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Descendant of Ambrose S Garriott

04-Elijah L Sr Garriott --  INDEX
Birth: 1772, Culpeper Co, VA [1820 Clark Co, IN census]
Home: Clark Co, IN
Death: Feb 1830, Clark Co, IN: Bk H/234 (died intestate)- age 58
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Ambrose S Garriott

Marriage: 23 Jun 1799, Jefferson Co, KY: Bk I/34
Spouse: Nancy PRINGLE
Birth: 1781/1782, Kentucky [1850 Henry Co, IA census]
Home: Clark Co, IN [1850 Henry Co, IA census]
Death: after 1850, probably IA- age 68
Father: John Sr PRINGLE
Mother: Rebecca SIMPSON

     CHILDREN: Elijah and Nancy had eight children:
05----AMBROSE JR GARRIOTT [b. 1804, listed below];
05----JOHN NEWTON GARRIOTT [b. 1806, listed below];
05----MARGARET CELIA 'PEGGY' GARRIOTT [b. 1810, listed below];
05----JACOB W GARRIOTT [b. 1812, listed below];
05----DANIEL GARRIOTT [b. 2 Jun 1815, Clark Co, IN; d. 16 Sep 1873, Clark Co, IN- age 58], m. Catherine TURNER [b. 1815, Clark Co, IN; d. Mar 1845, Clark Co, IN- age 30] on 15 Jun 1836, Clark Co, IN.
     Daniel 2nd married after the death of Catherine, a Sarah C. ___ [b. 1807, PA; d. after 1850, Clark Co, IN- age 43];
05----SARAH 'SALLIE' GARRIOTT [b. 1817, IN or KY], m. Jesse F STUTSMAN [b. about 1805] on 21 May 1833, Clark Co, IN, by Thomas Allen;
05----NANCY M GARRIOTT [b. about 1823, IN or KY; d. OK], m. George CORTNER [b. 28 Sep 1818, probably Guilford Co, NC; d. before 1850, Kentucky- age 31], son of John Matthew CORTNER (1782-1852) and  Barbara LOW (1785-1843) on 13 Sep 1838, Clark/Orange Co, IN, had son:
     06----DAVID CORTNER [b. about 1846]-- 1850 Clark Co, IN census records a David Cortner 6, b. KY, living with Nancy Pringle, widow of Elijah; and
05---- ISAAC NEWTON GARRIOTT [b. 1826, listed below].

     1800 Jefferson Co, KY census: Elijah was listed with his father Ambrose, and brother Jacob.
     1810 Jefferson Co, KY census: lists Elijah Garriott with three males [one-- 26-44]; and [two-- under 10]; and four females [one-- 26-44], and [three-- under 10].
     1850 Henry Co, IA census: Nancy Garrett 68, b. IN, Farmer (widow of Elijah); Steven H Lyon 26, b. IN, Farmer, lived with Jacob Garrett 38, Cooper, b. KY (no wife listed-- Jacob had just lost his 2nd wife); and David Cortner 6, b. KY, living with Nancy Pringle, widow of Elijah.

     1807 LAND PURCHASED: [Jefferson Co, KY Deed Bk 8/210, dated 1 Nov 1807]  Elijah Garrott (sic) purchased from Charles Lynch, for $200, 104 acres on the waters of Harrod's Creek, bordered by Ambrose Garrett [sic] John Archer, and Jacob Miller. Recorded 2 Nov 1807.  Ambrose Garrott purchased an adjacent 102-1/2 acres from the same man, same date.
     1818 LAND PURCHASED: [Clark Co, IN Deed Bk 18/8, dated 29 Jan 1818]  Elijah purchased 100 acres from George Goodman, Grant No. 59. 
     1820 LAND SOLD: [Clark Co, IN Deed Bk __, pg 287, dated 18 Oct 1820] Elijah and Nancy his wife sold to Richard Brightwell, for $808, part of Grant No. 59 [at letter D] of the, "Illinois Grant," containing 55 acres. Recorded 18 Oct 1820.
     1820 LAND PURCHASED: [Clark Co, IN Deed Bk 21/290, dated 28 Oct 1820] Elijah purchased 15 acres from Wm Brightwell, Grant No. 59.
     1821 LAND PURCHASED: [Jefferson Co, KY, Deed Bk U/112, dated 12 Sep 1821]
     1829 LAND PURCHASED: [Clark Co, IN Deed Bk 26/239, dated 27 Oct 1829] Elijah purchased 100 acres from JW Croghan, Grant No. 60. Later transferred from Elijah's heirs to JN Garriott [Clark Co, IN Deed Bk 34/131, dated 17 Aug 1840]

     1830 PROBATE: [Clark Co, IN, Probate Records, Vol B.  1828-1835, page 31, approved 3 May 1830?, Will Record B/390]. Elijah's son, Ambrose Jr, was appointed administrator of his estate. However, Ambrose, Jr died in a boat explosion downriver from St Louis, MO in November 1833 and could not act as administrator.

     1840 ESTATE SALE:  [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 34/131, dated 17 Aug 1840] Heirs of Elijah sold 100 acres of Grant No. 60 to J N Garriott, and sold 100 acres of Grant No. 60 to Michael Long.
     1840 ESTATE SALE:  [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 34/242, dated 12 Sep 1840] Heirs of Elijah sold 100 acres of Grant No. 60 to R Brightwell.
     1847 ESTATE SALE:  [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 38/278, dated 15 Sep 1847] Heirs of Elijah sold 75 acres of Grant No. 59 and 60 to JF Stutsman (Son-in-Law).

     1780 KENTUCKY MILITIA: "John Pringle (wife Rebecca Simpson) served as private in the Kentucky Militia from July 18, 1780 to Aug 21, 1780, in the expedition against the Shawnee, again as private on Kentucky Militia from April 28, 1781 to May 27, 1781. The first service was in Capt Peter Asburger's (?) company and lasted 35 days. The last service was in Capt John Martin's company and lasted 33 days." [statement from USSAR membership application of Arthur Leslie Keith, 3 Nov 1924, descendant of John Pringle]