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05-Isaac Newton Garriott
Birth: 2 Mar 1826, Clark Co, IN
Home: Iowa
Death: 14 Apr 1909, Fremont, Mahaska Co, IA- age 83
Burial: Cedar Township Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer, Miller, Cabinetmaker? (census)
Father: Elijah L Sr Garriott

Marriage: 23 Dec 1843, Henry Co, IA
Spouse: Sarah Jane LYON
Birth: 7 Oct 1825, Hendricks or Henry Co, IN
Death: 29 Oct 1910, Fremont, Mahaska Co, IA- age 85
Burial: Cedar Township Cemetery
Father: William Harden LYON (1798-1884)
Mother: Mary 'Polly' BRITTAIN (1801-1842)

     CHILDREN: Isaac Newton and Sarah Jane had four children:
06----ALVIN D GARRIOTT [b. about 1845, Henry Co, Iowa]; (not in 1860 census)
06----MELINDA A GARRIOTT [b. about 1848, Henry Co, Iowa];
06----MARY ADALENE GARRIOTT [b. 25 Nov 1850, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 9 May 1915, Forest Grove, Wash Co, OR- age 64, bur. Forest view Cemetery], (1856 & 1860 census), m. Elisha Woodard BENNETT, had 3 children:

     07----EDMUND BENNETT [

     07----ARTHUR BENNETT [

     07----STELLA JEAN BENNETT [b. 20 Feb 1873, Keokuk Co, IA; d. 17 Feb 1953, Salem, Marion Co, OR- age 80, bur. Fir Lawn Cemetery], m. Freeman Augustus WALDRON [b. 27 Jan 1871, Warren Co, IL; d. 6 Jan 1941, Salem, Wash Co, OR- age 69, bur. Forest View Cemetery], son of Jasper George Waldron and Mahala ___, had 4 children:

          08----FERN IVA WALDRON [b. 26 Jan 1895, York Co, NE; d. 20 Nov 1985, Forest Grove, Wash Co, OR- age 90, bur. Valley Memorial Park Cemetery], SSN: 544-09-4956/NE, m. Deward Mason Sr FRENCH [b. 8 Dec 1902, Oklahoma City/Co, OK; d. 25 Mar 1973, Hood River Co, OR- age 70], SSN: 544-05-8458/OR, had son:

​               09----DEWARD MASON JR FRENCH [b. 21 Jun 1924, Humbolt Co, CA; d. 31 Mar 1943, WA- age 18];

          08----HAROLD WILLIAM WALDRON [b. 6 May 1896, York Co, NE; d. 8 Oct 1956, Wash Co, OR- age 60], m. Hazel Pearl V EATON [b. about 1898, IA; d. 10 May; 1952- age 54] on 23 Oct 1919, daughter of William Eaton and Anna R ___;

          08----CLARICE E WALDRON [ ], m. ___ ALEXANDER; and

06----AMERICA JANE GARRIOTT [b. 10 Jan 1858, Mahaska Co, IA; d. 21 Jul 1926, Escambia?, FL- age 68], m. Ulysses Simpson BARTLETT [b. 23 Oct 1841, Franklin Co, IN; d. 7 Aug 1910, Spaulding, Nez Perce, Lewis Co, ID- age 68], the son of Abraham Bartlett and Clarinda Spink (Kim Long) on 28 Dec 1871, Mahaska Co, IA, had children: (only 2 listed)
     07----ISAAC WALDON "IKE" BARTLETT [b. 5 Sep 1872, Mehaska Co, IA; d. 11 Jan 1913- age 40, No Stone?], m. 1st Hattie May WEBBER [b. 1875; d. 14 Nov 1943- age 68], m. 2nd Retta WEBBER [b. 18 Sep 1885] on 4 May 1904, What Cheer, Keokuk Co, IA.
     07----JOHN JESSE BARTLETT [b. 9 Mar 1875, IA; d. 31 Mar 1959, Orofino, Clearwater Co, ID- age 84, Lapwai, Nez Perce (or Freemont) Co, ID], m. Louisa A ___ [b. 1898], had 10 children: (8 living-3 listed)
          08----JEFFERSON BARTLETT [b. about 1896, ID];
          08----MARY BARTLETT [b. about 1899, ID]; and
          08----EDDIE BARTLETT [b. about 1901, ID].
     1850 Keokuk Co, IA census: has Isaac N Garriott 24, b. IN, Farmer; Sara Jane Garriott 23, b. IN; Alvin D Garriott 5, b. IA; and Melinda A Garriott 2, b. IA.
     1856 Keokuk Co, IA census: has Isaac N Garriott 29, b. IN, Cabinet?; Sarah Garriott 29, b. IN; Alvin F Garriott 11, b. IA; Malinda A Garriott 7, b. IA; Mary A Garriott 3, b. IA; Nancy Garriott 84, b. KY; and Daniel M Cont 11, b. IN.
     1860 Mahaska Co, IA census: has Isaac N Garriett 33, b. IN, Miller; Sarah J Garriett 32, b. IN, Housewife; Melinda A Garriett 12, b. IA; Mary A Garriett 10, b. IA; America J Garriott 4, b. IA; and Nancy Garriett 77, b. KY, Housekeeper (Mother).
     1880 Mahaska Co, IA census: has IA Garriott 53, b. IN, Farmer; Sarah J Garriott 52, b. IN, Keeping House; U S Bartlett 42, b. IN, US Pensioner (Son-in-Law); Isaac Bartlett 7, b. IA (Grandson); Mary Bartlett 6, b. IA (Granddaughter); and John Bartlett 5, b. IA (Grandson).

     1880 kEOKUK cO, ia CENSUS:​ has (all b. IA) Elisha Bennett 34, Stone Mason; Mary A Bennett 30; Edmund Bennett 10; Arthur Bennett 8; and Stella Bennett 6.

     Next door has Richard Bennett 66, Farmer; and Electa Bennett 67.
     1900 Mahaska Co, IA census: has Isaac N Garriatt 74, b. IN; and Sarah I Garriatt 73, b. IN.
     1900 Cedar, Mahaska Co, IA census: has Ulysses E Bartlett 58, b. IN (Divorced)(Boarder); in the household of Elisabeth Williams 67, b. IL, Farmer; along with Elisabeth McFall 56, b. IN (Boarder); and Edwin U Hamilton 20, b. MO (Servant).
     1910 Spaulding, Nez Perce Co, ID census: has John J Bartlett 35, b. IA, Farmer-Home Farm; Louise A Bartlett 48, b. WA (10 children-8 Living); Jefferson Bartlett 14, b. ID; Mary Bartlett 11, b. ID; Eddie Bartlett 9, b. ID; and Ulyses S Bartlett 68, b. IN (Father), Supported by Pension.

     1920 Wash Co, OR census; has Freeman A Waldron 48, b. IL, Farmer-General Farm; Stella J Waldron 45, b. IA; Fern J Waldron 24, b. NE, Cook-Hotel; Harold H Waldron 23, b. NE, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; Earl U Waldron 20, b. NE, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; and Hazel VP Waldron 20, b. IA (Daughter-in-Law).
     1920 Lapwai, Nez Perce Co, ID census: has John Bartlett 44, b. IA, Farmer-General Farm; Louise Bartlett 57, b. WA; and Charles Bartlett 27, b. ID (Stepson, Native American)(Father's name Ned Bartlett).
     1930 Lapwai, Nez Perce Co, ID census: has John Bartlett 55, b. IA, Peace Office-Law Inforcement (Widow).

     1940 Wash Co, OR census: has Freeman Waldran 69, b. IL; Stella J Waldran 65, b. IA; Fern French 45, b. NE; Junior French 15, b. CA (Grandson); and Wilma Holoch 23, b. NE (Niece).
     1940 Lapwai, Nez Perce Co, ID census: has John Bartlett 65, b. IA, Laborer.

     1848 LAND PURCHASE: [Government Land Office Doc# 15522, pg 380, dated 1 Jul 1848, Mansfield, IA] Isaac Newton Garriott purchased 40 acres [NW4 NE4 S8 T74N R12W] in Keokuk Co, IA, from the government, by President James K Polk. (Isaac would have been 22 years old at the time)

     MILITARY: Ulysses E Bartlett 19, of Dahlonega, IA, nativity IN, enlisted 11 Jul 1862 into Company F, 7th IA Infantry. Discharged 15 Jul 1863, Memphis, TN. Based on muster date participated in following battles:
----Belmont, MO Nov 7 1861
----Ft Donelson, TN Feb 15-16 1862
----Shiloh, TN Apr 6-7 1862
----Siege of Corinth, MS May 1862
----Battle of Corinth, MS Oct 3-5 1862
Wounded in Rt arm, arm amputated Oct 4 1862 Corinth,MS
Discharged Jul 15 1863 Memphis,TN

     PENSION: Ulysses S Bartlett is listed in the IA State List of Pensioners on the roll 1 Jan 1883. The cause for this pension is recorded as "Loss of rt arm abv elbow" for which he was paid $24/ month.
[Roster and Record of IA Troops in the Rebellion, Vol 1 & Guy E Logan]