05-Emeline J Garriott
Birth: 31 Jan 1828, Henry Co, KY
Death: 15 May 1867, Carroll Co, KY- age 39
Burial: Garriott Cemetery
Father: John W Garriott

Marriage: 3 Sep 1846, Carroll Co, KY: Bk 1/167
1st Spouse: Davis M (or David W) SCOTT
Birth: 6 Aug 1822, Garrard Co, KY
Death: 15 Mar 1847- age 25
Burial: Garriott Cemetery

Marriage: 24 Dec 1849, Carroll Co, KY (marriage records refer to her as Emeline Scott)
2nd Spouse: Fielding Sr VORIES
Birth: 6 May 1814, Henry Co, KY
Death: 14 Aug 1891, Mill Creek, Carroll Co, KY- age 77
Burial: Cove Hill Church Cemetery
Father: Peter Hamilton Vories (1791-1825)
Mother: Maryland Nuttall Lamb (1795-1885)

     2ND MARRIAGE: Emeline and Fielding had the following nine children:
06----NANCY "NANNIE" EMILINE VORIES [b. 14 Oct 1850, Carroll Co, KY; d. 22 Oct 1884, MO- age 34, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery], m. JP EAST (findagrave.com has a James Perry East (1846-1919, bur. Missouri);
06----JOHN HAMILTON VORIES [b. 1853, Carroll Co, KY: d. 1894- age 41, bur. La Veta Cemetery], m. Lula BENTON [b. 1860; d. 1941- age 81, bur. La Veta Cemetery];
06----ROBERT E VORIES [b. Mar 1853, Carroll Co, KY; d.1894- age 41, bur. La Veta Cemetery], m. Lizzie E STUBBINS [b. Jun 1861; d. 7 Jan 1930- age 65, Oldham Co, KY: Vol.10/4949, bur. New Castle Cemetery];
06----FIELDING JR VORIES [b. 1858, listed below];
06----TAYLOR WASHINGTON VORIES [b. 15 Jan 1860; d. 1 Jul 1945- age 85, bur. Cove Hill Church Cemetery], m. Jennie B SIMMONS [b. 1867; d. Aug 1949- age 82, bur. Cove Hill Church Cemetery], daughter of William Thomas Simmons and Nancy Catherine Dunn;
06----SOPHIA KATHERINE "KATIE" VORIES [b. 1861, listed below];
06----WILLIAM LOVING VORIES [b. 1863; d. 25 Mar 1950, Jefferson Co, KY: Vol.11/5183- age 86, bur. Campbellsburg Cemetery], m. Mary TURNER [b. 1866; d. 1945- age 79, bur. Campbellsburg Cemetery]; and

     HIS 1ST MARRIAGE: Fielding Sr first married Leah DUGAN [b. 1824; d. 23 Mar 1847- age 23, bur. Sulphur Fork Primitive Baptist Cemetery] on 28 Dec 1844, had son,
06----JAMES A VORIES [b. 13 Jan 1848; d. 192_, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery], m. Emma K SCOTT [b. 10 Aug 1852; d. 7 Jan 1907- age 54, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery], had three children;
     07----ARTHUR A VORIES [b. 7 Dec 1874; d. 4 Feb 1876- age 1, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery];
     07----NELLIE BELLE VORIES [b. 22 Oct 1877; d. 27 Sep 1888- age 10, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery]; and
     07----LILLIE MAY VORIES [b. 29 Jan 1885; d. 15 May 1898- age 14, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery].

     HIS 3RD MARRIAGE: Fielding Sr third married Rachel GARDNER [b. 18 Mar 1828, d. 26 Jan 1888- age 59, bur. Cove Hill Cemetery] on 24 Aug 1869, Henry Co, KY.

     1850 District 2, Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Fielding Vories 36, Farmer w/ $1,448 RE; Emaline Vories 22; Laura J Vories 5; and James S Vories 3.
     1860 Mill Creek District 1, Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Feilding Vories 46, Farmer w/ $5,900 RE; Emeline Vories 32; Laura Vories 16; James Vories 14; Nanny J Vories 10; Mary Vories 8; John H Vories 6; Robt E Vories 5; Fielding Vories 3; Taylor Vories 5/12; and Bettie Sampson 17, Serving.
     1870 Mill Creek Precinct, Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Fielding Vories 56, Farmer w/ $7,000 RE; Rachel Vories 43, Keeping House; Vannie Vories 19; Mary Vories 17; John Vories 16; Robt E Vories 14; Fielding Vories 12; Saylor Vories 10; Sofy Kate Vories 8; Wm Loring Vories 6; and Carrie Vories 4.
     1880 Mill Creek District, Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Fielding Vories 66, Farmer; Rachel C Fielding 52, Keeping House; Robert E Fielding 25, Farm Laborer; Fielding Vories 22, Farm Laborer; Taylor W Vories 20, Farm Laborer; Kattie Vories 18; William L Vories 16, Farm Laborer; Nancy Simmons 38, Servant; and Susan C Simmons 8, Boarder.
     1900 New Castle Precinct, Henry Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) Robert Vories 45, Farmer; and Lizzie Vories 35.
     1900 Bedford Precinct, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) James A Vories 50; Catharine E Vories 47 (5 children-2 living); Scottie Vories 27; and RobertE Vories 17.

     1885 OBITUARY: The remains of Mrs Nannie East, daughter of Fielding Vories, were brought back from Missouri and interred at Cove Hill last Saturday (Jan 24).

[from the files of George C Willick, and the Carrollton Democrat, January 31, 1885]

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