Mitchell 60 (Sister, Widow); Lula Robinson 36 (Sister-in-Law); and Inez Underwood 70 (Sister, Widow).
     1930 Princeton, Caldwell Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) GK Underwood 32, Telegraph Operator-Steam Railroad; Jessie Underwood 38; William Kindl Underwood 8; and Tomas Underwood 7.
     1940 Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Robert Upshaw 41, Laborer; Vories Upshaw 40; Mertice E Upshaw 20; Stella May Upshaw 14; and Mattie Turner 85 (Mother-in-Law).
     1940 Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Milderd S Kate?? 70 (Widow), Farmer-Farm; Mary C Underwood 82 (Sister, Widow); and Charles M Ransdell 56 (Brother, Widow), Farmer-Farm.
     Two doors down on this census page has (both b. KY) J Richard Ransdell 78; and Ailey Ransdell 60.
     1940 Fulton, Fulton Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Kimbal Underwood 42, Telegraph Operator-Steam Railroad; Jessie May Underwood 43; Kimbal Jr Underwood 18; and Tom Underwood 17.
     1940 Ballard Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Ernest C Ransdell 58, Farmer-Farm; Lennie E Ransdell 58; Gladys F Knott 42 (Sister-in-Law), Teacher-High School; and Gertrude Knott 44 (Sister-in-Law), Teacher-University.

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