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05-Elisha Garriott/Garrett
Birth: 12 Mar 1795, Henrico Co, VA (family bible)
Death: 18 Jul 1859, Trimble Co, KY- Fall from horse- age 64
Burial: on his farm on Pattons Creek, Garrett Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Heartwell Garriott (listed in KY death records for Elisha)

Marriage: about 1815, Hanover Co, VA
Spouse: Jane "Jennie" HAZELGROVE
Birth: 25 Oct 1795, Mechanicsville, Hanover Co, VA
Death: 31 Jul 1863- age 67
Father: James Hazelgrove (1775-1851)

     CHILDREN: Elisha and Jennie had children: [Emma Lee Garrett Stucker Sells]
06----JAMES S GARRETT [b. 14 Nov 1816, Hanover Co, VA; d. 31 Jul 1889- age 72, bur. Sligo Baptist Churchyard]; [b. 1812] (from family bible)
06----BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GARRETT [b. 22 Mar 1817, Hanover Co, VA (b. 1818 from family bible); d. 25 Apr 1889- age 71, bur. Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery], m. Rebecca T STALKER (cemetery records say STETHEN) [b. 5 Feb 1827; d. 12 Nov 1904- age 77, bur. Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery], had children:
     07----AMANDA GARRET [b. about 1846, KY]; (census)
     07----WILLIAM WESLEY GARRETT [b. about 1850, KY], m. Laura MONTAGUE;
     07----JAMES S GARRETT [b. about 1852, KY], m. Ella JENNINGS;
     07----MARY ANNA GARRETT [b. about 1854, KY], m. George WINBURN;
     07----FANNY B GARRETT [b. about 1859, KY];
     07----JOHN C BRECKENRIDGE GARRETT [b. 27 Jul 1859, Henry Co, KY; d. 9 Jul 1933, Pendleton, Henry Co, KY- age 73, bur. Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery], m. Elizabeth WHITLEY [b. 23 Dec 1869; d. 24 Dec 1938- age 69];
          08----BENJAMIN GARRETT [b. 3 Feb 1890; d. 2 May 1958- age 68], m. Sarah FORD;
          08----MAUDE GARRETT, m. Owen WINBURN;
          08----MARSHALL GARRETT, m. Hettie MORGAN;
     07----SARAH GARRETT [b. about 1856, KY], m. Frank TOTTEN;
     07----LUCINDA ELIZABETH GARRETT [b. about 1863, KY], m. Marion BERRY;
     07----THOMAS GARRETT [b. Jun 1866, KY], m. Martha J Whiteley [b. Dec 1867, KY] (sister to Elizabeth), had 6 children:
          08----ANNA M GARRETT [b. Sep 1887, KY];
          08----LOTTIE GARRETT [b. Oct 1889, KY];
          08----JAMES A GARRETT [b. Oct 1891, KY];
          08----JENNIE B GARRETT [b. Oct 1893, KY];
          08----LEATHY GARRETT [b. May 1896];
          08----CATHRINE GARRETT [b. Jul 1898, KY];
06----DANDRIDGE GARRIOTT [b. 1820, listed below];
06----WILLIAM R GARRETT [b. 29 Jul 1821], was left in Virginia with grandparents when his parents and other family members moved to Kentucky. He was never seen again;
06----SUSAN GARRETT [b. 20 May 1823], m. ___ EDDY;
06----ELIZABETH GARRETT [b. 1825, listed below];
06----ANN ELIZA GARRETT [b. 2 Aug 1827], m. ___ McMANIS;
06----JOSEPH MILTON GARRETT [b. 11 May 1830; d. 27 Dec 1893- age 63, bur. Sligo Baptist Church Cemetery];
06----RICHARD T GARRETT [b. about 1832, listed below];
06----EDWIN [or EDWARD] GARRETT [b. 17 Jun 1834; d. 1924- age 89]; m. Elizabeth ___ [b. 1834, KY] and
06----HENRY A GARRETT [b. about 1837, listed below].

     CENSUS: [Emma Lee Garrett Stucker Sells]
     1820 Hanover Co, VA: listed Elisha Garrett
     1830 Henry Co VA: listed Elisha Garrett with a family of ten: Five males: one [<5]; one [5-9]; two [10-14]: one [30-39]; Five females: two [<5]; one [5-9]; one [15-19]; and one [30-39].
     1850 Oldham Co, KY: has Elisha Garrett 60, b. VA, Laborer; Jane Garrett, b. VA; Joseph Garrett 21, b. KY; Rich'd Garrett 18, b. KY; Edward Garrett 16, b. KY; and Henry Garrett 13, b. KY.
     1850 Montgomery Co, KY census: has JH Garrett 18, b. KY, Shoemaker; with the family of Andrew Swope 49, b. KY, Farmer; Catherine Swope 38, b. KY; MD Swope 17, b. KY, Laborer; RI Swope 14, b. KY; Melly Hally 14, b. KY; F Fortner 78, b. VA.
     1850 District 1, Henry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Ben Garret 32; Rebecca Garret 25; Amanda Garret 4; and Wm Garret 2.
     1870 District of Jerico, Henry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Benjamin Garriott 54, Farmer w/ $2,700 RE; Rebecca Garriott 42; William Garriott 20, Farm Laborer; James S Garriott 18, Farm Laborer; Mary A Garriott 16; Pourney Garriott 11; John C Garriott 9; Sarah Garriott 14; Loucinda Garriott 7; and Thomas Garriott 6.
     1880 Jerico Magistrial District, Henry Co, KY census: has (all but Ben b. KY) Ben Garrot 62, b. VA, Farmer; Rebecca Garrot 51; Breckenridge Garrot, Farm Hand; Tom Garrot 14, Farm Hand; and Elizabeth Garrot 17.
     Next door is John Garrott 30; Nannie E Garrott 22; Sopha Garrott 5/12; Daniel Garrott 1; and Able Wick 21 (Black), Laborer.
     1900 Smithfield Precinct, Henry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Tom Garret 34; Martha J Garret 32 (6 children-6 living); Anna M Garret 12; Lottie Garret 10; James A Garret 8; Jennie B Garret 6; Leathy Garret 4; and Cathrine Garret 1.
     1910 Pendleton Magistrial District, Henry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) JC Garriott 49, Farmer-General Farm; Elizebth Garriott 41 (3 children-3 living); Ben Garriott 20, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; and Marshal Garriott 15, Farm Laborer-Home Farm.

     1933 OBITUARY: Garrett, JC ___, Sligo, died 9 Jul 1933, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, survived by wife Lizzie Whitely Garrett, daughter Mrs Oren Winburn, 2 sons, Ben and Marshall Garrett.

     1856 WILL OF ELISHA GARRETT: In the name of God Amen, I Elisha Garrett of the County of Trimble in the State of Kentucky, being of sound mind do make this my last will and testament. It is my will that my wife Jane H Garrett shall have all my property Real and perishable, that is my land and all my other property to have during her lifetime.
     She has the right to cultivate the farm or rent it as She may choose during her lifetime, and at her death it is my will that my three youngest boys Edwin, Henry and Richard Garrett shall have my land, my Son Henry is to have Sixteen acres of my land to be cut off of the upper end as to include the house and the balance to be equally divided between Edwin Garrett and Richard Garrett. It is my will that at the death of my wife my daughter Ann Eliza McManis is to have from the fence above the house she now lives in, including the house and all the land to the branch South of the house being near two acres. It is my will that after my debts is paid, and after the death of my wife I will to my son James Garrett, Benjamine Garrett, Dandridge Garrett, Joseph Garrett, William Garrett, Elizabeth Callis and Susan Eddy, each shall have of my Estate One Dollar and no more, that my Son Henry is to have my clock and if any property of a perishable nature is left after my death it is to be equally divided between Edwin, Richard and Henry.
     Witness my hand and seal this 1st day of August 1856.
     Wit: AD Johnson, Mary Hundley, Elijah Pinnell, produced in court September 1859
[this will was provided in a document by Emma Lee Garrett Stucker Sells, great-grand daughter of Elisha Garrett, Louisville, KY. This document contained a correction for Part V, Page 158 in "A Book of Garretts" by Hester E Garrett, plus additions compiled from Court Records, cemeteries and Family Bibles]