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05-John Newton Garriott
Birth: 19 Nov 1806, Jefferson Co, KY
Home: Clark Co, IN; Keokuk Co, IA; to MO in 1865
Death: 15 Jan 1882, Mercer Co, MO- age 75
Burial: Barnes Cemetery
Occupation: Merchant, Blacksmith
Father: Elijah L Sr Garriott

Marriage: 6 Apr 1827, Clark Co, IN: Bk B/95
Spouse: Jane Alen REED
Birth: 10 Jul 1805, KY [or Mercer Co, MO]
Death: 31 Aug 1874, Halfrock, Mercer Co, MO- age 69
Burial: Barnes Cemetery

     CHILDREN: John Newton and Jane A Reed had five children:
06----NANCY GARRIOTT [b. 1828, listed below];
06----JOHN WILLIAM GARRIOTT [b. 1832 , listed below];
06----MARY JANE GARRIOTT [b. 20 Oct 1835, Clark Co, IN], m.
Phillip H SANCHEZ-TARESO [b. 4 Jul 1828; d. 30 Jul 1984- age 56, bur. Rayburn Cemetery] on 11 Apr 1854, Keokuk Co, IA;
06----ELIZABETH ANN "ELIZA" GARRIOTT [b. 1839, listed below]; and
06----SARAH M GARRIOTT [b. 1847, Keokuk Co, IA], m. 1st.
William Samuel BONDURANT [b. 1845, MO], son of Rawleigh Bryant Bondurant (1817-1877) and Agnes Perkins (1820-1880), on 1 Nov 1863, Mercer Co, MO [1880 Mercer Co, MO census], Registered for Draft, Civil War; m. 2nd John FERGUSON.

     1850 Keokuk Co, IA census: has John Garriott 43, b. KY, Blacksmith w/ $660 RE; Jane Garriott 44, b. KY; John W Garriott 18, b. IN; Mary P Garriott 14, b. IN; Eliza A Garriott 10, b. IN; and Sarah M Garriott 3, b. IA.
     1860 Keokuk Co, IA census: has John Garriott 60, b. KY, Miller; Jane Garriott 60, b. IL; and Sarah M Garriott 14, b. IA.
     Next door is JM Lyon 28, b. IN, Day Laborer; and Eliza J Lyon 21, b. IN.
     Next door to them is PB Lyon 38, b. IN, Day Laborer; and Lydia Lyon 29, b. TN; and four children.
     1870 Mercer Co, MO census: has John Garriott 63, Merchant, w/ $1,450 RE; and Jane Garriott 64, Keeping House, both b. KY.
     Next door is America E Garriott 32, b. IL, Keeping House (daughter-in-Law); Stephen N Garriott 16, b. IA, Farmer; Margaret E Garriott 10, b. IA; Sarah C Garriott 9, b. IA; Lucinda E Garriott 6, b. MO; and Mary E Garriott 5, b. MO.
     1870 Benton, Keokuk Co, IA census: has Philip Sanchez 42, b. Bavaria, Farmer w/ $3,500 RE; Jane Sanchez 35, b. IN, Keeping House; and Miles Baron 11, b. IA.
     Two doors down has other Sanchez-Teresos.
     1880 Benton, Keokuk Co, IA census: has Philip S Tereso 52, b. Bavaria, Farmer; Mary J Tereso 45, b. IN, Keeping House; and Lucinda Bacon 11, b. IA, Servant.
     1880 Mercer Co, MO census: has WS Bondurant 39, Notary Public; Sarah M Bondurant 34, Keeping House; John Garriott 73, Father-in-Law, Widower, Retired Merchant; Stephen Garriott 25, Nephew, Merchant; Ettie Huff 21, Servant, House Work; and Marion Baldwin 21, Boarder, Clerk in Store.
     1900 Mercer Co, MO census: has Stepen N Garrott 45, b. IA; Lucinda Garrott 34; and Ida Larena Garrott 7.

     1840 LAND PURCHASE: [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 34/131, dated 17 Aug 1840] JN Garriott purchased 100 acres of Grant No. 60 from heirs of E [Elijah?] Garriott. 
     1847 LAND SALE: [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 38/354, dated 10 Aug 1847] John N Garriott and wife sold three separate parcels of land-- each 38 acres, all part of Grant No. 60-- to John M Pound [2 parcels] and R Long [1 parcel].
     1850 LAND PURCHASE: [Government Land Office Doc# 18226, pg 425, dated 2 Dec 1850, Fairfield, Jefferson Co, IA]25 John Garriott purchased 40 acres [SW4 NE4 S28 T74N R12W] in Keokuk Co, IA, from the government, by President Millard Filmore.
     1861 LAND PURCHASE: John N Garriott and John William Garriott purchased 7.32 acres and cabin from George Brittain and Memory Larimore.
     1866 LAND PURCHASE: John N Garriott and John William Garriott purchased 7.32 acres adjoining land from Thomas Cooper and Emeline Michael.
     1871 LAND SOLD: [Putnam Co, MO, Deed Bk, dated 21 Oct 1871] John and Jane Garriott sold to John Callison two parcels:  [half of S4 SE4 Section 34 T67 R21] and [W2 NW4 Section 32 T67 R21].
     1878 LOT SOLD: [Mercer Co, MO, Deed Bk 2/543, dated 1 Jan 1878] John N Garriott sold, for $10, an acre of land in Halfrock, MO to the Providence Baptist Church for a new church building 

     BIOGRAPHY: John N Garriott erected a small mill and opened a [general merchandise] store on No Creek, about 1/4 mile west of the village of Halfrock. Garriott's son-in-law opened bulk coffee delivered to the store and found it to be green and unparched. He exclaimed, "Dad, this coffee is half rock!" The town came to be known then as Halfrock. John N Garriott was succeeded by his grandson S N [Steven Newton] Garriott, who in turn sold it to A J Hill. [DG photo of store]